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Ancestors of Eleanor Joyce McCRORY

Generation No. 7

      64. Thomas McCRORY, born Abt. 1734 in Larga, County Atrium, Ireland; died Nov 02, 1777 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He married 65. Hannah CRAWFORD Abt. 1750 in Larga, Ireland.

      65. Hannah CRAWFORD, born Abt. 1735 in Larga, County Atrium, Ireland; died Unknown.

Notes for Hannah CRAWFORD:
Hannah (Crawford) McCrory married again after Thomas' death. She married a John Shepherd.

Children of Thomas McCRORY and Hannah CRAWFORD are:
  32 i.   James McCRORY, born May 15, 1758 in Larga, County Autrim, Ireland; died Nov 24, 1840 in Aliceville, Pickens County, Alabama; married Jean GILMORE Feb 28, 1782 in Gilford County, North Carolina.
  ii.   Thomas McCRORY, born May 15, 1758 in County Antrim, Ireland; died Jun 1818 in Sullivan County, Tennessee; married Rachel Shelby LEGGETT Nov 30, 1795 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee; born Mar 04, 1772 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; died Apr 07, 1830 in Williamson County, Tennessee.
  Notes for Thomas McCRORY:
Served in the American Revolution and as a Colonel with the 2nd Regiment West Tennessee Militia from October 1813 to January 1814 durind the War of 1812. He participated in the Battle of Talladega on November 9, 1813.

  More About Thomas McCRORY:
Burial: Unknown, Weaver's Cemetery, Bristol, Tennessee

  More About Rachel Shelby LEGGETT:
Burial: Unknown, Weaver's Cemetery, Bristol, Tennessee

  iii.   Hugh McCRORY, born Abt. 1759; died Mar 28, 1836 in Bedford County, Tennessee; married Jane Rogers CLARK Abt. 1787 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; died Unknown.
  iv.   Robert M. McCRORY, born Abt. 1760 in Ireland; died Unknown; married Martha WOODFORD; died Unknown.
  v.   William McCRORY, born Abt. 1761; died Unknown.
  vi.   John McCRORY, born May 17, 1763 in County Antrim, Ireland; died Aug 23, 1837 in Maury, Tennessee; married Catherine WILSON Sep 03, 1813 in Bedford County, Tennessee; born Abt. 1775 in Georgia; died Unknown.
  vii.   Ester McCRORY, born Abt. 1768; died Unknown.

      80. James KEITH, born Abt. 1770 in Virginia; died Bet. 1817 - 1823 in Amite County, Mississippi. He was the son of 160. Daniel KEITH and 161. Elizabeth LIDDELL. He married 81. Sarah (KEITH).

      81. Sarah (KEITH), born Bef. 1775; died Unknown.

Notes for James KEITH:
James got a passport through the Creek nation, stayed a few years in GA. Moved to Amite Co. MS in 1808.

Sarah & Lemuel Keeth listed from 27 Sept 1824 to 23 Oct 1827 as the Exectors of the Estate of James Keeth, (MS Court Records 179901835), 28 Apr 1823 as follows: wife, Sarah Keeth; sons, Lemuel, David and William; Jefferson Keeth listed as tutor $4.00 owed, could of been a son or grandson.

Also, James Keith was in the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 when General Andrew Jackson came through he took most of the men with him,. Ref. 1820 Amite Co Ms census, Estate of James Keith, MS court records 1799-1835, Amite Co MS. 1699-1864 Vol II Church pages 54, 55, 130, 1805 GA Land Lottery page 191, Marriage records from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

"The earliest known Keith family in Mississippi first appears in Baptist church records. James Keith attended several Baptist conventions, representing East Fork Church of Amite County, before 1818. The presumably is the same James whose will was filed for probate in Octobert 0f 1822 (probated Apr 1823), naming a wife, Sarah, and sons, Lemuel, Daniel and William, and a daughter, Citturabel Brown. The named sons apparently were already adults, while other children of James were under age, with the last reaching majrotiy in 1826 (Orphans Court record of 26 Sep 1826).

Apparently this James Keith is the same who recieved a passport from the Governo of Georgia, on 17 Nov 1808, for crossing Indian lands to the west. In the same paper is mentioned a Allen Spurlock, a family later associated with several marriages in the James Keith family. The passport application was signed by David Keith and others. One James Keith is shown in Ogilthorpe Co., GA tax digest from 1797 - 1800; was member of Bethany Baptist Church. James was in the War of 1812 - 18 Jan 1815 to 14 Mar 1815, Hinds Battalinon MS Mitlia, Camp near New Orleans."
From the Keith book, "Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath & Keeth Families in North America" 1997.

Two Samuel Keith (each man was referred to in some papers as both "Samuel" and "Lemuel" died before 1825, the latter leaving an estate too small to require administration by applicants, David and James Keith (Jasper Co, GA court records. It is presumed that he Samuel/Lemuel Keith sho d. 1825 is brother to David, and uncle to the mentioned James (not proven). The James Keith of Ogilthorpe is known to have had a "rebellious" son by the name of James, and the son apparently married Sarah Burtum is 1812, Jasper Co., GA..a couple which moved to Cass Cl., GA in 1839 where James soon died. There is no mention of James, the father of this James, after 1808 in GA
Children of James KEITH and Sarah (KEITH) are:
  40 i.   Lemuel KEITH, born Abt. 1796 in Virginia; died Unknown in Attala County, Mississippi; married Mary SUDDUTH Sep 24, 1818 in Sallis, Amite County, Mississippi.
  ii.   David KEITH, born Abt. 1794 in Georgia; died Unknown; married (1) Sally PERKINS; died Unknown; married (2) Eliza M. JENKINS; died Unknown.
  iii.   William KEITH, born Abt. 1800 in Georgia; died Unknown.
  iv.   Citturabel KEITH, born Abt. 1802; died Abt. 1870 in Yazoo County, Mississippi; married Abner BROWN Jan 07, 1819 in Amite County, Mississippi; died Unknown.

      82. John Lewis SUDDUTH, born Abt. 1761 in Stafford County, Virginia; died Nov 10, 1815 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He was the son of 164. James SUDDUTH, Jr and 165. Hannah (SUDDUTH). He married 83. Mary Marilla PERKINS.

      83. Mary Marilla PERKINS, born 1770 in VA, USA; died 1860.

More About John Lewis SUDDUTH:
Died 2: Nov 10, 1815, Oglethorpe, GA, USA
Burial: Unknown, Indian Creek
Children of John SUDDUTH and Mary PERKINS are:
  i.   Lewis SUDDUTH, born Abt. 1789 in Stafford County, Virginia; died Dec 10, 1813 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; married Marilla PERKINS; died Unknown.
  ii.   Jesse SUDDUTH, born Bet. 1790 - 1794 in Lincoln County, Georgia; died Bet. 1841 - 1850 in Holmes County, Mississippi; married Elizabeth BROWN Dec 22, 1818 in Amite County, Mississippi; died Unknown.
  iii.   Delana SUDDUTH, born Abt. 1796 in Lincoln County, Georgia; died Aft. 1860 in Amite County, Mississippi; married (1) Joseph BROWN Dec 18, 1813; died Unknown; married (2) Gilbert KEEN Aug 13, 1829 in Amite County, Mississippi; died Unknown.
  41 iv.   Mary SUDDUTH, born Abt. 1800 in Lincoln County, Georgia; died Aft. 1860 in Amite County, Mississippi; married Lemuel KEITH Sep 24, 1818 in Sallis, Amite County, Mississippi.
  v.   Charles Anderson SUDDUTH, born Aug 22, 1805 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; died Aug 25, 1886; married (1) Mary Melvina BIRDSONG Oct 22, 1828; died Unknown; married (2) Louisa J Temple McMANUS May 1874; died Unknown.
  vi.   James B. SUDDUTH, born Abt. 1807 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; died Bef. 1880 in Neshoba County, Mississippi; married Mary E. McDONALD; died Unknown.
  vii.   Lewis SUDDUTH, born Abt. 1811 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; died Unknown; married Susan (SUDDUTH); died Unknown.
  viii.   Susanna SUDDUTH, born Abt. 1813 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia; died Aft. 1880; married William B. HALES Nov 05, 1828 in Amite County, Mississippi; died Unknown.

      96. Jacob MOSS, born Abt. 1760; died Unknown. He married 97. Polly (MOSS).

      97. Polly (MOSS), died Unknown.

Notes for Jacob MOSS:
Information on Jacob Moss and his family was taken from family group sheet of MRS. H. O. SIMS, 6773 Washington, Groves, TX 77619. BK. 1, P. 19 Death Register Roll 848632 DAR Library; 1859 and 1860 Leake Co., MS census; B. F. Moss Will; Ben Moss bible; 1850 and 1860 Monroe Co., VA census and family letters.
Child of Jacob Moss and Polly is:
+      2      i.      George2 Moss, born Abt. 1784 in Gap Mill, Monroe, VA (now WV); died May 23, 1860 in Gap Mill, Monroe VA (now WV) buried in Old Rehobeth.

Children of Jacob MOSS and Polly (MOSS) are:
  i.   Hannah MOSS, born Jun 13, 1779 in Virginia; died Dec 25, 1865 in Barbour County, (W) Virginia; married William WOODFORD Nov 06, 1795 in Rockingham County, Virginia; born 1769 in Beckford Parish, Dunsmore County, Virginia; died Unknown.
  More About Hannah MOSS:
Burial: Unknown, Mt Olive Cemetery, Barbour County, (W) Virginia

  48 ii.   George MOSS, born Abt. 1784 in Virginia; died May 23, 1860 in Gap Mill, Monroe County, Virginia; married Belmira HARRIS.

      102. Louis LEFLORE, born Jun 28, 1762 in St Emanuel Street, Mobile, Mobile Parish, French Louisiana; died Abt. 1833 in Hot Springs, Arkansas Territory. He was the son of 204. Jean Baptiste LEFLORE and 205. Marie Jeanne GIRARD. He married 103. Rebecca "Beckey" CRAVATT 1790 in Tombigbee River, Oklahoma Hannali, Six Towns.

      103. Rebecca "Beckey" CRAVATT, born Abt. 1770 in Tombigbee River, Oklahoma Hannali, Six Towns District, Choctaw Nation; died Abt. 1820 in Frenchman's Camp, Natchez Trace, Mississippi. She was the daughter of 206. John CRAVATT and 207. NA-HOM-TIMA "She Who Seeks and Gives".

Notes for Louis LEFLORE:
Louis LeFlore established a trading post and called it Laflore's Bluff on the Pearl River. This was the birth of the State Capitol, Jackson, Mississippi. Louis Leflore had two wives and following the Choctaw custom, married both at the same time. His other wife was Nancy Cravat, sister of Rebecca. Their Choctaw line begins with a woman named Shumaka, sister of Pushmataha. Her daughter, Nehotima, like three of her sisters (names not known), married white men, the former being the wife of John Cravat. Out of this line have come several Choctaw Chiefs and a governor, Robert Cole Greenwood Leflore, George Harkins, Basis Leflore and Coleman Cole. Pushmataha was born circa 1764 in what is now Noxubee County, Miss. He died on December 24, 1824. He was Chief of the Choctaws that were friendly to the whites. Pushmataha and his Choctaws sided with the whites in their fight against the war like tribes, and he earned the title of "The Indian General" because of the disciple he forced among his warriors. He opposed the efforts of Tecumseh in trying to organize all Indians into military action against the whites. Pushmataha made a number of trips to Washington and over the years, was familiar with several presidents. He played a conspicuous role in the inauguration processional of President Andrew Jackson. Pushmataha went to Washington in 1824 on still another mission. Exposure to the severe northern winter caused him to fall ill and he died there December 24, 1824 at about the age of sixty years. He was buried in the old congressional cemetery, where a military-salute was fired after the mile-long funeral procession ended at the grave. (Reference Book "Indian Oratory" complied by W. C. Vanderwert. Louis LeFlore served with Pushmataha under Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812 and he was promoted to the rank of Major for "Valor in the field". He was also in command of a Company in 1814 for three months in Russell's expedition to Alabama and in the campaign to Pensacola in 1814-15.

A FAMILY MAKES ITS MARK (by Ralph Folsom McBride & Alberta Patrick McBride 1976; sponsored by The Louis Leflore Family Assoc.)
(pg. 1) Few men have had more direct and indirect impact on the development of the United States than has Louis Leflore. But while lengthy accounts of his sons and grandsons appear in history books and encyclopedias, in most of these he is mentioned only in connection with these descendents.
(pg. 6) Louis Leflore was born Louis LeFlau in the then small, French colony town of Mobile (Alabama) on June 29, 1762, the son of Jean Baptiste LeFlau and Marie Jeanne Girard. Louis LeFlau was baptized by the Cure'. His Godfather was Rene Girard, his Mother's brother, who was unable to be present and was represented at the ceremony by Louis Carrier. The Godmother was Madame Marie LeGrand, "widow of DuBois."
(pg. 9) Extensive search has disclosed no record of Louis LeFlau after his baptismal entry of 1762 until about 1790, but it was probably sometime around 1780 that he started trading with the Indians, principally Choctaws. He also operated flat-boats on the Amite & Pearl rivers and in the MS sound.
In writing of the 1780's & 1790's in his book ANTEBELLUM NATCHEZ, James D. Clayton states, "L. LeFleur. father of a celebrated Choctaw Chieftain, operated with handsome profits the main boat shuttle to Pensacola, carrying produce & commodities." He brought to Natchez the luxury well as "fine apparel" which "had been ordered from Panton, Leslie, and Company of St. Marks in East FL."
The shuttle boats also carried less luxurious items which Louis LeFlau used in his trade with the Choctaws. The pelts secured in this trading were sold at the trading houses at St. Marks & Pensacola, and the corn & other farm products were sold in the markets at both Natchez & the Florida towns.

(pg. 12) Louis married Choctaw Indian sisters, Rebecca and Nancy Cravatt as was the Choctaw custom. They were married in Choctaw ceremonies. During the early years of his marriage, Louis LeFlau is believed to have used Pass Christian, MS as a home for his family. with the establishment of the Choctaw Agency near the present city of Jackson, MS, he chose a place in the vicinity as the location of his new home. the site selected was the high bluff on the west side of the Pearl River, rising some twenty-five feet above the crest of the floods and extending along the river for several hundred feet.
When the Natchez Trace was opened to travelers under the provisions of the treaty negotiated by General Wilkinson at Fort Adams in 1801, LeFlau opened a "way station" where the mail carriers could secure fresh horses for their carriages. The "way station" rapidly developed into an inn providing entertainment for travelers in addition to bed & board for them & their animals.
When MS became a State some years later, and it was decided to relocate the capital city in a place nearer the geographical center of the State, this LeFlau's Bluff site was chosen for the new capital city, and named Jackson in honor of General Andrew Jackson. It is said the first Capital building --now known as the "Old Capital" was built on the site where Louis LeFlau had built the inn.
Even after he had opened the inn, LeFlau continued to operate his flat boats.
(pg. 18) In 1812, at FRENCH CAMP, LeFlau had a number of buildings erected in addition to the inn. The dwelling for his large family was located a short distance from the Inn, its site being approximately where the present MS State Rd 413 intersects the Natchez Trace. The only LeFlau child born at French Camp was Jackson Leflore in 1815. He was the youngest son and last child of Louis LeFlau.

Louis LeFlau served with PUSHMATAHA when the latter became an American army officer under Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812, and Louis was promoted to the rank of "major" for "Valor in the field." He also served approximately three months in 1814 in command of a company on Russell's expedition to Alabama. Louis LeFlau also served in the campaign to Pensacola in 1814-15 with the same rank of Major.
While waiting permission to attack New Orleans during the War of 1812, General Andrew Jackson and his TN militia spent some months at FRENCH CAMP. And although the main body of the troops returned by another route, some of the injured were brought to French Camp where they died and were buried.

(pg 28) Survey of Farms in the Choctaw Nation:
Major Louis LeFlau, 300 acres in cultivation in the Yazoo valley; five in family with four males over 16, Major LeFlau was to receive two sections of land according to the Supplement to the Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty. The five in the family included Louis LeFlau himself, and sons Tobias, Basile, and Forbis as over 16 and son Jackson as under 16. From the description of the location of the land "in the Yazoo Valley," it is evident that Louis LeFlau had moved from French Camp.

(pg. 32)
The Last Will & Testament of Louis LeFlau of the Choctaw Nation & State of MS:
I, Louis LeFlau considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory (blessed be Almighty God for the same) do make and publish this my last will & testament in manner and form following that is to say First I will and direct that all my land debts be paid out of monies to be raised by the sale of such personal property as I may leave at my death exclusive of Negroes providing the same shall be sufficient for that purpose but if not sufficient then I direct that so much of my real estate shall be sold as may be necessary to complete the amount requisite for the payment of my said debts. **Because of the length of the will I am going to "sum" up the rest of the will.**
Son Forbis; $700
Nephews, Stephen & Placide Krebs $300 (children of Louisa LeFlau Krebs)
Neice Mary Ann Krebs (d. of Louisa)
To be paid one year after my death.
That at the time of my decease a crop of cotton shall be growing on my plantation then my executors shall keep my Negroes until the crop shall be gathered & prepared for market. And no property shall be sold until after the harvesting.
I direct my executors to divide all my eleven Negroes slaves given to my eleven children: Greenwood, Benjamin, William, Basil, Jackson, Louisa Harkins, Felicity Long, Winna McGahey, Sylva Harris. Eleven names of children put on piece of paper and drawn, as eleven names of slaves were drawn. This decided which child got which slave. (**in the will it states 11 children, but only 9 are listed,???)
That I bequeath my estate & property to my eleven children:
Greenwood LeFlau, Benjamin LeFlau, William LeFlau, Basil LeFlau, Jackson LeFlau, Louisa Harkins, felicity Long, Winna McGahey, Sylvia Harris, Clarissa Wilson, Isabel Brashears. (**here it lists the names of his "11" children)
And appoint as my executors, my son-in-law Samuel Long and my friend Abraham A. Halsey.

Signed & Sealed this sixteenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty three. April 16, 1833.


(pg. 89) Major Lewis Laflore, (this is way spelled on document), # of acres cultivated -- 300, Total # in family -- 5, Males over 16 -- 4, Location -- Yazoo Valley, Total # of Acres -- 1280, Remarks: Settled since Treaty; Best Quality of Land.

Notes for Nancy Cravatt:
Louis & Nancy had 2 sons: Brazile & Forbis. Brazile & Forbis went west with their Choctaw people where Brazile became governor & Forbis a missionary to the Choctaws.
August 20, 1996: I have recently found more information on The Cravatt sisters,
Rebecca & Nancy were twins, and they married Louis at the same time. Which at that time was not uncommon for the people to marry this way. Information was obtained from Joe L. Hock.

  Notes for Rebecca "Beckey" CRAVATT:
When Rebecca died it is said that she was buried at French Camp, but the State of MS carried out archeological explorations in the years 1970-75 and found no burial site. In all probability, since she was a niece of the great Chief Pushmataha, Rebecca was buried according to Choctaw custom even though she had been converted to Methodism by the missionaries. Choctaw custom dictated that a deceased was placed on a raised platform in the open until only the bones remained and interred in the floor of the dwelling. For at least three months, relatives would assemble for a "cry."

Children of Louis LEFLORE and Rebecca CRAVATT are:
  i.   Emille LEFLORE, born Abt. 1791 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Abt. 1860; married A. H. CARPENTER; born Abt. 1790 in Noxubee, Mississippi; died Unknown.
  Notes for Emille LEFLORE:
Emilee married A. H. Carpenter, a Frenchman of high family. He practiced law in Jackson, MS & rose to an eminence that caused him to be regarded as a lawyer having few equals & no superiors. Mr. Carpenter died in 1852, followed by his wife in 1860. They left two sons, Jerome & Surry. Jerome at the age of 15 entered the Confederate army as a private, serving under Gen. Robert E. Lee in VA. He was wounded July, 1862, at the battle of Malvern, after he had recovered he served as one of Gen. Joe Johnston's body guards.

  ii.   Benjamin LEFLORE, born Abt. 1792 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Oct 06, 1863 in Yakanookany River, Ofahoma, Mississippi; married Mary JUZAN 1810 in Frenchman's Camp, Natchez Trace, Mississippi; born 1796 in Choctaw Nation, MS, USA; died Oct 06, 1862 in Yakanookany River, Ofahoma, Mississippi.
  Notes for Benjamin LEFLORE:
Benjamin had married once before marrying Mary Juzan. Nothing is known of this first marriage other than at least two children were born, (1) Sophia (LaFlour) married a Jesse B. Witt in Madison County on January 5, 1832 and on June 2, 1832 (2) Sarah LeFlore married Radell C. Groves in Madison County, Mississippi. In 1850 a D. Witt is living in the household of Benjamin LeFlore. In 1899, the descendents of Daniel D. Witt stated that they were descendents of Benjamin LeFlore and that the father of Daniel Witt was Jesse B. Wi tt and his mother a daughter of Benjamin LeFlore.

  More About Mary JUZAN:
Died 2: Sep 29, 1868, Yakanookany River, Ofahoma, MS, USA

  iii.   Santiago Mathius LEFLORE, born Abt. 1792 in Tombigbee River, Oklahoma Hannali, Six Towns District, Choctaw Nation; died Oct 10, 1793 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation.
  Notes for Santiago Mathius LEFLORE:
Santiago and Benjamin were twins and were baptized an April 1798. As no other record existed for Santiago, he apparently died in childhood.

  iv.   Felicity (Lelicite) LEFLORE, born Abt. 1797 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Abt. 1870 in Lexington, Holmes County, Mississippi; married Samuel B LONG Abt. 1812 in Frenchman's Camp, Natchez Trace, Mississippi; died Feb 1844 in Mississippi.
  Notes for Samuel B LONG:
Samuel Long, # acres cultivated -- 120, # in family -- 7, Males over 16 -- 1, M & F under 10 -- 3, Location -- Black Creek, his residence, Total # of acres 960, Remarks

  51 v.   Sylvia LeFlore, born May 1797 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Abt. 1855 in Leake County, Mississippi; married (2) Rubin HARRIS Abt. 1814 in Madision County, Mississippi; married (3) George S Grant 1835.
  vi.   Greenwood LEFLORE, born Jun 03, 1800 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Aug 21, 1866 in Malmaison, Carroll County, Mississippi; married (1) Rossannah DONLY Dec 04, 1817 in Nashville, Tennessee; born Dec 04, 1802 in Nashville, Tennessee; died Oct 03, 1829 in Mississippi; married (2) Elizabeth COODY 1830; died 1830 in Mississippi; married (3) Priscilla Jane DONLY Jun 09, 1834; born in Nashville, Tennessee; died Unknown.
  Notes for Greenwood LEFLORE:
Greenwood LeFlore was unanimously elected by the tribal council to become Chief of the Mississippi and Alabama Residing Indian Nation at the age of 22, thus becoming the youngest leader of the tribe's history. He was schooled in his teenage years in Nashville, making him the first Chief to have any formal education. He is regarded as the greatest Chief among the Choctaws for the many reforms that he instituted among his People. These include mandatory schooling, abolition of cruel Trible practices, which had given the Choctaws their name (from the Spanish "Chat" meaning "flattened" which referred to the practice of flattening the heads of its male infants. President Andrew Jackson presented Leflore a commission as Colonel in the U. S. Army and LeFlore would lead his people in defense of his country. The Choctaws were the only Indian Nation that never raised a hand against the flag that LeFlore loved as his own. By 1854, LeFlore owned a 15,000 acre plantation, sawmills, brickyards, steamboats and over 200 slaves.

From " Greenwood Leflore and the Choctaw Indians of the Mississippi Valley" written by Ms. Florence R. Ray, great-grand-daughter of Greenwood's.
Greenwood was the last Chief of the Choctaw Indians of East MS. He was born in Jackson, MS near the site of the old capital. His father was Louis Leflore, a full-blooded French Canadian. His mother was Rebecca Cravet, half-french & half Choctaw Indian. Greenwood went to Nashville, TN with Major John Donley when he was 12 years old to get an education. That is how he meet his 1st wife Rosa, Rosa & Greenwood were married in Nashville, TN, then went back to MS, (they had 2 children) after Rosa's death he married Elizabeth Cody, (no children), and when Elizabeth died he married Rosa's younger sister Priscilla James Donley (1 child).
In his twenties, Greenwood became a chief of the Choctaws and vigorously encouraged education, Christianity and law-making. After the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek the Choctaws had to sell their Mississippi Land to the whites. Greenwood was no longer the Chief. He became a United States Citizen and remained in MS. He was a member of the MS senate in 1841-44.
The rise in the Economic system of the white man was remarkable. Greenwood's first home was in a log cabin in Greenwood, MS, but he prospered so that in 1854 he moved into a stately mansion, "Malmaison". His domain came to comprise of 15,000 acres in MS, on which were 400 slaves & he had a part interest in 60,000 acres in TX. He also built a small town, Point Leflore, & constructed a $75,000 turnpike to divert plantation business to his town. During the Civil War his various enterprises languished and his TX lands were lost. He had deplored secession, and remained loyal to the Union until his death at the close of the war. In accordance with his last request, his body was wrapped in the flag of the United States and was buried near his home in Greenwood, MS. **Here, again is where there are more than one resource with different information. With Greenwood there were not too many contradictions. One that I recall is one source has another daughter, Jane, belonging to Greenwood & Rosa.
***Other sources found so far are: Leflore Trail History, History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez Indians, among a few.

Location: NW of Carollton, MS, Malmaison plantation.
Copied By: Mrs. Isabel C. McDougal & W. Guy Humphrey in Nov. 1954
GREENWOOD LEFLORE/Last Great Chief of the Choctaw Indians East of the MS River/died Aug. 31, 1865/aged 65 yrs./The gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
PRISCILLA J. LEFLORE/Dec. 8, 1817/Nov 8, 1910
ELIZABETH DONLEY/June 27, 1785/July 23, 1837
ROSA DONLEY/wife of Greenwood Leflore/June 11, 1804/Oct. 3 1829
ALFRED SOMERVILLE/son of J. F. & Dora Donley/Nov. 29, 1880/Aug 27, 1890
JOHN B. HALSEY/June 3, 1842/July 22, 1900
LOUIS L. HALSEY/OCT. 3, 1879/SEPT. 29, 1920
GEORGE W. WRIGHT/May 27, 1861/Nov. 14, 1908
MARY J. HALSEY/July 19, 1851/Mar. 12, 1896
JOHN T. TERRY/May 5, 1856/Dec. 4, 1901
ROSA A. HARRIS/wife of Marvin W. Bryan/dau. of J. C. & R. C. Harris/Nov. 28, 1878/July 7, 1903
MARVIN W. BRYAN/1869-1924
G. LEFLORE HARRIS/Oct. 29, 1886/June 13, 1896
ALICE CLAY/dau. of J. C. & Rebecca Cravat Harris/Mar. 4, 1861/Nov. 2, 1863
EDWARD R. YARBRA/Jan. 25, 1884/Nov. 10, 1911
C. E. Williamson/Jan. 22, 1859/June 9, 1903
JAMES CLARK HARRIS/Aug. 16, 1826/Sept. 26, 1904
REBECCA LEFLORE/his wife/May 4, 1837/July 21, 1922
GREENWOOD LEFLORE/son of J. B. & M. J. Halsey/Dec. 3, 1879/Oct. 19, 1887
CLAUDE G. GOODSON/Jan. 28, 1888/Mar. 18, 1912
A. HUGHES/son of J. B. & M. J. Halsey/Mar. 17, 1881/Feb. 6, 1891
LOUIE D. LEFLORE/son of J. C. & R. C. Harris/Oct. 10, 1858/July 26, 1864
HENRY JONATHAN/son of W. L. & Florence D. Ray/July 19, 1881/Oct. 7, 1881
EDNA EARL/dau. of Wm & Florence D. Ray/Jan. 7, 1878/Sept. 28, 1884
SANUEL DONLEY/Oct. 22, 1820/June 2, 1888
JOHN L. DONLEY/JAN. 18, 1854/DEC. 21, 1913

OCTOBER 20, 1865
Colonel Greenwood Leflore died on the 31st of August, at his residence in Carroll County, aged sixty-five years. He was in on sense "the last of the Choctaws". He claimed his lineage from Choctaw Indians, although not of the full blood. Colonel Leflore was the last Chief of the Choctaws. He remained in this State while his tribe took up their melancholy march to the lands west of the Mississippi.

(pg. 89)
Chief Green Leflore 250 acres cultivated land, Total in family -- 5, Males over 16 -- 1, Males & Females under 10 -- 2, # of slaves -- 32, Location of land -- Big Sand Prairie, Yazoo Valley, Total of # of acres -- 2560, Remarks: Good land, Chief, 4 sections provided by supplement.

Notes for Elizabeth Cody:
July 7, 1996: States in the Greenwood Leflore book that Elizabeth was the a Cherokee, the niece of Chief Ross, a cousin to William Cody (the famous Buffalo Bill).

Notes for Priscilla James Donley:
July 7, 1996: Priscilla was Rosa's younger sister. She was 16 when she married Greenwood. They only had 1 child, who they named after Greenwood's mother...Rebecca Cravet Leflore.
Children of Greenwood Leflore and Rosanah Donly are:
+      98      i.      Elizabeth Donly6 Leflore, born Aug 1, 1820 in French Camp, Natchez Trace, Mississippi; died Jun 24, 1847 in Carroll Co., MS.
+      99      ii.      John Donly Leflore, born Dec 15, 1824 in Frenchman's Camp, Natchez Trace, MS.
      100      iii.      Jane G. LeFlore, born Nov 14, 1828 in French Camp, Natchez Trace, Mississippi (Source: Greenwood Leflore's Will.). She married William Spring Abt. 1853 in MS.
Child of Greenwood Leflore and Priscilla Donley is:
+      101      i.      Rebecca Cravet6 Leflore, born May 4, 1837 in Mississippi; died Jul 21, 1922 in Malmaison, Carroll Co., MS.

  vii.   Isabelle (Sibell) LEFLORE, born Abt. 1804 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Unknown in Miller County, Arkansas; married Vaughn BRASHEARS Abt. 1819 in Brashear Landing, Mississippi; born 1799; died Unknown in Miller County, Arkansas.
  More About Vaughn BRASHEARS:
Died 2: 1891, Miller, AR, USA
Died 3: 1891, Miller, AR, USA
Died 4: 1891, Miller, AR, USA

  viii.   William LEFLORE, born 1806 in LeFlour's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died 1844 in Bok Iskitni, Carroll County, Mississippi; married Martha WALKER Mar 23, 1824 in Marengo County, Alabama; born Abt. 1806 in Georgia; died Unknown.
  ix.   Basil LEFLORE, born Abt. 1809 in LeFlores Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Abt. 1886 in Hugo, Kiomatia County, Apukshunubee District, Choctaw Nation; married (1) Margaret (LEFLORE); died Unknown; married (2) Narcissi (Nancy) FISHER Abt. 1844 in Frenchman's Camp, Natchez Trace, Mississippi; died Unknown.
  Notes for Basil LEFLORE:
Basil LeFlore was a Chief of the Choctaws.

  More About Basil LEFLORE:
Burial: Unknown, Goodland Cementery

  x.   Jackson LEFLORE, born Abt. 1815 in LeFlores Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation; died Mar 14, 1854 in Carroll County, Mississippi.
  Notes for Jackson LEFLORE:
Information Obtained from: Book from Memphis Library
& Brochure of Leflore Trail History.
Jackson Leflore was named for Gen. Andrew Jackson, famous hero of the battle of New Orleans and a good friend of Pushmataha, who was related to Jackson Leflore. Historians would remind us that it was in January of 1815 that Chief Pushmataha led a contingent of Choctaws into battle against the British at New Orleans. Jackson Leflore was born later that year.
Jackson Leflore was listed on the rolls of Choctaw Academy in Kentucky as a 17 yr old student in 1832. He later came back to MS & built a home. Jackson or "Jack" as he was sometimes called, was listed in the 1850 census as household #290 in North Carroll Co., MS. He never married and died at the age of 39.

Source: Carroll Co., MS Estate Records 184-1869 Reference Book: page 81-82;
ESTATE OF JACKSON LEFLORE (page 196, jan. 1857)
To John N. Merriwehter, James R. Shackelford and William A. McCain. You are hereby authorized and directed to divide the slaves of Jackson Leflore into seven equal parts as follows: to Benjamin Leflore 1/7, to Felicity Long 1/7, to Sylva Grant 1/7, to Greenwood Leflore1/7, to Brazile Leflore 1/7, to the heirs of Isabella Brashears, dec'd, 1/7, and the heirs of William Leflore 1/7. Give Henry Jefferson & wife Isabella, J. J. Dillard& wife Elizabeth, Greenwood Leflore, Jr., Sophia Leflore and Martha Terry, guardian of Josephine susan and John Leflore at least 3 days previous notice. Signed by A. M Nelson, Clerk.
To Benjamin Leflore - Eliza at $1100, Solomon at $850 and Lucy at $500.
To Felicity Long - Salina at $1100, Sally at $900and William at $200.
To Greenwood Leflore - Charlesat $1400, Mary at $600, and Lizzy at $300.
To heirs of Isabella Brashears - Richard at $1250, Harriet at $550, Vicey at $250 and Ceasar at $350.
To Brazile Leflore - Lazareth at $850, Delia at $1100, Joseph at $400.
To Heirs of Wm. Leflore - Priscilla at $1100, Patsy at $900, David (deceased, valueless), George at $200.
To Sylva Grant - Daniel at $1400, Caroline at $600, John

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