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Descendants of Wolfgang Frauenfelder

Generation No. 5

5. FELIX5 FRAUENFELDER III (FELIX4, FELIX3, JACOB2, WOLFGANG1)32,33,34,35,36 was born November 13, 1701 in Henkartt Parish, Switzerland37,38, and died Bef. May 18, 1779 in Berks County, Pa Maidencreek Twp. He married ELISABETH MADER39,40 October 22, 1726 in Henggart, Switzerland40. She was born April 14, 1701 in Schleittheim, Schaaffhausen, Switzerland, and died Aft. February 19, 1780.

Notes for F
Immigrant Felix Frauenfelder, at the age of 38 , with wife Elsbetha and 4 sons and a daughter imported to Philadelphia in 1738 on the ship Jamaica Galley and took the Oath of Allegiance on Feb. 7, 1739. They settled in Maidencreek Township of Berks County, Pa. In a letter dated 30 April 1984, to Olive Stolzenburg, from the City Archives, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, signed by the Adjutant, they state "they found information in their card file showing that Felix Frauenfelder and Elizabeth Mader Frauenfelder were the parents of six children, five boys, one who died young, and one girl. " Mr. Forrest Brandt in his Frauenfelder newsletter copied the letter and attempt to translate it. He states "it appears to me (Forrest Brandt) that Felix of the Monastery married at Henggart on 15 Nov. 1692 to Magdallena Wolfer of Ober-Dagerlen, and that their son, Felix married Elizabeth Mader on 22 Oct. 1726. The baptismal date of John Hans was 16 Mar. 1727." He also states that he believes that "Felix of the Monastery was a weaver in the monastery.

Felix Frauenfelder is found in the Maidencreek Twp, Berks Co., Pa. tax List of 1752[Wittels.FBK.GED]

Nick Frauenfelder indicated that Felix and Elisabeth emigrated to America with 5 children in 1739. This agrees with a column provided by Forrest Brandt which was published by Schuyler Brosman in his "Our Keystone Families" column in the Middletown Press and Journal newspaper, which stated, "Felix Frauenfelder (1701-1779) and W Elsbetha(sic) Mader immigrated from Switzerland 1738/39 and settled in Maidencreek Twp., Berks Co., with daughter Sophina, son John and three other sons". This would imply that his son John Ulrich was probably born in Switzerland. This information is confirmed by the Faust book which presents the following on page 56; "Under my predecessor, deceased Anno 1739, there left here for Carolina: Felix Frauenfelder, son of Felix of the monastery, baptized November 13, 1701, and his wife, Elsbethaj(sic) Mader, from Schleittheim in the District of Schaaffhausen, baptized April 14, 1701, with five children, including four boys, the oldest about ten years old." signed Leonhard Holzhalb, pastor and dated Henkertt, March 31, 1744. Note the spelling of Henggart. On page 55, the record indicates that the emigrants left with the knowledge and consent of the Two Honorable Governors of Kyburg and Andelfingen from the Parish of Henkartt.
This record also shows on page 55 that Jacob Frauenfelder (called Gabriel) was "the instigator and seducer of the others from the County" and that he left along with the families of Deyes Frauenfelder, Jacob Frauenfelder (called Grazli), Mathias Frauenfelder, and Hans Jacob Frauenfelder shortly before the time that Felix left.
Felix and Elisabeth sailed on the "Jamaica Galley" to Philadelphia and took the Oath of Allegiance on February 7, 1739.

More About F
Baptism (LDS): November 13, 1701, Henggart Parish, Switzerland
Immigration: 1738, Philadelphia, Pa.
Occupation: Weaver/Farmer

Notes for E

In some records the name of Felix's wife is given as Elsbetha Mader, with an umlaut over the a in Mader.

More About E
Baptism (LDS): April 14, 1701

More About F
Marriage: October 22, 1726, Henggart, Switzerland40
Children of F
6. i.   JOHN HANS ULRICH6 FRAUENFELDER, b. March 16, 1726/27, Hennggart, Switzerland; d. Bef. April 17, 1781, Berks County, Pa Maidencreek Twp.
  iii.   FELIX FRAUENFELDER IV40, b. December 10, 1730, Henggart, Switzerland.
I "David Bowerman" have two Birth dates on Felix. One date is May 12th, 1728 with a note he died young, and a birth date of October 12th, 1730. If anyone includes both Felix's there are now six boys, not the reported five. Makes for an interesting problem.

  iv.   REGULA SOPHIA FRAUENFELDER, b. September 06, 173340.
  v.   JAKOB FRAUENFELDER40, b. December 18, 173540.
  vi.   MARX FRAUENFELDER40, b. November 10, 173740.
  vii.   FELIX FRAUENFELDER, b. May 12, 1728.

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