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Descendants of Robert Bowman, Senior

Generation No. 2

2. ROBERT2 BOWMAN, JR. (ROBERT1) was born Abt 1630 in Scotland or Virginia, and died Aft 1671 in Virginia. He married SARAH.

       Robert Jr can be associated both with the land in Bermuda Hundred and with a plantation known as Roxdale. As of February 8, 1997 I do not know the location of Roxdale, but I guess it is in Chesterfield or Henrico County.
       This parentage for the brothers John Bowman and Edward Bowman of Henrico Parish is speculative. As of August 1995 I have found no document or abstract of a colonial document which identifies their father. However Virginia land entries from the 1660s and 1670s for the Bermuda Hundred in Henrico County identify Robert Bowman, Jr as a land owner for property adjoining his father, Robert, Senior.
       Robert, Jr. is a candidate of the right age in the correct vicinity to be father of John and Edward. For that reason I put him forward. John Bowman, Sr., was guardian for orphan John Bowman, Jr. until 1679 in Henrico County. Because I have found no land records in the name of John Bowman, Sr., in the Bermuda Hundred area, and since brothers John and Edward appear to come into possession of the lands of Robert, Jr., I think of him as the probable father of these men. Of course Robert Jr. and John, Sr. could be brothers.
       Charles W. Bowman in the introduction to his 1912 book, Bowman Genealogy: Fragmentary Annals of a Branch of the Bowman Family, offered:

"In general, there seems little doubt that the Bowmans of Virginia and other states to the south and west are of common stock. It is a family tradition that the earliest ancestor was a ship carpenter who came with the first colonists to Jamestown from London, but this has neither been authenticated or disproved."

Abstracts from Nugent's CAVALIERS & PIONEERS, Vol. III:

p. 97       2 May 1705 Capt. John Bolling, Edward Bowman & John Bowman        1146 Scres Henrico County 3rd branch of Swift Creek, Begin at        Henry Poland North side of said Creek.
p. 102       2 Nov 1705 John Tullit, 17,653 Acres Henrico County, South of        James on Bowman's line.       
p. 191       15 July 1717 John Bolling, Edward Bowman & John Bowman 497        Acres Henrico East side of Falling Creek.
p. 211       9 Feb 1718 Elizabeth Bowman 50 Acres Henrico South side James        on Fox Slash, adjoining William Clarke & William Soane.
p. 230       5 Sept 1723 John Bowman, Jnr 450 Acres Henrico County North        side Swift Creek, adjoining his own survey in Henry Powland's line,        crossing the main road to Major John Bolling.
p. 293       17 Aug 1725 John Lavillian, 400 Acres Henrico North of        Appomattox River, adjoining John James Florenoy on South side of        a branch of Nutt Tree Branch; Francis Florenoy on North side of the        Dumplin Branch, and John Bowman's line.
p. 300       24 Mar 1725 John Newby 100 Acres Henrico South of Swift Creek        adjoining John Bowman and Richard Grill's line

       Edward Bowman's will of 1722 made gifts of land on Swift Creek. John Bowman's will of 1725 made gifts of land on Nut Tree Run and Swift Creek. The abstract of Elizabeth Bowman's deed of Feb. 9, 1718 ties these land acquisitions to the earlier holdings of Robert, Jr., when read in combination with the following abstract from Crozier's Virginia County Records, Vol. II, Taken from Henrico County Deeds & Wills 1725-1737:

p. 134       25 Aug 1727 John Soan of Burtee Precinct in Albemarle County in        North Carolina, but now in Virginia of one part and Tarlton Woodson        of Henrico County of Virginia . . . for 10 sells said Woodson tract of        land in Henrico on south side of James, bounded on lands of        Robert Elam, Dr. John Bowman dec'd, and others containing 200        acres being that land bought by William Soane, father of the        aforesaid John Soane . . .

       The Soane sale puts Elizabeth's land now in the estate of John Bowman, deceased, and the description of the land as adjoining Robert Elam's property links these tracts to the 1662-1672 deeds describing the properties of Robert Bowman, Jr. It also tells us that John Bowman was a Doctor and that he was deceased before August 25, 1727.


       Children of Robert Bowman and Sarah are:

4. i.   JOHN3 BOWMAN, b. Abt 1661, Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Parish, Va. (probably); d. Abt 1725, Henrico Parish, Virginia.
5. ii.   EDWARD BOWMAN, b. Abt November 10, 1656, Henrico Parish, Virginia; d. Abt 1722, Henrico Parish, Virginia.
  iii.   ROBERT BOWMAN III, b. Abt 1660.
6. iv.   WILLIAM BOWMAN, b. Aft December 18, 1664; d. Aft December 18, 1685.
3. "MARY"2 BOWMAN (ROBERT1) was born Abt 1627 in Virginia. She married RICHARD HUDSON Aft 1650 in Henrico County, Virginia (?), son of Richard Hudson and Mary Hayes.

       Karen Turner made me aware of this daughter's existence. In her notes she called her Girlone, which I read as being Gir-lone, accepting it as a name and not as her personal method of identifying an unnamed daughter tentatively attached to a family. Another researcher asked about a Richard Hudson-Mary Bowman connection and I referred her to Karen. That's when I learned to my sheepish amusement that I had missed the obvious -- Girl #1 -- spelled out so that it would be accepted as a naming device by the FTM software program.
       I have validated and doublechecked none of the work on this line as of 4-13-95. If I understand Karen correctly she also is relying entirely on the work of others for the early generations of this line.

       Children of "Mary" Bowman and Richard Hudson are:

7. i.   RICHARD3 HUDSON, JR, b. Abt 1645.
  ii.   ROBERT HUDSON, b. Abt 1645; d. Abt 1669, Henrico County, Virginia (?).
  iii.   WILLIAM HUDSON, b. Abt 1650; d. 1701; m. ELIZABETH JENNINGS.

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