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Generation No. 7

      64. JOSEPH HAMMOND, born 1753 in Cumberland Co, VA->resided Lunenburg Co, VA>in Surry Co, NC by 1787?; died 19 April 1829 in Surry Co, NC- note there is a Rev Soldier named Isaac Hammond bur. cem, near Cross Crk Cem, Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, NC-Vol 3 Rev War bur.. He was the son of 128. JOHN Sr. HAMMON HAMMOND and 129. Mrs. JOHN Sr. HAMMON. He married 65. MARTHA LANDRUM 1777 in LUNENBURG CO, VA by Parson James Craig, of Cumberland Parish, VA... whose marriage book was lost.

      65. MARTHA LANDRUM, born 1755 in Lunenburg Co, VA? married by Parson James Craig of Cumberland Parish which included part of Lunenburg Co; died 1848 in Monroe Co, IN. She was the daughter of 130. WILLIAM LANDRUM and 131. Mrs. William/Martha MdNmUnk LANDRUM.
  i.   James Hammond, born Bet. 1777 - 1779 in date range: 1777 to 1779 signed sister Elizabeth's marriage consent & certified she 'was of age' in Grayson Co, VA 27 March 1804 when she m. John Bryant; died in After 1804 - did he live in Grayson Co, VA after 1804?; married (1) Margaret? 'Maggie-Muddie' Savage Bef. 1807 in NC or VA? - children 1 thru 5 are possibly from a first marr. to Maggie Savage & youngest 4 from 2nd marr. in 1819 in Lauderdale Co, AL to Sarah Savage???; born 1788 in NC - are there two Savage wives of James? Maggie & in 1819 Sarah?; died Aft. 13 April 1813 in Lawrence Co, TN or Lauderdale Co, AL?; married (2) Sarah Savage Aft. 13 April 1813 in TN/AL; born Abt. 1790.
  ii.   Elizabeth HAMMOND*, born Bet. 1779 - 1783 in VA? Brother James Hammon signed her marriage consent in 1804 Grayson Co, VA; died in lived in Bedford Co, TN when daughter Sarah was b.1813; married John BRYANT* 27 March 1804 in Grayson County, VA; born Abt. 1775 in Carteret Co, NC; died 15 November 1844 in lived in Bedford Co, TN when daughter Sarah was b.1813.
  32 iii.   WILLIAM HAMMOND, born 1787 in VA? Surry Co, NC? was born in NC according to 1860 census, but father Joseph is not listed in Surry Co in 1790; died Aft. 1860 in Hempstead Co, AR? after 1860 cen. never located -living 1850 census in Lafayette Co, MS; married EVE COLLINS 30 December 1813 in Surry Co, NC.
  iv.   Martha 'Patsy' Hammond, born 1791 in Surry Co, NC- age per 1850 cen. of Monroe Co, IN-Indian Creek Twp; died Aft. 1850 in IN?Monroe Co? Indian Creek Twp; married John Collins 27 February 1819 in Surry Co, NC; born 1800 in N.C.-came to Monroe Co, IN in 1845, liv. there 1850 cen.; died Aft. 1850 in IN? Monroe Co? Indian Creek Twp.

      66. ANTHONY COLLINS, born 1765 in Albemarle Co? Patrick Co? VA; died 1835 in Surry/Stokes Co, NC. He was the son of 132. THOMAS Jr. COLLINS and 133. MARY 'POLLY' SUSANNAH? WALLACE. He married 67. MARY ELIZABETH MdNmUnk COLLINS Abt. 1787 in VA? NC? Patrick Co, VA? Surry/Stokes Co, NC?.

      67. MARY ELIZABETH MdNmUnk COLLINS, born Abt. 1770 in VA?.
  i.   Aaron Collins, born 1787 in Per Tombstone giving his age as '79' on his death date; died 02 May 1863 in He came from VA to IL in the winter of 1830-31 and settled in Coles County in the Spring of 1831; married Peggy Campbell 1809 in NC or VA; born Abt. 1790.
  ii.   Mary Collins, born 1793 in Surry Co?, NC; married Thomas Bills 11 February 1813 in Surry Co, NC; born Abt. 1792 in VA? NC?.
  iii.   William K. Sr. Collins*, born 1795 in Talbott Co, MD; died 1851 in or 1880? Surry Co, NC...wife and younger children went first to Meigs Co, TN to son Enoch's then to KS; married Catherine Tucker 1822 in VA? Surry Co, NC?; born 1796.
  33 iv.   EVE COLLINS, born 1797 in North Carolina - Surry/Stokes; died Aft. 1860 in Hempstead Co, AR? after 1860 census, never located again; married WILLIAM HAMMOND 30 December 1813 in Surry Co, NC.
  v.   Joseph Collins, born 1800 in NC - came to Champaign Co, IL & are on 1850 census there; married Dillaney Smallwood 13 September 1818 in Surry Co, NC; born 1804 in NC? VA? - came to Champaign Co, IL with husband and are on 1850 census. Where were they before that? Coles Co?.
  vi.   Obediah Collins, born 1803 in Patrick Co, VA? Surry Co, NC?.
  vii.   George A. Collins*, born 1805 in N.C. Surry Co?-liv. 1850 cen. in Lafayette Co, MS p.303 1830 Stokes Co, NC has listing for George Collins; died Aft. 1850 in unknown-did he go to AR when sister/cousin? Eve Hammon went?; married Matilda MdNmUnk Collins Bet. 1825 - 1830 in TN?; born 1810 in NC -; died Aft. 1850 in in 1850 cen. Lafayette Co, MS age 40 on 1850 census taken 11 Nov 1850.
  viii.   John Collins, born 1806 in Patrick Co, VA or Surry Co, NC; married Susannah Elmore 1829; born Abt. 1810.
  ix.   Anthony Jr. Collins, born 1808 in Patrick Co, VA or Surry Co, NC; married Sally Franklin 1829; born Abt. 1810.

      68. DAVID C. JONES, born Abt. 1775 in VA; died Bef. 26 September 1854 in estate administration in Lincoln Co, TN 26 Sept 1854. He was the son of 136. JOHN JONES and 137. MOTHER OF DAVID C./1stWife of JOHN JONES. He married 69. HANNAH WAYLAND 19 January 1796 in Hebron, Madison County, VA.

      69. HANNAH WAYLAND, born 1778 in Madison County, VA- descendant of a Germanna family; died Bef. 1854 in TN - Lincoln Co?. She was the daughter of 138. ADAM SR WAYLAND and 139. MARIA FINKS.
  34 i.   DAVID C. JONES, born Abt. 1796 in VA per census- age 51 in 1850 census LCT-Fam#563; died Bef. 1854 in died before 1854 when estate of David C. Jones was settled in Lincoln Co, TN; married HANNAH? MdNmUnk JONES Abt. 1823 in unknown - TN?.
  ii.   Samuel A? Jones, born Abt. 1798 in Virginia.
  iii.   Emily Jones, born 16 October 1799 in Virginia.
  iv.   William Albert Jones, born 18 January 1802 in Madison Co, VA.
  v.   Eveline Jones, born 10 February 1804 in Virginia.
  vi.   Edwin B. Jones, born 02 June 1806 in Virginia.
  vii.   Mary Ann Jones, born 11 January 1809 in Danville, Boyle, KY.
  viii.   Caroline M. Jones, born 16 November 1810 in Virginia or TN.

      72. BENJAMIN HATHCOCK, born 10 August 1742 in or 1753? in Brunswick Co/Prince George Co, VA; died 1857 in Stanley/Montgomery Co, NC. He was the son of 144. MR. HAMILTON/HAMBLETON and 145. MARTHA HATHCOCK. He married 73. NANCY YOUNG Bef. 1774 in VA? NC?.

      73. NANCY YOUNG, born Abt. 1755 in Brunswick Co, VA.
  i.   Young Hathcock, born Abt. 1774 in Chatham or Montgomery Co, NC; died Abt. 1876.
  36 ii.   DEMPSEY HATHCOCK, born 1775 in Chatham Co, NC; died in Montgomery Co, NC; married Abt. 1800 in NC- Chatham? Montgomery Co?.
  iii.   Martha 'Patsy' Hathcock, born 1778 in NC See More/Notes for list of Whitley children; died 24 September 1880 in Big Lick, Stanley Co, NC; married (1) William Marion Whitley Abt. 1814 in Montgomery/Stanley Co, NC; born December 1775; died 1890 in Big Lick, Stanley Co, NC; married (2) John Dick Aft. 1814 in NC; born Abt. 1778 in VA? NC?.
  iv.   Jesse Hathcock, born 1780 in Chatham, Montgomery Co/Stanley, NC; died in 1830? Stanley Co, NC; married Catherine 'Katie' Whitley; born Abt. 1784 in NC.

      80. Seth KELLOGG, born 1754 in Whatley, Franklin, MA - see More for complete list of children; died 30 August 1827 in Oneida Co, NY. He was the son of 160. Joel KELLOGG and 161. Joanna CLARK. He married 81. Jerusha White 01 August 1781.

      81. Jerusha White, born 05 March 1762 in Whatley, Franklin, MA.
Children of Seth KELLOGG and Jerusha White are:
  40 i.   Elijah Walley? or brother? KELLOGG, born Abt. 1790 in Probably near Oneida Co, NY - came to Clarke Co, OH; married Margaret (mother of Isaac Kellogg) Murphy Bef. 1819 in OH?.
  ii.   Joseph KELLOGG, born 26 October 1799.
  iii.   David KELLOGG, born 1803 in Stanford, Oneida, NY; died 09 May 1876; married Sarah Ingalls 03 October 1822 in NY or OH?; born Abt. 1805.

      84. MICHAEL? FRY, born Abt. 1775 in PA. He married 85. ELIZABETH? REESE Abt. 1800 in PA? OH?.

      85. ELIZABETH? REESE, born Abt. 1775 in PA.
  42 i.   Father of ELIZABETH FRY, born Abt. 1800 in PA; died in OH?; married Mother of ELIZABETH FRY Abt. 1822 in PA? OH?.

      88. JOHN JR/THOMAS/WILLIAM SUTTERFIELD, born Abt. 1758 in of 1781 Bedford, Campbell, Montgomery Cos, VA; died in See More/Notes. He was the son of 176. JOHN SR/THOMAS SR SUTTERFIELD.
  44 i.   WILLIAM SUTTERFIELD, born 1796 in VA-Bedford/Campbell Cos? 1830-liv Jackson Twp, Highland Co, OH per cen.; died Aft. 1850 in may have died in sickness/epidemic 1855..3 stepchildren died same yr- Knox Co, IN? IL?; married (1) MARY ANN MdNmUnk SUTTERFIELD Abt. 1815 in VA? OHIO? -HIGHLAND CO?; married (2) SOPHRONIA ALLARD 17 July 1847 in Gibson Co, IN-IN state Lib index=1842/-liv in Decker Twp, Knox Co, IN 1850 census.

      92. EBENEEZER BALCH, born 30 August 1766 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; died 31 December 1843 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY(came there from Ct in 1800. He was the son of 184. EBENEEZER BALCH and 185. LOIS BELDEN. He married 93. SARAH BIRCHARD 04 October 1791 in Becket, Berkshire, MA- Koon's say 1792- had 6 ch., Horatio James was youngest-.\

      93. SARAH BIRCHARD, born 1768 in Becket, Berkshire, MA; died 1852 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY-aged 84yrs&3mos. She was the daughter of 186. JAMES BIRCHARD and 187. ABAGAIL KING.
  i.   Ebeneezer Balch, born 22 June 1792 in Becket, Berkshire, MA- was a physician in Sandersfield, MA; died 19 February 1861 in Sandersfield, MA- he was named in his father's will & inherited interest in a farm; married Ann Stores Abt. 1820 in Berkshire Co, MA?; born Abt. 1796 in MA?; died in Sandersfield, MA?.
  ii.   Sarah Balch, born 19 April 1794 in Becket, Berkshire , MA; died 15 September 1871 in Schuyler Falls, NY; married Elijah Weston 15 September 1825 in Schuyler Fall, NY; born Abt. 1790 in NY? MA?; died in Schuyler Falls, NY.
  iii.   Alva Birchard Balch, born 18 April 1796 in Becket, Berkshire , MA; died 05 March 1871 in on farm he inherited from father, Schuyler Falls/ Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY; married Mary McArthur 15 March 1821 in Schuyler Falls/Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY; born Abt. 1800 in NY? MA?.
  iv.   Elizabeth Betsey Balch, born 22 July 1798 in Becket, Berkshire Co, MA or Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY; died 03 August 1866 in Modovi, Buffalo Co, Wisconsin; married Marinus Hilliard 1814 in Plattsburgh or Schuyler Falls, Clinton, NY - had 13 children see More Notes for names; born 25 July 1791 in Manchester, Bennington, Vermont; died 02 April 1855 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY.
  v.   Clarissa Balch, born 20 April 1801 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY; died 22 May 1822 in Schuyler Falls/Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY.
  46 vi.   HORATIO JAMES BALCH, born 22 July 1806 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY (on Lake Champlain across from VT); died 17 January 1846 in Knox County/Gibson Co, IN - child #9 born after his death; married SOPHRONIA ALLARD May 1827 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY.

      94. LEMUEL ALLARD, born Abt. 1785 in VT? Lived in Clinton Co, NY in 1820- Is he same Lemuel who moved to Morgan Co, OH?; died in Clinton Co, NY? Morgan Co, OH? Perry Co, OH? SEE NOTES for Moses Allard. He was the son of 188. SHADRACH ALLARD and 189. MARY 'Polly' LIBBY. He married 95. MARINDA MdNmUnk ALLARD Abt. 1809 in VT? NY?.

      95. MARINDA MdNmUnk ALLARD, born Abt. 1789 in VT? lived in Clinton Co, NY 1820s dau. m. there 1827.
  i.   Moses? ALLARD, born 1805 in Vermont or NH per 1870 & 1880 census of Clinton Co, NY; married Charlotte A. Tucker; born Abt. 1809 in New York.
  47 ii.   SOPHRONIA ALLARD, born 1810 in VT; died Aft. 1850 in may have died in sickness/epidemic 1855...3 children died same yr. Knox Co, IN? Richland Co, IL?; married (1) HORATIO JAMES BALCH May 1827 in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY; married (2) WILLIAM SUTTERFIELD 17 July 1847 in Gibson Co, IN-IN state Lib index=1842/-liv in Decker Twp, Knox Co, IN 1850 census.

      98. JOHN BOLT, born 09 April 1802 in Grayson Co, VA-liv Highland Co, OH, 1850 Hamilton Co, IN & Montgomery Co, IA by 1860; died 30 January 1876 in or 3 Jan ?Frankfort Township, Montgomery Co, IA. He was the son of 196. CHARLES BOLT and 197. MARY "MOLLY" BARNARD. He married 99. KERENHAPPUCK 'Carrie' HORTON 12 October 1820 in Stokes Co, NC <transcribed record lists her as "Casa"she was called Carrey.

      99. KERENHAPPUCK 'Carrie' HORTON, born 21 September 1800 in Stokes Co, NC; died 02 September 1870 in Frankfort Township, Montgomery Co, IA. She was the daughter of 198. JACOB HORTON and 199. PHEBE JANE PEARCE.
  i.   Mary 'Polly' Bolt, born Abt. 1821 in Stokes Co, NC; died 1849 in or 1847? dead before 1856 Highland Co, OH? Hamilton Co, IN ? Her children went to live with her parents, in 1856 Iowa state census listed with them; married George Binegar 1839 in Highland Co, OH?; born Abt. 1817.
  ii.   Melinda Mary 'Polly' Bolt, born 1822 in Highland Co, OH; died 27 February 1849 in or 25 April 1849 ?Hamilton Co, IN - did she die in childbirth with daughter Melinda M. Bolt b. 1849?; met Unknown Father of baby of Melinda M. Bolt 1839 in in OH? or ?met in Hamilton Co, IN- Melinda became pregnant there in May 1848..; born Abt. 1817 in Was Melinda Mary 'Polly' Bolt who m. George Binegar Aug 1839 in Clinton Co, OH?.
  49 iii.   LETHA RUTH BOLT, born 1824 in Highland, Co, OH-liv Noblesville Twp, Hamilton Co, IN with hus. Geo.West; died August 1883 in Clarinda, Page Co, IA- d. 8/1880? or 8/1883? dates hard to read/both given; met (1) FATHER HARVEY BOLT Bef. February 1841 in Pregnant in Highland Co, OH, had son, then fam moved to IN, marr. there & in IA; married (2) George West 01 November 1843 in Hamilton County, IN; married (3) David Margerum 1860 in Montgomery Co, Page Co or Lee Co, IA.
  iv.   Phebe Bolt, born 05 December 1829 in Highland Co, OH; died 1897 in Pilot Grove Twp, Montgomery Co, IA- 1855 with husband and 'a party of others'; married John James Dodd 01 January 1850 in Hamilton Co, IN- 3 sons & 4 daughters survived John Dodd; born 23 February 1830 in Amherst Co, VA; died 23 July 1909 in Pilot Grove Twp, Montgomery Co, IA- came from Hamilton Co, IN in 1855 >see more>.
  v.   Charles Bolt, born 30 December 1831 in Highland Co, OH-liv Hamilton Co, IN 1850, Mont.Co, IA 1860, 70+; died 23 April 1912 in Red Oak, IA - Red Oak Express 26 April 1912; married (1) Alzina J. Strait Abt. 1858 in Montgomery Co, IA; born Abt. 1837; died Bef. 03 July 1860 in when he remarried, <Alzina burned to death clothes took fire from wood stove>; married (2) Margaret A. Hewitt 03 July 1860 in Montgomery Co, IA; born 1843 in IN; died in Montgomery Co, IA- Red Oak?.
  vi.   Sally Ann Bolt, born 1834 in Paint Twp, Highland Co, OH; died 1835 in Paint Twp, Highland Co, OH.
  vii.   Jacob Dentatus Bolt, born 1837 in OH- Highland Co.?; died 1912 in lived in Montgomery Co, IA when married....probably d. there; married Rilla Jane Elizabeth Stout 12 September 1863 in Montgomery Co, IA-Marriage Rec. Vol 1, P.9; born 1845 in IA-.
  viii.   William Lee Bolt, born 1839 in Highland Co, OH; died 1839 in lived only a few months.
  ix.   Ira Webster Bolt, born 1840 in Noblesville Twp, Hamilton Co, IN-liv Mont.Co, IA 1860, 1870 SEE NOTES/Civ.War Ser/; died 1893 in Frankfort, Montgomery Co, IA; married (1) Serena MdNmUnk Bolt Abt. 1859 in Hamilton Co, IN? Montgomery Co, IA?; born Abt. 1841 in Noblesville Twp, Hamilton Co, IN?; died Aft. 1862 in when her 2nd and last child was born in Montgomery Co, IA; married (2) Alwilda Anderson Elwood 21 May 1867 in Montgomery Co, IA; born 1845 in OH.
  x.   Serena Bolt, born 1842 in OH?IN? Bartholomew or Hamilton Cos? Fam. in Hamilton by Nov 1843.
  xi.   Carie Ann Bolt, born 1842 in Noblesville, Hamilton Co, IN - Fam. in Hamilton by Nov 1843; died in Montgomery Co, IA; married Robert F. Clifton 05 January 1864 in Montgomery Co, IA- Marr. Rec. Vol1 P.10; born 1836 in VA; died 1912 in IA?.
  xii.   John C. Bolt, born 22 October 1847 in or 1848 Highland Co, OH; died 19 June 1925 in Washington, Montgomery Co, IA - see Burial Rec. of Montgomery Co, IA; married Mary C. Stewart 09 March 1871 in Montgomery Co, IA- Marr. Rec. Vol1 P. 37; born 1852; died 1933 in Montgomery Co, IA?.

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