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Davis died date unknown.

 Includes NotesNotes for Davis:

(Information about the families of Jesse Davis and Urian Davis,
early settlers of Angelica, and their siblings, all of whom were born in
Rhode Island. Also included is some information about related Hammond
and Treat families of Angelica.)

submitted by Rita Jacobs,

Two sons of Edward Davis of Glocester, RI were early among the
early settlers of Angelica. Edward Davis died in Glocester in 1790,
leaving 14 children. By 1810 nearly all of his seven male children had
left Rhode Island. None of the births of Edward's children are recorded
in the Glocester records, although they were probably all born there.
We are lucky that at least one of his marriage records is recorded.
Although Edward's sons inherited his real estate, together with their
mother, the deeds recorded in Glocester, RI following Edward's death
fail to reflect any records of what became of most of the Davis farm.
Finding records of this family and piecing them together has been a
challenge. Undoubtedly there is a family bible out there somewhere with
the birth dates of the children and grandchildren neatly recorded.

Edward Davis was born about 1720, son of Urian and Sarah
(Westcott?) Davis, probably in the part of Providence that was later set
off as Glocester in 1731. He apparently lived his entire life in the
town of Glocester. Edward married Sarah Bowen (parents unknown) in
Glocester on 17 Dec. 1744. Edward was admitted freeman in Glocester in
1757, and appears in census records for Glocester in 1774 and 1782. He
is attributed with the ownership of 500 acres of land valued at 500
pounds and a personal estate worth 54.1 pounds in the 1778 tax list for

Edward died 12 May 1790 in Glocester. His will, dated 13 Feb.
1790, was admitted for probate in Glocester on 6 Sept. 1790. Edward
left a widow, Sarah, whose identity is apparent from the record of her
later marriage on 21 Oct. 1794 to Reverend David Corpe, which identifies
her as the daughter of Cornelius Walling.

Because there is no record of the death of Edward's first wife,
Sarah Bowen, it is not possible to determine with certainty which wife
was the mother of some of his children. Sarah (Walling) Davis Corpe was
buried in Until the Day Dawns Cemetery in Angelica, Allegany County, New
York. Cemetery records indicate she died 30 Oct. 1826 at the age of 85.
This would place her year of birth at about 1741, she being probably
about 20 years younger than Edward. Consequently, Edward's son Joseph
(undoubtedly the oldest) was about 33 years older than Edward's youngest
son, Urian. Edward left both older married children and young children
when he died.

Edward identified 15 children in his will. The information which
follows lists the children according to their possible order of birth as
ascertained from the will and other available records, but this order is
only a guess as most of the birth dates of the children have not been
ascertained, and none were recorded in the Glocester records.

1. Keziah Davis - appears to have been an older unmarried
daughter to whom he left six shillings and a directive that she be
maintained from the profits of his land. No further information is
available for Keziah. She was probably named after Edward's aunt Keziah
(Davis) Greene, sister of Urian, who married Peter Greene in Warwick.

2. Elizabeth Davis - mentioned as deceased in her father's will
and identified as Elizabeth Blois. Six shillings were given to her
unnamed heirs in her father's will.

3. Nancy Davis - married David Richmond in December, 1766. She
lived in Guilford (Orange County) Connecticut. She was also given six
shillings in her father's will.

4. Joseph Davis - born 8 Oct. 1751 in Glocester; married Lydia
Bacon who was born Oct 1752. He died 21 Dec. 1838 in Glocester.
Military pension records identify him as a resident of Glocester in
1832. Pension records indicate that he had at least 9 children, the
youngest of whom was William who was living in Glocester, RI in 1839 at
the age of 43. The record also identifies his sister Mary (age 62,
which is probably an error), widow of James Reynolds, and indicates that
there was one other sister living. The other living sister was probably
Olive (Davis) Hammond who died in 1840.

Joseph was admitted freeman in Glocester in 1773 and appears in
the 1771 military census for Glocester. Joseph was left six shillings
in his father's will. It is probable that some of his children moved to
Otsego County, NY.

5. Prudence Davis - married Edward Greene 8 June 1777. She was
identified as Prudy Greene in her father's will and left six shillings.

6. Mary Davis - married James Reynolds. She was identified as
Mary Reynolds in her father's will and left six shillings.

7. Olive Davis - born ca. 1767. She married Nathan Hammond,
died 1840 in Glocester or Foster, RI, and is buried Glocester, R.I. She
was identified as Olive Hammond in her father's will and left six

8. Jabez Davis - lived later in Otsego County, NY. His
father's will left him one-third of the farm on the north side and all
other real estate not otherwise disposed of in the will, and also one-
half of the personal property ("moveables") not otherwise disposed of in
the will.

9. Asa Davis - married Katharine Luther 31 May 1795. Asa lived later
in Otsego County, NY, and may have also lived in Angelica (Allegany
Co.), NY, and is the subject of an interesting story related below. His
father's will left him one-third of the farm and one-half of the
"moveables." He was also appointed guardian for his younger brothers
John and Urian until they reached the age of 16.

10. Edward Davis - may have later moved to Otsego County, NY. His father's will left him one-third of the farm.

11. Esther Davis - given household items in her father's will. She was
probably young when he died. No further information is available about

12. Abigail Davis - given household items in her father's will.
She was probably young when he died.

13. Jesse Davis - married Lydia Corpe of Warwick 18 Feb. 1798. His
father's will left him ten shillings to be paid to him by his brother
Jabez when Jesse reached the age of 21. He moved to Otsego County and
later to Allegany County, NY. He was over age 16, but under 21 when his
father's will was written, born probably between 1770 and 1774.
Although children of Jesse remained in Angelica, no record has yet been
found of Jesse's death, nor that of his wife, Lydia (Corpe) Davis.

14. John Davis - given ten shillings in his father's will to be
paid to him by his brother Asa when John reached the age of 21. He
later lived in Otsego County, NY and appears to have remained there.

15. Urian Davis - born 1784, died 1878 in Angelica, Allegany
County, NY. He served in the War of 1812. He married 1) Lois Jones,
daughter of Joshua Jones, of Foster, RI, and 2) Arva ?. He lived in
Otsego County NY and moved to Angelica, Allegany County, NY about 1828.

Part of Edward Davis' farm (20 acres) ended up in the estate of
his son-in-law, Nathan Hammond, as the "Davis farm" or "Corpe farm" is
included in several deeds between members of the Hammond family
identifying this property as having been part of Nathan Hammond's estate
who died in 1814.


From census records and other information (including some
information abstracted from deeds) it appears that Edward's son Jabez
moved to the town of Butternuts in Otsego County, NY by 1800. The 1800
census also lists a Jabez, Jesse, and John Davis all living in Otsego
County, town of Worcester, and an Asa Davis living in the same county,
town of Otsego. These were most likely Edward Davis' sons, and perhaps
a grandchild. Edward's son Joseph would have had children close in age
to Edward's younger sons who may have moved with Edward's sons to Otsego

Edward's son Asa purchased 190 acres in the West Hill Settlement
of the Town of Butternuts near Jabez in 1801. By 1810 several other
members of the family had moved to the West Hill Settlement, including
an Edward, Urian, Asa, Jabez, John and Joseph Davis, all listed as
neighbors in the 1810 census for the Town of Butternuts. Jesse is
listed in the nearby village of Gilbertsville, and received a deed of
land from Asa in the West Hill Settlement in 1811. An Edward Davis
appearing in the 1850 and 1855 census records for this area (age 72 in
1850), indicated he settled there in 1802. He may have been a child of
one of Edward's sons, as he would have been born about 1778, too young
to be Edward's son Edward who was over 21 when Edward died in 1790. He
was perhaps a son of Edward's son Edward who appeared in the 1810
census. A search of the deeds for Otsego County would assist greatly in
defining the relationships of these Davises.

These Davis families also appear in the 1820 census in Butternuts,
except for the absence of Jabez and Jesse. The whereabouts of Jabez
after 1820 is unknown. In 1815 Jesse deeded land to Asa, and most
probably around that time moved to Angelica in Allegany County. Urian
also moved to Angelica about 1828. From later census records it appears
that Edward's son John and probably some of his descendants remained in
Otsego County.

Asa appears in the 1820 census, and his whereabouts after that are
a subject of particular interest. An account of early life in
Butternuts, written by William Fayel (born in Butternuts in 1821), and
published on 11 August 1886 in the Otsego Journal gives the following
information about Asa:

"Our next neighbor on the other side was Asa Davis. He dressed
like a Quaker and was a frequent visitor at our house. He had a trick
of snapping his steel tobacco box in our faces when he took a chew. He
left home, went to New Orleans where he was killed and robbed of five
hundred dollars. This left his wife, old "Aunt Kate" a grass widow, a
woman of large size and great force of character. She was a good
provider and famed for her pies, cakes, fruit and cider. It was said
that she could take a cud of tobacco reaching from mouth to ear. . . "

Asa's widow, Katharine (Luther) Davis, remained in Butternuts
after Asa left, and from other accounts maintained a cider mill there.
She appears in census records as Catharine Davis in 1830 and 1840. She
died probably shortly before 1850. From information abstracted from
deeds, Asa's brother John brought a suit in about 1850 to partition the
estate of Catharine Davis after her death, and purchased the real estate
from her estate. Asa apparently had no children as his wife's property
was inherited by Asa's brothers and sisters after Catharine died.
(Inheritance law at that time would have given Catharine a "life estate"
in the property with the property passing to Asa's "heirs" after her
death.) Olive (Davis) Hammond, in fact, made provisions in her will,
written in 1836, that left her share of Asa Davis' estate to her son,
Asa Hammond (another resident of Angelica). This is perhaps evidence
that Asa died before 1836.

Some records in Allegany County, NY give speculation that Asa may
have lived elsewhere for a time. In 1829 real estate was deeded from
Jesse and Lydia Davis to Asa Davis, and in 1835, property was deeded to
Jesse Davis by Asa and Rhoda Ann Davis. This Rhoda Ann is buried in the
cemetery in Angelica. Cemetery records identify her as the wife of Asa
Davis. She died 18 March 1852 aged 55 years, 8 months, and 5 days. No
other records in Allegany County referring to this Asa Davis have been
located. It is possible that this Asa may have been a son of Jesse, but
more likely was his brother.

Sarah (Walling) Davis Corpe, mother of Edward's younger children,
also moved to Angelica with her husband, Reverend David Corpe, about the
same time that Jesse moved there. It is possible that Jesse's wife
Lydia (Corpe) was David Corpe's daughter. Information in the published
history of Allegany County states that Reverend David Corpe preached
frequently in the First Baptist Church of Angelica, which had no regular
pastor when organized in 1818.

Another entry in the Allegany history states that Joshua A. Davis,
born in Otsego County, came to Angelica at the age of four with his
father, and married miss Ella E. Davis, who was also born in Otsego
County. This Joshua Davis was probably the son of Urian and named after
his grandfather, Joshua Jones. This pinpoints the date of Urian's
arrival in Angelica at about 1828.

An account of Smith Davis, a son of Jesse, gives Jesse's date of
arrival in Angelica as 1817. Another reference identifies Smith Davis'
grandfather as "David C." This "David C." does not refer to David C.
Davis, but rather to "David Corpe" who was the step-father of Jesse and
Urian Davis. Years of research have uncovered no records of a David C.
Davis in either Allegany County or Otsego County. The information in
the history of Allegany County referring to "David C." as a
Revolutionary War veteran and Baptist minister, is, in fact, correct
information about David Corpe. David Corpe is buried in the Angelica
cemetery with his wife, having died in Angelica in 1819 at the age of

Known children of Urian Davis of Angelica (1784 - 1878) are:

1. Henry W. Davis, born 1816 Otsego County. (Urian was living with
this son in the 1850 census for Angelica next door to Urian's nephew
George Hammond.) Henry was probably named after his uncle, Henry Jones
(esq.) who also moved to Allegany County and lived in Wellsville.
Henry's children were: Henry M. born ca. 1839: Julia A. born ca. 1842;
Horace U. b. ca. 1845; and Lois M. born ca. 1848.

2. Lydia J. Davis, died 7 April 1821 at the age of 10 months (buried
in Butternuts).

3. Urian G. Davis (1824 - 1851) (buried in Angelica).

4. Asa Davis (1831 - 1862) (buried in Angelica).

Known children of Jesse Davis of Angelica (b. ca. 1770 - 1774)

1. Susan E. Davis, b. ca 1798 or 1799 in Rhode Island, died 2
November 1851, buried Angelica. She married Benjamin Palmer Treat 1
August 1822 in Angelica. (The identity of Susan E. Davis as a daughter
of Jesse Davis has not yet been completely confirmed. See note below.)

2. David G. Davis (1800 - 1885). His children were: Mary Jane
Davis b. ca. 1837; Caroline Davis b. ca. 1840; Jesse Davis b. ca. 1844;
Charles Davis b. ca. 1845; Matilda Davis b. ca. 1848; John Davis b. ca.
1850; and Susan Davis.

3. Smith Davis, b. 7 Oct. 1808 in Butternuts, Otsego County,
NY, d. 1885 Angelica, buried Angelica. He married 1) Prudence N. Wright
of Greenwich 12 Sept. 1834, and 2) Jane A. Kendrick of Hillsdale,
Michigan 30 Oct. 1873. His children were Sallie b. 28 April 1875, and
an adopted daughter, Loretta.

Notes on SUSAN E. (DAVIS) TREAT, of Angelica, widow of Benjamin
Palmer Treat:

Benjamin Palmer Treat married a Susan E. Davis in 1822 in
Angelica. The 1850 census for the town of Cuba in Allegany County shows
Susan E. (Davis) Treat living with her daughter and son-in-law, Aaron
and Susan A. Dunkin. Susan's place of birth is identified as RI, and
her age given at 51, placing her date of birth at about 1799. The
Angelica cemetery records show she died in 1851 at the age of 53 (which
would place her date of birth at about 1798). Jesse Davis married Lydia
Corpe in RI on 18 Feb. 1798. It is probable that Susan was his oldest
child, born in RIbefore he moved to Otsego County. There were no other
Davis families from RI living in Angelica before 1822 (the date of
Susan's marriage) except Jesse's. The 1820 census record for the family
of Jesse shows a female age 16 to 26, who was probably Susan. Susan is
buried in a plot in the Angelica cemetery next to David and Sarah Corpe,
who are buried next to a plot containing Urian Davis and members of his
family. There are no records of burials for Jesse and his wife Lydia,


It is not possible to determine with certainty which wife of
Edward Davis was the mother of Jesse Davis. Sarah Walling (Davis) Corpe
was, however, definitely the mother of Urian Davis who was the youngest
child in the family.

Special thanks are in order to Leigh Eckmair, a volunteer at the
Gilbertsville Library in Gilbertsville, NY, who assisted in tracing this

Children of Davis are:
  1. +Calvin W. Davis, b. October 20, 1812, Hudson,Columbia, NY, d. March 07, 1901, Middlebury Center, PA.
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