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Ancestors of Shirley Ruth Martin

Generation No. 7

      66. Unknown. He married 67. Mary Ray.

      67. Mary Ray.
Child of Unknown and Mary Ray is:
  33 i.   Elizabeth (Lilly) Ray, born Bet. 1765 - 1774; married Nathaniel Martin July 24, 1787 in Nelson Co., KY.

      68. William Bates, born February 02, 1736/37 in Montgomery Co., VA; died May 06, 1811 in Wythe Co., VA. He was the son of 136. Joseph Bates and 137. Mary King. He married 69. Margaret Young January 15, 1765 in Amelia Co., VA.

      69. Margaret Young, born 1736 in Montgomery Co., VA; died July 11, 1793 in Montgomery Co., VA. She was the daughter of 138. Robert Young and 139. Mary.
Child of William Bates and Annabel Alexander is:
  i.   James Alexander Bates, born December 01, 1764 in Prince Edward Co., VA; died 1814 in Knox Co., TN; married Mary Murphy August 10, 1786 in Wythe, Co., VA.
Children of William Bates and Margaret Young are:
  i.   Robert Patrick, born January 30, 1766 in Wythe Co., VA; died November 12, 1840 in Franklin Co., AL; married Jane Hill March 25, 1808 in near Sparta, White Co., TN.
  ii.   Margaret Bates, born April 22, 1767; died June 08, 1817 in Burkes Garden, VA; married (1) William Hayter; married (2) Phillip Greever February 28, 1800 in Washington Co., VA.
  34 iii.   Elijah Bates, born 1770 in Virginia; died Aft. 1835 in Cooper Co., MO; married Priscilla Patrick September 01, 1789 in Montgomery Co., VA (m. by Edward Morgan).
  iv.   Charles Bates, born Abt. 1775; married Unknown.
  v.   Joseph Bates, born May 06, 1777; died 1849; married Mary King Gentry January 08, 1798.
  vi.   Henderson Wesley Bates, born 1779; died 1845; married Sarah Gentry 1810.
  vii.   John Wallis Bates, born May 17, 1779 in Broadford of the Holston River; died May 1843 in Letcher Co., KY; married (1) Lavinia Light October 29, 1803 in Washington Co., A; married (2) Sarah Waldrup April 22, 1812 in Letcher Co., KY.
  viii.   Jane Bates, born 1781; died 1810 in Barron Co., KY; married William Talbert/Talbott 1806.
  ix.   Mary "Molly" Bates, born Abt. 1784; married Jacob Beeson 1807.
  x.   Thomas Bates, born April 15, 1784 in VA; died August 04, 1835 in Bates homeplace in VA; married Nancy McCarty.

      70. Hugh Patrick, born Abt. 1732 in Lee Co VA; died in Lee Co, VA. He was the son of 140. Hugh Patric and 141. Unknown. He married 71. Susannah Harris.

      71. Susannah Harris, died in Lee Co VA.
Children of Hugh Patrick and Susannah Harris are:
  35 i.   Priscilla Patrick, born in Lee Co., VA; married Elijah Bates September 01, 1789 in Montgomery Co., VA (m. by Edward Morgan).
  ii.   James Patrick.
  iii.   Nancy Patrick.
  iv.   Mary Patrick.
  v.   Margaret Patrick.
  vi.   Dorcas (Darkey) Patrick.
  vii.   Elizabeth Patrick.
  viii.   Jemimah Patrick.
  ix.   Robert "Robin" Patrick, born Abt. 1764; died 1859 in Madison Co., AR; married (1) Betsy McMullen; married (2) Nancy Allen.
  x.   John Patrick, born 1766; died 1824.

      72. John McCue, born 1715 in Prince of Wales Ireland; died October 27, 1798 in Virginia. He was the son of 144. John McCue and 145. Sarah McDowell (alleged). He married 73. Eleanor Mathews 1750.

      73. Eleanor Mathews, born 1730 in Nelson Co., VA; died Aft. 1768.
Children of John McCue and Eleanor Mathews are:
  i.   Sarah McCue.
  ii.   Rev. D.D. John McCue, born May 03, 1753 in Nelson Co., VA; died September 20, 1818 in Augusta Co., VA.
  iii.   Mary McCue, born May 01, 1756; died August 11, 1847 in Nelson Co., VA.
  iv.   Martha McCue, born September 02, 1758.
  v.   Charles McCue, born February 07, 1765.
  vi.   Eleanor McCue, born March 20, 1765.
  vii.   Major Moses Jr. McCue, born December 23, 1768 in Nelson Co., VA; died April 28, 1847 in Augusta Co., VA.
  36 viii.   David McCue, born April 15, 1775 in Nelson Co., VA; died in Sommersville, WV; married Margarette Craig September 12, 1791.

      76. John McNeel, born 1745 in Frederick Co., VA; died 1825 in Pocahontas Co., WV. He was the son of 152. John McNeel and 153. Van Meter. He married 77. Martha Davis Aft. 1768 in Frederick Co., VA.

      77. Martha Davis, born January 28, 1742/43 in Wales; died 1830 in Pocahontas Co., WV. She was the daughter of 154. Thomas Davis and 155. Anne.
Children of John McNeel and Martha Davis are:
  i.   Abram McNeel, born May 11, 1767 in Pocahontas Co., WV; died April 15, 1826 in Hillsboro, Pocahontas Co., WV; married (1) Margaret Lamb; married (2) Elizabeth Bridger; married (3) Magdalen Kelly Haynes.
  ii.   Nancy McNeel, born June 21, 1767 in Pocahontas Co., WV; died December 10, 1861 in Pocahontas Co., WV; married Richard Hill December 10, 1851.
  38 iii.   Isaac McNeel, born October 23, 1775 in Pocohontas Co., WV; died December 31, 1832 in Pocohontas Co., WV; married (1) Rachel McKeever; married (2) Ann Seybert.
  iv.   Miriam McNeel, born 1776 in Pocahontas Co., WV; died December 08, 1857 in Pocahontas Co., WV - Millstone Run; married John Jordan December 20, 1796 in Hillsboro, WV.
  v.   Martha McNeel, born 1778 in Pocahontas Co., WV; married Griffin Evans.

      78. Hughey McKeever, born in Ulster County Ireland; died 1778 in Pocahontas Co., WV. He married 79. Elizabeth (Betty) in Ulster County, Ireland.

      79. Elizabeth (Betty), born in Ulster County, Ireland.
Child of Hughey McKeever and Elizabeth (Betty) is:
  39 i.   Rachel McKeever, born December 08, 1776 in Ulster County Ireland; died October 11, 1818 in Pocahontas Co., WV; married Isaac McNeel.

      84. Closs Thompson , Sr., born Abt. 1729 in Pennsylvania. He married 85. Jane Jones Lee October 17, 1759 in Rowan Co., NC.

      85. Jane Jones Lee, born Abt. 1739 in 3rd Creek, S. Yadkin River, Rowan Co., NC. She was the daughter of 170. William Jones and 171. Jane Jones.
Children of Closs Thompson and Jane Lee are:
  42 i.   Closs Thompson , Jr., born Bet. 1761 - 1766 in 3d Creek, S.Yadkin River, Rowan Co., NC; died 1817 in Franklin Co., IN; married Rebecca Wilson September 14, 1787 in Wilkes Co., NC.
  ii.   Lawrence Thompson, born 1765 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; died Abt. 1830 in Fleming Co., KY; married Mary Jones.
  iii.   Joseph Thompson, born 1767 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; married Nancy Jones.
  iv.   Benjamin Thompson, born 1769 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; died December 13, 1853 in Cape Girardeau, MO; married Mary Foster September 29, 1797 in Campbell, KY.
  v.   Elizabeth Thompson, born Abt. 1772 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; married Francis Jones.
  vi.   Jane Thompson, born Abt. 1774 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; married James Lingo July 07, 1810 in Campbell, KY.
  vii.   Samuel Thompson, born Abt. 1775 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC; died 1830 in Rush Co., IN; married Lucy Grigg September 23, 1800 in Campbell Co., KY.

      86. James Wilson, born 1739. He married 87. Mary Jones McDonnell.

      87. Mary Jones McDonnell, born 1743.
Child of James Wilson and Mary McDonnell is:
  43 i.   Rebecca Wilson, born Bet. 1765 - 1769 in Rowan Co., NC; died Bet. 1822 - 1826; married Closs Thompson , Jr. September 14, 1787 in Wilkes Co., NC.

      116. Christian Sellars. He married 117. Elizabeth.

      117. Elizabeth.
Children of Christian Sellars and Elizabeth are:
  58 i.   George Sellars, married Elizabeth.
  ii.   Leonard Sellars, died May 1823.
  iii.   Jacob Sellars.
  iv.   John Sellars, born Bef. 1670.
  v.   Christian Sellars, born Abt. 1747.

      120. George Huffman, born Abt. 1740; died Abt. 1814 in Hanover Twp, Washington Co., PA. He was the son of 240. John Huffman. He married 121. Anna Maria Fehr/Fair?.

      121. Anna Maria Fehr/Fair?.
Children of George Huffman and Anna Fehr/Fair? are:
  60 i.   James Huffman, died April 25, 1828; married Hannah Smith.
  ii.   Henry Huffman, married Catrouche Frey.
  iii.   George Huffman, born 1775 in Greene Co., PA; died March 09, 1839; married Julianne Frey.
  62 iv.   Benjamin Huffman, born 1779; died 1844 in Greene Co., PA; married Sarah Woods.

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