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The Brandstoettner and Tovrea Home page

Updated August 22, 2011

This page is lovingly dedicated to those that have gone before us - Leland Carl Tovrea, Lola Mae Bishop Tovrea and Walter Joseph Brandstoettner, Sr. They all went with dignity and grace and we miss them so.

I am researching the name of Brandstoettner/Brandstöttner in New York. Julius Brandstoettner came to New York from Austria about 1896. He married Senta Wörth sometime around 1900. The alied families are Marmaud, Marmeau, Babin, Landry, LeBlanc, Theriot, Varley, Doody, Foote, Koen, McKoen and Gallager

I am also searching for any information on the surname Tovrea and it's variations: Tovery, Tobery & Toberry. Other names are Stansbury, Hancock, Cadwallader, Maple, Graves, Kost, Bishop, Leatherman, Johnson, Alyea, Westervelt, Van Voorheis, Gorsuch, Swits, Demarest, Rosenvelt, Wyatt and Lovelace.

I have not included any of the living on my family reports so that we may respect their privacy. Most of the information has been researched and documented by Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner, but if you find any errors, please let me know (I have been known to make typos and mistakes).

Gladys Tovrea- Brandstoettner

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Family Photos

  • Obituary for Ruth Anna Cadwalader Tovrea (209 KB)
    Ruth Anna passed away 11 April 1937, and is buried in the Compton Cemetery, Hoquiam, WA.
  • Emily (male) Bishop Head stone (79 KB)
    Emily Bishop born 1811, died 14 May 1878. He was buried in the New Bluffton Cemetery, Llano Co., TX. He was 2nd great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Jane (maiden name unknown) Bishop, wife of Emily (148 KB)
    Jane Bishop born 1814, died 12 Aug 1899. She is buried in Foster Cemetery, Foster, Garvin Co., OK. 2nd great grandmother to Gladys
  • Andy & Sarah Hannah Green daughters (83 KB)
    back row, L-R: Ludy, Amy, Fleming, seated L-R: Edna, Myrtle. Standing, L-R: Bess, Millie. Taken about 1906 in Elmore City, OK. Ludy the eldest daughter was the maternal great grandmother to Gladys Tovrea Brandstoettner
  • Biography of Edward Brandstöttnner (87 KB)
    A book of biographies published 2000 of singers in Vienna, Austria. Edward Brandstöttner was listed in as perfomring in various operas from the years 1865-1879. He was a 2nd great grandfather to Walter
  • Danielle Roselyn (62 KB)
    "Dani Bear" our Grand daughter age 2 1/2 years of age.
  • Lola Mae Bishop age 18 (42 KB)
    photo of Mom taken in just shortley before her marriage to Dad. Glad's Mother
  • William Mcghee DAR Plaque (71 KB)
    William McGhee born between 1761 in Louisa County, VA. Died in McLean Co., IL. Buried Diamond Grove Cemetery, Downs Township, McLean Co., IL. Father to Mary McGhee, born 1797, NC. Mary was the wife of Thomas Tovrea born 1791 in PA. 4th great grandfather to Gladys.
  • My Mom, Lola Tovrea, 82 (38 KB)
    Mom age 82, photo taken for her Church Album. My Mother again!
  • Tovrea family home (10 KB)
    The house that Lee built. It is now being used as a comminuty center. The house was started in 1942 and just kept growing. There is no place like home!
  • 1828 School petition-Arichat, Nova Scotia (51 KB)
    signatures from a petition signed 1828 in Arichat. Shows the signature of Joseph Marmeau and his father Joseph Mermond/Marmeau. Various other relatives also signed the petition. There were the 3rd and 4th great grandfathers to Walter.
  • Arichat Harbor, Arichat, Nova Scotia, Canada (24 KB)
    Our Marmaud's lived here from about 1820 until about 1880 when they immigrated to the Boston, MA area.
  • William Hodges Wyatt (35 KB)
    Born to James Wyatt & Nancy Hodges, he was husband to Anna Ray, and father to Fleming Wyatt. William lost his leg during his service in the Civil War. He later served as a Justice of the Peace in Cooke County, TX for several years before passing away in 1888. He was maternal 4th great grandfather to Gladys.
  • WWI Draft Regirstration Afidavit (73 KB)
    Carl Tovrea, born 16 March 1896 at Durango, CO, USA, was married, self employed farmer in Oxford CO. He was of medium build & medium height with gray eyes and l brown hair. Carl was grandfather to Gladys Tovrea Brandstoettner
  • WWI Draft Registration Afidavit (73 KB)
    Thomas "Arch" Tovrea - brother to Carl Tovrea, born 20 Dec 1891 at Durango, CO, USA, was married, self employed farmer in Oxford CO. He was of medium build & medium height with gray eyes and light brown hair. no scars.
  • Edward Brandstöttner about 1840 to about 1905 (100 KB)
    Edward was a baritone singer with the Royal Opera of Vienna. We have an poster where he played the character of Drovift in the opera "Norma" on 25 April 1865 in Gratz. Edward was 2nd great grandfather to Walter Brandsteottner.
  • Amelia Kräutschneider 1839 to 27 June 1924 (93 KB)
    Amelia daughter of Mr Kräutschneider & Alöisia was the wife of Edward Brandstöttner. Amelia is buried in Vienna next to her mother Alöisia. She and Edward were the parents of Julius Brandstöttner/Brandstoettner. She was 2nd great grandmother to Walter Brandstoettner
  • Julius Brandstöttner about 1868 to 1940 (122 KB)
    This photo shows Julius (on the left) and his cousin Sigman Bachmann while they were on a bicycle tour of England. They were both professional bicyclist. Julius entered the US about 1900, and while on tour there, broke a leg, and never returned to his native Vienna, Austria. He married Centa Worth about 1901 and they were the parents of three children: Edward Carl, Walter Herman & Agusta Eleanor. Great grandfather to Walt.
  • Waggoner's Gap, PA (16 KB)
    The Kittatinny or Blue Mountain which separated Cumberland and Perry County had a large Sign--Waggoner's Gap--placed on the top of the mountain. This was in honor of Jacob Waggoner born 1732 and who lived in Cumberland County. 6th great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Mr & Mrs Walter Joseph Brandstoettner, Sr. (282 KB)
    Walter Brandstoettner, Sr married Marilyn Marmaud were married in a Roman Catholic Church in NY. They were the parents of Walter Joseph
  • James Brinson, Jr. (38 KB)
    Page 8 of the book "Eastern North Carolina, North New Bern, Presbyterian Church." by by Rev L.C. Vas Published Richmond, VA, Writtet & Shepperson Ps, A.M., Printers, 100 Main St., 1886. Page 8 contains an article regarding James Brinson, Jr, 6th great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Hiram Bishop Draft Card for WWI (75 KB)
    Hiram Bishop was my Mother's father. He died when my Mother was only two years old and cause of death was listed as "cracked liver."
  • Vernon & Leland Tovrea and their wives 1940 (80 KB)
    This is the only known photo of Vernon Merrill Tovrea. He was killed in a mining accident on 25 Dec. 1941, age 22. An infant daughter, Crystal preceded him and death, and daughter Jeannie was born 3 months after his death. From left to right: Leland Tovrea, Lola Mae Bishop Tovrea, Dorothy Graybeal Tovrea and Vernon Tovrea. The back of the photo states that it was processed in April 1940.
  • 1871 Plat Map of Vermont, Fulton Co., IL (118 KB)
    shows locations of residences of: Isaac Cadwalader, Isaac B Cadwalader, Abraham Kost, Jonathan Bogue, Job Bogue, S.Bogue, and others. These are the family of Gladys Tovra Brandstoettner
  • Elizabeth Wolf Kost 1799-1876 (23 KB)
    Elizabeth Wolf was born 1799 in PA, and died 1876 in OH. She married John N Kost 1816 in PA. He died 1834 in OH. Elizabeth never remarried and raised 10 children by her self. She is the 4th great grandmother to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner. I love this picture!
  • Love School 1933 (60 KB)
    Love School in Oklahoma, 1933. Lola Mae Bishop is in the back row, 4th from the right, and her sister Thelma is in the next row down, and 7th from the right. My lovely Mom.
  • Andy Olson family (34 KB)
    Andy Olson family take about 1906 in Ignacio, La Plata Co., CO. back row Martin, Arthur, Albertine. Front my Great Grandad Andy, my Grandma Mae Jean,and my great grandma Ida.
  • Melissa Tovrea Rogers (30 KB)
    It is believed that this photo/painting was done just about the time Melissa and Needham Rogers were married. Received this from her great grandson-Rick Rogers.
  • Mae & Effie (30 KB)
    This is a photo of both my Grandmothers. Mae Olson Tovrea-Fielding, my paternal grandmother on the right at 87 yrs of age, and left Lola Effie Johnson Bishop Lemons, my maternal grandmother age 86 yrs of age. Taken 1985. They both lived into their mid 90's. Aren't they adorable?
  • Dick, Lana & Steph (14 KB)
    This was taken in front of Lee & Lola's house. Lana and Richard Tovrea holding baby Stephanie.
  • Donald Rhode Price 1933-1956 (30 KB)
    Uncle Donnie had just graduated from college and had just begun serving in the US Navy when he was killed in a car wreck on 4 March 1956. He was engaged to be married at the time. I barely remember Uncle Donnie because at the time of his death I was very young and had seen him only a couple of times. I do remember the Christmas before he was killed though, he grabbed me and threw me up in the air like I was a feather. My next memory was of his funeral and the guns going off. Uncle Donnie never had children, so I put his photo here so he will not be forgotten. Good night Uncle Donnie.
  • Ida Maria Spjut Immigration Record (49 KB)
    1881, 31/10 (October 31, 1881) Ida Maria Spjut, and her brother Anders Victor Spjut immigration record to America.
  • History Of Henry County, Iowa c 1879 (75 KB)
    William F Tovrea is listed as well as neighbor and friend Manly Van Orsdol.
  • John Thomas Foote 1888-1960 (33 KB)
    John Thomas Foote husband of Mary Bridget Doody and father of Margaret Emma. John Thomas Foote was the great grandfather of Walter Brandstoettner.
  • Mary Bridget Doody 1884-1971 (39 KB)
    Mary Bridget and her two daughters Margaret Emma and Gertrude. Great grandmother to Walt.
  • Bernard Doody (33 KB)
    Bernard Doody father of Mary Bridget Doody Foote
  • Mr & Mrs Hiram Bishop (16 KB)
    Hiram S Bishop and new wife Lola Effie Johnson Bishop. Taken Garvin Co., OK in 1917. Hiram and Effie are the maternal grandparents of Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leland Carl Tovrea (31 KB)
    Leland and Lola Mae Tovrea's wedding photograph taken in 1938. Lee and Lola are the parents of Gladys
  • Mancel Johnson family (29 KB)
    Wife Ludy Green Johnson, Mancel Johnson and children Emmett age 2 and my Grandma Lola Effie Johnson age 4. taken in Comanche Co., TX about 1903, These are the great grandparents and grandmother to Gladys.
  • Sarah Hannah Wyatt 1860-1931 (73 KB)
    Engagement portrait 1876, just priot to her marriage to Andy Ervin Green. Sarah was 16 years of age. Second great grandmother to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner.
  • W.W. Johnson & Family (15 KB)
    Painting done from old photo of Walter and Nancy Reaves Johnson and their son George, Joe, and grandson Jim Johnson. photo taken about 1900. 2nd great grandparents to Gladys.
  • Andy Ervin Green 1856-1932 (68 KB)
    Engagement sketch of Andy Ervin Green, made just prior to his marriage to Sarah Hannah Wyatt in 1876. Andy was 20 years of age. Second great grandfather to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner.
  • Will of Joseph Cadwallader (102 KB)
    photo of the will of Joseph Cadwallader written the twelfth day of the twelfth month 1806. Joseph's will is located in Fayette county, PA., will book index (1783-1900). Vol. 1, page 118, probated 1807. 6th great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Leland Tovrea age 2 (33 KB)
    Leland Tovrea about 2 years of age, and his cousin Lyle Olson age 5. taken by his uncle Martin Olson at the home of Andy & Ida Olson in Ignacio, La Plata Co., CO. about 1918.
  • Fleming H Wyatt 1829-1864 (49 KB)
    Fleming H Wyatt, father of Sarah Hannah Wyatt, born 1829 in AL., and was killed action during the Civil War at the Battle of Franklin Tessessee on 30 Nov 1864. 3rd great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Kost Family Tree (49 KB)
    Kost family tree
  • Gladys, Larry and Richard Tovrea (52 KB)
    taken near Nucla, Colorado. Herself and her brothers!
  • Catherine Elizabeth Rich 1833-1901 (26 KB)
    Daugher of Hardy Rich and Hannah Atkinson, spouse of Fleming H Wyatt, and mother to Sarah Hannah Wyatt Green. This was taken about 1900. Catherine died in 1901 at the age of 68, and is buried in Sipe Springs, Comanche Co., TX. 3rd great grandmother to Gladys.
  • Rebecca & William McGhee (38 KB)
    photo of the gravestone for William McGhee & Rebecca Satterfield McGhee. It is located on the Downs family plot in Diamond Grove Cemetery, McLean Co., IL
  • John N Kost Biography (131 KB)
    HISTORY OF KNOX COUNTY, OHIO. ITS PAST AND PRESENT, COMPILED BY N. N. HILL, JR. MT. VERNON, OHIO: 1881. A. A. GRAHAM &, CO., PUBLISHERS. He was 4th great grandfather to Gladys - paternal side.
  • Edward Carl Brandstoettner (25 KB)
    This was taken while Edward and Kathleen were on their honeymoon at Mount Vernon, VA. The home of George Washington.
  • John Foote WWI Draft Card (76 KB)
    John Thomas Foote draft card. It states he was of short stature, blue eyes and a fishterman. John was married at the time with one child. He could not write his name. He was great grandfather to Walter.
  • Edward Jr. & Walt Sr. Brandstoettner (18 KB)
    Edward Jr. on the right and Walter Sr. on the left about 1939
  • Amelia Brandstöttner headstone (12 KB)
    Photo of Amelia Brandstöttner and her mother Aloisia Krautschneider headstone, Fischamund, Austria. unknown date photo was taken but probably in the 1920's. Amelia was 2nd great grandmother to Walter and Alösia was 3rd great.
  • Kathleen Varley Brandstoettner (28 KB)
    This was taken while Kathleen and Edward were on their honeymoon at Mount Vernon, VA.
  • My Mom Lola Mae age 85 (80 KB)
    Dick, Lana, Walt and I took Mom up to see my son Don and family for her 85th birthday celebration. She was still a beauty, especially for being 85 years of age.
  • The Brandstoettner Family (21 KB)
    This was taken Thanksgiving Day when Walter Jr. was 3 months old. Edward, Walter Sr. Marilyn, Kathleen and Walter Jr.
  • Sarah Reaves Death Record, Milam Co., TX (104 KB)
    That Sarah Kendrick Reaves died in 1888 while on a visit to MO is erroneous. She actually died in Milam County, TX in Jan 1880 where she had been living with her son Joseph Allen and his family. The 1880 Mortality schedule for Milam County, TX states that Sarah Reaves died January 1880. She was a white female, age 78, born in TN and widowed. She had lived in Milam County for 9 years. The cause of death was also listed. Sarah was 3rd great grandmother to Gladys - maternal.
  • Emily Bishop 1840 census for Mountain,Crawford, AR (429 KB)
    Emily B Bishop and family is listed on this census for Mountain, Crawford County, AR. His name is spelled Emley on this census. He was maternal 2nd great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Death Register for Elder John Parker and wife Sara (339 KB)
    A photo of a page in Daniel Parker's Bible that records the dates of death for his father and mother Elder John and Sarah Parker. Ross Cochran from the Parker Family Reunion Website is most gracious in allowing me to post this photo here. Thank you! Elder John was 5th great grandfather to Gladys - maternal side.
  • Mary McGehee Tovrea quit claim to son John Tovrea (1545 KB)
    This was the original Tovrea homestead in Mahaska Co, IA that was settled by John's parents. His children inherited it after his death in 1914 and sold it off by parcels. This is a quit claim from Thomas' widow Mary McGehee Tovrea to her son John. Mary was 3rd great grandmother to Gladys.
  • Our son Donald and wife Kimberly (27 KB)
    Donald and Kimberly on their wedding day.
  • Devyn (61 KB)
    Our grandson Devyn at the age of 6 years.
  • William F Tovrea 1826 to 1880 (34 KB)
    William F Tovrea born 18 July 1826 in McLean Co., IL., died 15 February 1880 in Mt Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa. Husband of Amanda Melissa Hancock and 2nd great grandfather to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner.
  • Amanda Melissa Hancock Tovrea 1830-1897 (32 KB)
    Amanda Melissa Hancock born 24 Sept. 1830 in Franklin Co., IN., died 30 December 1897 in Mt Pleasant, Henry Co., IA. Amanda married William F Tovrea on 24 August 1848 in McLean Co., IL. She is 2nd great grandmother of Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner
  • Brandstoettner children (46 KB)
    This photo was taken at the wedding dinner rehearsal of Kathleen Brandstoettner. front row: Tom, Niles, Walter. back Paul and Kathleen.
  • Margaret Emma Foote (14 KB)
    Daughter of John Thomas Foote and Mary Bridget Dudy. born 20 August 1915. Isn't she a cutie? She was maternal grandmother to Walter.
  • Charles Thomas Tovrea 1857-1926 (17 KB)
    Charles Thomas Tovrea son of William F Tovrea and Amanda Hancock Tovrea was born 3 March 1857 in Mt Pleasant, Henry Co., IA and died 31 January 1926 in Enterprise, Wallowa Co., OR. He married Ruth Anna Cadwallader and was great grandfather to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner.
  • Centa & Walter Herman Brandstoettner (50 KB)
    Centa and her son Walter Herman Brandstoettner taken about 1920. Centa was paternal great grandmother to Walter.
  • Ruth Anna Cadwallader Tovrea 1869-1937 (15 KB)
    Ruth Anna Cadwallader born 20 Sept. 1869 in Fulton Co., IL died 11 April 1937 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor Co., WA. She married Charles Thomas Tovrea 1 January 1888 in Atwood, Rawlins Co., KS and was great grandmother to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner.
  • Hardy & Hannah Rich headstone (44 KB)
    Headstone for Hardy & Hannah Rich. Hill County Cemetery, Derden, Hill Co., TX. These are the maternal 4th great grandparents to Gladys.
  • Rev Thomas Tovrea Probate (5582 KB)
    Typed note from County Clerk of Mahaska Co. Gives information on probate, but records apparently destroyed as the books were never found. He died between 01 Jun 1870 and 19 Aug 1871. Thomas was a 3rd great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Carl Charles Tovrea 1896-1971 (26 KB)
    Carl Charles son of Charles Thomas Tovrea and Ruth Anna Cadwallader Tovrea was born 16 March 1896 in Durango, La Plata Co., CO., and died 24 July 1971 in Lincoln City, Lincoln Co., OR. He married Mae Jean Olson and was grandfather to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner.
  • Adeline Johnson widow application for CW pension (97 KB)
    Adelines application for a widow's pension for her husbands Civil War service. Adeline was a maternal 3rd great grandmother to Gladys.
  • Obituary for Lola Mae Bishop Tovrea (255 KB)
    Lola Mae Bishop Tovrea 1 Oct 1920 - 19 Aug 2011
  • Mae Jean Olson Tovrea 1898-1992 (on right) (22 KB)
    Mae Jean Olson daughter of Andy Olson and Ida Spjut Olson was born 11 Oct 1898 in Magnet, Cedar Co., NB., and died 27 Jan 1992 in Palisade, Mesa Co., CO. She married Carl Charles Tovrea on 28 July 1915 in Durango, La Plata Co., CO., and was grandmother to Gladys Tovrea-Brandstoettner. This is a photo of Mae Jean and her friend Nellie Fager taken about 1915. Mae Jean is on the right. She was the paternal grandmother to Gladys Tovrea Brandstoettner
  • Adeline Johnson Death and Burial Records (79 KB)
    Document includes her mortuary warrent, death certificate and undertakers certificate.
  • W.J. Johnson Verification of Civil War Service (94 KB)
    Letter to State of Texas verifying William Jasper Johnson's Civil War Service with dates and unit. William was a maternal 3rd great grandfather to Gladys.
  • Mr. & Mrs W.J. Johnson (10 KB)
    William Jasper Johnson and his wife Adeline Amanda Leatherman Johnson. They were married on 7 November 1848 in Claiborne Parish, LA. He died at age of 74 and she at age of 95. The were maternal 2nd great grandparents to Gladys.
  • Herr Edward Brandstöttner (86 KB)
    This is a poster advertising one of the operas that Edward Brandstöttner sang in. He sang for the Vienna Royal Opera from 1865-1879,. He sang baritone. Edward was a paternal 2nd great grandfather to Walter.
  • Book Cover of GroBes Sängerlexikon (33 KB)
    A book of biographies published 2000 of singers in Vienna, Austria. Edward Brandstöttner was listed in as perfomring in various operas from the years 1865-1879.

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  • Will of Jesse Kendrick (2 KB)
    The last will of Jesse Kendrick died 7 Aug 1843 in Miller County, MO.
  • Will of William F Tovrea (7 KB)
    Last will of William F Tovrea died 15 Feb 1880 in Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa
  • Will of Jan Aliee, 1718 (11 KB)
    Jan Aliee was the 7th great grandfather of Leland Carl Tovrea
  • Will of Joshua Tobery 1807 Frederick Co., MD (6 KB)
    Transcription of Will of Joshua Tobery written 22 July 1807 died 21 Sep 1807. Maryland State Archives Frederick County Register of Wills 1804-1809 Book Name: GM & RB 1 Film Reels: CR 49161-1 MSA Citation:MSA CM512-5 Joshua Toberry, page 303-305

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