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Descendants of William Atterberry

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 ATTERBERRY died Unknown. He married SARAH. She died Unknown.

Notes for W
There are many spellings for the name Atterberry. My family uses Attebury, others use Atterbury; Atteberry; Atterberry; Arterbury; Arterberry; Atteberry; Atteborough, etc.
In this genealogy, I have used Atterberry. As I've said many times, a record keeper or census taker's only claim to fame was that they could read and write, nobody ever said they could spell.

This genealogy is taken from many researchers and I hope that I have tried to give them credit under their names. Much of this family history was done by Lillian B. Harmon (see her under Gertrude Lillian Baker). The researchers of this family owe her many thanks, and I know she would love to see her work on the Internet. I cannot say that there are no mistakes, but publish hers and others research in hopes that it will help others.

William Atterberry, a laborer from te Parish of St. James, Liberty, Westminster, Middlesex, England was tried on 31 January 1732. "He was committed by Ol. Lambert Esquire, on oath of Frederick Humble for stealing out of the shop of George Cole som stuff, five yards of Linsey Woolsey, worth 3 shillings" (spelled as written)
William was deported to America from Newgate Prison via the ship "Patapscoe Merchant" which was boarded on 17 April 1733 by 77 persons. The captain was Darby Lux, and the destination was not given. (At that time Maryland was the most popular port and that is probably where they landed)
William was a prisoner at Newgate Prison in the reign of George II. At that time many people living in England were very poor and many of them committed small crimes so they could be sent to America where they could start a new life and make a living.
In 1746, William was residing in Maryland with his family on the land he owned. The plantation was called "Prince Spring Plantation", it consisted of 50 acres and was located "on the north side of the White Marsh, being a draught of the Eastern Branch of Potomack River"
William sold his land on 16 August 1754 to John Riddle Jr. for sum of three thousand pounds of tobacco. (The tobacco in those days were used in the same way we use currency today.)
At the same time he sold his land, his wife Sarah "gave up her right of dower of the land"
William and Sarah left Prince George County, Maryland and moved just across the Potomack River to Loudoun County, Virginia, where in 1760 and 1761 they are listed living next door to their son, Michael Attebury.

The Tithables List, Loudoun County, Virginia, 1769 does not list William, which indicates that he had probably passed away. It does include Sarah and their son Edward.
Sarah Atterberry died ca 1770, Loudoun County, VA.

Now comes family tradition to confuse things and make you wonder if Sarah ws William's second wife.
This story has been passed down through several branches of the Atterberry family, namely: J. H. Attebury; Paris Loucks; Mrs. Roberta Jones Skinner; Sarah M. Wallace; R. LaMon; Lillian B. Harmon; Joseph W. Attebury, Jr.; and Mary Ash.

"The father of the brothers was a wealthy land owner, and very loyal to the crown. Then the dissatisfactions began to materialize. I suppose that this situation increased until there was a break in his health. Anyway, he sent the boys out one morning to round up the horses. Upon the return of one of them, the father met him at the door and said: "Me and the devil have killed your mother". Upon investigating the boys found their mother's body rolled under the bed. Upon this the father tried to escape, but the boys caught him and held him for the authorities. He was tried, found to be insane, and released."
"I have often wondered if this, if true, did not cause the brothers to migrate to South Carolina and forget the unhappy incedent. It could be a cause for their restlessness and seperation to a degree"....signed by Joseph W. Attebury, Jr.

The Tithables List of 1770 gives William, Edward and Thomas. All said to be sons of William and Sarah. (No proof found)

The 1790 Census of South Carolina lists nine different Attebury families with variou spellings:
Nathaniel Aturburry, Charles Aturburry, Edward Aturburry, John Atterburry, Michael Arterberry, James Aturburry, Thomas Aturbury, William Aturburry, and Richard Aturbury.

Because of the proximity and the migrations of these families, it has been assumed that the above list of Atterberrys were all brothers and sons of William Atterberry Sr.

Mary Ash, who died 1905 at the age of 100 years, stated there were only seven sons of William:
Michael; John; Thomas; Charles; James; William; and Edward, whom she called Neddie.
Paris Loucks, after concluding his research, added Richard and Nathan.

Many years of research has been done on the Atterberry family by many different members of the family. In my possession are the many letters written by Lillian Harmon, Paris Loucks, Sarah M. Wallace and others. I have poured over them time and time again trying to unravel the mystery of our ancestors, and have included in this genealogy my own research, but they are still a mystery to me.....Lois Earline (Thomas) Branch, Jan 2, 2000, Portland, Oregon

More About W
Census: 1800, Chester CO. SC
Children of W
2. i.   MICHAEL2 ATTERBERRY, b. Abt. 1744, MD; d. Bet. 1820 - 1830, Grayson CO. KY.
3. ii.   WILLIAM ATTERBERRY, b. Abt. 1746, MD; d. Abt. 1794, Chester CO. SC.
4. iii.   CHARLES ATTERBERRY, b. Abt. 1747, MD; d. 1823, Grayson CO. KY.
5. iv.   RICHARD ATTERBERRY, b. Abt. 1748, MD.; d. Abt. 1808, Hardin Co. KY.
6. v.   NATHAN ATTERBERRY, b. Abt. 1750, MD; d. Abt. 1796, Chester CO. SC.
7. vi.   JOHN ATTERBERRY, b. Bet. 1751 - 1755, MD; d. Abt. 1810, Chester CO. SC.
8. vii.   EDWARD ATTERBERRY, b. Abt. 1753, MD; d. 1824, Daviess CO. KY.
9. viii.   THOMAS ATTERBERRY, b. Abt. 1755; d. 1840, Howard CO. MO.
10. ix.   JAMES ATTERBERRY, b. Bet. 1758 - 1764; d. 1843, Monroe CO. MO.

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