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Descendants of Terry (Thomas) Bradley 12/12/02

      248. Nattie5 Bradley, Lowery-Nichols (James -44, Samuel Boone -33, Leonard Keeling -22, Terry (Thomas) -11) was born Abt. 1862, and died Jan 1930. She married (1) Henry Lowery. He was born Abt. 1854. She married (2) George H Nichols Abt. 1878. He was born Abt. 1855.

Notes for Nattie Bradley, Lowery-Nichols:
Her marriage to Henry Lowery not documented.
Children of Nattie Bradley and George Nichols are:
  355 i.   Lasley6 Nichols, born Abt. 1879.
  356 ii.   Clem Nichols, born Abt. 1881.
  357 iii.   Wayne Nichols, born Abt. 1883.
  358 iv.   Avis Nichols, Harts, born 11 Jan 1885. She married Charles Harts; born Abt. 1880.
  359 v.   Edith Nichols, Reitz, born 09 Sep 1887. She married Perl Alfred Reitz 16 May 1936; born Abt. 1882.
  360 vi.   Ina Nichols, Jones, born 19 Dec 1889; died 31 Mar 1968. She married Lewis H Jones 19 Nov 1915; born Abt. 1844.
  361 vii.   Ray C Nichols, born Abt. 1894; died 24 Jan 1960. He married Elizabeth Davis, Nichols; born Abt. 1899.
  362 viii.   George Wesley Nichols, born 12 Jul 1898; died Abt. 1964. He married Ardis Robinson, Nichols; born Abt. 1903.
  363 ix.   Virginia 'Vergie' Nichols, Bleger, born 14 Apr 1900; died Abt. 1978. She married Mr Bleger; born Abt. 1895.

      250. Margaret A5 Bradley, Ward (James -44, Samuel Boone -33, Leonard Keeling -22, Terry (Thomas) -11) was born 22 Sep 1866, and died 22 Jun 1892. She married Clarence Ellsworth Ward 08 Oct 1884. He was born 25 Aug 1862 in Olena, Huron Co, OH, and died Aft. 1925 in of Alden, KS.

Notes for Clarence Ellsworth Ward:
Son of Henry Martin Ward and Louise Burras.

Living in Alden, KS in 1925.
Child of Margaret Bradley and Clarence Ward is:
  364 i.   Frederick6 Ward, born 08 May 1888; died 25 Jan 1895 in Died young.

      252. May Ow5 Bradley, Ross (James -44, Samuel Boone -33, Leonard Keeling -22, Terry (Thomas) -11) was born Abt. 1870, and died in of Sterling, Rice Co, KS. She married Frank Ross Abt. 1891. He was born Abt. 1859.

Notes for May Ow Bradley, Ross:
Her mother, Catherine, died in her home in 1915.
Children of May Bradley and Frank Ross are:
  365 i.   Katherine6 Ross, Shaw, born 04 Nov 1892; died 10 Mar 1960. She married Robert Shaw; born Abt. 1887.
  366 ii.   Thelma Ross, [Twin], born 03 Dec 1895; died 20 Jan 1896 in Died infant.
  367 iii.   Zelma Ann Ross, [Twin], born 03 Dec 1895; died Abt. Aug 1970 in Wichita, KS.
  Notes for Zelma Ann Ross, [Twin]:
Never married.

  368 iv.   Floyd W Ross, born 13 Nov 1899; died 12 Apr 1966 in Wellington, KS. He married Olive Hutcheson, Ross; born 07 Dec 1897; died 12 Apr 1966.
  369 v.   Thomas W Ross, born 09 Nov 1906. He married Alberta Mae McClure, Ross 10 Jun 1931; born Abt. 1911.

      253. Bertha L5 Bradley, Engel (James -44, Samuel Boone -33, Leonard Keeling -22, Terry (Thomas) -11) was born Abt. 1874, and died Aft. 1932 in Liberal, KS. She married William Engel. He was born Abt. 1857.

Notes for Bertha L Bradley, Engel:
Bertha was living in Liberal, KS in 1932 when she received the following letter from Bess M Bradley, a noted Bradley / Boone researcher:

" Elk City, Oklahoma
July 5, 1932

Mrs. Bertha Engel,
Liberal, Kansas

Dear Mrs. Engel:

Perhaps you have hear that for some time I have been collecting the history of the Bradley family, the family to which both you and I belong. I have had some correspondence with your niece, Edith Nichols, but so far have failed to get a full record of your father's. James Bradley, family. Edith gave me much information which has been and aid in my research, but I haven't hear from her for some time.

I traced the family back to Leonard Keeling Bradley who was born in North Caroline in 1758. It is supposed that his father came from Ireland about 1750, married and settled in N.C.. While I have no definite proof of his name, I expect to find that he was Terry Bradley and that he married a Miss Keeling, daughter to Leonard Keeling., thus bringing that name into the family. They are thought to have had only three children: Leonard Keeling, Edward P, and a daughter who married a Mr. Watson and went into Georgia.

Both L.K. and Edward went into Kentucky and in 1785 L.K. Married Mary Boone, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Day) Boone, and an own niece of the famous Daniel Boone. L.K. and Mary had twelve children: Terry, Elizabeth, Samuel Boone, Thomas and Calvin. Terry married Nancy Grimes, his second cousin, and had twelve children; she died and he married Ann (Crow) Owings and had five other children; although I have failed to locate any of the Elizabeth's descendants so far, from bits of information from different ones, I have constructed her story in this way: She was born in 1787, married William Moore, and in 1610 her only daughter. Elizabeth Bradley Moore, was born. The mother died in 1819, and her little daughter seems to have lived then with her Grandfather Bradleys as she was with them in Missouri in 1826. She later married Matthew David Oliver and had six children: Milton B., Mary Boone, Lura E., Sarah Ann, William L.S., and Joseph. It seems these were all living in 1866, hut I have been unable to learn where they lived, or to find any of them now. If you know anything of them, I'd be happy to know of it.

I suppose that you know your grandfather, Samuel Boone, married Elizabeth Nichols, daughter of George Nichols. They were married near Winchester, Clarke County, Kentucky, in October 1813, shortly after he had served in the war of 1812. I'm sure that you know more of their children than I could say, so I'll pass that. Do you know how long they lived in Bath County, Kentucky, and in Greensburg, Indiana, or when they went to Missouri, settling in Schuyler, Co..

Thomas Bradley the next child, was my great-great- grandfather, He went to Missouri and settled in Randolph County, about 1825 when most of the rest of the family went there. He lived there until about 1850 when he went to Schuyler Co., and was in the merchandise business in Lancaster when he died in 1853. He married Elisabeth Cockrill in Fayette County Kentucky in 1815, and they had ten children: Joseph Terry, Mary Jane Conner, Susan Davis, Mandana Rice, Leonard Keeling, Nancy Giles, Edward Milton, Clinton, Lura (Hall) Smith, and Elizabeth (Johnson-Powell). Doubtless you remember hearing of some of these people, since they lived where your grandparents did. I have located most of the descendents of Thomas, except those of Susan and Jack Davis, the Edward Milton family, and the only son of Lura Smith, Ben H. Smith. I have been told that the Jack Davis family went into Kansas about was times, but I have been unable to find any of them. Do you know anything of them, or in what part of Kansas they were?

My great grandfather was the son, Joseph Terry. He took his family to Sullivan County, Missouri about 1846, and there my grandfather, Thomas, grew up and raised his family, and there I was born. My Dad is again Joseph Terry Bradley and is living now in Still water, Oklahoma.

Keeling, Edward R and Milton, sons of L.K. Lived to be old bachelors, and died unmarried: Newton died in infancy, Levi Day married twice, had two children but has no descendents now living.

Squire Boone married (some say a Miss Sharp), others say Lueetta Eastus: but those of the family I have heard from do not know. Some has told me that he had eight children: George, Leonard Keeling, Milton, Calvin, Levi Day, Thomas, Elizabeth, and Mary, but I have only been able to locate decendents of L.K. and Levi D. They seem to know little of the others. If you know anything of this family, hope you will tell me.

Lura married Wi11iam Dry, and I'm told had six hhildren, but I've been unable to find any of the descendents. Calvin married twice, first wife unknown, the other Jerusha Nichols, and I have an almost complete record of his family.

But this seems to be enough of this subject, so I hope that I may soon be hearing from you. I am enclosing a questionnaire such as I have been sending out to all these Bradleys, asking that you fill it out for your own family, and if you have the necessary records that you fill it out for your father's family, James and Catherine Ow Bradley. I surely hope that you can do that. Can you tell me the name and address of some of your brother Samuel's children that I could write to for some of his family.

Thanking you for any interest that you may have in this subject for any information you can furnish me, I am.
Your very sincerely,

Miss Bess M. Bradley
515 West Third
Elk City, Oklahoma"

Note: Bess died 2 Dec, 1948.
Child of Bertha Bradley and William Engel is:
  370 i.   Lela6 Engel, Wright, born 24 Nov 1896. She married William Wright; born Abt. 1892.

      254. Erastus Lathrop5 Bradley (Samuel Boone4, Samuel Boone -33, Leonard Keeling -22, Terry (Thomas) -11) was born 27 May 1858 in Schuyler Co, MO, and died 27 Mar 1945 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX. He married Mary Frances Raney, Bradley 23 Jan 1879 in Erath Co, TX. She was born 11 May 1860 in Randolph Co, MO, and died 25 Mar 1947 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX.

Notes for Erastus Lathrop Bradley:
Erastus and Mary Bradley are listed in the 1937 Dublin, Texas phone book as being retired and living on Harbor Street in Dublin. Erastus was a master carpenter.

Death records at Erath County Courthouse in Stephenville, TX, Vol. 5 1943-1948 page 243. Informant was Erastus' daughter, Lucile Lancaster. Shows that he was buried at New Dublin (now Live Oak) Cemetery in Dublin, TX on May 26, 1945. However, his grave has not been located there nor is he listed on the index to the cemetery at the Dublin Library or at the Harrell Funeral Home in Dublin. Therefore, his burial site is a mystery at this time.

There may be more children. (There is a 6+ year gap in between 1881 and 1888 when Erastus and Mary show no children.)

Notes for Mary Frances Raney, Bradley:
Mary, daughter of Stephen Raney and Amelia Ellen Hire, was a teacher in Dublin, TX. In the birth records for Mary's daughter, Rachel, Erath Co. Court House, Book 11, pg. 506, Mary is shown to have been born in Randolph Co, MO. Mary was living with her daughter, Maggie, when she died of a heart attack. [Courtesy of Kim Ewers <>.]

More About Mary Frances Raney, Bradley:
Burial: New Dublin Cem., Dublin, TX

Marriage Notes for Erastus Bradley and Mary Raney:
Erath county Marriage Records 1869-1891; performed by U. J. Morton, L. D.
Children of Erastus Bradley and Mary Raney are:
  371 i.   Ida Bell6 Bradley, Alexander, born 24 Dec 1881 in Idabel, McCurtain Co, OK; died 28 Sep 1926 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX. She married Alfred Agustus Alexander 05 Nov 1896 in Erath Co, TX; born 20 Sep 1880; died 02 Dec 1956 in Texas.
  Notes for Ida Bell Bradley, Alexander:
Idabel was (according to a granddaughter) born during one of the Bradley's trips from Missouri to Texas in Idabel, OK.

  More About Ida Bell Bradley, Alexander:
Burial: New Dublin Cem, Dublin, TX

  More About Alfred Agustus Alexander:
Burial: New Dublin Cem, Dublin, TX

  372 ii.   Samuel Boone Bradley, born 09 Aug 1884 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX; died 19 May 1886 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX.
  Notes for Samuel Boone Bradley:
Died young... Perhaps the one who reportedly died from eating lye soap.

  373 iii.   Raney Boone Bradley, born 18 Jan 1888; died 04 Sep 1911 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX. He married Della Gertrude Johnson, Bradley Abt. 1910; born Abt. 1891.
  Notes for Della Gertrude Johnson, Bradley:
Daughter of John Johnson and Mary Van Hook.

  374 iv.   Rachel Layer Bradley, Ivey, born 04 May 1889 in Erath Co, TX. She married Stedman A Ivey 29 Mar 1905 in Erath Co, TX; born Abt. 1884.
  Marriage Notes for Rachel Bradley and Stedman Ivey:
Marriage conducted by Gaines B. Hall, ordained minister.

  375 v.   James Robert Bradley, born 17 Jan 1892 in Harbin, Erath Co, TX; died 13 Mar 1952 in Del Rio, TX. He married Alma Iona Jones, Bradley 17 Jan 1912 in Stepheville, TX; born 21 Mar 1894 in Grinnet Co, Georgia; died Abt. 1983.
  376 vi.   Maggie Lee Bradley, Alexander, born 13 Jun 1895 in Erath Co, TX; died Abt. 1981 in Erath Co, TX. She married James Boyd Alexander May 1911; born Abt. 1890.
  377 vii.   Lucille Bradley, Lancaster, born 07 Oct 1899 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX; died Abt. 1967 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX. She married William Homer Lancaster; born Abt. 1896; died 16 Feb 1928 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX.
  378 viii.   Robert Lester Bradley, born 17 Jan 1903 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX; died 03 Aug 1976 in Pacoima, Los Angeles Co, CA. He married Ester Marie Timberlake, Bradley 25 Feb 1922 in Stephenville, TX; born 01 Jun 1898 in Dublin, Erath Co, TX; died 30 Jun 1982 in Fort Stockton, TX.
  Notes for Ester Marie Timberlake, Bradley:
Daughter of Tiberius Timberlake and Florence Britt.

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