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Descendants of John Norris

Generation No. 3

6. NATHAN3 NORRIS (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1770, and died Bef. 18402. He married SARAH CRAIG 1791 in Albemarle Co., VA. She was born Abt. 1775, and died Unknown.

Notes for N
Nathan Norris is listed in the 1820 Cumberland County Census.
10-16 1
16-18 1
16-26 2
45+ 1
< 10 1
45+ 1

Nathan Norris is listed in the Cumberland County, Kentucky 1830 Census.
20-30 2
60-70 1
15-20 1
60-70 1

Sarah Norris born April 18, 1812 in Henry County, VA, parents Nathan and Sarah, m 1833 Cumberland Co., KY.

More About N
1810 Tax List: 1810, Henry Co., VA 1 Male, no slaves, 3 livestock
Deed Witness1: Apr 09, 1798, Witness - John Watson to Robert Pedigo3
Deed Witness2: Dec 25, 1795, Witness - William Wells to John Watson3
Property Purchase 1: Mar 20, 1794, 50 Acres on branch of Reed Cr. from John Redd3

Notes for S
In the 1840 Census, Sarah is listed in Cumberland County, Kentucky as one female age 60-70. On the same census sheet are her three sons; Zebulon, William, and John.
Children of N
  i.   ELIZABETH4 NORRIS, b. Abt. 1795; d. Unknown; m. JAMES MURPHY, 1812, Henry Co., VA; d. Unknown.
15. ii.   WILLIAM W. NORRIS, b. 1797, VA; d. Unknown.
  iii.   ZEBULON NORRIS, b. 1802, VA; d. Unknown; m. SARAH UNKNOWN4; b. 1813; d. Unknown.
In the 1860 Census, Zebulon and Sarah Norris are living in District 1 of Cumberland County, Kentucky. He is 57, born in Virginia and she is 47, born in Kentucky. Zebulon is a farmer and has real estate value of $4000 and person property value of $6000. There are two other Norris listed that may be the children. In the census, the Norris name for the younger one is not dittoed or blank as is normal for children. It is written in. The two are Amanda Norris, age 26 and Frances Bell Norris, age 16. Both were born in Kentucky. The family is living next to Zebulon's brother John.

16. iv.   JOHN NORRIS, b. 1806, VA; d. Unknown.
  v.   SARAH NORRIS, b. Apr 18, 1812, Henry Co., VA; d. Unknown; m. SAMUEL PHARES; d. Unknown.

7. ZEBULON3 NORRIS (JAMES2, JOHN1)5 was born 1774 in VA, and died 1823 in Cumberland Co. , KY. He married ELIZABETH DILLINGHAM5 Dec 14, 1793 in Henry Co., VA6, daughter of JOSHUA DILLINGHAM and SARAH GRAHAM. She was born 1777 in VA, and died Sep 01, 1857 in Cumberland Co., KY.

Notes for Z
Henry County Deed Book 6 - pages 66, 67
On March 21, 1798 Joseph Pedigo of Henry County sold 100 acres to Zebulon Norris for 25 pounds. At the same time, Joseph Pedigo sold 100 acres to John Norris on Beaver Creek for 25 pounds.

Henry County Deed Book 6 - pages 85
On April 9, 1798 Nathan and Zebulon Norris are witnesses for a transaction from John Watson to Robert Pedigo.

In 1799 and 1800, Zebulon appears in the Henry County Tax Lists as:
Norris, Zebulon of Pedigo Qty - 100 Average - 7/ Amount - 35. Tax - .55

In 1810, the Henry County Census is missing. There is "A Supplement to the 1810 Census of Virginia" transcribed by Netti Schreiner-Yantis. This has Zebulon with 1 male (taxable), no slaves, and 4 livestock.

In the 1820 Census, Zebulon is living in Cumberland County, Kentucky.
< 10 - 1 (Samuel B.)
10-16 - 2 (Nathan, William A.)
16-26 - 2 (Joshua, John H.)
45+ - 1 (Zebulon)
< 10 - 2 (Ellender, Elizabeth)
10-16 - 1 (Anne)
16-26 - 2 (Jane, Sarah)
26-45 - 1 (Elizabeth)
Insert by Doug Breen

One of my controversial areas is the father of Zebulon Norris. Actually there are even some issues whether Zebulon is John H. Norris's father, but I will not address that here. There are several possiblities and I will try to deal with each.
1. First is that some have linked this Zebulon to a Zebulon born in New Hampshire. He is referenced in the book, "The Norris Family in America, 1640-1892" by L. A. Morrison. In the book, this Zebulon was born March 3, 1763 and died October 24, 1820 in New Hampshire. among other things, we know that Our Zebulon was probably born in Virgina and died in Kentucky. This is not a valid connection.
2. Some have Zebulon's father as William who was apparently born in England in 1747 which takes him out of the Thomas/Ann descendency
3. The best written information I have at this time is from THE NORRIS FAMILY OF MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA by Major Henry Alexander Davis. He has James (1751) as the father of Zebulon, therefore, I am currently carrying this James as the father of Zebulon. Since there were Nathan, Samuel, and Zebulon all appearing in Henry Co., about the same time and about the same age, and also John, who purchased land, mentioned in deeds, etc. at least before 1779, I believe they are all related and from the St. Mary's Co., MD Norris's.

The first document of interest is the Naomi Norris Murphy paper, "NORRIS HISTORY, HENRY CO., VA AND CUMBERLAND CO., KY". Zebulon was born in Virginia, married Elizabeth Dillingham on December 14, 1793 in Henry County. (I have verified this with a copy of the marriage bond from Henry Co.) He purchased 100 acres from Joseph Pedigo, which he sold on February 14, 1814. Zebulon then paid tax in Barren Co., KY in 1815 and bought land in 1816 in Cumberland Co., KY.
The other Norris’ mentioned were Nathan, born abt 1770 with the 1830 census placing his age between 60 and 70. A Nathan Norris married Sarah Craig in Albemarle Co., in 1791, although she does not think this is the one. Nathan also sold land in Henry Co., in 1814 and purchased land in Cumberland Co, in 1818.
The third Norris is William W. born abt 1775 in VA. He married Jane Craig on April 1, 1805 in Franklin Co. VA. (It is very possible that William and Nathan married sisters, Franklin Co. is the next county north of Henry Co.) He sold his land in Henry Co. by 1812 but did not own land in Cumberland Co., KY.
A fourth Norris is Samuel also born in VA abt 1784. He married Betsy Pedigo in Henry Co. and John Norris was his surety. He did not own land in Henry Co., VA and lived in Cumberland CO., KY by1820.
Ms. Murphy also lists a John Norris who first paid taxes in Henry Co., in 1779. There are several land records, etc. related to this John Norris in Henry Co., from 1779 through about 1813 of which I have most listed.

The second document is "NORRIS FAMILIES OF MARYLAND & VIRGINIA" by Harry Alexander Davis. This book has the following information:
162 James Norris (John 4, Luke 3, John 2, Thomas 1) Born St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1751. Moved to Virginia with his parents and resided in Westmoreland County and Rappahanock County.
Her married prior to 1772 Martha...........of Westmoreland County. Martha died 1801-2. James moved to Kentucky with his sons, was living in 1810 and apparently deceased before 1820.
413 i. James Cuthbert (6): b 1772.
414 ii. Zebulon (6): b 1774.
iii. Martha: b 177-.
415 iv. Moses (6): b 1778.
416 v. Samuel (6): b 1783.
417 vi. William (6): b 1785.
vii. Nancy: b 1787 Va., married 1803-4 John W. Beckley, b Md. 1776.
Also should include James' entry that has:
John Norris 1722-1774 (St. Mary’s Co.) m Jane Unknown (I have also seen these children with wife Ann Draeden)
      William Norris 1745
      John Norris 1746
      James Norris 1751     
      Nathan Norris 1758
      George Norris Abt 1760

The third Document is the book, "The History of Cumberland County Kentucky" by Joseph W. Wells. In it there is a NORRIS Family entry. The following are the facts related to the first Norris's in Cumberland County.
" The Norris families that settled Marrowbone were: Clayborn, William Waller, Zebulon, and William A. They were of the same ancestry.
William Waller married Sally Ann Beck in Virginia and reared William W., Jr. Senior died in the county, 1836. His son married Martha Ann Nunn, who was 18 years old in 1858.................................
William A. Norris came with the Marrowbone Davises. He married Lucy Creasey and they had three--Samuel, Sally, and Fanny............
Zebulon Norris was one of the first to settle the county. He served as Deputy Clerk several years. He married Elizabeth ---- and reared seven, all before 1823 at his death.........
Clayborn Norris lived near Richmond, Virginia. He came to Cumberland County early and reared two boys in the county, Richard and Robert..........................
A William Norris settled on the water of Illwill near the present site of Hegira. He became the progenitor of the Norris family that still inhabits the region. He married Elizabeth and reared William, Jr., Carter, and Nathan............................"

What I currently have is this. Zebulon (1774) and Clayborn(1775) were cousins, their fathers were brothers. William Waller(1799) was a nephew of Clayborn. William A. (Abt 1810) was Zebulon's son. The second William I do not know but wonder if it could be William Waller's father and Clayborn's brother.

First, The Norris's identified in Henry County tax lists are:
1779 - John
1780 - John, Gilbert
1782 - John
1787 - John
1789 - John
1792 - John
1793 - John
1794 - John, Nathan
1795 - John, Nathan
1796 - John, Nathan
1799 - John, Nathan, Zebulon
1800 - John, Nathan, Zebulon
1810 - John, Nathan, Zebulon

This hints at John being the oldest and the father of at least one of the other two Norris's. It also appears that John moved to Henry County probably, 1778 or 1779. This could be important since it is possible that this John Norris was either in the Revolutionary War or moved further inland from the fighting in eastern Virginia. Other dated information:
1740 Reconstructed Census for Virginia
      James Norris - Prince William
      John Norris - Amelia
      John Norris - Amelia above Flat Cr.
      John Norris - Lancaster
      John Norris - Lancaster, St. Marys Wh Cha
      Robert Norris - Amelia above Flat Cr.
      Solomon Norris - Amelia above Flat Cr.
      William Norris - Prince William
1767-1768 - William and Thomas Norris are mentioned in Lunenburg County, VA
December 1, 1778 - Albemarle County, VA. - William Norris and Laura Elizabeth Craig Marraige
1782-1787 VirginiaTaxpayers
      James Norris - Prince William
      John Norris - Washington
      William Norris - Fauquier
      John Norris - Fauquier
      Joseph Norris - Prince George
December 14, 1793 - Henry County, VA. - Zebulon Norris and Elizabeth Dillingham Marraige
November 10, 1810 - Albermarle County, VA. - Nathan Norris and Sarah Craig Marraige
December 1, 1810 - Henry County, VA. - Samuel Norris and Betsy Pedigo Marraige
A Family Group Record has a Nathan Norris b 1770 Henry Co., died 1831 Cumberland CO., KY son of John Norris b abt 1744.
Another Individual record has a Zebulon b 1774 in Rappahannock, VA son of James and Martha Norris.
VERY INTERESTING - Sarah Norris born April 18, 1812 in Henry County, VA, parents Nathan and Sarah, m 1833 Cumberland Co., KY
(This entry indicates that Nathan of Henry County is the same that was married in Albemarle County to Sarah.)

1820 Census Data from Cumberland County, Kentucky. (see Zebulon above)
John Norris (At this time I am not sure which John this is. It is not John H., son of Zebulon since he appears to be still living with Zebulon. There is no John known as a brother.
< 10 1
26-45 1
< 10 1
26-45 1

William (Probably William Wood Norris)
< 10 1 (Hardin)
10-16 2 (Walter, Samuel)
45+ 1 (William)
< 10 3 (Sarah, Jane, Polly or Lucy)
10-16 1 (Elizabeth)
26-45 1 (Jane)

< 10 1 (Joseph A.)
26-45 1 (Samuel - 46?)
< 10 3 (Elinor, Martha, Sarah Jane)
26-45 1 (Betsy)

Claiborne Norris (In Paoli) (Also note that he is very near William Wood, this may be of interest because of William Wood Norris)
< 10 1 (Robert W.)
10-16 3 (William W., Richardson, ?)
26-45 1 (Claiborne)
< 10 1 (Lucy)
10-16 1 (?)
16-26 1 (?)
45+ 1 (Rebecca)

Nathan Norris
10-16 1
16-18 1
16-26 2
45+ 1
< 10 1
45+ 1

OK, let’s assume that certain facts are true:
1. Zebulon and Samuel are the sons of James (1751) and were both born in one of the three Northern Neck Counties.
2. John that appears in the Henry County from 1779 is Zebulon's uncle, John(1746).
3. Nathan is the son of John in Henry Co. and that he is the one married to Sarah Craig and their daughter was born in Henry Co. in 1812.
4. James was born in St. Marys Co., moves to Westmoreland or Rappahanock Counties in Virginia, marries, and establishes home.
5. John, also born in St. Marys Co., moves to Henry Co. in early 1779, near Patrick Henry's estate.
6. James was does not appear in Henry County, it is assumed that he remains in Westmoreland or Rappahanock.
7. William, brother of John and James, also born in St. Marys Co., marries in 1764 also in Westmoreland Co. and remains in Westmoreland until the family moves to Kentucky.
8. George, another brother, has two children born in KY.

It is probable that John(1722), the father of John(1746), James(1751), and William, moved across the Chesapeake Bay from St. Marys to Virginia in one of the three counties. Nathan(1758) was apparently born in Lancaster County. James and William both marry in Westmoreland. John (1746) went to Henry Co. from the Northern Neck around 1778, possibly had his family which included Nathan. At this time, we do not have any family entries for this John. James apparently remains in possibly Westmoreland County. John establishes himself well, purchasing quite a few acres and is involved in witnessing many deeds. By 1793, Zebulon has moved to Henry County possibly living and working with his Uncle John. He marries Elizabeth Dilingham in December of 1793. The Dillinghams have moved from Anne Arundel County, MD. Zebulon works on his uncle's farm land and in 1799 ia able to purchase land. About that time, when Samuel reaches 18, he follows his brother to Henry Co. He lives and works on Zebulon’s land and helps him and his uncle with the farming. After the war, Henry County population explodes. All of the Norris’s decide to move out. Zebulon, Nathan and Samuel decide to go to KY. John, by this time has sold all of his land (he is almost 70 and can not farm by himself). He goes to KY with his son(s) and nephew(s). I have not found any indication in the census of a John of this age in Cumberland County. Some indicate that James also went to Kentucky, but that is doubtful unless he went much earlier and to a different county than his brother and sons. He is not in the 1820 census and there are no Norris's in the 1810 Cumberland County census.

If John was born in 1746 and was in 1820 KY Census, he probably died before 1830. Therefore, if he has a will, it will be before 1830. Zebulon died relatively young in 1823, aged around 50. I have not seen any hint of a will.

CENSUS FACTS (James Norris):
1810 Logan Co., KY
      James Norris
1810 Mason Co., KY
      James Norris
      James Jr. Norris
      Another James
1800 Woodford Co., KY
1820 Warren Co., KY
1820 Washington Co., KY

Census Searches
In the 1810 Westmoreland County Census, there are no Norris's listed.
In the 1810 Northumberland County Census
      William 45+ (Possibly William (1745) and Sarah Claiborne, parents of "Clayborn"
Female 26-44
In the 1810 Lancaster County Census
      James Norris Probably James(1742)
      < 10 1
      26-44 1
45+ 1
      16-25 3
      Epa Norris
      26-44 2
26-44 1
James Norris Jr
      < 10 1
      10-15 1
      26-44 1
      < 10 1
      10-15 1
      26-44 1
      Ann Norris
      10-15 1
      16-25 1
      10-15 1
      16-25 1
      45+ 1
      Elizabeth Norris
      16-25 1
      16-25 2
      26-44 2
      45+ 1
1810 Richmond County is too difficult to read.

Notes for E
In the 1840 Census, Elizabeth, is living in Cumberland County, Kentucky with the following information:
30-40 1 (This may be Joshua since he never marrried but the dates do not match his birth year from the 1850 Census.
20-30 1
60-70 1 (Elizabeth)
Not sure who the others are.

In the 1850 Census, Elizabeth, age 74, is living with her son Joshua Norris in Cumberland County, Kentucky.
Children of Z
17. i.   ELIZABETH4 NORRIS, b. Aft. 1800; d. Bef. 1850.
  ii.   JOSHUA D. NORRIS7, b. 1796, VA8; d. Aft. 18509.
  Notes for JOSHUA D. NORRIS:
Joshua Norris never married.

In the 1850 Census, Joshua is living in Cumberland County, Kentucky. He is 54 and born in Virginia. Joshua has real estate value of $500 and is a farmer. Also living with him is his mother Elizabeth, now age 74, and Edy Garmon, age 15.

18. iii.   SARAH W. NORRIS, b. Apr 13, 1797, VA; d. Unknown.
19. iv.   WILLIAM A. NORRIS, b. 1799, VA; d. Abt. 1881, Metcalfe Co., KY.
20. v.   JOHN H. (HOVERING) NORRIS, b. Aug 27, 1800, VA; d. Aft. 1870, KY.
21. vi.   JANE NORRIS, b. Oct 11, 1802, VA; d. Jan 20, 1872, Warren Co., KY.
22. vii.   NATHAN W. NORRIS, b. Mar 23, 1807, VA; d. Feb 02, 1873.
23. viii.   ANNE (ANNIE) NORRIS, b. Jun 06, 1809, VA; d. Mar 27, 1857.
24. ix.   ELLENDER (NELLY) NORRIS, b. Jul 11, 1811, VA; d. Jul 09, 1875, Camden Co., MO.
25. x.   SAMUEL B. NORRIS, b. May 18, 1816, KY; d. Jan 19, 1875, Metcalfe Co., KY.

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