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That our Breedlove family traces back to a Charles Breedlove first identified in Virginia in 1708 is easy to accept from existing genealogies. Especially helpful have been compiled works by Hope Perry Breedlove, Tom King, Olive Breedlove Smith from Ruth Breedlove Knight of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, Linda Breedlove Taylor of Welling, Oklahoma, Barbara Breedlove Rollins of Abilene, Texas, and Carrie Breedlove of Muldrow, Oklahoma.

The early Breedloves in Virginia are hard to sort out. Particularly helpful has been the USGenWeb and its Internet Home Page for each U.S. County and it's online bulletin board correspondents. Tom King ( ) is the online patriarch of Breedlove research and we all respect his long time expertise and his fantastic database of Breedloves. Much of the LDS Family History Library (Salt Lake City) information can be further refined through the because it is dynamic ongoing exchange among researchers.

The accepted genealogies for the early Breedloves are required starting points, but they are accepted without question by most researchers. As Jan and I researched the archives and history libraries of Virginia and North Carolina, we were able to examine closely most (hopefully all) of the original records from which these genealogies have been derived.

With the realization that all of the children of Charles and Mary Parr Breedlove, the relationship and children of James and Lucrecy Breedlove, and the parents of Charles (wife Sally Fletcher) Breedlove cannot be proved, I tried to look at all available source information to see if it supported the accepted genealogies. I have accepted the assumption of Hope Perry Breedlove in his parenthetical note on p.15 of his book. That assumption is that James (wife Mary) and Robert of Lunenburg Co, VA are brothers of Nathan Breedlove and all are sons of Charles (wife Mary Parr) Breedlove. I further believe the descendant blood line of Kindness Breedloves further supports Hope's assumption and strengthens it.

I have looked especially hard at the Trible family relationships, the Kindness Breedloves, and the focus of records on the co-location of Breedloves in Essex, Lunenburg, Charlotte, and Halifax counties of Virginia. The circumstantial information from these source records has led me to some personal opinions. I can only say that I would rather rely on my own search and conclusions than to accept the work of others, about whose research I know little or nothing.

I have formulated my conclusions through some arguments which are included in this publication. My descendant outlines are logically determined from these arguments. Visits to archives in North Carolina, Greene Co, MO, Tennessee, and Lawrence Co, AL contributed to the proving of Charles and Sally Fletcher Breedlove and their descendants in our direct line. While the exact blood line from Charles and Mary Parr Breedlove of Virginia, which I call the early Breedloves, cannot be proved, the children of Charles and Sally Fletcher Breedlove are now known quite well.

The proving of the children of Charles and Sally Fletcher Breedlove was made possible by Charles' cryptic will in Lawrence Co, AL, the sorting of descendant children in Greene Co, MO, and the recent Ouachita Parish, LA records furnished by online researcher Don Adams. James and Nancy Simmons Breedlove of Rutherford Co, NC were verified and expanded by Simmons estate records provided by a Simmons descendant, Diane H. Johnson of Hull, GA. An obvious conclusion was reached by Jan concerning my 2d great grandfather, Simpson Breedlove. Charles' (wife Sally Fletcher) will named "Patsy's son Simpson", and because Simpson who was born in 1816, always kept his surname Breedlove, it was reasoned that Simpson's father did not marry Patsy. Patsy did marry David G. Scroggins in 1821. Figuring out the parentage of Simpson was just the first step in removing the confusion about Simpson.

While the marriage of Simpson Breedlove to Sarah Hicks was well known, it was commonly assumed that Simpson died as a Confederate prisoner of war. Barbara Breedlove Rollins of Abilene, TX discovered that Simpson apparently abandoned Sarah Hicks and her family. As a prisoner of war and confined to a hospital in Meridian, MS, Simpson subsequently married Emaline Hodges, and had a whole new family, many of whom now live in east Texas.

Our genealogy research was stimulated by a handwritten letter of Carrie (Caroline) Walton Bruton Breedlove handed down through the Breedlove families. The letter by Caroline (Carrie) was written in response to a request by Grant Foreman, Oklahoma historian. And, it was this letter that prompted the assimilation of the Chisholm and Breedlove family accounts, and our proof of Cherokee Indian heritage.

My mother, Harriet Elizabeth Baines Breedlove, had the privilege of being contacted by the mother of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Rebekah Baines Johnson was researching the Baines line and it was published as A Family Album, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1965. The Baines' family is an interesting and well-proven blood line that not only includes a president of the United States, but a Baptist minister that was pastoral friend of Sam Houston and an early president of Baylor University. Roy Dixie Baines, Jr, my first cousin, contributed the recent Baines' genealogy to make this blood line very complete.

Finally, let me say that Jan has not only been the love of my life, but my inspiration to become a responsible researcher of family history. Prompted by old, handed-down letters of ancestors, Jan was encouraged to explore the genealogies of our respective ancestors. When I retired in 1994, Jan placed a pile of records on our desk and declared that from that time forward, I would be responsible for them. What follows is the result.

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