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Generation No. 5

      16. ABNER (Capt.) PINNEY, born 1750 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut27; died 23 November, 1804 in Worthington, Franklin County, Ohio. He was the son of 32. ABRAHAM ( Capt) PINNEY and 33. ELIZABETH BUTLER. He married 17. RUTH GILLETT 177328.

      17. RUTH GILLETT, born 29 September, 1751 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut29; died 28 March, 1806 in Worthington, Franklin County, Ohio30. She was the daughter of 34. ZACCHEUS GILLETT and 35. RUTH PHELPS.

Notes for ABNER (Capt.) PINNEY:
      A Revolutionary drummer in Capt. Roberts' Company, 18th Conn. Regiment, and one of the first group to arrive at Worthington. Buried in the cemetery established by the Episcopalians when they first came. (Shedding Light on Worthington, p. 22.)
      He signed the Scioto Company's agreement for 860 acres and moved to Worthington, Ohio in 1804. In the distribution of land, he was granted town lots 54, 59, 70, 102, 127-129, and farm lots 22, 60, 84, and 88. His was probably the first death of the new community, just one year after the settlement was built. (Beckler)

Children of ABNER PINNEY and RUTH GILLETT are:
  i.   Ruth Pinney, born 29 July, 1774 in Simsbury, Connecticut31.
  ii.   Azariah Pinney, born 26 July, 1775 in Simsbury, Connecticut31.
  iii.   Martha Pinney, born 31 March, 1777 in Simsbury, Connecticut31.
  iv.   Abner Putnam Pinney, born 28 February, 1779 in Simsbury, Connecticut31; married Polly Morrison 08 February, 1804 in Worthington, OH32.
  Notes for Abner Putnam Pinney:
      Arrived in pioneer expedition with Rev. James Kilbourne in 1803 to clear the land ( purchased from Gen. Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey, and Dt. Jonas Stansberry of New York, consisting of 16,000 acres on the Scioto Trail in what is now Sharon Township, and parts of Clinton and Delaware Townships) and lay out the roads, in order to make ready for the general settlement on behalf of the Scioto Company. Twenty thousand dollars, a dollar and a quarter an acre, was paid for the land. (Woodrow Guild of the First Presbyterian Church of Worthington, Ohio, Shedding Light on Worthington, 1931, pp. 8, 9, 12.)

  v.   Huldah Pinney, born 05 April, 1780 in Simsbury, Connecticut33.
  8 vi.   LEVI PINNEY, born 30 March, 1782 in Simsbury, Connecticut; married CHARLOTTE BEACH 08 February, 1804 in Worthington, OH.
  vii.   Chester Pinney, born 26 July, 1785 in Simsbury, Connecticut33.
  viii.   Harvey Pinney, born 13 July, 1787 in Simsbury, Connecticut33.
  ix.   Betsy Pinney, born Aft. 1788.

      18. SAMUEL BEACH, born 13 August, 176334. He was the son of 36. SAMUEL BEACH and 37. RACHEL STRONG. He married 19. DEZIAH CASE October 1783 in Barkhampsted, Litchfield, Connecticut.

      19. DEZIAH CASE, born 07 February, 1757 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut35. She was the daughter of 38. ELIJAH CASE and 39. HANNAH WILCOXSON.
Children of SAMUEL BEACH and DEZIAH CASE are:
  i.   Samuel Beach, born 07 February, 1784; married Violet Case 14 February, 1808 in Franklin County, Ohio.
  9 ii.   CHARLOTTE BEACH, born 28 November, 1787 in Connecticut; married LEVI PINNEY 08 February, 1804 in Worthington, OH.
  iii.   Miles Beach, born 30 September, 1791.

      20. NATHANIEL ROGERS, born 169536; died 14 May, 1761 in Newtown, Morris, New Jersey36. He was the son of 40. JOHN ROGERS and 41. ELIZABETH ???. He married 21. JEMIMA ???.

      21. JEMIMA ???.
Children of NATHANIEL ROGERS and JEMIMA ??? are:
  i.   Jabez Rogers, born 03 November, 1730 in Parsippany, Morris, New Jersey36; married (1) Catherine Littell; married (2) Rachel Lee 11 March, 177036.
  10 ii.   HENRY ROGERS, born 25 December, 1752 in Monmouth County, New Jersey; died 17 July, 1840 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; married PHOEBE BURNETT 1787.
  iii.   Agnes Rogers.
  iv.   Amos Rogers.
  v.   Benjamin Rogers.
  vi.   David Rogers.
  vii.   John Rogers.
  viii.   Nathaniel Rogers.
  ix.   Sarah Rogers.
  x.   Simeon Rogers.
  xi.   Phebe Rogers.

      24. NATHAN POTTS, born Bet. 1744 - 1745; died 1809 in Loudoun County, Virginia. He was the son of 48. DAVID POTTS. He married 25. RUTH CLEW.

      25. RUTH CLEW.
Children of NATHAN POTTS and RUTH CLEW are:
  i.   Joshua Potts, married Barbara White.
  12 ii.   ENOS POTTS, born Abt. 1773 in Loudoun County, Virginia; died 06 November, 1853 in Franklin Twp., Adams County, Ohio; married LYDIA BROWN 25 December, 1797 in Loudoun County, Virginia.
  iii.   Isaiah Potts, married Elizabeth Brown.
  iv.   Jonas Potts, born 04 March, 1786; died 02 February, 1858 in Adams County, Ohio; married Nancy ???.
  v.   Susannah Potts.
  vi.   Hannah Potts, married Enos Best 04 November, 1806 in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia.
Children of NATHAN POTTS and Eunice Walter are:
  i.   Tamar Potts, married John Ingham 27 October, 1815 in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia.
  ii.   Jarrett Potts.

      26. JOHN BROWN, born 16 December, 1749 in Loudoun County, Virginia; died 02 June, 1828 in Loudoun County, Virginia. He was the son of 52. HENRY BROWN and 53. ESTHER HARRIS. He married 27. MARTHA BALL 10 April, 1776 in Loudoun County, Virginia37.

      27. MARTHA BALL, born 18 December, 1754; died 27 June, 1784.

  Notes for MARTHA BALL:
      Hinshaw speculates that Martha BALL was a widow, though not proven, and that she was a sister of Hannah Brown who m. Stacy Janney at thesame time at Fairfax MH. It was her husband, John BROWN who was a sibling of Hannah Brown.
      A William Ball was a witness in 1794 to the will of Henry Brown, father of John Brown the husband of Martha.
Children of JOHN BROWN and MARTHA BALL are:
  i.   Martha Brown.
  13 ii.   LYDIA BROWN, born 02 February, 1779 in Loudoun County, Virginia; died 17 September, 1860 in Adams County, Ohio; married ENOS POTTS 25 December, 1797 in Loudoun County, Virginia.
  iii.   Elizabeth Brown.
  iv.   Hannah Brown.
  v.   Nathan Brown.
  vi.   John Brown.
  vii.   Phoebe Brown.

      28. GEORGE TAVENNER, born Abt. 1743; died 14 March, 1826. He was the son of 56. GEORGE (prob. father of George) TAVENNER. He married 29. TABITHA ROACH 27 September, 1766 in Loudoun County, Virginia.

      29. TABITHA ROACH, born 01 January, 1746/47 in Fairfax County, Virginia; died 07 December, 1823 in Loudoun County, Virginia. She was the daughter of 58. RICHARD ROACH and 59. HANNAH SANDS.

      George Tavenner was a prominent man of Harmony (now Hamilton) Loudon County, Virginia. He apparently arrived around 1784 as he purchased an abundance of supplies that he would probably have already owned had he lived in the area for any length of time. He was a carter and millright by trade.
  i.   Phillip Tavenner, born 10 October, 1766.
  ii.   Hannah Tavenner, born 30 November, 1767; married Enos Wildman.
  iii.   Richard Tavenner, born 23 July, 1769; died 18 August, 1837 in Loudon County, Virginia; married (1) Ann Hatcher; married (2) Nancy Henry.
  iv.   Joseph Tavenner, born 26 June, 1771; died 23 March, 1849; married Nancy White 05 February, 1798 in Loudon County, Virginia38.
  v.   John Tavenner, born 17 September, 1772; married Elizabeth McKinney.
  14 vi.   GEORGE TAVENNER, born 03 September, 1774 in Loudoun County, Virginia; died Abt. 1836; married (1) MARTHA NIXON 09 November, 1796 in Loudoun County, Virginia; married (2) Sarah Dailey Smallwood 1819.
  vii.   Jonah Tavenner, born 12 March, 1776; married (1) Sarah McHenry; married (2) Elizabeth Janney 16 April, 1798 in Loudon County, Virginia38.
  viii.   Isaac Tavenner, born 02 January, 1778; died 19 July, 1845; married Catherine Silcott 02 August, 1800 in Loudon County, Virginia38.
  ix.   Sarah Tavenner, born 25 May, 1779; married John Hatcher 25 April, 1801.
  x.   James Tavenner, born 25 December, 1780; married Frances Barbee.
  xi.   Bersheba Tavenner, born 18 March, 1783; married Abraham Silcott 28 June, 1800.
  xii.   Israel Tavenner, born 03 March, 1785.
  xiii.   Mary Tavenner, born 25 October, 1786.
  xiv.   Tabitha Tavenner, born 03 March, 1789; married William Babson.
  xv.   Eli Tavenner, born 22 October, 1791; married Nancy ???.

      30. GEORGE NIXON, born 23 February, 1729/30 in Enniskillon, Fermanah, Ireland39; died 27 November, 1800 in Loudoun County, Virginia39. He married 31. MARY COMBS 06 March, 1749/50 in Antrom County, Ireland.

      31. MARY COMBS, died 29 October, 1804 in Loudoun County, Virginia39.
Children of GEORGE NIXON and MARY COMBS are:
  15 i.   MARTHA NIXON, married GEORGE TAVENNER 09 November, 1796 in Loudoun County, Virginia.
  ii.   Jonah Nixon, born 28 December, 1750 in Ireland; died Bef. July 1797.
  iii.   George Nixon, born 30 September, 1751; married Anna Cravens.
  iv.   Peggy Nixon, married Jesse Harris.
  v.   Elizabeth Nixon, born 20 May, 1769 in Loudoun County, Virginia; died 22 September, 1826 in Loudoun County, Virginia; married Joseph White 23 February, 1786 in Loudoun County, Virginia.
  vi.   Ann Nixon, married ??? Meyers.
  vii.   Hannah or Joanna Nixon, married Hugh Barr.
  viii.   John Nixon, born Abt. 1784.

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