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Ancestors of Charles Weston Averill

Generation No. 11

      1024. William (Avery) Averell, born Abt. 1611 in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England; died Bef. June 3, 1653 in Ipswich, MA. He was the son of 2048. Edward Averye and 2049. Judith. He married 1025. Abigail (Hynton) Hinton in Chipping Norton, England.

      1025. Abigail (Hynton) Hinton, born in England; died in Ipswich, MA.

Notes for William (Avery) Averell:
(Bailiff of Chipping Norton prior to emigration??)
First record in Ipswich is from 1637, probably arrived in 1635 with a large
group of settlers including: Cogswells, Bradstreets, Dudleys, Saltonstall and
Perley. First property was "six acres of planting ground on the further side of
Muddy River" which is north of town, about a mile past what was called "Avery's or Averill's Birches"- probably the area currently containing Avery St. He was also granted 20 acres of upland and six acres of meadow along Argilla Rd. south of Heartbreak Hill and before Labor in Vain Creek - this is the current road from town to Crane Beach. In 1638, he was listed as having a house lot near the "Great Cove" - this is the land currently occupied by the Ipswich Historical Society's restored house and museum off S. Main St., just south of the river. On 01/13/1639 he is listed as one of 43 owners entitled to commonage for their cattle, and on 12/17/1641 was one of 111 owners. In 01/22/1646, he signed a contract to keep the goat herd of seven men on the north side of the river for 5s 6d per week.

  Notes for Abigail (Hynton) Hinton:
John Hynton served at Agincourt with Sir William Bourchier, 1415.
Children of William Averell and Abigail Hinton are:
  512 i.   William Averell, Jr., married Hannah Jackson
  ii.   Sarah Averell, died July 19, 1692 in Salem, MA; married John Wildes in Topsfield, MA.
  Notes for Sarah Averell:
This is the Sarah Wildes who was hung as a witch during the Salem witch hysteria. She was named as a witch by Deliverance Hobbs during her confession in order to avoid death, probably in revenge for being arrested by Sarah's son, Ephraim, who was the Topsfield constable.

  More About Sarah Averell:
Cause of Death: Hanging
Resided: Topsfield, MA

  iii.   Abigail Averell, born Bef. October 17, 1619.
  iv.   Mary Averell, born Bef. October 14, 1621.
  v.   Hanna Averell, born Bef. September 28, 1623.
  vi.   Thomas Averell, born Bef. January 7, 1630/31.
  vii.   John Averell, born Bef. November 1632.

      1026. John Jackson He married 1027. Katheryne.

      1027. Katheryne
Child of John Jackson and Katheryne is:
  513 i.   Hannah Jackson, married William Averell, Jr.

      1280. William Carpenter, born 1576. He was the son of 2560. William Carpenter.
Child of William Carpenter is:
  640 i.   William Carpenter, born 1605; married (1) Abigail Searle; married (2) Abigail Arnold Abt. 1627 in England.

      1538. Robert Rogers He married 1539. Susanna.

      1539. Susanna

More About Robert Rogers:
Immigrated: Yes
Child of Robert Rogers and Susanna is:
  769 i.   Elizabeth Rogers, married John Gladding

      1540. William Wardell He married 1541. Alice.

      1541. Alice

More About William Wardell:
Immigrated: Yes

More About Alice:
Immigrated: Yes
Child of William Wardell and Alice is:
  770 i.   Uzal Wardell, married Elizabeth Ringe

      1664. Edmund Bartlett, born in Ernly, Sussex, England; died 1591 in Ernly, England. He was the son of 3328. Richard Bartlett and 3329. Elizabeth Gates. He married 1665. Elizabeth Gore Abt. 1570 in England.

      1665. Elizabeth Gore
Children of Edmund Bartlett and Elizabeth Gore are:
  i.   Edmund Bartlett
  ii.   John Bartlett, born Abt. 1573.
  iii.   Thomas Bartlett, born Abt. 1577.
  832 iv.   Richard Bartlett, born Abt. 1585 in Wiltshire, England; died May 20, 1647 in Newbury, MA; married Abt. 1610 in Wiltshire, England.

      1696. John Washburn He was the son of 3392. John Washburn and 3393. Martha Stevens. He married 1697. Margery Moore.

      1697. Margery Moore She was the daughter of 3394. Robert Moore and 3395. Ellen Taylor.

More About John Washburn:
Immigrated: Yes

More About Margery Moore:
Immigrated: Yes
Child of John Washburn and Margery Moore is:
  848 i.   John Washburn, married (1) Elizabeth Mitchell December 6, 1645; married (2) Elizabeth Packard Abt. 1685.

      1698. Experience Mitchell, born 1611 in Leiden, Holland; died September 4, 1689 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. He married 1699. Jane Cook May 22, 1627 in Plymouth, MA.

      1699. Jane Cook She was the daughter of 3398. Francis Cook and 3399. Hester Mayhieu.

Notes for Experience Mitchell:

Experience Mitchell - fr: The Ames Family of Bruton, Somerset, England

Experience Mitchell was one of the forefathers ( a name usually applied to those who arrived in the first three ships). He came over in the third ship, the "Anne", in 1623. He sold his place in Plymouth to Samuel Eddy in 1631 and moved to Duxbury where he purchased William Peabody's house and farm in 1650. We don't know what he did during the intervening 19 years. He was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, but sold his share or proprietary right to Thomas Hayward. He came to Bridgewater late in life with his son Edward. While at Plymouth he lived at Spring hill, so called. At Duxbury he lived at a place called Blue Fish River, and at Bridgewater he lived at a place called Joppa where his discendants still live. He died in 1689 at the age of 80. His will was dated 1684. He had been at Leyden, Holland, with the Pigrims, and left a brother Thomas, who lived and died in Holland. He had a share in the first division of lots at Plymouth in 1623, and of the live stock in 1627.

Mitchell married Jane, the daughter of Franceis Cooke, for his first wife. The wife of his old age was named Mary, but her family name is not ascertained. he had a sister Constant, who married John Fobes (Forbes). The names of his children as appears on his will, deeds, and other written documents, were: Thomas, John, Jacob, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, and Hannah. Thomas first had the land of his father at Dartmouth, but relinquished it again to his father in 1669, who the same day conveyed it to Jacob, his 3rd son. There is no further account of Thomas. Elizabeth married John Washburn in 1646; Mary married James Shaw in 1652, who died in 1679 and left a daughter, Mary. Sarah married John Hayward (parents of Mary Hayward, wife of William Ames (III). Hannah married Joseph Hayward.

The following taken from: Plymouth Colony Its History and People 1620-1691 by Eugene Aubrey stratton, FASG, former Historian General of General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Page 327 and 328 -
MITCHELL, EXPERIENCE - Experience Mitchell arrived in Plymouth in 1623 on the "Anne", and Banks writes that he was from Duke's Place, London. Underhill (Small Descendants, 1:510), based in part on Dexter (p. 625), thought Experience was the son of Thomas Michell of Cambridge, England, who was a member of Francis Johnson's church at Amsterdam, and that Experience was born in Leiden in 1611. Experience received a letter dated 24 July 1662 from his nephew Thomas Mitchell in Amsterdam in which Thomas mentions having received Experience's letter dated 23 April 1661, and says, "I do also wish my cousin Elizabeth much joy with her daughter that God has given her to her six sons. I do also wish my cousin Sarah much joy in her married estate" (PN&Q 3:102-03). Experience was a Purchaser and was on the 1633 freeman list. He later moved to Duxbury, where he became a highway surveyor on 3 March 1639/40 (PCR 1:141); he also served on various juries (PCR, passim). On 7 June 1659 he was fined ten shillings for refusing to serve on the grand jury (PCR 3:168). He married, probably not long after the 1627 cattle division, Jane Cooke, daughter of 1620 "Mayflower" passenger Francis Cooke; though there is no record of their marriage, their son Thomas Mitchell in a deed of 1 August 1672 refers to some land given him by his grandfather Francis Cooke (MD 3:104). By his first wife Jane, Mitchell had Thomas and Elizabeth, but indirect evidence indicates that the rest of his children were probably by his second wife, Mary ____. See John B. Threlfall, "Comments on the Two Wives of Experience Mitchell of Plymouth, Mass., "NEHGR 127:94; Robet S. Wakefield, "Not All the Children of Experience Mitchell Are Mayflower Descendants, "TAG59:28; and Barbara L. Merrick, "Some Descendants of Francis Cooke, Mayflower Passenger," MQ49:130. Also see Merton Taylor Goodrich "Gaining Experience - A Problem in the Mitchell Family," TAG 12:193. In his will, dated 5 December 1684, inventory 14 May 1689. Mitchell named his wife Mary; sons Edward and John; grandsons Experience and Thomas; granddaughter Mary Mitchell; and daughters Mary Shaw, Sarah Hayward, and Hannah Hayward (MD 32;97). His daughter Elizabeth, who married John Washburn, and his son Jacob, who married Susanna Pope, predeceased him.


Experience Mitchell came to Plymouth, Mass., in 1623 and is known to have had two wives. The first was Jane Cooke, daughter of Francis Cooke of the "Mayflower" and his wife hester Mahieu. experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke were mariied after 22 May 1627. She died at an unknown date but before 1666, and he married a second wife whose given name was Mary, her surname yet unknown. The late George E. Bowman and other genealogists of Plymouth throw light on these people. From this material it is known that Experience Mitchell had the following childre,:
1. ELIZABETH, b. prob. 1628;mar. 6 Dec. 1645, JOHN WASHBURN, JR. She was living in Nov. 1681, but he mar. (2) 1684-6, widow Elizabeth Packard. Her children were: John, Thomas,Joseph, Samuel, Jonathan, Benjamin, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, James and Sarah.
2.THOMAS. On 8 June 1666, John Cooke ratified and confirmed to Richard Wright and Thomas Mitchell upland and meadow "given by my father ffrancis Cooke unto the aforesaid Richard Wright and Thomas Mitchell" lying at Jones River in Duxbury " to be equally divided betwiwt' the two. On 1 Aug. 1672, Thomas Mitchell sold his share to Wright and in the deed states that it was given him by his grandfather Francis Cooke of Plymouth (Col. Deeds, 3;234). he also had land at Dartmouth given him by his father but returned it in 1669 to his father, who the same day conveyed it to son Jacob. Thomas acknowledged the deed 1 march 1674. He apparently went to Block Island, R. I., where a Thomas Mitchell in 1678 was convicted of selling liquor to the Indians. He d. bef. May of 1687, leaving sons Thomas, John and Joseph, and perhaps daughters, assuming this to be the same Thomas. (see The American Genealogist, 12:193-9).
3. MARY, prob. b. 1630-34; mar. 24 Dec. 1652 at Plymouth, JAMES SHAW,son of John. Three known children, James, John and Anne, and probably two other daughters.
4.SARAH, prob. b. 1641-45; mar. JOHN HAYWARD, son of Thomas and Susannah; his estate settled 1710; she d. after 1731; res. Bridgewate. Ten children b. 1663-87, Sarah, John, Joseph,Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Susanna, Elizabeth, Benoni and Mercy.
5.JACOB, prob. b. 1640-46; mar. 7 Nov. 1666, SUSANNA POPE, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Jenney) Pope of Plymouth; he settled at Dartmouth (now Fairhaven). was a carpenter and held rank of Ensign. He and his wife were killed by Indians in King Philop's War, June of 1675. Three children, raised by their uncle Edward; Jacob, Thomas and Mary.
6.EDWARD, prob. b. 1644-8; mar. MARY HAYWARD, dau. of Thomas and sister of John; he lived with her 40 years and had no children; she d. and he mar. (2) 26 Aug. 1708, ALICE BRADFORD, and they had three children; Mary, Alice, and Edward. he d. 15 march 1716/17, and she mar. (2) Deacon Joshua Hersey of Hingham; she d. 14 July 1746 at Hingham; Edward res. Bridgewater and raised three orphaned children of his brother Jacob.
7. JOHNl mar. (1) 14 Dec. 1675, MARY BONNEY, dau. of Thomas; had one child, Experience; Mary d. 13 May 1677 and he mar. (2) 14 jan. 1679/80, MARY LATHROP who d. 13 Feb. 1679/80. He mar. (3) 24 may 1682, MARY PRIOR; had eight children by her ; Mary, Hannah, Joseph, Elizabeth, Elizabeth agin, John, Sarah and Esther. He res. Duxbury, moved to Providence, R.I. where he d. 14 Oct 1719.
8. HANNAH; mar. ca. 1682 JOSEPH HAYWARD, son of Thomas and brother of John as his third wife; had seven children; Mary, Thomas, Edward, Hannah, Susanna, Peter and Abigail; he d. 20 June 1718.

Bowman and most other writers have casually attributed allof these children to Experience Mitchell's first wife, Jane Cooke. There seems to be no evidence to support such an assumption, except in the case of Thomas, and therefore Elizabeth, who must have been the eldest in order to have married in 1645. Thomas and Elizabeth were named, perhaps, for Experience Mitchell's family, his father perhaps being Thomas Mitchell of Cambridge, Eng., and Amsterdam, Holland
Not one of the later children bore a Cooke name, i.e. Francis, Jane or hester; except perhaps Jacob, named for Jane's brother. Furthermore, daughter Elizabeth was the only child of Experience known to name a child Jane; whereas Sarah, Edward, Jacob, Hannah and John (and also Elizabeth) all named a child Mary. None of Experience's children named a child Jane, Francis or Hister (Esther), except Elizabeth's Jane and John's Esther. It appears entirely possible that Jane (Cooke) Mitchell was the mother of only Elizabeth. Thomas and perhaps Mary; and that Experience's second wife, Mary, was the mother of the others.
All of the above is circumstantial evidence; hardly the kind a genealogist prefers. By the same token, there is not even this much to support Jane as the mother of all these children, as has been carelessly assumed. Although the Society of Mayflower Descendants accepts descendants through all of the children of Experience Mitchell for membership, such an assumption would seem to be suspect. There is of course, always the possibility that second wife Mary was herself a Mayflower daughter.

More About Experience Mitchell:
Immigrated: Yes

More About Jane Cook:
Immigrated: Yes
Children of Experience Mitchell and Jane Cook are:
  849 i.   Elizabeth Mitchell, born 1628 in Plymouth, MA; died Bef. 1684 in Plymouth, MA; married John Washburn December 6, 1645.
  ii.   Thomas Mitchell, born Abt. 1629 in Plymouth, MA; died Bef. May 1687 in Block Island, RI.
  iii.   Mary Mitchell, born 1630 in Plymouth, MA.

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