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Ancestors of Jeffrey Neal Brown

Generation No. 6

       32. Edwin Or Edward Or John Brown, born Abt. 1780.

       Child of Edwin Or Edward Or John Brown is:

  16 i.   John Brown, born 1815 in Lewis County, W.V., in 1815 it was Harrison Co., VA.; died September 16, 1901 in Wayne County, Iowa or Livingston County, Mo.; married (1) Susanna Seybold; married (2) Rebecca Nutt or Hitt February 01, 1838 in Lewis County, W.V..
       34. Abraham Hitt?.

       Child of Abraham Hitt? is:

  17 i.   Rebecca Nutt or Hitt, born November 15, 1815 in Madison County, Oh.; died 1864 in Hancock County, IL.; married John Brown February 01, 1838 in Lewis County, W.V..
       36. Armiger Lilly, born May 08, 1782 in Fluvanna Co., VA; died December 24 in VA?. He was the son of 72. William Lilly and 73. Elizabeth Pollet. He married 37. Rebecca Hutchison December 24, 1800 in Fluvanna, Co., Va.
       37. Rebecca Hutchison, born October 10, 1779 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

       Children of Armiger Lilly and Rebecca Hutchison are:

  i.   Mary Lilly, born September 28, 1801 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

  ii.   William Lilly, born January 03, 1803 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

  iii.   Benjamin Lilly, born September 09, 1804 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

  iv.   John Lilly, born August 23, 1806 in Fluvanna, Co., Va.; died February 07, 1864 in Livingston Co., Mo.; married (1) Rebecca Storm October 04, 1827 in Ross Co., OH; married (2) Rebecca Reeves Matthews Abt. 1840.

  18 v.   Elijah Lilly, born October 30, 1808 in Fluvanna County, Va.; died August 01, 1890 in Wayne County, Iowa?; married Nancy Cullumber December 10, 1836 in Madison Co., OH..

  vi.   Elizabeth Lilly, born January 18, 1810 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

  vii.   Nancy Lilly, born November 05, 1812 in Fluvanna Co., VA; married Allen Cullumber.

  viii.   Emily Susan Lilly, born May 15, 1815 in Fluvanna Co., VA; married Thomas H. Cullumber.

  ix.   Henry H. Lilly, born June 17, 1817 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

  x.   Thomas Lilly, born September 05, 1819 in Fluvanna Co., VA.

  xi.   Armiger Lilly, born June 01, 1821 in Fluvanna Co., VA.
       38. John Cullumber, born Abt. 1795 in Va.. He married 39. Martha or Pasty.
       39. Martha or Pasty, born Abt. 1799.

       Children of John Cullumber and Martha Pasty are:

  i.   Allen Cullumber, born Abt. 1808 in Ohio; married Nancy Lilly.

  19 ii.   Nancy Cullumber, born November 15, 1815 in Madison County, Oh.; died December 08, 1864 in Hancock County, IL.; married Elijah Lilly December 10, 1836 in Madison Co., OH..

  iii.   Thomas H. Cullumber, born March 18, 1817 in Fluvanna Co., VA; married Emily Susan Lilly.

  iv.   Martha Cullumber, born Abt. 1818.

  v.   Mary or Polly Cullumber, born March 10, 1821 in London, Madison, OH; died January 13, 1899 in Nr Munden, Republic, KS; married John W. MORFORD June 05, 1842 in West Jefferson, Madison, OH.

  Notes for Mary or Polly Cullumber:
Descendants of John CullumberGeneration No. 11. JOHN1 CULLUMBER was born Abt 17951, and died WFT Est 1825-1886. He married MARTHA "PATSY" WFT Est 1814-1844.       Child of John Cullumber and Martha "Patsy" is:2.       i.       MARY2 CULLUMBER, b. March 10, 1821, LONDON, MADISON, OHIO; d. January 13, 1899, NEAR MUNDEN, REPUBLIC, KANSAS.Generation No. 22. MARY2 CULLUMBER (JOHN1) was born March 10, 1821 in LONDON, MADISON, OHIO2, and died January 13, 1899 in NEAR MUNDEN, REPUBLIC, KANSAS. She married JOHN W. MORFORD June 05, 1842 in WEST JEFFERSON, MADISON, OHIO, son of Fredrick Morford and Elizabeth.       Child of Mary Cullumber and John Morford is:3.       i.       MARTHA JANE3 MORFORD, b. May 08, 1847, DEWITT CO., ILLINOIS; d. February 09, 1931.Generation No. 33. MARTHA JANE3 MORFORD (MARY2 CULLUMBER, JOHN1) was born May 08, 1847 in DEWITT CO., ILLINOIS3, and died February 09, 1931. She married JOSEPH G. DAVIS September 08, 1864 in CLINTON, DEWITT CO, ILLINOIS4, son of James Davis and Mary Gentry.       Children of Martha Morford and Joseph Davis are:4.       i.       MAY M.4 DAVIS, b. May 01, 1876, ILLINOIS; d. November 15, 1939, WENATCHEE, CHELAN CO, WASHINGTON.5.       ii.       OLIVER HOMER DAVIS, b. 1872, KANSAS; d. WFT Est 1909-1963, FOWLER, COLORADO.6.       iii.       MILO F. DAVIS, b. 1870, KANSAS; d. WFT Est 1906-1961.       iv.       ELLA DAVIS, b. WFT Est 1863-1889; d. WFT Est 1879-1972; m. LAST NAME GLENN, WFT Est 1879-1924.       v.       PEARL DAVIS, b. WFT Est 1863-1889; d. WFT Est 1869-1972.       vi.       MARY DAVIS, b. 1868, KANSAS; d. WFT Est 1869-1962.       vii.       MATILDA FLORENCE DAVIS, b. December 22, 1878, GREAT BEND, BARTON CO, KANSAS5; d. WFT Est 1879-1972.       viii.       MARTHA JOSIE DAVIS, b. April 01, 1881, GREAT BEND, BARTON CO, KANSAS6; d. WFT Est 1882-1975.       ix.       JESSE E. DAVIS, b. January 24, 1883, GREAT BEND, BARTON CO, KANSAS7; d. WFT Est 1884-1973.       x.       PERRY DAVIS, b. November 1886; d. WFT Est 1887-1976.       xi.       JOSEPHINE DAVIS, b. WFT Est 1863-1889; d. WFT Est 1869-1972.Generation No. 44. MAY M.4 DAVIS (MARTHA JANE3 MORFORD, MARY2 CULLUMBER, JOHN1) was born May 01, 1876 in ILLINOIS, and died November 15, 1939 in WENATCHEE, CHELAN CO, WASHINGTON. She married EWING STEVENSON January 30, 1896 in ORDWAY, COLORADO, son of John Stevenson and Martha Murray.       Children of May Davis and Ewing Stevenson are:       i.       HELEN5 STEVENSON, b. December 17, 1912, WENATCHEE, CHELAN CO, WASHINGTON; d. February 09, 1994, PENDLETON, UMATILLA CO, OREGON; m. ROY OSMOND PETERSON, September 19, 1936, WENATCHEE, CHELAN CO, WASHINGTON8.       ii.       EDITH STEVENSON, b. June 30, 1899, MANZANOLA, OTERO CO, COLORADO; d. June 16, 1992, REDMOND, WASHINGTON; m. JOHN FRANK REID, WFT Est 1915-1935.       iii.       ALICE STEVENSON, b. August 21, 1900, MANZANOLA, COLORADO; d. March 25, 1989, PORTLAND, OREGON; m. RICHARD C. SIMMONS, WFT Est 1916-1945.       iv.       RUTH STEVENSON, b. May 13, 1903, SUGAR CITY, COLORADO; d. March 30, 1979, WENATCHEE, CHELAN CO, WASHINGTON; m. ROGER WILLIAMSON SIMON, December 1921.       v.       EDWIN KENNETH STEVENSON, b. October 08, 1907, BLACKFOOT, IDAHO; d. October 12, 1958, EPHRATA, WASHINGTON; m. GOLDA, Private.       vi.       JOSEPH HENRY STEVENSON, b. 1897, MANZANOLA, ORTERO CO, COLORADO; d. August 08, 1920, WENATCHEE, CHELAN CO, WASHINGTON; m. EMMA, Private.5. OLIVER HOMER4 DAVIS (MARTHA JANE3 MORFORD, MARY2 CULLUMBER, JOHN1) was born 1872 in KANSAS, and died WFT Est 1909-1963 in FOWLER, COLORADO. He married ANNA MAE WRIGHT WFT Est 1888-1922.       Children of Oliver Davis and Anna Wright are:       i.       ESTELLA VIOLA5 DAVIS, b. Private; m. PERAL WILLIAM OBRIEN, Private.       ii.       RAYMOND JEFFERSON DAVIS, b. Private; m. SARAH, Private.       iii.       SEGAL OTIS DAVIS, b. September 26, 1906, CHEYENNE WELLS, COLORADO; d. July 1983.       iv.       KENNETH HOMER DAVIS, b. Private; m. AGNES, Private.       v.       PERRY EDWARD DAVIS, b. Private; m. MILDRED, Private.       vi.       MYRTLE IVY DAVIS, b. Private; m. FRED OBRIEN, Private.6. MILO F.4 DAVIS (MARTHA JANE3 MORFORD, MARY2 CULLUMBER, JOHN1) was born 1870 in KANSAS, and died WFT Est 1906-1961. He married DAISY BELLE ALMIRE December 16, 1901 in MACKSVILLE, KANSAS, daughter of Peter Allemeyre and Elizabeth Thompson.       Child of Milo Davis and Daisy Almire is:       i.       FRANCIS HENRY5 DAVIS, b. October 10, 1903, PAWNEE CITY, KANSAS9; d. August 24, 1985, RENO, WASHOE, NEVEDA.Endnotes1. LDS PEDIGREE CHART DATED MAY 19, 19952. LDS PEDIGREE CHART DATED MAY 19, 19953. LDS PEDIGREE CHART DATED MAY 19, 19954. LDS MIICROFICHE5. LDS MICROFICHE6. LDS MICROFICHE7. LDS MICROFICHE8. FROM THEIR MARRIAGE BOOK9. COPY OF HIS HONORABLE DISCHARGE SENT TO ME BY ELDA MAY RUNION

  vi.   William Cullumber, born February 22, 1826 in Ohio.

  vii.   John Cullumber, born Abt. 1828 in Ohio.

  viii.   Arbitha Cullumber, born Abt. 1829 in Ohio.

  ix.   Tabitha Cullumber, born Abt. 1830 in Ohio.

  x.   Phineas Cullumber, born Abt. 1831 in Ohio.

  xi.   Margaret Cullumber, born Abt. 1836 in Ohio.

  xii.   Malanda Cullumber, born 1836 in Madison County, Oh..

  xiii.   Alfred Cullumber, born Abt. 1840 in Ohio.
       40. Andrew J. Beavers, born 1779 in Va.; died May 23, 1841 in Hillsboro, Oh. Paint Township.. He was the son of 80. Beavers. He married 41. Mary Ann Butler 1805 in Washington, MD..
       41. Mary Ann Butler, born January 25, 1788 in Md.; died August 10, 1866 in Hillsboro, Oh. Paint Township.. She was the daughter of 82. Butler.

       Children of Andrew Beavers and Mary Butler are:

  i.   William Beavers, born 1805 in Bedford Pa.; married Elizabeth Abt. 1834.

  20 ii.   Joseph Allen Beavers, born December 01, 1813 in Bedford, Pa.; died October 03, 1865 in Decatur County Iowa; married Christina W. Spargur March 23, 1837 in Highland Ohio.

  iii.   Abner Beavers, born 1819 in Highland Ohio or Pa.; married Isabella.

  iv.   James Burley Beavers, born April 04, 1819 in Columbus, Fairfield County, Oh. Or Pickway Oh.; died January 13, 1891 in Decatur Co., Iowa.; married Elisabeth "Besty" Gochenouer October 04, 1840 in OH..

  v.   Elizabeth Beavers, born May 03, 1821 in OH.; died November 12, 1877 in Decatur, IA; married Samuel Riddle December 02, 1841 in Highland, OH.

  vi.   Andrew Jackson II Beavers, born October 04, 1822 in Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio; died May 28, 1872; married Jane Wade November 01, 1840 in Page Iowa.

  vii.   Susan Beavers, born January 21, 1826 in Highland Ohio; died June 21, 1878 in Decatur County, Iowa.; married Andrew McCall Bull June 05, 1845 in Decatur County, Iowa..

  viii.   Thomas Beavers, born July 07, 1828 in Highland Ohio; died July 28, 1896 in Highland Ohio; married Sarah Smith February 01, 1849 in Highland County, Ohio.

  ix.   Sarah Beavers, born Aft. 1830; married Thomas Beavers in Highland County, Ohio.

  x.   Mary Ann Beavers, born September 20, 1831 in Highland County, Oh.; died March 12, 1876 in Decatur County, Iowa.; married William W. Spargur.

  xi.   Martha Jane Beavers, born 1836 in Paint Township, Highland Oh.; died 1909 in Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH.; married Abram Sams February 22, 1855 in Highland County, Ohio.
       42. Joseph Wolfenbsarger Spargur, born March 01, 1781 in Surry Co., NC4; died March 06, 1845 in Highland Co., OH5. He was the son of 84. John Sparger Wolfersberger and 85. Christina (Christiana) Frey. He married 43. Rachel Sumner May 1801 in N.C..
       43. Rachel Sumner, born December 12, 1785 in Surry County; died October 04, 1823 in Highland Ohio. She was the daughter of 86. Bowater or Boater Sumner and 87. Rebeckah Burris.

       Children of Joseph Spargur and Rachel Sumner are:

  i.   John W. Spargur, born February 13, 1803 in Friedburg, Surry NC; died April 05, 1865 in Highland Ohio; married Mariah Franklin February 19, 1826 in Highland County, OH..

  ii.   Bowater W. Spargur, born September 09, 1804 in Surry County N.C.; married (1) Mary Beavers February 11, 1829 in Highland County, OH.; married (2) Number 1 Bowater February 11, 1829 in Highland Ohio.

  iii.   Henry W. Spargur, born December 03, 1806 in Highland County, OH.; died 1889 in Buried Hillsboro, Cemetery, Hillsboro Oh.; married Sarah H. Davis November 12, 1835 in Highland Ohio.

  iv.   Joseph W. Spargur, born March 03, 1809 in Highland Ohio; died June 20, 1893 in Highland County, OH.; married Nancy Beavers March 15, 1829 in Highland Ohio.

  v.   Phoebe Spargur, born December 27, 1810 in Highland County, OH.; died October 23, 1896; married (1) White; married (2) James White November 23, 1827.

  21 vi.   Christina W. Spargur, born September 13, 1813 in Highland Ohio; died May 24, 1896 in Decatur County Iowa; married Joseph Allen Beavers March 23, 1837 in Highland Ohio.

  vii.   Allen W Spargur, born October 20, 1815 in Highland Ohio; died February 04, 1865 in Buried Beavers, Spargur Cemetery Oh.; married Elizabeth Wade November 21, 1839 in Highland Ohio.

  viii.   Rebecca W. Spargur, born February 23, 1818 in Highland Ohio; died December 28, 1905 in Villisca, Montgomery County Iowa; married Elijah Overman April 02, 1834 in Highland County, OH..

  ix.   Elizabeth Spargur, born October 03, 1820 in New Petersburg, Highland Co., Oh.; died June 28, 1904 in Visllisca, Montgomery Co., Iowa; married Thomas Moore March 24, 1840 in Highland Co., OH6.

  x.   Phillip Wolfensparger Spargur, born May 01, 1823 in Highland Ohio; died May 28, 1891 in Villisca, Montgomery County Iowa; married (1) Abigail W. Moore; married (2) Margret Kissling; married (3) Naomi Beavers March 24, 1844 in Highland Co., Oh.
       Children of Joseph Spargur and Abigail Moore are:

  i.   Rachel Spargur, born August 30, 1824 in Highland County Ohio; died February 11, 1898 in Villisca, Page County, Iowa; married Seldon Beavers November 01, 1840 in OH..

  ii.   James W. Spargur, born March 31, 1827 in Highland County Ohio; died October 24, 1902 in Buried Beavers, Spargur Cemetery Oh.; married Elizabeth.

  iii.   William W. Spargur, born September 29, 1829 in Highland County Ohio; died August 27, 1896 in Putman, Mo.; married (1) Mary Ann Beavers; married (2) Rebecca Lucas.

  iv.   Margaret W. Spargur, born December 21, 1831 in Highland County Ohio.

  v.   Lydia W. Spargur, born October 13, 1834 in Highland County Ohio.

  vi.   Mary W. Spargur, born May 14, 1837 in Highland County Ohio.

  vii.   Sarah W. Spargur, born April 14, 1840.

  viii.   Reuben W. Spargur, born October 22, 1842 in Highland County Ohio.
       44. Andrew Ruddell, born Abt. 1771 in VA. He was the son of 88. Cornelius Ruddell and 89. Ingabo Bird. He married 45. Catherine "Katie" Rader December 10, 1793 in Shenandoah Co., Va..
       45. Catherine "Katie" Rader, born December 29, 1773 in Shenandoah, VA. She was the daughter of 90. Michael Rader and 91. Catherina Long.

       Children of Andrew Ruddell and Catherine Rader are:

  22 i.   John Riddle, born 1797 in Roanoke, VA; died February 28, 1872 in Decatur Co., IA; married Anna Harshbarger June 29, 1820 in Fincastle, Botetourt, VA.

  ii.   Debbie Ruddell, born Abt. 1799; married John MIBBLIN.

  iii.   Mary Riddle, born Abt. 1801; married John Rader October 23, 1833 in Botetourt, Co., VA..

  iv.   Betsy Ruddell, born Abt. 1803; married COMBES.

  v.   James Ruddell, born 1803; married Martha HARRIS-FOX (FOSS).

  vi.   Andrew Ruddell, born Abt. 1805.

  vii.   Cornelius Ruddell, born Abt. 1807; married (1) Elizabeth MCGEORGE; married (2) Sarah BARNES.

  viii.   Ingebo Ruddell, born Abt. 1809.

  ix.   Catherine Ann Ruddell, born Abt. 1811.

  x.   Malinda Ruddell, born Abt. 1813; married George ROUT.
       46. Christian ( Hirschberger) Harshbarger, born September 20, 1755 in Lancaster, PA; died June 29, 1827 in Botetourt, VA. He was the son of 92. Jacob (Hirschberger) Harshbarger and 93. Maria Eva PETRA. He married 47. Barbara C. Ammen 1779 in Cacalio, Lancaster, PA.
       47. Barbara C. Ammen, born February 09, 1760 in Lancaster Co., PA.; died August 21, 1802 in Botetourt, VA. She was the daughter of 94. Durst Ammen and 95. Anna Eva Ranck.

Notes for Christian ( Hirschberger) Harshbarger:
Served in the Revolutionary War, from PA. inCaptain Bradley's Co 9th Lancaster Co. Militia, 8th Class.

       Children of Christian Harshbarger and Barbara Ammen are:

  i.   Son Harshbarger, born 1780 in Lancaster, PA.; died 1780 in Lancaster, PA..

  ii.   Catherine Katie Harshbarger, born October 06, 1781 in Lancaster, PA; died February 12, 1871 in Burlington, DesMoines Co., Iowa; married John Deardorff February 07, 1804 in Fincastle, Botetourt, VA.

  iii.   Samuel Harshbarger, born 1783 in PA; died 1853 in Near Delphi IN., along the Wabash River.; married (1) Sister of the first wife Kinzie; married (2) Wife #3; married (3) Polly Kinzey October 10, 1811 in Botetourt, Co., VA..

  Notes for Polly Kinzey:
Kinzey, Kinazey, Kinsay, Kinsie, Kinzay, Kinzie, Kinzy or Kinszy.

  iv.   Twin HARSHBARGER, born 1783 in PA; died 1783 in PA..

  v.   Jacob Harshbarger, born May 30, 1786 in Va.; died 1835 in Marquon, Il.; married Elizabeth Beckner October 12, 1809 in Botetourt Co., VA..

  vi.   Mary Eve Harshbarger, born June 26, 1789 in VA.; died November 1810; married John Beckner October 12, 1809 in Botetourt, Co., VA..

  vii.   Rebecca Harshbarger, born 1791 in VA.; died 1861 in LaFayette, In.; married Jacob Gish March 09, 1816 in Botetourt, Co., VA..

  viii.   Elizabeth Harshbarger, born 1794 in VA.; married John STAIR March 21, 1815 in Botetourt, Co., VA..

  ix.   Susanna Harshbarger, born 1797 in Va.; died 1830 in Near Layfayette, In.; married David GISH September 18, 1818 in Botetourt, Co., VA..

  23 x.   Anna Harshbarger, born November 21, 1799 in Botetourt, VA; died May 23, 1899 in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa; married John Riddle June 29, 1820 in Fincastle, Botetourt, VA.
       56. Samuel Jr. Still, born 1789 in Tenn.; died 1845 in Taney County Mo.. He was the son of 112. Samuel Still and 113. Mary. He married 57. Mary Yocum or Yokum.
       57. Mary Yocum or Yokum, born 1793. She was the daughter of 114. Sol Yocum.

       Children of Samuel Still and Mary Yokum are:

  28 i.   Merideth Still, born March 27, 1807 in Powell Valley Tn; died May 27, 1867 in Pleasanton Iowa; married Elizabeth Martha Sanders January 27, 1831 in Mongomery, Tany Co., MO..

  ii.   John Still, born January 10, 1809; died May 11, 1885; married Elizebeth.

  iii.   Andrew Jackson Still, born 1815 in Taney County Mo.; died February 15, 1878 in Near, Harrison, AR.; married Mary Ann Mercy Howard Abt. 1842 in Taney CO., MO..
       60. Elijah Mullins, born 1799 in Halfax Co., VA. Or Buncomb County, Va.; died Aft. 1840. He was the son of 120. Abner Mullins and 121. Jedidah Hampton. He married 61. Mary Abt. 1817.
       61. Mary.

Notes for Elijah Mullins:
Sec. 34 Goshen and Mullins Cemetery was land bought by Elijah.

       Children of Elijah Mullins and Mary are:

  i.   Catherine Ann Mullins, born February 13, 1818 in Buncombe Co., N.C.; died November 15, 1885 in Madison Twp., Mercer Co., Mo; married M. R .McCamy MULLINS.

  ii.   Sophronia Adeline Mullins, born July 18, 1821 in Buncombe Co., N.C.; died February 18, 1895 in Lindley Twp., Mercer Co., Mo; married Elijah Huff November 1840 in Saline County, Mo..

  30 iii.   William Elmore Mullins, born 1823 in N.C.; died August 23, 1889 in Mo.; married Jane Copeland October 22, 1846 in Saline County, Mo..

  iv.   Julius Gallatin Coon Mullins, born November 01, 1827 in Cooper County, Mo.; died March 12, 1923 in Near Cainsville Mo.; married Mary Jane Alexander May 10, 1854.

  Notes for Julius Gallatin Coon Mullins:
Julis and Mary Jane lived in the NE coner of Harrison Twp., Mercer Co., Mo.1854-1859. In the 1860, 70 & 1880 cenus , Madison Twp., Mercer Co., Mo USGS map, 80 acres in section 9. 1897 USGS. map of 1897 Sec. 5 Harrison Twp., Mercer Co., Mo. About 1910 they were living 1 and one half miles east of Cainsville, Mercer Co., MO
Notes for Mary Jane Alexander:
As a girl Mary Jane lived in Saline Co., MO

  v.   Thomas Mullins, born Abt. 1830.

  vi.   Mary Polly Ann Mullins, born March 13, 1836 in Mo; died April 27, 1896 in Mo; married James Cain.
       Child of Elijah Mullins and Emily McMahan is:

  i.   Jackson Mullins, born 1844 in Saline Co., Mo.
       62. John Copeland, born Abt. 1797 in N.C.; died in MO?. He was the son of 124. Joel Copeland?. He married 63. Mary Gwinn.
       63. Mary Gwinn, born Abt. 1802. She was the daughter of 126. Almond Gwinn and 127. Neuraney Mullins.

       Children of John Copeland and Mary Gwinn are:

  i.   Son Copeland, born Bef. 1830.

  31 ii.   Jane Copeland, born May 22, 1830 in Propaly in Saline County, Mo.; died February 06, 1912 in Mo.; married William Elmore Mullins October 22, 1846 in Saline County, Mo..

  iii.   Jefferson Copeland, born Abt. 1832 in Mo..

  iv.   William Copeland, born Abt. 1834 in Mo..

  v.   Ruth Copeland, born Abt. 1836 in Mo..

  vi.   Benjamin H. Copeland, born Abt. 1837 in Mo..

  vii.   Ann Copeland, born Abt. 1839 in Mo..

  viii.   Margaret Copeland, born Abt. 1841 in Mo..

  ix.   Samuel Copeland, born Abt. 1844 in Mo..

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