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Descendants of Unknown Brittain

      3. Samuel2 Brittain (Unknown1) was born Abt. 1715. He married Unknown Wife.

Notes for Samuel Brittain:
The Brittain Family, from Pennsylvania in 1699 to Alabama 1840, a sketch, author unknown: We know that several brothers, James, born about 1699, William and Samuel, settled in Pennsylvania. Samuel had six sons. At the time of the War of Independence three of these sons sided with the Crown and three with the Colonies.

The three Tories settled with other Royalist in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In D. J. Jack book, "Loyalist Families of New Brunswick" Vol. L A-C gives the names of the three Tory sons of Samuel as James, Joseph & William.

The three sons of Samuel who sided with the Colonies have descendants in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Editors notes: The remainder of this history is taken from above sketch, and three other documents. The Genealogical Study of James Brittain of Buncombe County, NC compiled by Shirley Brittain Cawyer, copyright 1988. A genealogy sketch compiled by Mrs. Lois Cronbaugh of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, published in The East Kentuckian, Sept. 1968 issue, entitled The Brittain - Britton Family, descendants of James Brittain of Wales, NC & KY. A book, "Three Centuries of Ballingers in America" by Emma Barrett Reeves.

Originally, the editor traced Nancy Brittain, wife of David G. Brown, back for three generations as follows: William/ Mary Gooch Brittain, Jr. William/Rebeckah Ballanger Brittain Sr. James/Mary Witty Brittain. Up until I read from the above book, "Three Centuries of Ballengers in America", that "Rebeckah Ballenger daughter of Henry Ballenger, married William Brittain, son of Samuel." This information raises the question of James/Mary Witty Brittain being a direct ancestor of Nancy Brittain. Now this James did have a son named Samuel, but he would have been too young to have been husband of Rebeckah Ballinger.

It is my belief then that the William Brittain Sr who married Rebeckah Ballinger in 1758 is one of the six sons of Samuel Brittain who came from Wales with his brothers James & Joseph in the early 1700's. He is one of the sons who remained loyal to the Colonies. There is one problem with this deduction as we see a William Brittain named as one of the three sons who fled to Canada as Tories? The three sons who remained loyal to the Colonies are not named except for James. I am concluding that an error was made in identifying name of
William as being a Tory. In time the truth may emerge?

Subj:      John T. Britton
Date:      02/06/2000 2:24:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:      DOLOR5000
To:      BBrown7152

Hi Byron.

My sister called me yesterday to give me some information from Maxine Carman of Fort Pierce. I am not sure where Sherry (my sister) got her address but she had written her a letter. Since you are doing the Samuel Britton's I thought this could be of interest to you. I believe it also helps you prove that your Samuel is brother to James as this lady Maxine claims a descendent of Samuel son of James. This is the way her chart goes as Sherry gave me over the phone. She is mailing me the information tomorrow.

James Britton m Mary Whitty

Samuel Sr. m Mary Perkins Samuel born 1742, d 1837

Samuel Jr. m Jeminah Stanley

John Moore Britton m Millicent Trueblood (John M. born 1822)

John T. Britton m Virginia Lanier (John T. born Feb. 1, 1862)

Maxine is the granddaughter of John T. Britton and as I understood she got her information from her grandfather.

John t Britton was a lawyer, was Mayor of Asheboro in 1895 and was in the NC Legislature democratic party in 1901. He and his son had a law office in Asheboro.

This is all new to me and I wondered if you had seen any of this before. Maybe you could put this on your web page and see what happens.

Maxine also refers to a book called the History of NC by Lewis Publishing dated 1919. Have you ever seen this book? I am going to the state library and see if I can find a copy. Their is supposed to be some information about James Britton in that book.


Subj:      Britton
Date:      02/08/2000 8:25:34 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:      DOLOR5000
To:      BBrown7152

Hi Bryon,

If you would like my sister can send you some information that she has as she has been to Winchester area doing some research. She found that Samuel Britton died and was buried in that area. We are not sure if this Samuel was the brother or the father of James. The only Samuel we have found in Guilford Co. is the son of James. Samuel Britton in Winchester was a Quaker as were William and Benjamin in Guildford we think probably Samuel in Winchester was their father. James Britton was not a Quaker. Sherry has been to the church that Samuel in Winchester attended. If you are interested send me your address if not it is ok. Marie East has lots of errors in her information. Most of it she got out of a book in the State Library over here and we have had that for years but discount most of it.

Children of Samuel Brittain and Unknown Wife are:
+ 15 i.   William3 Brittain, born Bet. 1735 - 1738; died February 01, 1794 in Guilford County, NC.
  16 ii.   James Brittain.
  17 iii.   Joseph Brittain.
  18 iv.   Unknown Brittain.
  19 v.   Unknown Brittain.
  20 vi.   Unknown Brittain.

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