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Descendants of Unknown Brittain

      180. Sarah J (Saray)6 Brown (Nancy5 Brittain, William Brittain4 Jr, William3 Brittain, Samuel2, Unknown1) was born August 28, 1831 in Dubois County Indiana, and died March 05, 1911 in Dubois County Indiana. She married Thomas A Anderson, Jr. January 20, 1850 in Dubois County Indiana, son of Thomas Sr and Mary Lindsey. He was born May 26, 1827 in Dubois County Indiana, and died January 02, 1889 in Dubois County Indiana.

Notes for Sarah J (Saray) Brown:
Sarah J Brown lived a long life for her time. She was named after her father's sister, Sarah, who married Smith Brittain.

Notes for Thomas A Anderson, Jr.:
Thomas A Anderson Jr. was of great benefit to our family. He married the second oldest daughter of David G & Nancy Brittain Brown, Sarah J. Brown, when she was still in her teens and an orphan. The were married by A.J. Strain, Pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Dubois County, Indiana. He along with his wife Sarah finished raising Sarah's baby sister Rebecca Brown who was eight years old and living with them on the 1850 census. When Martin V Brown, Sarah's brother, died in 1884, Thomas Anderson took on the responsibility, acting as Court appointed guardian for the eight underage Brown children living in the household.

Thomas Anderson, Jr. was a pioneer tanner and farmer in Dubois County. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and he and his wife Sarah Brown Anderson Jr. are buried at Shiloh Church, Ireland, Indiana.           
BB 1998
Children of Sarah Brown and Thomas Anderson are:
  251 i.   William Perry7 Anderson, born 1853.
  252 ii.   Thomas G Anderson, born 1864.
  253 iii.   Hester A Anderson, born 1866.

      181. Martin Vanburen6 Brown (Nancy5 Brittain, William Brittain4 Jr, William3 Brittain, Samuel2, Unknown1) was born 1836 in Dubois County Indiana, and died January 07, 1884 in Dubois County Indiana. He married (1) Menhalat Powers Bet. 1858 - 1960 in Dubois Co Indiana. She was born April 27, 1844 in Dubois Co Indiana, and died November 20, 1870 in Dubois Co Indiana. He married (2) Diannah Williams November 09, 1871 in Orange County, Indiana, daughter of Robert Williams and Mary Harned. She was born September 17, 1843 in Orange County, Indiana, and died September 05, 1929 in Jewell, Iowa.

Notes for Martin Vanburen Brown:
Martin Vanburen Brown, born 1836 in Dubois County, Indiana led an interesting life in rural southern Indiana. He was named after Martin Vanburen, who became President of the United States, and may have been a family friend and neighbor back in Augusta County, Virginia. It was probably a difficult life at times? His parents were forced to sell their 80 Acre farm in order to pay off debts, when Martin was about seven. Two years later his father died, a year later his mother remarried a much older man, then she died in a few months. In July 1848, Martin, along with all of his other siblings except his oldest sister (Mary Ann), were under the guardianship of John Anderson, Jr, husband of Mary Ann Brown. By the 1850 census, Martin is living on the farm of David Anderson, his oldest sister, Mary Ann is dead, his sister, Sarah J is a teen-age bride of Thomas Anderson, Jr, William Jackson is 21 and living on farm of Alexander as a laborer. His sister, Nancy is living with widow Mary Anderson household, and his youngest sister, Rebecca, age 8. is living in the household of Thomas Anderson, Jr/Sarah J Brown Anderson. The death of David G Brown and mother, Nancy Brittain Brown, certainly caused a split up of the Brown family. Fortunately, the Anderson family took over their care and finished raising them.

We must assume that Martin finished growing up on the farm of David Anderson. Somewhere around 1858-60, Martin married Menhalah Powers, daughter of Major Thomas Powers, early pioneer of Jasper. Miss Bettie Anderson, age 91, of Ireland, IN, in 1928 said: "Mrs. Mahala Powers Brown was a daughter of Major Thomas Powers. Mrs. Brown and her two sons, Clarence and David used to live northwest of Ireland and traded at Ireland. Mrs Brown and her two sons are buried at Shiloh. Mrs brown was a granddaughter of Lewis Powers of the American revolution and he and Major Anderson were among the original founders of Jasper."

Martin and Menhalah (Mahala) had four sons between 1861 and 1869. We have no record of what happened to the two oldest, Martin II and Thomas B? Probably did not survive childhood? Clarence P. is mentioned in a newspaper clipping as being a member of the Jasper Legion Drum Corp, pictured as a late teen-Ager, or young man. David R, named after his grandfather, David G, died at age 23, December 23, 1892 of carcoma of the liver. Both of these sons are buried with their parents in Shiloh Cemetery. We assume their two oldest children were also buried there, but there are no grave markers for them?

After Menhalah died, November 20, 1870, age 26, Martin V Brown is left with two young sons, Clarence, age three, and David R, age one. It is interesting to read in historical notes on Dubois County, Volume 16, page 565: "David Brown, a grandson of Major Thomas Powers and wife lived for two years on the farm with the Andersons and Miss Bettie Anderson is in position to know whereof she speaks when she says Major Thomas Powers and his wife are buried in the Evans graveyard." Here again we see the Anderson family helping raise orphaned Brown siblings.

On November 9, 1871, Martin V Brown marries Diannah (Anna) Williams of Orange County, Indiana, just a few days short of one year after the death of Mahalat Powers Brown. Martin certainly needed a new wife to help raise his two sons. This union produces six more fine Brown children, who go on to produce many living relatives today. We will look at the lives of these six as we go through this work, but first let us examine what happens to Martin V Brown, who dies at age forty eight leaving a widow with eight underage children. On January 7, 1884, Martin V Brown dies of pneumonia. On his son's ( William E Brown ) application for enlistment in the United States Army,
February 24, 1901, he gives Typhoid fever as cause of father's death. He also gives his father's nationality as IRISH. Probably, Scotch-Irish Presbyterian.

This unexpected death came as a shock to the family and friends of Martin. He was a prosperous farmer with a sizeable estate for those times: land, livestock, growing crops, farming equipment, house with household furnishings, and many personal belongings. A complete inventory of his estate is available. His death notice in Jasper newspaper reads: "On Sunday night of pneumonia, Mr Martin V Brown of Madison township. Mr Brown was one of the best citizens of Madison twp, and a good farmer. He leaves a widow and family. He belonged to Ireland Lodge, A.O.U.W. and was buried by the order."

Also from the Jasper Weekly Courier, February 1, 1884: IN MEMORIAL - HALL OF IRELAND LODGE, NO. 41, A.O.U.W., JAN. 24, 1884 - Our Lodge is called upon to contemplate a vacancy caused by the death of our beloved Brother, Martin V Brown. And not only in the Lodge-room, but in this entire community is felt and realized the existence of his vacancy.

As it was the will of our Heavenly father, the Supreme Master Workman over all, to call him from our midst to a seat in the Supreme Lodge on High, we bow in Humble submission to His will; and let us while we live, retain his(Martin's) example as a guided in the future. His many deeds of kindness and charity will ever live in the memory of all who knew him. As a Master Workman, he was always at his post, ever ready to counsel and work with his brothers in whatever position he was called to fill; be it there resolved, that we, as a Lodge, deeply sympathize with the bereaved family of the deceased Brother in their loss, which to them is much greater than ours, hoping and trusting that they will realize that the departed has only passed over to that brighter and happier land, where he is resting and awaiting their coming.

Resolved, that we pledge ourselves to them as we did to our deceased Brother. Resolved, that these resolutions be spread upon the record of our Lodge, and published in the Jasper Courier and Huntingburg Argus, and that a copy of each paper be sent to the bereaved family. Signed by the Committee: Wm. B Rose, Wm. C Brittain, John W Blackwell." ( Wm. C. Brittain was a family uncle.)

Martin V Brown was listed as being one of the best singers at Shiloh Church. From the Story Of Old Shiloh, By Forrest R. Anderson, "The Otwell Star", June 12, 1942.

William L Brittain, family uncle, appointed administrator of Martin's estate. Thomas A Anderson, Jr. appointed guardian of all eight minor children.

More About Martin Vanburen Brown:
Fact 1: 1836, Born Dubois Co Indiana
Fact 2: 1850, Living in David Anderson household
Fact 3: Bet. 1858 - 1960, Married Menhalah Powers
Fact 4: Bet. 1861 - 1869, 4 sons born during this union
Fact 5: Had prosporous farm near Ireland IN
Fact 6: November 20, 1870, Menhalat Powers (wife) died
Fact 7: November 09, 1871, Married Diannah Williams, Orange Co IN
Fact 8: January 07, 1884, Died unexpectedly. Buried Shiloh Cemetery

Notes for Menhalat Powers:
Manhalet Powers 1844-1870 daughter of Major Thomas Powers, early pioneer of Dubois Co Indiana. She married Martin V Brown and their first child was born in 1861. She must have been 15-16 when she married Martin who was eight years older. She bore Martin four sons by 1869. She died at 26-27, probably in childbirth?
Her grave marker was erected by her two sons, Clarence P and David R. We assume this was done after the death of their father, Martin, since the two markers match?

More About Menhalat Powers:
Fact 1: April 27, 1844, Born Dubois Co Indiana
Fact 2: Daughter ofMajor T. Powers, Poineer Dubois Co
Fact 3: November 20, 1870, Died Dubois Co-Buried Shiloh Cemetery.

Notes for Diannah Williams:
Within a year after Martin's first wife Manhalet Powers Brown died he married Diannah (Anna) Williams. We know he had at least two young sons from this first marriage who needed a mother! He made a good choice for Anna Williams Brown bore six more children. She was left with eight underage children in the household when Martin V Brown died in 1884. She did have a close knit family to help. Thomas A Anderson, uncle of these eight, took on the responsibility to act as legal guardian. William Brittain, (relative of Nancy Brittain Brown, wife of David G Brown), took on the responsibility to act as administrator of Martin V Brown's estate . This estate file is available upon request, and shows a typical, successful, farm family inventory in southern Indiana in the1880's.

These two men, members of this close knit family, gave aid and support to Diannah who was left without a man in the house, with eight children from five to seventeen years of age.
Diannah did a good job of raising these children. There are many living descendants!
Diannah's youngest child, Jethro Madden Brown had a window slam down on his head when he was about five years old, according to family history. As a result of this accident, Jethro was declared of unsound mind as a youth. His mother was appointed legal guardian and later his brother, Franklin (Frank). Jethro Madden lived for many years in the Webster County Home in Webster City, Iowa where he died in 1962. He is buried in the Ellsworth Cemetery, Ellsworth, Iowa with other family members.

Diannah Williams Brown on September 5, 1906, married George W Haskins. George was almost twenty years her senior. He was 78 years old and only lived five months before he died. On October 2, 1906, he gave consent for his wife, Anna be appointed guardian for her son Jethro Madden Brown, a person of unsound mind. Evidently, Diannah married George seeking security?

BB 1998

More About Diannah Williams:
Fact 1: September 17, 1845, bornOrange County, Indiana
Fact 2: November 09, 1971, married Martin V Brown
Fact 3: August 22, 1872, Franklin Idone Brown born
Fact 4: July 10, 1874, Mary Arvada Brown born
Fact 5: March 12, 1876, Robert Lincoln Brown born
Fact 6: July 18, 1878, William E Brown born
Fact 7: April 20, 1880, Nancy LuVeroa (Verde) Brown born
Fact 8: November 30, 1882, Jethro Madden born
Fact 9: January 07, 1884, Martin V Brown (husband) died
Fact 10: September 05, 1906, married George W Haskins
Fact 11: February 07, 1907, George W Haskins dies
Fact 12: September 05, 1929, Died Ellsworth, Iowa
Children of Martin Brown and Menhalat Powers are:
  254 i.   Martin7 Brown II, born 1861.
  Notes for Martin Brown II:
At this point there is no record of what happened to Martin II. He was not in the household in when his father died in 1884. He may have died from childhood disease?
BB 1998

  More About Martin Brown II:
Fact 1: 1861, birth date, no record of death?

  255 ii.   Thomas B Brown, born 1865.
  Notes for Thomas B Brown:
Just like his brother Martin II, there is no record at this point of what happened to Thomas brown. He also may have perished from childhood disease?

  More About Thomas B Brown:
Fact 1: 1865, Birth date, no record of death?

  256 iii.   Clarence P. Brown, born 1867 in Dubois County, Indiana.
  Notes for Clarence P. Brown:
Clarence P. Brown survived through childhood. He was a member of the Jasper Legion Drum Corp as a youth. He was in the household as the oldest sibling, 16-17, when his father Martin V died in 1884. Again we see an untimely death of the father leaving eight underage sibling in the household. Thomas Anderson, husband of Sarah Brown (daughter of David G & Nancy Brittain Brown) and uncle of these eight sibling took over as legal guardian.
There is a court document recording the sale of his 1/12 share of his fathers land to his step-mother, Diannah (Anna) Williams Brown in 1890.
At this point there is no record of Clarence P Brown's marriage or death.
BB 1998

  More About Clarence P. Brown:
Fact 1: November 10, 1867, Living in household in 1864. No record of death?
Fact 2: 1882, Played in Jasper, Indiana Band
Fact 3: October 28, 1890, Sold 1/12 interest in fathers land to step-mother, Diannah (Anna) Williams Brown

  257 iv.   David R Brown, born 1869 in Dubois County Indiana; died December 23, 1892 in Dubois County Indiana.
  Notes for David R Brown:
David R Brown, grandson of David G & Nancy Brittain Brown, was the youngest child of Martin V & Manhalet Powers Brown. He was five years old when his father died. The records shows that he lived for some time as a youth with his mothers parents, Major Thomas Powers, early pioneer of Dubois Co Indiana. He was fond of pointing out where his grandparents were buried in the Evans Cemetery in Jasper.

David R Brown died at 23 years of age from liver cancer. He never married and was listed as a farmer.

At this point, it appears that none of Martin V & Manhalet Powers Brown's four sons ever married unless new information is uncovered.

BB 1998

  More About David R Brown:
Fact 1: May 10, 1869, Birth, Dubois Co Indiana
Fact 2: December 23, 1892, Died from cancer of liver. Occupation Farmer

Children of Martin Brown and Diannah Williams are:
+ 258 i.   Franklin Idone7 Brown, born August 22, 1872 in Ireland, Dubois County, Indiana; died March 31, 1928 in Ellsworth, Iowa.
+ 259 ii.   Mary Arvada Brown, born July 10, 1874 in Dubois County, Indiana; died February 23, 1929 in Hamilton County, Iowa.
+ 260 iii.   Robert Lincoln Brown, born March 12, 1876 in Dubois County Indiana; died November 01, 1925 in Jackson, Mississippi.
  261 iv.   William E Brown, born July 18, 1878 in Dubois County, Indiana; died August 31, 1938 in Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington, DC. He married Margaret E; born May 30, 18771; died May 19681.
  Notes for William E Brown:
William (Bill) E. Brown, born Ireland (Dubois County), Indiana July 18, 1878. In February 1998 he joined the US States Army, age 19. On his enlistment papers he put his date of birth as December 1976. Evidently his real age would not have allowed him to enlist. He took training in the artillery and by the start of the Spanish-American War he was in Cuba and took part in the battle of Santiago. His mother received a report from one of his comrades that he was killed in this battle. The Jasper, IN newspaper published this information "The 3rd soldier from the peaceful citizens of Dubois County killed by the savage, heathenish Spaniards in this war for humanity was Wm. E. Brown, son of Anna Brown, a widow From Boone township. He was a bright young man, a graduate this spring of the common school course. he volunteered in the regular army and was assigned to he heavy artillery, where his common school diploma soon gave him a promotion as sergeant. His battery was in the front at the battle of Santiago and one of his comrades has written to his mother the he was among the killed."

In the November 25, 1898 Jasper Newspaper we find the following article. "Home: The 159 regiment was mustered out at Indianapolis Wednesday so that the volunteers might enjoy thanksgiving at home. William E Brown, belonging to battery a, 2d US artillery has returned to his home in Boone Twp, discharged on account of sickness, as the battery is expected to go to Cuba."

In the December 2, 1898 Jasper Newspaper we find the following article. "The relatives, neighbors and friends of William E Brown of Santiago fame, gave him a surprise on thanksgiving in Boone township. Every one was anxious to greet the returning soldier, and tried in some way to do him honor. when he came in from a Short hunt in the morning he found about 150 of his friends assembled, and the table ladened with turkey, cake, pumpkin pies and other necessary eatables, which were partaken of by all. Home and patriotic songs were a part of the program, and all claimed to have a good time."

February 1901, he enlisted for four more years. He may have been wounded however during the battle of Santiago, for in march 1906, he was approved for a pension. His complete Army records are included in the family book.

Family History records that William E Brown went on to serve in some type of Police work in Washington, DC for many years. Some said he was Chief of Police there (I doubt this), some said that he rode a motorcycle which lead the President Of the United States during special times. He may have been a member of the Secret Service (Secret Service had no record of employment) or just a member of the Washington DC Police Dept. At this time we do not know. There is a War Dept. (Adjutant General's Office) memo in his file dated Sept 1, 1938 requesting S.O.S. for burial.

Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery System, Washington, DC: "Sergeant William E Brown of the US Army's 3rd Battery Field Artillery, is interred in Grave 23398, in Arlington National Cemetery. He died on August 31,1938."

Certificate of Death #395972, District of Columbia. VA-33732. Died August 31, 1938, Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington, DC. Cause of death: 1.Cholecystitis, Chronic, with Choletithiasis 2. Appendicitis, chronic. Contributory (secondary) cause: Bronchopneumonia, all lobes, both lungs, terminal. An operation proceeded death on August 25, 1938. No autopsy.

Wife's name: Margaret E Brown. Residence address: 801 Nicholson St. NW, Washington, DC.

New information, September 18, 1998: Found his death notice in the September 2, 1938 WASHINGTON POST NEWSPAPER: "Brown, William E. On Wednesday, August 31, 1938 at Walter Reed General Hospital. WILLIAM E. BROWN, beloved husband of Margaret E. Brown, of 801 Nicholson St. NW. Funeral services will be held at the above residence on Saturday, September 3, at 10 A.M. Interment at Arlington National Cemetery. Friends and relatives invited." No children listed.

Taken from the 1920 US Census: William E Brown, age 41, birthplace Indiana. Wife Margaret E, age 40, birthplace Ireland. Residence 1227 New York Ave N.W., Washington, DC. Living in a rented home. No children listed. His occupation listed as Lawyer working in Real estate. (This is a surprise as all family oral history mentioned some kind of Police work?) Census information found in Volume 1, E.D. 8, sheet 3, line 31.

This will be the last information I expect to gather on this ancestor until the 1930 census information becomes available in 2002. It appears that he and Margaret spent most of their married life in Washington, DC and did not have any children in 1920 nor in 1938 at the time of his death. BB October 11, 1998.

  Notes for Margaret E:
Taken from 1920 US Census: Margaret E Brown immigrated from Ireland in 1889 when she was abt ten years old. We assume she came with her parents who are shown as being born in Ireland. She became a naturalization citizen of the United States in 1906. We do not have her maiden name, only the initial E being shown on all documents. I assume it would be possible to search for her identity, looking for a Margaret E who immigrated in 1889 and became a Naturalized citizen in 1906. 1906 is the year that William E Brown finished his second hitch in the US Army. I wonder if they were acquainted by then?[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1 A-L, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Apr 3, 1999, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Brown, Margaret
Social Security #: 579-66-6337
SS# issued in: Washington, DC

Birth date: May 30, 1877
Death date: May 1968

Residence code: District of Columbia

ZIP Code of last known residence: 20032
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:

Washington, District of Columbia

  More About Margaret E:
Fact 1: Social Security #: 579-66-63371
Fact 2: SS# issued in: Washington, DC1
Fact 3: Residence code: District of Columbia1
Fact 4: Last residence ZIP: 200321

+ 262 v.   Nancy Lu Verda Brown, born April 20, 1880 in Ireland, Dubois County, Indiana; died March 27, 1963 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
  263 vi.   Jethro Madden Brown, born November 30, 1882.
  Notes for Jethro Madden Brown:
Jethro Madden Brown received a head injury (window slammed down on his head) when he was about 5 years old. this left him mentally of unsound mind. He lived with family members and finally at Hamilton County Home, near Webster City, Iowa, where he died in 1962. He is buried in Ellsworth cemetery, Ellsworth, Iowa.

FOR JETHRO MADDEN BROWN - BORN OCTOBER 30, 1882 - DATE ENTERED INTO REST, AUGUST 29, 1962 - BURIED - ELLSWORTH IOWA - AGE 79 YEARS 10 MONTHS. Service officiated by The Rev. Kittermon. Songs - Abide With Me, The Old Rugged Cross.
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Brown White Glads.
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Brown Red Roses
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Jim white
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hutchinson
Vera Kolb & Family Yellow & White Mums
Anna Mae Brown      Red & White Carnations     
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bissey           
Russell V. Kelso - Des Moines, IA
Virgil F. Brown - Des Moines, IA      
Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Kelso - Ames IA
Dennis & Sherlyn Kelso - Ames, IA
Vera & Nancy Kolb - Holstein, IA
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Davis
Mrs. Anna Mae Brown
Mrs. Lewis L. Olson
Raymond Bissey
Beverly Lochmann
Fred E. Adams
Mrs Otto Arnold
Ray Baisel
Mrs Leonard Pringle
Michael Ryan
Pat Ryan
Richard Ryan

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