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Descendants of Isaac Baker

      81. James Lafayette4 Baker (John3, William2, Isaac1) was born August 06, 1859 in Independence County, Arkansas, and died April 25, 1941 in Independence County, Arkansas. He married Laura Elizabeth McClendon in Independence County, AR, daughter of William McClendon and Martha Morgan. She was born February 10, 1861, and died August 05, 1937 in Independence County, Arkansas.

Notes for James Lafayette Baker:
Written by Jacob H. Baker, ca 1972: "James Lafayette Baker was a namesake of the Revolutionary French General (Marquis de Lafayette). He was a farmer and stock raiser, living in McHue, Ark. He inherited the old homestead of grandpa and grandma Baker. He married Laura McClendon and they had six sons and one daughter: Robert C. John William. Annie Caroline. Henry Clay. Luther Franklin. Allen Eugene. McClendon Richard (Mack).

Obituary column, April 1941: " James L. (Fate) Baker, 82 of McHue died at a local hospital. Mr Baker was lifetime resident of McHue. He was engaged in the farming business until four years ago when he retired. He was a brother of the late R. A. (Dad) Baker, who operated the Baker hotel here for many years. Mr baker was a member of the McHue Methodist Church, of which he was a charter member. Born august 16, 1859 at McHue, Mr Baker was a pioneer of Independence County. He spent his entire life on one farm. He was well known over the county and had many friends.

Survivors are six sons, one daughter, and one brother, D. L. Baker, of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Internment was in the Alderbrook cemetery at Desha, where his deceased wife, Laura Elizabeth McClendon Baker is buried.

Editors Note: James Lafayette Baker, inherited the farm where he was born, which was John Baker's, his father. This old home place was carved out of the wilderness, beginning in 1839, when John and Anna Caroline Beeler Baker, moved to Independence County, Arkansas from McMinn County, Tennessee.

Notes for Laura Elizabeth McClendon:
Subj: Re: McCLENDON in Independence Co. AR
Date: 6/29/99 8:41:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: sharper1@home.com (Shirley Bogart Harper)
To: BBrown7152@AOL.com

Byron -
You didn't mention if Laura and James Lafayette married in Independence,
but I assume if she was born and lived her whole life there, they probably
married there as well. If Laura was born in 1861 did you check out all the
McClendon in the county in 1870 for one of them with daughter, Laura about
On my index for 1870 Independence was:
McClendan, L. W. , Christian Twp p. 064
McClenden, George, Green Briar Twp p. 105
McClendon, John, Green Briar Twp p. 106
McLendon, Eliza, Green Briar Twp p. 102
McLendon, William B. Green Briar Twp p. 102
McLENDON, John, Green Briar Twp p. 099
Now you didn't state that James Lafayette Baker's family was in the county
early-on, but if so it might be significant that there was also in 1870
Baker, Franklin, Green Briar Twp p. 099
Baker, John Green Briar Twp p. 099 [might this be James
Lafayette's father?]
Baker, Letitia Green Briar Twp p. 097
[there were many other Bakers there 1870]

Backing up to 1860 (just the year before Laura was born) there were these
in Independence:
McClenden, Nancy A. Greenbriar p. 301
McClendon, George Greenbriar p. 308
McClendon, Lucey Greenbriar p. 301
McClendon, Martha J. Greenbriar p. 310
McClendon, William Greenbriar p. 309
McClendon, Catharine Black River p. 193 [prob not McClendon?]
McClendon, Thomas J. Franklin p. 210 "
Here again Baker people close by some of these:
Baker, John Greenbriar p. 306 [sure close to George and
William McClendon]
Baker, Rufus Greenbriar p. 307
Baker, William L Greenbriar p. 306
[and more Baker there 1860 of course]
I always look for families that are using the same given names as my KNOWN
family used as a good clue.

My best conclusion is something you may already have checked out and
Since James and Laura name their first son John William, seems logical it
was for each of their fathers, thus this William McClendon living in same
twp as a John Baker sure makes him a good candidate for father of Laura.

I don't have any index record of the 1880 Independence Co. census, but as
for the earlier 1850 census there is only a Wilis McClendon there (in
Christian Twp p. 365) Ole John Baker is in Green Brier Twp p.357)

Hope some of this helps Byron. Please keep my McClendon puzzle in mind as
you search.

Shirley BOGART Harper

At 01:52 PM 6/29/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Shirley, I am looking for the parents & siblings of Laura Elizabeth
>McClendon, b Feb 10, 1861, d August 5, 1937, in Independence Co., AR. She
>married James Lafayette Baker, son of John & Anna Caroline Beeler Baker.
>lived all their married life in Independence Co. & had 7 children: Robert
>Columbus b Nov 6, 1884. John William b April 22, 1887. Henry Cleveland b
>Nov 20, 1892. Annie J. b Dec 17, 1890. Luther Franklin b Jan 18, 1896.
>Allen Eugene b Aug 25, 1900. McClendon Richard b. 1902.
>Do you have a connection?

ubj: McCLENDON in Independence Co. AR
Date: 6/28/99 8:10:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: sharper1@home.com (shirley B.Harper)
Reply-to: sharper1@home.com
To: bbrown7152@AOL.COM

Byron Brown (per your surname entry on the Independence Co. AR Genweb
page) -
I do hope I have not forgotten if I contacted you previously re
McCLENDON family in this area. If so, please excuse this.

We are looking for more of the family of several McCLENDON siblings we
know of i.e.
Obedience McCLENDON married Evan HARER
Frances Keziah " " Hugh TIGARD
Mary "Polly" " " David HARER
Jackson " " Mary TULK
John "
William "
The ole family tradition was that the father's name was Jackson, but my
research certainly does not point in that direction. I think he may have
been a James, Joel, or Jesse.

Anything familiar here? to your McClendon interest?
Shirley BOGART Harper

Subj: Re: McClendon in Independence Co. AR
Date: 8/25/99 5:43:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: sharper1@home.com (Shirley Bogart Harper)
To: BBrown7152@aol.com

Byron - surely you have seen this on the Independence Co. AR site i.e.
Goodspeed book on NW AR:

William B. McClendon, farmer, Jamestown, Ark. For many years, or since his
location in this county, the
reputation which Mr. McClendon enjoys has been not only that of a
substantial and progressive farmer,
but of an intelligent and thoroughly-posted man in all public affairs. He
is the son of Joel and Matilda
(Mauldin) McClendon, the former a native of North Carolina. The father
moved to Alabama while young,
from there to Mississippi in 1840, and in 1853 to Independence County,
Ark., where he departed this life
in 1858. Mrs. McClendon came to Arkansas with her husband, and died at
their home in 1857. William
B. McClendon was born in Springville, St. Clair County, Ala., on the 28th
of December, 1838, and began
business for himself at the age of twenty years. He married his present
wife, Mrs. Martha J. (Morgan)
McClendon, the same year. Her parents, John and Mary Morgan, were natives
of South Carolina, and
both are deceased. Mr. McClendon, by his marriage, became the father of ten
children, seven living:
David E., aged twenty-nine years; Laura E., aged twenty-seven years;
Cynthia E., aged twenty-one years;
Henry C., aged eighteen years; George D., aged sixteen years; Bertha A.,
aged thirteen years, and Claude
O., aged seven years. The three deceased are: Thomas J., aged twenty-four
years; Neaty E., aged eleven
months, and Effie, aged four weeks. Mr. McClendon owns 260 acres of
excellent land in Independence
County, on which he has a pleasant home with all modern improvements. He
was with the Eighth
Arkansas Regiment, Govan's Brigade, Cleburne's Division, Hardee's Corps,
Army of Tennessee, for over
three years during the late war; was wounded and captured at the battle of
Murfreesboro, but made his
escape, and came back to his home in Independence County, in 1864, where he
began life anew by renting
land for four years. In 1868 he bought land in the woods, his present farm.
He has held the office of justice
of the peace for two years; is a member of the Masonic lodge at Jamestown,
and is a Democrat in politics.
He has also been a member of the Missionary Baptist Church for thirty years.

Let me know Byron if you had already seen this? If not, it's quite
exciting. Certainly this dau. of William B., Laura E. is your lady n'est-ce


Children of James Baker and Laura McClendon are:
  140 i.   Robert Columbus5 Baker, born November 06, 1884 in McHue, AR. He married Ollie Mae Worthan in Jamestown, AR; died May 27, 1953.
  Notes for Robert Columbus Baker:

I got picture of "Fate" (J. L.) Baker's seven
children taken at Robert's home in Jamestown Ar. on
his (Robert's) last birthday. he had cancer and died
before another birthday.
Mc'd name doesn't appear in the printout from
your email, but Mc is between Willie and Allen.
Mc is wearing the bow tie.

Gerrell Sept 21, 1999

  141 ii.   John William Baker, born April 22, 1887 in McHue, AR. He married Elsie Leinenwever; born April 12, 1890; died June 18, 1962.
  142 iii.   Annie J Baker, born December 17, 1890 in McHue, AR; died March 31, 1987 in McHue, AR. She married Sonn Massey March 13, 1922 in McHue, AR.
  143 iv.   Henry Cleveland Baker, born November 20, 1892 in McHue, AR. He married (1) Alma Unknown Bef. 1936. He married (2) Elizabeth McKinzie 1936.
  144 v.   Luther Franklin Baker, born January 18, 1896 in McHue, AR. He married Neva Cullins January 18, 1920; born 1897; died June 22, 1993 in Pulaski County, AR.
  Notes for Neva Cullins:
Obituary, Thursday, June 24, 1993, Pulaski County, Arkansas. MRS NEVA CULLINS BAKER, LITTLE ROCK, died Tuesday. She was a registered nurse who worked with the Arkansas Crippled Children's Clinic until she was 80. She was the widow of Luther Franklin Baker. She had been a member of Immanuel Baptist Church since 1919 and was a member of the Martha Sunday School class. She was a member of veterans of World War II Axillary. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. George (Laura Belle Baker) Purvis of Little Rock and son-in-law, George Purvis of Little Rock, a grandson, Robert Luther Purvis and granddaughter-in-law, sandy Weise Purvis of Eureka Springs; great grandson, George Purvis; Granddaughter, Mrs Neva Purvis Robertson of Dillingham, Alaska; great grandson, Eric Miles Robertson, and Stuart Elijah Robertson; granddaughter, Mrs Sara Purvis brown and grandson-in-law, Chuck Brown of Little Rock and great granddaughter, Laura Kaye Brown. The funeral will be 11:30 a.m., today at Immanuel Baptist Church with Dr. Rex Home officiating, Interment will be at rose lawn Memorial Park. Arrangements were by Roller-Drummond Funeral Home. The family will be at 11 Cinderella Circle, Little Rock.

  145 vi.   Allen Eugene Baker, born August 25, 1900 in Indepencence County, Arkansas; died April 02, 1969 in Independence Co, AR. He married Dessie Olevia Barnes 1925 in Jamestown, Independance County, Arkansas; born November 13, 1902 in Locust Grove, AR.
  Notes for Allen Eugene Baker:
Information furnished by Archie Lee Baker, son of Allen Eugene Baker. "Allen Eugene Baker's Store & Post Office, Jamestown, Arkansas. Allen was loaned money to build and stock his store by his father, James Lafayette (Fate) Baker, Cira 1923. He was single and 23 years old. He married Dessie Olevia Barnes in 1925 and Archie Lee was born in 1926.

Allen Eugene and Olevia operated their store and Post Office until 1941. In 1929 thru early 30's depression they sold groceries on credit, knowing full well he would never receive even a part of some debts. When store sold, Archie remembers his father removing two extra large boxes full of unpaid accounts. Some were by individuals who had died, some moved away and others just would not pay their debt.

Archie Lee could remember his father using butcher steel to sharpen all sorts of knives needed to butcher hogs, cows, chickens, slice bologna, cheese, and not one time did he see his father cut himself.

Many times Allen would butcher a hog or cow and drive the finished product from one house to the other to sell same that day, thus eliminating need for cold storage of which he was limited in later years of operating grocery store.

Here is how Allen would prepare a cow for slaughter: They hooked a "single tree" onto a cows hind legs and onto a hand operated pulley tied to a limb of a tree or cross timber. They killed the animal by hitting it in the head with a sledge hammer and raising it up by pulley and cutting it's throat. Allowing all blood to drain from the carcass. It was then ready for dressing. Removed carcass and placed same on table for final butchering. As a child I watched the entire operation many times and still ate the meat.

Archie Lee tells story of his early love life! When I was about 12, this individual was deeply in love with a pretty little thing. We were having a little spat as we walked thru the front door of Allen Baker's Store & Post Office. I very gently slapped her and her head hit the side of the door facing. For some reason she began to cry. My dad was in Post Office at rear of store. A young man (Paul James) was receiving his mail. James stated, "Now that's the way to treat girls." My dad didn't agree and informed me in a tone of voice I understood, that was not the way to treat girls! If memory serves me correctly, that was the end of our romance.

The mention of Allen Baker's Store and Post Office brings back memories of just how rich my dad and mother were getting during hard timers. Premium gas was selling for 20c gallon, paid 18c. Coal oil 10c, paid 8c stored in large tank at back of store. Eggs bought from locals, chickens sold cheap.

Allen had a checker board for visiting town folks and it stayed busy most of the time. Archie Lee said the OLD MEN were always there and some times they would allow him to play and when Archie got into trouble the old men would get a charge out of seeing him get his butt spanked. One reason he got in trouble was his father had a candy counter and Archie had a sweet tooth plus need for cool soda pop. He got caught handling out mail from the Post Office by Postal Inspector and Allen had to agree to keep him out of US Post office. The inspector did nothing to Archie.

Archie Lee Baker obtained the Baker Family Bible from his mother, Dessie Olevia Barnes Baker. It was purchased in 1837 and family history was immediately entered .

Editors Notes: Above oral family history given by Archie Lee Baker to Glenn Luster, his brother-in-law, before his death in June 1997. BB

  Notes for Dessie Olevia Barnes:
Subj: Re: Dessie Olevia Barnes
Date: 6/28/99 6:25:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Volleyfeds
To: BBrown7152

Byron: My grandmother Baker (D.O. Barnes) doesn't remember much and hasn't left much to gather. Maybe Mom and I can retrieve some information if I get home this summer. My grandmother is still doing pretty well, except for the thinning skin and her memory...but all in all...pretty good for her age! She has always been a delight for me. I adore her. She has one of the kindest hearts in the world.
Best wishes,
Carol Baker Dawson 6-28-99

Subj: Re: Dessie Olevia Barnes
Date: 09/04/1999 10:01:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: wjacobs@vsta.com (Wesley Jacobs)
Reply-to: wjacobs@rivendell.vsta.com
To: BBrown7152@aol.com

I am sure that there is a connection somewhere. When my GGGrandfather
William Barnes was killed in the Civil War, his wife Frances moved from
Warren Co., TN to Independence Co., AR with her children. The only reason
for the move I can figure out was to be near relatives. There was some
intermarriage between my family and Moses Barnes line but no known direct
link. Andrew Fulbright married Moses' daughter Elizabeth b. 22 Dec 1826.
According to "Two Centuries of Barnes Family History" 1780-1987 p.79 by
Pearl Latham, Moses was the son of James and Catherine Barnes, whose names
appear in the 1840 census of Jefferson Co., TN, Ward Township. I am not sure
if Katie Barnes Strange is still living but she was the resident expert on
your line. Katie descended through Moses' daughter Sarah.


BBrown7152@aol.com wrote:

> bj: Barnes family
> Date: 08/30/1999 9:43:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
> From: HWilson129
> To: BBrown7152
> Are you related to Moses and Rebecca Barnes; John and Harriet Barnes? My
> grandmother was Cordia Barnes Stewart. If so, do you know anything about
> Moses and Rebecca? I'm trying to discover their parents. Thanks, Linda
> Wilson hwilson129@aol.com

Subj: Barnes AL/AR/CO
Date: 8/11/99 12:21:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: BalcomCny
To: BBrown7152

Jesse Barnes m. Sallie A. sired at least: Wm Franklin; Josh; Wash; Sarah; Martha; and Nancy. Wm Franklin m. Eliza Jane Brown (father: Wm Dempsey Brown and mother Nancy Jane Crouch) in 1869 and sired the following: Mary Barnes Linton; Sallie Barnes Story; Wm Greene Barnes; Rose Etta Barnes Lawley and James Barnes. This family lived in Pope County, AR, Drew County and others. Possible there may be older siblings, but unable to find as yet.

If any of the above names are known, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.


Date: 9/3/01 1:11:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Volleyfeds
To: BBrown7152
Found another Barnes.....lo and behold - he lives next door to one of my Dept. of Labor attorney friends/work associates. He is Lloyd Barnes. I know his cousin was my grandmother, Olivia. He thought she was dead. I don't have the particulars, but he is wanting to know anything he can through my friend, Donna Sonner. Can you send her a little sampling and ask her whatever questions you may have for him?

Her email is: maudiebelle@yahoo.com

She will assist him with whatever you can send. She is going to give me his parent's names, etc. in the next email.
Carol Baker Dawson

  146 vii.   Mc Richard Baker, born January 06, 1902 in McHue, AR; died December 10, 1984 in Bernice, LA Alerrsbrook Cemetery, Desha, AR. He married M. Lorene (Rene) McCorvey August 25, 1936; born February 22, 1915 in Scotland Community, Henderson Twp., Union Co, AR; died July 27, 1993 in Minden Medical Center, Minden, Webster Parish, LA.
  Notes for Mc Richard Baker:
ubj: re Mc Richard Baker
Date: 09/20/1999 2:11:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ghbaker_g@yahoo.com (G. H. Baker)
To: bbrown7152@aol.com


It occurs to me that I haven't given you the following

Mc R. Baker; born 06, January 1902, Mc Hue Ar.
Dec. 10, December 1984, Bernice La. Triward General hospital,
buried Alderbrook cemetery, Desha Ar.
Mc (Dad) is buried beside his sister, Annie Jane Baker ne Massey
as there was some confusion over his burial by his second wife, Birtha
Naomi Mill ne Stewart, ne Baker.


  Notes for M. Lorene (Rene) McCorvey:
ubj: Re M. Lorene Johnson continued
Date: 09/09/1999 4:28:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: lazy bee_g@email.com (Gerrell Baker)
To: BBrown7152@aol.com (Bryan)

M. Lorene (Rene) Mc Corvey was born 22, 02/1915 in Scotland community,
Henderson Twp. Union county Arkansas. Parents: William Alonzo Mc Corvey and
Corrine Britt ne Mc Corvey.
She was the eldest of four (4) children, Joseph Ray born September 1917,
another son born 16, 08/1919, third son, Paul Neil Mc. Corvey born 03,
M. Lorene Johnson dec. 27, 07/1993 at Minden Medical center, Minden, Webster
Parish Louisiana. Interred by her husband King Revere Johnson Sr. in
Scotland cemetery.
The community takes its name from Scotland Presbyterian Church. The early
settlers of that community were, as I am sure you have guessed Scots. They
immigrated from thence to North Carolina, thence to Mississippi, and finally
to southern Union county.
I have complete history of their migration from N. C. to Ar., but will not
bore you with it unless you are interested.
How are you and I related?

Will check for reply tomorrow, Gerrell /G. H. Baker


G. H. Baker



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