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Ancestors of Helen Marie Nix

      11012444. William VII De Braose, Lord of Bamber & Gower, born Abt. 1232 in Bramber, Sussex, England; died January 06, 1290/91. He was the son of 22024888. John VI De Braose and 22024889. Princess of Margred Ferch-Llywelyn, of North Wales. He married 11012445. Aline De Multon Abt. 1272.

      11012445. Aline De Multon, born Abt. 1253 in Bramber, Sussex, England. She was the daughter of 22024890. Thomas IV De Multon and 22024891. Maud De Vaux.
Children of William De Braose and Aline De Multon are:
  5506222 i.   William VIII De Braose, born Abt. 1274 in Bramber Castle, Sussex, England; died Bef. May 01, 1326; married Elizabeth De Sully.
  ii.   Joan De Braose, Baroness Foliot, born 1278 in , England; died July 23, 1324 in , England; married (1) Richard VII Foliot, Baron, Sir Knight; born Abt. 1273 in Gressenhall, Norfolk, England; married (2) James De Bohun; born Abt. 1276 in Midhurst, Sussex, England.

      11012446. Raymond II De Sully, born Abt. 1255 in Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales.
Child of Raymond II De Sully is:
  5506223 i.   Elizabeth De Sully, born Abt. 1275 in Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales; married William VIII De Braose.

      11012448. Radaulphus II De Standish, born Abt. 1208 in Standish, Lancashire, England; died Abt. 1288 in , England. He was the son of 22024896. Richard De Standish.
Children of Radaulphus II De Standish are:
  i.   Hugh De Standish, born Abt. 1228 in Standish, Lancashire, England; died Abt. 1280.
  ii.   Edmund De Standish, born Abt. 1230 in Standish, Lancashire, England.
  5506224 iii.   Jordan De Standish, born Abt. 1234 in Standish, Lancashire, England; died 1290 in , England; married Alianora N?.

      11012736. Robert V 'de Postherne' Massey, born Abt. 1225 in , Cheshire, England; died in , Cheshire, England. He was the son of 22025472. William II De Massey and 22025473. Margery Rostherne.
Children of Robert V 'de Postherne' Massey are:
  i.   Adam Massey, born Abt. 1246 in , Cheshire, England.
  5506368 ii.   Hamon VIII 'de Pontington' Mascy, Sir Knight, born Abt. 1250 in , Cheshire, England; married Katherine 'de Rixton' Vernon.
  iii.   William 'de Tatton' Massey, born Abt. 1254 in Tatton, Cheshire, England; married Margery De Legh; born Abt. 1278 in , Cheshire, England.

      11012836. Thomas Strangeways, born Abt. 1300 in , England. He was the son of 22025672. Geoffrey Strangeways. He married 11012837. Alice N?.

      11012837. Alice N?
Children of Thomas Strangeways and Alice N? are:
  i.   John Strangeways, born Abt. 1335 in Salford, Lancashire, England; died Aft. 1385 in Salford, Lancashire, England.
  5506418 ii.   Henry Strangeways, born 1337 in Salford, Lancashire, England; married Alice N?.

      11012928. Richard De Bold, born Abt. 1278 in Bold, Lancashire, England. He was the son of 22025856. Peter De Bold. He married 11012929. Margery De Mobberley.

      11012929. Margery De Mobberley, born Abt. 1280 in Moberley, Cheshire, England. She was the daughter of 5642732. William De Mobberley and 5642733. Maude N?.
Child of Richard De Bold and Margery De Mobberley is:
  5506464 i.   William II Bold, born Abt. 1306 in Bold, Lancashire, England; married Sibyl De Houghton.

      11012936. Adam De Ireland, born Abt. 1268 in , Lancashire, England. He was the son of 22025872. John II De Ireland and 22025873. Maude Hesketh. He married 11012937. Avena De Holland.

      11012937. Avena De Holland, born Abt. 1276 in Upholand, Lancashire, England. She was the daughter of 5506140. Sir Knight Robert III De Holland, Sir Knight and 5506141. Elizabeth De Salmesbury.
Children of Adam De Ireland and Avena De Holland are:
  5506468 i.   John III De Ireland, born Abt. 1292 in Hutt, Lancashire, England; married Agatha De Merton.
  ii.   Thomas De Ireland, born Abt. 1296 in , Lancashire, England; died in Tidewell, Yorkshire, England.

      11012938. Stephen De Merton, born Abt. 1270 in , Cheshire, England.
Child of Stephen De Merton is:
  5506469 i.   Agatha De Merton, born Abt. 1296 in Bebbington, Cheshire, England; married John III De Ireland.

      11012940. William V De Stanley, born Abt. 1250 in Stanley, Staffordshire, England; died Abt. 1311. He was the son of 22025880. William IV De Stanley, 5th Lord and 22025881. Jane De Baumville. He married 11012941. Joan De Baumvile March 27, 1282 in Church, Astbury, Chestershire, England.

      11012941. Joan De Baumvile, born Abt. 1261 in Stourton, Cheshire, England; died Abt. 1326. She was the daughter of 22025882. Forester Wirral Philip De Baumville, Sir Knight.
Children of William De Stanley and Joan De Baumvile are:
  i.   Sarah De Stanley, born Abt. 1285 in Wirral Forest, Cheshire, England; married Richard Hausket Abt. 1305; born Abt. 1283 in , England.
  Notes for Sarah De Stanley:
spouse: Richard Hausket m. abt 1305

  ii.   Adam II De Stanley, born Abt. 1287 in Wirral Forest, Cheshire, England.
  5506470 iii.   John De Stanley, born Abt. 1292 in Hooton, Cheshire, England; married Mabel=Mabella Hawksket Abt. 1311 in Storeton, Cheshire, England.

      11012942. Sir Knight James Hawksket, (Hausket), Sir Knight, born Abt. 1273 in Stourton Parva, Cheshire, England.
Child of Sir Knight James Hawksket, (Hausket), Sir Knight is:
  5506471 i.   Mabel=Mabella Hawksket, born Abt. 1290 in Storeton, Cheshire, England; married John De Stanley Abt. 1311 in Storeton, Cheshire, England.

      11013012. John III De Verdun, Baron, M.P., born 1299 in Brisingham Wood, Norfolk, England; died 1346. He was the son of 22026024. Thomas De Verdun, Lord of Brisingham and 22026025. Margaret De Knoville.

Notes for John III De Verdun, Baron, M.P.:
M.P. 1332-35 and 1342,
Children of John III De Verdun, Baron, M.P. are:
  5506506 i.   Edmund De Verdun, born Abt. 1325 in Brisingham Wood, Norfolk, England; died 1356 in Brisingham Wood, Norfolk, England.
  5506516 ii.   John IV De Verdun, born Abt. 1326 in Brisingham Wood, Norfolk, England.

      11013048. Thomas III De Ashton, born Abt. 1322 in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire, England; died Abt. 1386. He was the son of 22026096. Robert De Ashton, Sir Knight and 22026097. Elizabeth De Gorges. He married 11013049. Eleanor Bumhley.

      11013049. Eleanor Bumhley, born Abt. 1326 in Ashton-Under-Lyme, Lancashire, England. She was the daughter of 22026098. John Bumhley, Sir Knight.
Child of Thomas De Ashton and Eleanor Bumhley is:
  5506524 i.   John II De Ashton, Sir Knight, born Abt. 1342 in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire, England; married Susanah=Margaret De Legh.

      11013050. Robert II 'Derkins' De Legh, born Abt. 1324 in Lyne, Cheshire, England. He was the son of 22026100. Lord Addlington Robert De Legh, Lord Addlington, Sir Knight and 22026101. Matilda De Norley.
Child of Robert II 'Derkins' De Legh is:
  5506525 i.   Susanah=Margaret De Legh, born 1334 in Langfield,Yorkshire, England; Stepchild; married (1) John II De Ashton, Sir Knight; married (2) William V De Radcliffe Abt. 1350 in , England.

      11013072. Robert 'Haydock' De Standish, born Abt. 1248 in Druxbury, Lancashire, England; died May 25, 1301 in Standish, Lancashire, England. He was the son of 22026144. Hugh De Standish.
Child of Robert 'Haydock' De Standish is:
  5506536 i.   Hugh II 'Haydock' De Standish, born Abt. 1268 in Standish, Lancashire, England; married Alice Molyneux.

      11013104. Geoffrey VI De Neville, born Abt. 1229 in Raby, Durham, England; died Bef. March 26, 1285 in Hornby, Yorkshire, England. He was the son of 22026208. Geoffrey V 'FitzRobert' De Neville, Lord Raby and 22026209. Joan=Margaret De Monmouth. He married 11013105. Margaret De Longvilliers Bef. 1267 in Farnley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

      11013105. Margaret De Longvilliers, born Abt. 1242 in Farnley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England; died February 1318/19. She was the daughter of 22026210. John De Longvillers and 22026211. Elena N?.
Children of Geoffrey De Neville and Margaret De Longvilliers are:
  i.   John XIII De Neville, born August 10, 1269 in Hornby Castle, Lancashire, England; died 1309 in , England; married Pernel N?.
  5506552 ii.   Robert VII De Neville, Sir Knight, born Abt. 1271 in Hornby, Yorkshire, England.
  iii.   Geoffrey VII De Neville, born Abt. 1273 in Hornby, Lancashire, England.
  iv.   Edmund De Neville, born Abt. 1275 in Hornby, Lancashire, England.
  v.   William IV De Neville, born Abt. 1277 in Hornby, Lancashire, England.
  vi.   Margaret De Neville, born Abt. 1279 in Hornby, Lancashire, England.

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