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Ancestors of Helen Marie Nix

      180416924. Godfrey IV De Louvaine, born Abt. 1166 in Louvain, Brabant, Belgium; died Abt. 1185. He was the son of 360818520. Godfrey III De Brabant, Duke and 360818521. Marguerite De Limbourg, Duchess. He married 180416925. Alice De Hastings Abt. 1183.

      180416925. Alice De Hastings, born Abt. 1168 in Little Eaton, Essex, England. She was the daughter of 360833850. Robert De Hastings and 360833851. Maud De Flamville.
Child of Godfrey De Louvaine and Alice De Hastings is:
  90208462 i.   Mathew De Louvaine, born Abt. 1185 in Little Easton, Essex, England; died Bef. June 1258; married Muriel N? Abt. 1204.

      180416928. John De Port, born Abt. 1117 in Basing, Southamptonshire, England. He was the son of 360833856. Henry De Port and 360833857. Hawise N?. He married 180416929. Maud De Saint-John.

      180416929. Maud De Saint-John, born 1127.
Child of John De Port and Maud De Saint-John is:
  90208464 i.   Adam De Port, Lord of Kington, born 1151 in Hereford, Hampshire, England; married (1) N? De Braose; married (2) Mabel 'St John' De Aurevalle.

      180416930. Reginald De Aurevalle, born Abt. 1125 in Aurevalle, Normandie, France. He was the son of 360833860. William De Aurevalle. He married 180416931. Muriel De Saint-John.

      180416931. Muriel De Saint-John, born Abt. 1130 in Compton, Sussex, England. She was the daughter of 360833862. Roger De Saint-John and 360833863. Cecelia De La-Haye.
Child of Reginald De Aurevalle and Muriel De Saint-John is:
  90208465 i.   Mabel 'St John' De Aurevalle, born Abt. 1153 in Staunton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, England; died Abt. 1177 in , England; married Adam De Port, Lord of Kington.

      180416960. Juhel De Molis, born Abt. 1140 in Exbourne, Devonshire, England. He was the son of 360833920. Nicholas De Molis.
Children of Juhel De Molis are:
  i.   Robert De Moels, born Abt. 1160 in Chidecot, Lewe, Devonshire, England.
  90208480 ii.   Roger II De Moels, born Abt. 1170 in Lewe, Devonshire, England; married Roseia N?.

      180416964. Henry De Neufmarche, Baron, born Abt. 1156 in Cadbury, Tivirton, Somersetshire, England. He was the son of 360833928. William 'of Cadbury' De Neufmarche.
Children of Henry De Neufmarche, Baron are:
  90208482 i.   James De Neufmarche, Lord Cadbury, born Abt. 1170 in , Somersetshire, England; died 1216; Stepchild.
  ii.   Henry De Neufmarche, born Abt. 1177; Stepchild.

      180416968. William III Le Prouz, Sir Knight, born Abt. 1153 in Gridley, Devonshire, England; died Abt. 1214 in , England. He was the son of 360833936. William II Le Prouz and 360833937. Gidleg De Gridley. He married 180416969. Joan=Alice De Ferrers.

      180416969. Joan=Alice De Ferrers, born Abt. 1157 in Throwleigh, Kentshire, England. She was the daughter of 360833938. Fulk 'FitzGilbert' De Ferrers, Sir Knight and 360833939. Alice De Helion.
Child of William Le Prouz and Joan=Alice De Ferrers is:
  90208484 i.   William IV Le Preuz, born Abt. 1184; married Alice De Widworthy.

      180416970. Hugh De Widworthy, born Abt. 1165 in Widworthy, Devonshire, England.
Child of Hugh De Widworthy is:
  90208485 i.   Alice De Widworthy, born Abt. 1190 in Widworthy, Devonshire, England; married William IV Le Preuz.

      180416980. Roger II De Cauz, born Abt. 1154 in Shalbourne, Northumberland, England; died Aft. 1198. He was the son of 360833960. Roger De Cauz and 360833961. Agnes N?.
Children of Roger II De Cauz are:
  90208490 i.   Roger III De Cauz, born Abt. 1180 in Water Eaton, Buckinghamshire, England; married Nicole De Legh Abt. 1207 in , England.
  ii.   Geoffrey De Cauz, born Abt. 1182 in Shalbourne, Northumberland, England.
  iii.   James De Cauz, born Abt. 1184 in Shalbourne, Northumberland, England.

      180416982. Bartholomew De Legh, born Abt. 1155 in Thurleigh, Podinton, Buckinghamshire, England; died 1217. He was the son of 360833964. Hugh De Legh and 360833965. Beatrice De Glanville. He married 180416983. Emma Rufus.

      180416983. Emma Rufus, born Abt. 1157 in Armston, Northamptonshire, England; died Aft. 1242. She was the daughter of 360833966. William Rufus.
Child of Bartholomew De Legh and Emma Rufus is:
  90208491 i.   Nicole De Legh, born Abt. 1185 in Thurleigh, Podinton, Buckinghamshire, England; married Roger III De Cauz Abt. 1207 in , England.

      180416984. Henry II De Longchamp, born Abt. 1170 in Wilton Castle, Herefordshire, England; died 1212. He was the son of 360833968. Hugh II De Longchamp and 360833969. Emma De Saint-Leger. He married 180416985. Maud De Cantelou.

      180416985. Maud De Cantelou, born Abt. 1172 in Longueville, Channel Islands, Gersey, Wales. She was the daughter of 45103188. Walter II De Cantelou.
Children of Henry De Longchamp and Maud De Cantelou are:
  i.   N? De Longchamp, born Abt. 1200 in Wilton Castle, Herefordshire, England.
  90208492 ii.   Hugh III De Longchamp, born Abt. 1198 in Wilton Castle, Herefordshire, England; married Georgia Columbaris.

      180416986. Henry De Columbieres, born Abt. 1180 in Heathfield, Devonshire, England. He was the son of 360833972. Philip De Columbieres and 360833973. Maud De Candos.
Child of Henry De Columbieres is:
  90208493 i.   Georgia Columbaris, born Abt. 1200 in Heathfield, Devonshire, England; died Aft. 1253; married Hugh III De Longchamp.

      180416992. Henry II Lovel, born 1167 in Castle Kary, Somersetshire, England; died Abt. December 1216. He was the son of 360833984. Henry Lovel, Lord Cary and 360833985. Alice De Cary. He married 180416993. Christiania N?.

      180416993. Christiania N?, died Abt. 1254.

Notes for Henry II Lovel:
Henry Lovel or Luvell, 2nd son, Baron Kari, died 1213. In the 13th of King John gave 300 marks and seven good palfries for permission to go into Ireland. He died 1218, married Christiana and was succeeded by his son, Richard.
Child of Henry Lovel and Christiania N? is:
  90208496 i.   Richard Lovel, born 1197 in Kary Castle, Somersetshire, England; died Bef. January 21, 1254/55; married Alice N?.

      180417008. Archibald Douglas, Sir Knight, born 1170 in , Scotland; died 1240. He was the son of 360834016. William Douglas and 360834017. N? De Kerdale. He married 180417009. Margaret Crawford.

      180417009. Margaret Crawford, born Abt. 1179 in , Scotland. She was the daughter of 360834018. John Crawford, Sir Knight.

Notes for Archibald Douglas, Sir Knight:
Son of William de Douglas, Sir Archibald was born circa 1170 and died in 1240. He married Margaret, daughter of Sir John Crawford and they had two sons. Their first son, William 'Longlegs', would sire the Black Douglas line, while the second son Andrew de Douglas would be the progenitor of the Douglases of Morton.
Children of Archibald Douglas and Margaret Crawford are:
  90208504 i.   William II Douglas, Sir Knight, born 1200 in Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland; died 1274; married Martha Carrick.
  ii.   Andrew Douglas, born Abt. 1205 in Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland; died Bef. 1277.

      180417010. Duncan 'de Galloway' of Carrick, Earl, born Abt. 1174 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland; died January 13, 1249/50. He was the son of 360834020. Gilbert De Galloway. He married 180417011. Aveline FitzWalter Abt. 1200.

      180417011. Aveline FitzWalter, born Abt. 1179 in , Scotland. She was the daughter of 360834022. Alan FitzWalter, High Steward of Scotland and 360834023. Eva N?.
Children of Duncan Carrick and Aveline FitzWalter are:
  i.   Neil De Carrick, Earl, born Abt. 1202 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland; died 1256; Stepchild; married Margaret Stewart 1234; born Abt. 1214 in , Scotland.
  ii.   John Carrick, born Abt. 1203 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland.
  90208505 iii.   Martha Carrick, born Abt. 1205 in , Scotland; Stepchild; married William II Douglas, Sir Knight.

      180417012. Walter III 'FitzAlan' Stewart, born Abt. 1180 in , Scotland; died 1241. He was the son of 360834022. Alan FitzWalter, High Steward of Scotland and 360834025. Alesta N?. He married 180417013. Beatrix De Angus Abt. 1204.

      180417013. Beatrix De Angus, born Abt. 1184 in Of Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of 360834026. Earl of Angus Gilchrist II De Angus, 3rd Earl and 360834027. Princess of Marjory Scotland, Princess of.

  Notes for Beatrix De Angus:
Spouse ; Walter Stewart , High Steward Of Scotland

Children of Walter Stewart and Beatrix De Angus are:
  90208506 i.   Alexander II Stewart, High Steward of Scotland, born 1204 in Dundonald, Scotland; died 1283; married Jean 'of Brutte' Macrory.
  ii.   Christian Stewart, born Abt. 1206 in , Scotland; died Abt. 1267 in Whittingham, East Lothian, Scotland.
  iii.   Beatrix Stewart, born Abt. 1210 in , Scotland; died Bef. March 12, 1250/51.
  iv.   Euphemia Stewart, born Abt. 1212 in , Scotland; married Patricius De Dunbar, 7th Earl, Commes; born Abt. 1213 in , Morayshire, Scotland.
  Notes for Patricius De Dunbar, 7th Earl, Commes:
We know of Patricius de Dunbar, 7th Earl, from the book "Records of the Heath Family", 1913 by George Heath. The entry reads as follows:
Patricius comes de Dunbar, seventh Earl, was born in 1213, and was sometimes styled "Patricius comes filius Patricii fil. Patricii comitis de Dunbar."
His first wife was Euphemia, daughter of Walter, the third Lord Steward, by whom he had a son called Patrick.
He married second in 1264 Cecilia, daughter of John (? de Wer). In 1263 he commanded a wing of the Scottish Army at the victory of Lays. Many of his charters are at Durham, with his scale attached. In his seal upon the 9th December, 1251, his horse gallops to sinister; he has a lion rampant on his shield, and above his helmet a crescent as crest; over the crescent is a cross; although the cross is smaller than the letters of the inscription, it happens to be at the beginning of the legend, and may be meant for the cross generally placed in that position. Secretum-on a long triangular convex shield a lion rampant contourné. His seal upon the 4th November, 1261, on a shield a lion rampant surrounded by thirteen roses; in the spaces between the shield and the legend are, dexter a serpent, sinister a dragon. Upon 29th May, 1279, he used a reduced copy of the first-mentioned seal without the cross; a detached impression of this last seal, in the British Museum, has for secretum an antique gem; subject-a lion seizing a stag.
The Earl died at Whittingham on the 24th August, 1289, and was buried in the north aisle of Dunbar Church.
Besides his eldest son Patrick, who succeeded him, he had two other sons, John and Sir Alexander, and a daughter Cecilia, who married about 1292 James, High Steward of Scotland, and her son Walter married in 1315 Margaret, daughter of King Robert Brus.

  v.   Margaret Stewart, born Abt. 1214 in , Scotland; married Neil De Carrick, Earl 1234; born Abt. 1202 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland; died 1256.
  vi.   John Stewart, born Abt. 1216 in , Scotland; died in Damietta.
  vii.   Walter 'Ballioch' Stewart, Earl of Menteth, born Abt. 1218 in , Scotland; died Bef. April 28, 1296; married Mary De Menteith, Countess; born Abt. 1232 in Menteith, Rusky, Perthshire, Scotland,.
  viii.   William Stewart, born Abt. 1220 in , Scotland.

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