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Ancestors of Elmer Gene Bruner

      25382052. Gilbert IV De Gand, Earl of Lincoln, Sir Knight, born Abt. 1180 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England; died Bef. January 22, 1241/42. He was the son of 50764104. Robert II De Gand, Chancellor and 50764105. Gunnora De Aubigny. He married 25382053. Alice D'Albibi Abt. 1200.

      25382053. Alice D'Albibi, born Abt. 1182 in Naburn, Yorkshire, England.
Children of Gilbert De Gand and Alice D'Albibi are:
  12691026 i.   Gilbert V De Gand, born Abt. 1202 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England; died January 05, 1273/74 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England.
  ii.   Julian De Gand, born Abt. 1204 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England.
  iii.   William De Gand, born Abt. 1206 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England.
  iv.   Adam De Gand, born Abt. 1208 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England.
  v.   Robert III De Gand, born Abt. 1210 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England.
  vi.   Henry De Gand, born Abt. 1212 in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England.

      25382064. Reginald Bacon, born Abt. 1208 in Letheringsett, Norfolk, England. He was the son of 50764128. Roger Bacon.
Children of Reginald Bacon are:
  12691032 i.   Richard II Bacon, born Abt. 1234 in Letheringsett, Norfolk, England; died in of Lodie, Norfolk, England; married Alice Mynston.
  ii.   Robert II Bacon, born Abt. 1236 in Letheringsett, Norfolk, England.
  iii.   Roger III Bacon, born Abt. 1238 in Letheringsett, Norfolk, England.
  iv.   Agnes Bacon, born Abt. 1240.

      25382066. Conan Mynston, born Abt. 1210 in Letheringsett, Norfolk, England.
Child of Conan Mynston is:
  12691033 i.   Alice Mynston, born Abt. 1239 in Lodie, Norfolk, England; married Richard II Bacon.

      25382068. Robert De Hingam, born Abt. 1197 in Thorpe Cooke, Norfolk, England. He was the son of 50764136. Ralph II De Bingham. He married 25382069. Lucy De Turberville.

      25382069. Lucy De Turberville, born Abt. 1195 in , England. She was the daughter of 50764138. Robert De Turberville and 50764139. Margaret=Isabella Carew.
Child of Robert De Hingam and Lucy De Turberville is:
  12691034 i.   Robert II De Hingam, born Abt. 1236 in Cooke Thorpe, Norfolk, England; married Emma=Eleanor Wake.

      25382070. Andrew Wake, born Abt. 1208 in Bingham's Melcombe, Dorsetshire, England. He married 25382071. Jane Saint-John.

      25382071. Jane Saint-John, born Abt. 1210 in , England.
Child of Andrew Wake and Jane Saint-John is:
  12691035 i.   Emma=Eleanor Wake, born Abt. 1238 in Bingham's Melcombe, Dorsetshire, England; married Robert II De Hingam.

      25382160. Robert II FitzPayn, born Abt. 1220 in , England; died Bef. April 27, 1291. He was the son of 50764320. Roger FitzPayn and 50764321. Margaret De Lincoln.
Child of Robert II FitzPayn is:
  12691080 i.   Robert III FitzPayn, Baron, born Abt. 1254 in , England; married Isabella De Clifford.

      25382162. John De Clifford, born Abt. 1220 in , Gloucestershire, England. He was the son of 50764324. Hugh II De Clifford.
Child of John De Clifford is:
  12691081 i.   Isabella De Clifford, born Abt. 1260 in , Gloucestershire, England; married Robert III FitzPayn, Baron.

      25382220. Hugh De Vivonne, Sheriff of Somersetshire, born 1195 in Chewton, Somersetshire, England. He married 25382221. Mabel Malet Abt. 1222 in Skipton Malet, Somersetshire, England.

      25382221. Mabel Malet, born Abt. 1215 in Curry Malet, Somersetshire, England. She was the daughter of 50434482. Baron Cory Malet William II Malet, Surety Baron Curry Malet and 12690239. Alice=Aliva Basset.

Notes for Hugh De Vivonne, Sheriff of Somersetshire:
Hugh de Vivonne, baron of Chewton and steward of Poitou, held West Kington in 1214.

  Notes for Mabel Malet:
MABEL MALET, the other daughter of the Surety William Malet and his wife Alice Basset, became the wife of Hugh de Vivonia, baron of Chewton and steward of Poitou, who held West Kington in 1214.
Children of Hugh De Vivonne and Mabel Malet are:
  12691110 i.   William 'Fort' De Vivonne, born Abt. 1229 in , Albermarle, Scotland; died May 22, 1259; married Maud=Matilda De Ferrers Abt. 1250.
  ii.   Hugh II De Vivonne, born Abt. 1231 in Chewton, Somersetshire, England.
  iii.   Helewyse De Vivonne, born Abt. 1233 in Chewton, Somersetshire, England.
  iv.   John De Vivonne, born Abt. 1235 in Skipton Malet, Somersetshire, England; died 1314 in Chewton, Somersetshire, England.

      6386914. Earl of Derby William V De Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby, born Abt. 1200 in , Derbyshire, England; died March 24, 1253/54 in Evington, Leicestershire, England. He was the son of 12773828. Earl of Derby William IV De Ferrers, 4th Earl of Derby and 12773829. Agnes Le Meschin, Lady of Chartley. He married 25382223. Sibyl Marshal Abt. 1223.

      25382223. Sibyl Marshal, born Abt. 1207 in , England; died Abt. 1281. She was the daughter of 25547678. Earl of Pembroke William Marshal, Third Earl of Pembroke and 25547679. Cntess Pembroke Isabel 'FitzGilbert' De Clare.

Notes for Earl of Derby William V De Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby:
      William De Ferrers (von Redlich, Pedigrees of Charlemagne's Descendants, Page 188.). AKA: William, Fifth Earl of Derby (von Redlich, Pedigrees of Charlemagne's Descendants, Page 223). Born: before 1187 Derbyshire, England, son of William De Ferrers and Agnes De Maschines. William is presumed to have been born before his father was 50 years of age. Married in 1219: Sybil Mareschal, daughter of William, Third Earl of Pembroke and Isabel De Clare. Sybil was William's first wife. Married circa 1238: Margaret De Quincy, daughter of Roger De Quincy and Helen of Galloway. Margaret was William's second wife. William was sheriff of Lancaster, Keeper of the Honour of Lancaster 1223-1228. In 1248 he had the livery of Chartley Cast leand all the other lands of his mother's inheritance.
Died: between 24 March 1254 and 28 March 1254 Evington, Leicestershire, England, buried-Merevale Abbey, Merevale, Warwickshire, England. William was the Constable of Bolsovar Castle.
      William, the fifth earl of Derby, married two great heiresses, first, a daughter of William Marshal, earl of Pembroke, and second, the heiress of Roger, earl of Winchester. From the latter marriage sprung two sons, Robert the sixth earl, and William, who re-ceived the lordship of Groby from his mother and founded this still existing family. The fifth earl, William, died in 1254, whose eldest son was the last earl of Derby of this branch, although his male line continued for six genera-tions.

  Notes for Sibyl Marshal:
Sybil Mareschal (von Redlich, Page 223). Married Name: De Ferrers. Born: between 1190 and 1209, daughter of William, Third Earl of Pembroke and Isabel De Clare. Sybil is presumed to have been at least 10 years of age when she married in 1219: William De Ferrers, son of Robert De Ferrers and Magaret Peveril. Sybil was William's first wife. Died: between 1280 and 1281.
Children of William De Ferrers and Sibyl Marshal are:
  i.   Agnes De Ferrers, born Abt. 1224 in , Derbyshire, England; married William De Vesci, Lord of Alnwick, Northumberlan; born Abt. 1210 in , England; died October 07, 1252 in Gascony, France.
  ii.   Isabella De Ferrers, born Abt. 1226 in , Derbyshire, England; married Reginald II De Mohun, Baron, Sir Knight Abt. 1248; born Abt. 1207 in Dunster Castle, Somersetshire, England; died January 20, 1257/58 in Torre Mohun, Devonshire, England.
  Notes for Reginald II De Mohun, Baron, Sir Knight:
Reginald II was Lord Mohun of Dunster, Justice of Common Pleas, Chief Justice of Forests South of the Trent, buried at Newenham, Devonshire, England.

  iii.   John De Ferrers, born Abt. 1228.
  iv.   Sibyl De Ferrers, born Abt. 1230 in , Derbyshire, England; married Francis De Bohun, Sir Knight; born Abt. 1227 in Midhurst, Sussex, England.
  v.   Agatha De Ferrers, born Abt. 1232; died May 22, 1306; married Hugh VI De Mortimer; born Abt. 1233 in Wigmore, Herefordshire, England.
  vi.   Eleanor De Ferrers, born Abt. 1234 in , England; married William IV De Vaux, Baron; born Abt. 1233 in , England.
  12691111 vii.   Maud=Matilda De Ferrers, born Abt. 1236 in , Derbyshire, England; died March 12, 1298/99; married (1) Emeric De Rupe-Canardi; married (2) Simon IV De Kyme; married (3) William 'Fort' De Vivonne Abt. 1250.
  viii.   Joan De Ferrers, born Abt. 1238 in , Derbyshire, England; died October 1267; married Robert Aguillon Abt. 1255; born Abt. 1226 in Watton Stone, Hertfordshire, England; died February 15, 1285/86.
  Notes for Robert Aguillon:
Aguillon Family.
Robert Aguillon received a grant of the Manor of Bardolph. This manor, of which the site is about half a mile from the church, was called Bardolph from a family of that surname, who enjoyed it for many generations. Chauncey tells us that the lands of Dorman and Alward, the Thanes who are said to have held Wodstone before the time of the General Survey, were most of them granted to Peter de Valoignes, and he tells us that Alexander de Baliol (who was descended from, and one of the co-heirs of Peter do Valoignes) granted this manor and estate of Bardolph to Robert Aguillon. Robert was the son of Mauser de Aguillon or Aquillon, the first of this family, who was mentioned in the time of Richard 1, 1189-99, whose son William de Aguillon, a rebel baron against King John, is claimed by one reference to have been one of the twenty-five chosen by them for the government of the realm. (I have not been able at this time to substantiate that claim. E. E. W.) This Robert, son of William, son of Mauser, was Sheriff of Sussex and Surrey, time of Henry III, 1216-1272, who, being faithful in the great rebellion against King Henry, was rewarded by the King with many favours. Robert died about 14th of Edward 1, 1286. His first wife was Joan, one of the daughters and co-heirs of William Ferrers, Earl of Derby, and his wife Sibilla Mareschal, one of the daughters of William Mareschal, Earl of Pembroke, and one of the sisters of the five successive Earls of Pembroke, who all died sine prole. His 2nd wife was Margaret de Ripariis, Countess of DeVon. (The references do not agree as to which one of these wives was the mother of his only daughter, Isabel.) Robert Aguillon died Feb. 15, 1286, and Margaret, his 2nd wife, survived him six years, and at her death in 20th of Edward 1, 1292, left his daughter Isabel her heir as to those lands which had been assigned to her for her dowry.

      25382224. William De Heydon, born Abt. 1220 in Heydon, Norfolkshire, England; died 1272. He was the son of 50764448. Thomas De Heydon.
Children of William De Heydon are:
  12691112 i.   John De Heydon, born Abt. 1245 in Heydon, Norfolkshire, England.
  ii.   William II De Heydon, born Abt. 1246 in Heydon, Norfolkshire, England.

      25382240. Richard Argentine, born Abt. 1180 in , Cambridgeshire, England; died 1246. He was the son of 50764480. Reginald II Argentine and 50764481. Rose De Halesworth. He married 25382241. Cassandra De L'Isle.

      25382241. Cassandra De L'Isle, born Abt. 1190. She was the daughter of 50764482. Robert V D'Insula and 50764483. N? De Chamberlain.
Child of Richard Argentine and Cassandra De L'Isle is:
  12691120 i.   Giles Argentine, born Abt. 1210 in , Cambridgeshire, England; died 1283; married Margery Aguillon.

      25382256. Norman III Darcy, born Abt. 1192 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England; died October 16, 1254 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England. He was the son of 50764512. Thomas III Darcy and 50764513. Joan=Johanna=Jean N?. He married 25382257. Agnes N? Abt. 1212.

      25382257. Agnes N?
Children of Norman Darcy and Agnes N? are:
  12691128 i.   Philip Darcy, born Abt. 1213 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England; died May 28, 1264 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England; married Isabel De Bertram Abt. 1235 in Mitford, Northumberland, England.
  ii.   Margaret Darcy, born Abt. 1215 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England.
  iii.   Thomas IV Darcy, born Abt. 1217 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England; died 1265 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England.
  iv.   William III Darcy, born Abt. 1219 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England.
  v.   Norman IV Darcy, born Abt. 1220 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England; died Aft. 1314 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England.
  vi.   Ralph Darcy, born Abt. 1222 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England; died 1258 in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England (unmarried).

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