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Ancestors of Frank Nickolas Bryan

      1606. John Bryant, born 4/7/1650 in Plymouth, Mass.; died 3/29/1736 in Plympton, Mass.. He was the son of 3210. Stephen Bryant and 3211. Abigail Shaw. He married 1607. Sarah Bonham Abt. 1677 in Plymouth, MA.

      1607. Sarah Bonham, born 12/10/1653 in Plymouth, MA; died 1/10/1741-42 in Plympton, MA. She was the daughter of 3214. George Bonham and 3215. Sarah Morton.

Notes for John Bryant:

birth: 4/7/1650 in Plymouth, MA (Plymouth Records)

marriage: about 1677 in Plymouth, MA to Satah Bonham(birth of first child recorded 9/1678)

death: 3/29/1736 in Plympton (Plympton vital records)

spouse: Sarah Bonham (Sarah in public records and close association
      between Steven Bryant and George Bonham)
residences: Plymouth [1650-1675?]; Scituate [1675?-1686]; Plympton             [1687-1736].
descent: through daughter Ruth who married her first cousin William
      Churchill son of William Churchill and John's sister, Lydia.

  Notes for Sarah Bonham:

birth: 12/10/1653 in Plymouth as daughter of George Bonham (Plymouth       birth records)

marriage: 1677 to John Bryant in Plymouth (estimate based on birth of       first child) (Palm Beach County Genealogical Society, Summer       1977)

death: 1/10/1742 in Plympton (Plympton cemetary record)

Children of John Bryant and Sarah Bonham are:
  803 i.   Ruth Bryant, born 9/2/1685 in Scituate, MA; died 3/24/1757 in Plympton, MA; married William Churchill 1/11/1704-05 in Plymouth, MA.
  ii.   John Bryant, born 9/1/1678.
  iii.   James Bryant, born 7/26/1682; married Sarah Cushman.
  iv.   Sarah Bryant, born 2/28/1687-88; married John Briggs.
  v.   Joanah Bryant, born 11/13/1690; died 2/12/1765; married (1) Samuel Churchill 9/6/1711 in Plymouth, MA; born 4/15/1688; died 4/20/1751; married (2) Josiah Waterman 2/21/1722-23.
  vi.   George Bryant, born 12/5/1693; married Sarah Ripley.

      1608. Edmund Chandler, born 1585 in England; died 5/1662 in Duxbury, MA. He married 1609. Mrs Edmund Chandler the second 1635 in Duxbury, MA.

      1609. Mrs Edmund Chandler the second, born 1600 in England; died Bef. 1662 in Duxbury, MA.

Notes for Edmund Chandler:

birth: 1585 in England (general estimate)

marriage: 1608 to an unknown woman probably in England.

death: May, 1662 at Duxbury, MA (inventory of estate taken 6/2/1662)
will dated 5/3/1662 gave land at Dartmouth to son Samuel.
Son BENJAMIN to have house and land at Duxbury six years after death. Son Joseph to have land at Taunton. Daughters Sarah, Anna, and Mary to have 3500 Pounds of sugar at Barbadoes. BENJAMIN, Joseph, and Ruth were to have the last four years rent due from his son Samuel. The first two years rent were to go to his estate. The cattle leased to Samuel for six years were to be equally divided between BENJAMIN, Joseph, and Ruth. Son Joseph made executor. Witnessed by John Alden and Constant Southworth.
Inventory presented to Court 6/4/1662 by Philip Delano and John Alden:
Four cows 15 Pounds; two oxen 10 Pounds; feather bolster and two pillows
1 Pound; three sheets 17 shillings; rug and blanket 1 Pound 8 shillings; two curtains 4 shillings; clothes 2 Pounds 6 shillings; three pairs of socks and splatterlashes 6 shillings; two shirts 10 shillings; five caps 2 shillings; three towels, pillowcase, and neckclothes 3 shillings; hat 3 shillings; books 10 shillings; four pewter dishes, one pot, a chamberpot, and three spoons 10 shillings; one frying pan, two candle sticks, and one skillet 9 shillings; one small compas, a looking glass, and miscellaneous small things 19 shillings; sword, shot, moulders, flint, sheers, and powder horns 11 shillings; lantern, pot hangers, tongs, and pot hooks 12 shillings; three chests 14 shillings; two hogsheads, two beer casks, and miscellaneous other things 14 shillings; wheel, horn, and scales 3 shillings 6 pence; one chair and two cushions 5 shillings; six iron wedges 8 shillings; table and old box 3 shillings 6 pence; bedstead and sifting trough 8 shillings; lamp 1 shilling 4 pence. Total 38 Pounds 7 shillings 4 pence.

Debts due from estate: 4 Pounds 15 shillings to Samuel Chandler; 10 shillings 6 pence to Moses Simons; 18 shillings to Joseph Chandler; coffin and grave 3 shillings.

Debts owed to the estate: one bushel of corn worth 3 shillings from John Thomas; 10 pence from Abraham Sampson

Admitted to citizenship at Leyden, Holland 11/11/1613 with occupation given as sayweaver.
Buried a child at St Peter's 3/26/1619.
Listed as a draper in 1623.
Listed as a pipemaker in 1626.
Came to Plymouth in 1629 or 1630 as part of the remnant of Pilgrims left in Leyden.
Made Freeman at Duxbury in 1633.
Sold land at Duxbury to John Rogers for 12 Pounds 10/20/1634
Chosen Constable of Duxbury 1/3/1637 and sworn into office 3/7/1637.
Provided bail for Samuel Chandler 5/30/1637 and paid Samuel's debt to John Jenney.
Granted 60 acres of land at Duxbury lying on the east side of Moses Symonson 4/2/1638.
Took John Edwards as a apprentice for five years 1/29/1639.
Bought one acre of land adjoining his property from Thomas Bixby for twenty shillings 7/19/1639 and there built a house.
Sent along with JONATHAN BREWSTER as Deputy to the General Court of Plymouth Colony 6/4/1639. Served again as Deputy in 1643 and 1644.     
Granted 50 acres at North River by General Court 11/2/1640.
Given books by JONATHAN BREWSTER in June of 1644.
Sold the one acre of land he had bought from Thomas Bixby along with the house theron to John Browne 6/8/1650.
Sold 50 acres at North River to Thomas Byrd of Scituate for 10 Pounds 6/7/1651.
Bought two acres of meadow land from James Lendell for 3 Pounds bordering his land 5/4/1653.
Exchanged land granted to him in Bridgewater for land granted to Edward Bumpas at Dartmouth 7/15/1653.
Granted land at Taunton by the General Court 7/3/1656 later confirmed by Indian deed 4/2/1659 and which land he left in his will to his son Joseph.

Children of Edmund Chandler and Mrs second are:
  804 i.   Benjamin Chandler, born Abt. 1636 in Plymouth (Plymouth Cnty), MA; died 1691 in Plymouth (Plymouth Cnty), MA; married Elizabeth Buck Abt. 1671 in Scituate (Plymouth County), Massachusetts.
  ii.   Joseph Chandler, born Abt. 1638.
  iii.   Ruth Chandler, born Abt. 1640 in Barbadoes; died 12/15/1694 in Eastham, MA; married Daniel Cole in Duxbury, MA.

      1610. John Buck, born 1620 in England; died Aft. 9/4/1697 in Scituate (Plymouth County), Massachusetts. He was the son of 3220. Edmund Buck and 3221. Mrs [Buck]. He married 1611. Elizabeth Holbrook Abt. 1652 in Scituate.

      1611. Elizabeth Holbrook, born Abt. 1630 in England; died Bef. 4/26/1693 in Scituate (Plymouth County), Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 3222. Samuel Holbrook and 3223. Mary [Holbrook].

Notes for John Buck:
1620 in England (estimate based on life events)

1652 to Elizabeth Holbrook of Weymouth (Savage) (year est. from 1st child's birth)
4/26/1693 to Sarah Faunce Dotey in Plymouth (Plymouth vital records)

Sept., 1697 in Scituate Scituate (will signed 9/4/1697, proved       9/27/1697)
All lands and housing in Scituate to be sold with the proceeds to go to his daughters. Daughter Chandler to have a cow and each of her children, a sheep. Isaac Randall's two children to have 6 shillings. John Garrett's children to have 12 shillings each. All grandchildren living at Yarmouth or Sandwich to have 1 shilling.
inventory taken 9/21/1697 by Elisha Turner and James Torrey.
estate valued at 50 pounds

First seen in 1650 as resident of Scituate, MA., where he was the first proprietor of Walnut HIll.

7/1/1680: witness to inquest into overlaying death of Baby Thomas Hatch (Plymouth Colony records as transcribed by Nathaniel Shurtleff)

Succeeded Cornet ROBERT STETSON as Cornet of the troops before the advent of King Phillips War and then served in that capacity throughout the war.

  Notes for Elizabeth Holbrook:

birth; 1635 in Scituate (estimate based on life events)

marriage: 1652 to John Buck in Scituate (Savage)

death: 1690 (estimate based on husband's second marriage 4/26/1693)

Children of John Buck and Elizabeth Holbrook are:
  805 i.   Elizabeth Buck, born 7/16/1653 in Scituate (Plymouth County), Massachusetts; died Abt. 1732 in Duxbury (Plymouth County), Massachusetts; married Benjamin Chandler Abt. 1671 in Scituate (Plymouth County), Massachusetts.
  ii.   Mary Buck, born 6/26/1655.
  iii.   Joseph Buck, born 6/26/1657; married Deborah Clapp 9/10/1713.
  iv.   John Buck, born 9/6/1659.
  v.   Hannah Buck, born 8/9/1661.
  vi.   Benjamin Buck, born 3/15/1664-65; married Elizabeth Churchill.
  vii.   Deborah Buck, born 11/15/1670; married Isaac Randall 11/29/1692.
  viii.   Robert Buck, born 6/16/1672.
  ix.   Rachel Buck, born 8/22/1674; married John Dwelley 1/4/1692-93.

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