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Descendants of Thomas Goin

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 GOIN was born 1755 in Virginia, and died 1838 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. He married SARAH JONES Bef. 1774 in Virginia. She was born in Cherokee Nation, North Carolina.

Notes for T

Thomas Goin - " OLD FAMILY " ca 1750 - 1833
submitted by: Carol Ledford, a society member from Leicester, NC

During the lifetime of Thomas Goin, his name was spelled several different ways on legal documents depending on the interpretation of the writer ( i.e. Goin, Going, Goen, Goins ).
Today most of the descendants go by GOIN.
Thomas Goin was born between 1750 and 1760, probably in Virginia. I believe that his family had been in America at least 4 generations. What I base this belief on is a court case in the 1850's in Claiborne County, Tennessee involving a grandson. Several witnesses that knew " Old Tommy Goin " ( now deceased ) described him as being mixed blooded. That mixed blood was INDIAN. For Thomas to exercise his rights of a free white man, which he did, he had to be at least 4th generation of mixed blood. This means that probably a great- grandparent of his was a Indian. This would put the great-grandparents in the Americas in the 1600s.
You can still notice the Indian features in some of his descendants, like the high cheek
On April 7, 1781, he was a private in the Army fighting for the American Revolution.
He was in the North Carolina Militia, Captain Byrum's Company. Whether he was living in North Carolina as we know it today, or if he was living in Tennessee, as we know it now, has not been determined. The reason is that Tennessee was part of North Carolina until 1788.
We do know that he was living in Washington County, North Carolina ( now TN )
in 1784, where, according to court records, he was constable of the county.
During this period, he was busy locating a desirable tract of land, doing improvements on it, and surveying or marking the boundaries of the land so that he could apply for the land grant from the State of North Carolina. This process sometimes took several years before you actually got the grant.
In 1786 he purchased a land grant from the State of North Carolina for 225 acres
in Washington County, North Carolina ( now Tennessee ) on the Cherokee Creek joining the Tipton Farm. The Tipton Farm is now a tourist attraction near Jonesville, TN. Land at that time was going for 10 pounds per acre. He paid about 2,250 pounds for his tract of land.
While he was living in Washington County, North Carolina, he was served on several
juries. In 1787 he was in court at Jonesville, North Carolina ( now Tennessee ) the
same day Andrew Jackson passed the bar.
In 1788 he sold land in Washington County and moved 90 miles east to the Big
Barren Creek area in Grainger County, Tennessee. He is listed on the Tax List in 1799
in Captain Coxes Company. In 1801 this section of Grainger County became
Claiborne County, Tennessee. He lived in the area about Sand Lick. This area, would,
several years later, become Goin, Tennessee. It was settled by several of his descen-
dants, the Goin Post Office would be named after one of them in 1884. The Goin
Community still exists in Claiborne County, Tennessee, but the Post Office was
discontinued in 1965.
In 1802 he helped build a road near where he lived in the Big Barren Creek area
to Tazewell, the County Seat of Claiborne County. Two of his sons, Levi and Uriah,
also helped along with Thomas Stallions, father -in-law of Levi Goin. They were later
appointed overseers of this road per county records.
In 1803 he was instrumental in establishing the Big Barren Primitive Church.
In 1804 he served on juries in Claiborne County, Tennessee.
In 1833 he is listed as a free male inhabitant, over 21, in Claiborne Co.,TN. Other
Goins listed with him were: Levi, Uriah, and Isaac Goin ( his sons ); William,
Pleasant, Uriah Jr., and Isaac Jr. Goin ( his grandsons, sons of Levi Goin );
Levi Goin,Jr. ( his grandson, son of Uriah ); William, Levi, and Pleasant ( sons of
William Goin , Revolutionary War, who this writer believes was closely related to
Thomas Goin ).
Thomas Goin died in 1838 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. He was buried in the
Old Big Barren Cemetary which is now at the bottom of Norris Lake. The grave was
unmarked. If the grave was moved, it is unknown.
The known children of Thomas Goin were: Uriah, born 1787; Levi, born 1788 and
Isaac, born 1793.

This info Compiled by : Carol Ledford, Rt. 1, Box 16, Leicester, NC, 28748
Other joint researchers : Bob Goin, 2504 98th Ave., NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Bill Goin, 12813 Superior, Southgate, Michigan 48195
Bill would like to hear from all descendants for a future book.

Ths book is at least two years late in getting to family members who need it to continue their research, but, family responsibilities and medical problems have kept me busy almost twenty four hours a day for sometime and family is what it is all about. It is my dedication to family that drove me to do this wotk to begin with. At last it is finished and I hope it proves it's worth in the research of the future.
When my Great Aunt, Ida Stark Bivins died in 1960 I found a letter from "Tine" Goin that he wrote to her in the 1930's about the Goin family. Being young and naive, I sent a letter to him for additional information. Of course, by then Tine was dead, but, his wife was still at the same address. She forwardcd the letter to Varion Goin. The rest is history. It was Varion Goin who kept me going all ofthese years and then his wife Anna Lee, when Varion no longer was able to keep up with the letterwriting.
Sinee the early 1960's I've collected, researched, made pilgrimages to cemeteries, written thousands of letters and answered as many. Always in the back of my mind was the question, "What do I do with all of this?" This book has become the answer. It is always more satisfying to hold in your own hands and rcad for your self history that touches your life.
Dedication of this work goes to all the many contributors of the records here in contained. When I first started this "hunt for my Goin Roots", it was Varion Goin and O C Mayes who kept my interest alive. Virgie Goin Coffelt of Oklahoma worked with me in the early days on the line Levi, brother to Nelson Goin. After that it grew somctimes by leaps and somctimes by turtle time. In the early 1960's Cleo Goin Beason of Goin, Tennessee did a lot of cemetcry research for me. Fielding V. "Bob" Goin of Bellevue, Washington shared a lot of his research. Severa1 years ago Wm H Goin sent me all of his family group sheets to incorporate into my own records and scveral other cousins wanted their records added in as well. With the formation of thc Gowen Foundation, more cousins have found their way into joint research and a desire to get all the records into a central location. This is it, all of the records that we have collected on THOMAS GOIN of Claiborne County, Tennessee, as of the end of 1994. When I was in Houston, Texas for the Gowen Research Foundation meeting in May of 1994, 1 tried to find some of our cousins who were there. I didn't find them. But before long the mail man was doing double time. In that way I found Joyce Locke who you can thank for the Index and that I finally finished this work. When I looked at doing the Index, I just about gave up. Carol Ledford did the short histories on the early Goins for the Claiborne County Historical Society Quarterly, "Reflections" and The Gowen Foundation Newsletter. She was very generous in allowing me to use them in this work. They were so well written, it would have been impossible to have improved on them. Arlee Gowen of the Gowen Foundation allowed me to use what was needed from the Newsletter.
The general family records are done in a chronological order. Each direct family member has his or her own number. By following the number system you can determine your place in the family line and from there go either forward or backward. The following is a example of the system.
      1      THOMAS GOIN
      1. 4      URIAH GOIN
      1. 4. 5      NELSON GOIN      MALINDA GOIN
Sons of "Old Levi" Goin that went west: William Goin, Ketucky, Isaac Goin, Illinois; Eli Goin, Kansas, went to live with children because of old age, LeRoy Goin, Missouri, California, and Oregon; and Richard Goin, Kentucky.
Grandson's of "Old Levi" Goin that went west: Seven out of eight sons of Sterling Goin - James, Nebraska; Phillip, Nebraska; Levi, Kansas, Jasper, Kansas; William, Missouri; Tilman, Missoun, and Proctor, Nebraska; Elijah "Little Lige Goin ( son of Uriah, )
to Missouri . Two sons of Rachel Goin Keck,- William Keck, Texas and Sterling Keck, Kansas. Children of "Old Uriah" Goin that went west Sarah Goin Dykes, Missouri; Betsy Goin Holton, Kentucky ; and Nelson Goin, Missouri then to Kansas.

Grandchildren of "Old Uriah" William' that went west: Seven out of the ten children of Levi Goin - David, Missouii; Nancy Goin Fortner, Kansas; Calab, Missouri, Permelia Goin Hopper, Missouri; LeRoy, Colorado; James, Missouri; and Nelson, Oklahoma. The children of
Nelson Goin who lived to adulthood & left Tennessee: Malinda Goin Raney, Missouri, to Kansas, in her old age lived in Oklahoma, Mahala Goin Day Cox, Missouri, later to Oklahoma; James Silvester Goin, Missouri, to Oklahoma; Rachel Goin Jones Boyd, Missouri, to Colorado, Levi Goin, Missouri, to Oklahoma.

All the living sons of "Old lsaac " Goin went west after the Civil War. They were: John, Missouri; Martin, Missouri; and William, Oregon.

I hope you will use this book as a research tool and continue the work that has been done by all the researchers who contributed and that when you find corrections, extensions and additions you will share them with the rest of us. If at all possible copies of the book will be placed in research libranes around the country for the use of all interested family members.

January 9, 1996

Children of T
2. i.   LEVI2 GOIN, b. 1778, Washington County , North Carolina; d. 1863, Grainger County, Tennessee.
  ii.   EDWINA GOIN, b. 1774; m. JACOB CUPP.
  iii.   SARAH GOIN, b. 1782, North Carolina; m. UNKNOWN BULLARD.
  iv.   URIAH GOIN, b. 1785, Washington County, North Carolina; m. NANCY DICKSON GOIN, September 27, 1846, Claiborne County, Tennesse.
  v.   ISAAC ABRAHAM GOIN, b. 1793, Washington County, North Carolina/ Claiborne County, Tennessee; d. December 26, 1875, Claiborne County, Tennessee; m. TEMPERENCE ALICE GRAY, March 24, 1809, Claiborne County, Tennessee; b. 1796, Claiborne County, Tennessee; d. 1880, Claiborne County, Tennessee.

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