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Budinich Diez:
Index of Individuals


Achurra, Matilde

Aguilar Ojeda

Aguilar Ojeda, Maria Cristina

Ahlers Budinich

Ahlers Budinich, Werner Federico


Ahlers, Werner

Aldea Naranjo

Aldea Naranjo, Claudio


Aldea, Claudio

Andonaegui Cuevas

Andonaegui Cuevas, Alfonso Jose
Andonaegui Cuevas, Carlos Jose
Andonaegui Cuevas, Maria Angelica
Andonaegui Cuevas, Maria Ignacia
Andonaegui Cuevas, Santiago

Andonaegui Elton

Andonaegui Elton, Carlos


Andrade, Lastenia



Aparicio Cifuentes

Aparicio Cifuentes, Julio

Aparicio Neira

Aparicio Neira, Maria Ximena(b. 25 Mar 1950)
Aparicio Neira, Rodrigo(b. 06 Apr 1953)

Aparicio Schuler

Aparicio Schuler, Julio(b. 07 Mar 1926)


Aparicio, Catalina


Babic, Ana(b. 25 Mar 1843)

Badilla Budinich

Badilla Budinich, Alvaro(b. 15 Sep 1990)
Badilla Budinich, Maria Paz(b. 19 Jul 1983)


Badilla, Victor Hugo(b. 20 Apr 1958)


Baricevic, Ivaniza Budinich(b. 24 May 1856, d. 03 Dec 1925)


Bedecarratz, Jacqueline(b. 14 Aug 1962)


Belanic, Nicolina Baricevic(b. 21 Aug 1849)

Bonic Budinich

Bonic Budinich, Ivan

Borda Mingo

Borda Mingo, Maria Beatriz

Budinich Aparicio

Budinich Aparicio, Bernardita Maria(b. 27 Mar 1975)
Budinich Aparicio, Daniel Benjamin Crisobal(b. 17 Nov 1983)
Budinich Aparicio, Mateo Francisco(b. 18 Oct 1973)
Budinich Aparicio, Sebastian Alberto(b. 05 Dec 1984)
Budinich Aparicio, Tomas Gaspar(b. 21 May 1980)

Budinich Baricevic

Budinich Baricevic, Margarita(b. 10 Jun 1859, d. 06 Oct 1930)
Budinich Baricevic, Rita

Budinich Budinich

Budinich Budinich, Albina(b. 20 May 1882)
Budinich Budinich, Antonio(b. 1876)
Budinich Budinich, Antonio(b. 1914, d. 15 Apr 2004)
Budinich Budinich, Casimiro(b. 01 Jan 1888, d. 29 Aug 1956)
Budinich Budinich, Clotilde(b. 30 Nov 1884)
Budinich Budinich, Ludovico
Budinich Budinich, Mateo(b. 02 Sep 1885, d. 10 Nov 1960)
Budinich Budinich, Regina(b. 07 Aug 1883, d. 06 Jan 1969)
Budinich Budinich, Rodsica(d. 1997)

Budinich Carrasco

Budinich Carrasco, Berna Nila Magdalena(b. 31 Dec 1943)
Budinich Carrasco, Pedro Vladimir Amaro(b. 28 Jan 1945)

Budinich Cuevas

Budinich Cuevas, Francisca(b. 19 Oct 2000)
Budinich Cuevas, Mateo Ignacio(b. 11 Sep 2006)
Budinich Cuevas, Sofia(b. 30 Sep 1997)

Budinich Diez

Budinich Diez, Maria Angelica Zulema(b. 17 Jan 1956)
Budinich Diez, Maria Valeria Clotilde(b. 01 Sep 1958)
Budinich Diez, Mateo Fernando(b. 14 Aug 1952)
Budinich Diez, Ricardo Andres(b. 08 Jul 1954)

Budinich Garcia

Budinich Garcia, Sebastian Andres(b. 26 Oct 1978)

Budinich Jerolimich

Budinich Jerolimich, Alberto(b. 1993)
Budinich Jerolimich, Alberto Fernando Ramon(b. 31 Aug 1955)
Budinich Jerolimich, Beatriz
Budinich Jerolimich, Carlos Antonio Pedro(b. 04 Jan 1953)
Budinich Jerolimich, Danitza(b. 1994)
Budinich Jerolimich, Josefina
Budinich Jerolimich, Maria Eleonora(b. 26 Jun 1961)
Budinich Jerolimich, Samuel Fortunato(b. 10 Jun 1954)

Budinich Negrete

Budinich Negrete, Nicolas

Budinich Raguzin

Budinich Raguzin, Antonia(d. 06 Jun 1912)
Budinich Raguzin, Antonio
Budinich Raguzin, Juan de Dios
Budinich Raguzin, Margarita Amelia Beatriz(d. 01 Aug 1989)
Budinich Raguzin, Maria Dolores
Budinich Raguzin, Maria Margarita Clotilde
Budinich Raguzin, Pedro Antonio Vladimiro(d. 15 Apr 1982)
Budinich Raguzin, Roberto Antonio Marcos
Budinich Raguzin, Viviana Ludovica

Budinich Skrobonja

Budinich Skrobonja, Antonio
Budinich Skrobonja, Mateo(b. 05 Oct 1850, d. 12 Sep 1904)

Budinich Vidulich

Budinich Vidulich, Ester Nevenka Rosa(b. 12 Feb 1923)
Budinich Vidulich, Leticia Darinka(b. 30 Aug 1922, d. 30 Jun 1923)
Budinich Vidulich, Mateo Luis Carlos(b. 03 Sep 1928, d. 26 Jul 2004)

Budinich Vildosola

Budinich Vildosola, Andres Ignacio(b. 07 Nov 1980)
Budinich Vildosola, Catalina(b. 26 Mar 1984)
Budinich Vildosola, Felipe(b. 01 Jul 1995)


Budinich, Antonio
Budinich, Marcela Raguzin
Budinich, Maria Busanich(b. 06 Apr 1911, d. 03 Jul 1927)

Busanich Babic

Busanich Babic, Antonia(b. 23 Mar 1877)
Busanich Babic, Caterina(b. 14 Feb 1888)
Busanich Babic, Giovanni(b. 20 Dec 1874, d. 06 Jun 1919)
Busanich Babic, Luciano(b. 08 Dec 1875, d. 24 Jun 1927)
Busanich Babic, Marco(b. 27 Apr 1889)
Busanich Babic, Maria(b. 20 Mar 1871, d. 14 Jul 1872)

Busanich Budinich

Busanich Budinich, Albina Ana Margarita(b. 10 Jul 1906)
Busanich Budinich, Ana Regina(b. 06 Sep 1909, d. 20 Sep 2006)
Busanich Budinich, Casimiro Ercilio(b. 26 Aug 1908, d. 14 Oct 2005)
Busanich Budinich, Lidia Luisa Luciana(b. 21 Jun 1924)
Busanich Budinich, Luciano Antonio Mateo(b. 01 Aug 1905)

Busanich Busanich

Busanich Busanich, Antonio(b. 13 Jan 1843, d. 10 May 1895)
Busanich Busanich, Antonio(b. 03 Sep 1876)
Busanich Busanich, Caterina(b. 12 Aug 1847, d. 1885)
Busanich Busanich, Giovanni(b. 06 Apr 1855, d. 17 Apr 1917)
Busanich Busanich, Giovanni(b. 1879, d. 17 Apr 1917)
Busanich Busanich, Marco(b. 25 Apr 1845)
Busanich Busanich, Maria(b. 07 Apr 1852)


Busanich, Antonia(b. 27 Feb 1817, d. 24 Sep 1890)
Busanich, Antonio(b. 27 Sep 1815)
Busanich, Caterina(b. 07 Sep 1814)
Busanich, Giovanni(b. 21 Aug 1820)
Busanich, Jacobi(b. 03 Nov 1791, d. 25 Apr 1866)
Busanich, Maria(b. 25 Mar 1863, d. 02 Mar 1900)
Busanich, Maria Busanich(b. 28 Mar 1874, d. 09 Nov 1893)
Busanich, Sra de Jacobi(b. 1795)

Cabrera Abarca

Cabrera Abarca, Genaro Antonio(b. 18 Jan 1977)

Cabrera Budinich

Cabrera Budinich, Diego Katari(b. 20 Jun 2001)
Cabrera Budinich, Florencia(b. 29 Jan 2004)


Cabrilo, Zoran(b. 1949)

Carrasco Araya

Carrasco Araya, Berna(b. 1914)

Castillo Budinich

Castillo Budinich, Alfredo Eduardo Miguel(b. 06 May 1958, d. 17 Oct 1985)
Castillo Budinich, Leticia(b. 18 Sep 1953)

Castillo Ramirez

Castillo Ramirez, Alfredo


Caterina(b. 27 Oct 1882, d. 25 Oct 1906)

Chamoneaux Chausade

Chamoneaux Chausade, Lucia
Chamoneaux Chausade, Silvia


Chausade, Loisse Chamoneaux


Cohen, Julia


Collins, Ximena Martinez(d. 26 Mar 1966)


Corvalan, Amanda

Cuevas Gomez-Lobo

Cuevas Gomez-Lobo, Maria Angelica(b. 1967)
Cuevas Gomez-Lobo, Monica(b. 1965)
Cuevas Gomez-Lobo, Patricia(b. 04 Jun 1974)
Cuevas Gomez-Lobo, Teresa(b. 1963)


Cuevas, Herman

Cvelic Budinich

Cvelic Budinich, Carlo
Cvelic Budinich, German(b. 28 Mar 1923, d. 24 Feb 2007)
Cvelic Budinich, Gianni(b. 1910)
Cvelic Budinich, Maria(b. 17 Aug 1908, d. 17 Jun 1925)
Cvelic Budinich, Regina(b. 27 Dec 1919, d. 28 Oct 2006)


Cvelic, Draga(b. 1950)
Cvelic, Ivan(b. 04 Sep 1871, d. 17 Jul 1953)
Cvelic, Ivan Cabrilo
Cvelic, Nada(b. 1949)
Cvelic, Rajna(b. 1944)
Cvelic, Vesna(b. 1950)
Cvelic, Vesna Nonet(b. 1971)
Cvelic, Vincent Nonet(b. 1976)

Danus Magini

Danus Magini, Claudio
Danus Magini, Cristobal
Danus Magini, Osvaldo


Danus, Osvaldo

de la Luz

de la Luz, Maria

de la Vega Rosales

de la Vega Rosales, Mercedes


derracou, fernando
derracou, Henry
derracou, jules

Diez Chamoneux

Diez Chamoneux, Alfredo
Diez Chamoneux, Ambrosio(b. 1914)
Diez Chamoneux, Fernando(b. 02 Dec 1903)
Diez Chamoneux, Graciela(b. 1943)
Diez Chamoneux, Isabel
Diez Chamoneux, Isia(b. 1905)
Diez Chamoneux, Patricia(b. 10 Jul 1940)
Diez Chamoneux, Silvio(b. 1907)

Diez Corvalan

Diez Corvalan, Alfredo
Diez Corvalan, Rolando
Diez Corvalan, Sergio
Diez Corvalan, Silvio

Diez Fierro

Diez Fierro, Fernando(b. 15 Feb 1929)
Diez Fierro, Silvia(b. 01 Feb 1930)

Diez Fuentes

Diez Fuentes, Alfredo

Diez Merino

Diez Merino, Alfredo

Diez Morá

Diez Morá, Ana Maria
Diez Morá, Enrique
Diez Morá, Maria Antonieta
Diez Morá, Maria Consuelo
Diez Morá, Maria Isabel
Diez Morá, Maria Soledad
Diez Morá, Ricardo


Diez, Maria de la Luz(b. 12 Feb 1973)
Diez, Maria del Pilar(b. 08 Dec 1971)

Dupre Diez

Dupre Diez, Gaston
Dupre Diez, Marcelo
Dupre Diez, Raul


Dupre, Caudia
Dupre, Denisse
Dupre, Gerard
Dupre, Isia Maria
Dupre, Ivonne
Dupre, Marcelo
Dupre, Marlene
Dupre, Paulette
Dupre, Raul

Duran Pasten

Duran Pasten, Oscar Urbano(b. 21 Dec 1954)

Duran Tellez

Duran Tellez, Ana Maria(b. 24 Oct 1985)
Duran Tellez, Oscar Arturo(b. 29 Nov 1986)
Duran Tellez, Paulina(b. 02 Oct 1989)




Eitel, Lucy


Escudero, Isidoro


Fidler, Elene

Fierro Fierro

Fierro Fierro, Juan

Fierro Leon

Fierro Leon, Lucila(b. 05 Jun 1906)
Fierro Leon, Zulema(b. 07 Mar 1909)


Fuentes, Alicia

Gaete Rojas

Gaete Rojas, Pamela

Garcia Lawrence

Garcia Lawrence, Maria del Pilar


Garcia, Vivian Astrid Budinich(b. 23 Jan 1975)

Gardulski Matetich

Gardulski Matetich, Constanza
Gardulski Matetich, Marek



Gomez-Lobo Braun

Gomez-Lobo Braun, Alfredo(b. 1926, d. 2000)

Gomez-Lobo Marin

Gomez-Lobo Marin, Monica
Gomez-Lobo Marin, Patricia

Gonzalez Achurra

Gonzalez Achurra, Leonardo

Gonzalez Aguilar

Gonzalez Aguilar, Intiare(b. 1973)
Gonzalez Aguilar, Naru Krishna(b. 1978)

Gonzalez Barba

Gonzalez Barba, David
Gonzalez Barba, Nila Margarita del Pilar

Gonzalez Budinich

Gonzalez Budinich, Alexander Anton Vladimir(b. 17 Oct 1943)
Gonzalez Budinich, Antonio DavidLeonardoRodolfo(b. 06 Jul 1941)
Gonzalez Budinich, Ramon Arturo Casimiro(b. 21 May 1941, d. 26 Mar 1966)

Gonzalez Letelier

Gonzalez Letelier, Ramon

Gonzalez Martinez

Gonzalez Martinez, Arturo CristianRamon Antonio(b. 24 Dec 1961)
Gonzalez Martinez, Ximena Ana Carolina(b. 10 Apr 1964)

Guerrero Samarzija

Guerrero Samarzija, Adriana
Guerrero Samarzija, Alex
Guerrero Samarzija, Angilee Michelle
Guerrero Samarzija, Damir


Guerrero, Raymond Paul Michael

Hayes Hayes

Hayes Hayes, Thomas

Hayes Parra

Hayes Parra, Alejandro
Hayes Parra, Angelica
Hayes Parra, Isabel
Hayes Parra, Jacqueline
Hayes Parra, Tomas

Hayes Saldias

Hayes Saldias, Enriqueta(b. Oct 1919)
Hayes Saldias, Laura(b. May 1917)
Hayes Saldias, Maria(b. 03 Nov 1921)
Hayes Saldias, Tomas(b. Apr 1926)


Hayes, Christian
Hayes, Mary
Hayes, Thomas

Inostroza Budinich

Inostroza Budinich, Luciano(b. 10 Dec 1968)
Inostroza Budinich, Paris(b. 22 Sep 1972)

Inostroza Gaete

Inostroza Gaete, Arantza Antonia(b. 07 Apr 2000)
Inostroza Gaete, Lucas Franco(b. 15 Jul 2004)

Inostroza Tapia

Inostroza Tapia, Juan Luciano(b. 1942, d. 02 Jun 1989)


Jerolimich, Ida(d. 13 Nov 1995)

Kaiser Castillo

Kaiser Castillo, Macarena
Kaiser Castillo, Patricio


Kaiser, Patricio


Keitel, Andres Magini(b. 04 Jul 1981)
Keitel, Cristian Magini(b. 12 Apr 1982)
Keitel, Elizabeth(b. 11 Oct 1939)
Keitel, Francisco Magini(b. 22 Nov 1980)


Lathrop, Valeria




Lazzari, Ennio


Leiva, Graciela

Leon de la Vega

Leon de la Vega, Carlos

Leon Lavin

Leon Lavin, Julian

Leon Nunez

Leon Nunez, Sara


Lettic, Giovanni

Macchi Rossi

Macchi Rossi, Ernestina

Magini Bernardoni

Magini Bernardoni, Azelio(d. 15 Dec 1948)

Magini Hayes

Magini Hayes, Francisco(b. 22 Nov 1939)
Magini Hayes, Josefina(b. 03 Dec 1937)


Manzur, Juan Carlos B.


Maria(b. 13 Jan 1882)
Maria, Ana



Marin Casanueva

Marin Casanueva, Maria Cristina


Matetich, Mariana Gardulski
Matetich, Raimundo Gardulski
Matetich, Vicente Gardulski


McIntire, Paulina


Miron, Tatyana


Morá, Julia


Moscutti, Ana Mahr(b. 05 Jun 1911, d. 10 Oct 1956)

Naranjo Chamoneaux

Naranjo Chamoneaux, Consuelo
Naranjo Chamoneaux, Jose
Naranjo Chamoneaux, Vicente

Naranjo Cohen

Naranjo Cohen, Claudio


Naranjo, Ema
Naranjo, Jose
Naranjo, Jose

Negrete Fernandez

Negrete Fernandez, Carmen Nieves

Neira Andrade

Neira Andrade, Josefa Lastenia(b. 29 Jan 1921)


Neira, Benjamin

Nilo Cuevas

Nilo Cuevas, Fernando
Nilo Cuevas, Maria Jesus


Nilo, Fernando


Nonet, Christian(b. 1947)


Nunez, Transito

Ochoa Hayes

Ochoa Hayes, Angela
Ochoa Hayes, Carlos


Ochoa, Santos

Osses Hayes

Osses Hayes, Ema
Osses Hayes, Tomas

Osses Hayesi

Osses Hayesi, Eugenio

Osses McIntire

Osses McIntire, Felipe
Osses McIntire, Monica
Osses McIntire, Pablo


Osses, Benigno

Pacheco Fermaglio

Pacheco Fermaglio, Maria


Parra, Victoria

Pineda Diez

Pineda Diez, Alejandra
Pineda Diez, Claudio


Pineda, Renato

Plubins Plubins

Plubins Plubins, Javier

Raguzin Petrina

Raguzin Petrina, Petronila(d. 12 Dec 1970)


Raguzin, Dumica

Ramirez Varela

Ramirez Varela, Luis Felipe





Rivet Chamoneaux

Rivet Chamoneaux, Raquel


Rivet, Inge
Rivet, Jorge
Rivet, picha
Rivet, Susana
Rivet, Susana

Roman Gomez-Lobo

Roman Gomez-Lobo, Cristina
Roman Gomez-Lobo, Felipe
Roman Gomez-Lobo, Pablo
Roman Gomez-Lobo, Tomas


Roman, Johanna Ordenes
Roman, Juan Pablo



Rostagno Bedecarratz

Rostagno Bedecarratz, Antonio(b. 05 Dec 1986)
Rostagno Bedecarratz, Francisca(b. 05 Oct 2000)
Rostagno Bedecarratz, Nicolas(b. 05 Nov 1984)
Rostagno Bedecarratz, Pedro(b. 01 May 1998)
Rostagno Bedecarratz, Silvio(b. 14 May 1991)

Rostagno Hayes

Rostagno Hayes, Cecilia(b. 15 Jan 1962)
Rostagno Hayes, Silvio(b. 31 Jul 1960)


Rostagno, Florencia
Rostagno, Irene
Rostagno, Silvio(b. 10 Aug 1921, d. 23 Mar 1997)
Rostagno, Victor
Rostagno, Victor(b. 01 May 1914)


Rudinsky, Ana

Saldias Chamorro

Saldias Chamorro, Laura

Samarzija Cvelic

Samarzija Cvelic, Aida Snjezana(b. 12 Apr 1958)
Samarzija Cvelic, Marina Klotilde Kasimira(b. 08 Sep 1959)


Samarzija, Mihovil(b. 15 Nov 1915, d. 24 Oct 1999)


Santoni, Aida Luisa
Santoni, Gianni Cvelic
Santoni, Herty Ines Bibiana Cvelic
Santoni, Yovanka Cvelic


Simicic, Antonio Busanich(b. 17 Dec 1842, d. 03 Mar 1880)


Skrobonja, Domingo Budinich
Skrobonja, Juan Budinich(d. 06 Jun 1912)
Skrobonja, Maria
Skrobonja, Marko Budinich(b. 29 Aug 1854, d. 04 Jun 1903)
Skrobonja, Pedro Budinch(d. 13 Feb 1957)

Tellez Busanich

Tellez Busanich, Carmen Gloria(b. 13 Jun 1962, d. 21 Apr 1976)
Tellez Busanich, Lidia Ana Maria(b. 31 Oct 1956)

Tellez Martinez

Tellez Martinez, Manuel Orlando(b. 16 Feb 1914, d. 30 Jul 1992)




Thierfelder, Alvaro Quezada


Trincado, Ana

Vidulich Tarabochia

Vidulich Tarabochia, Maria Letizia(b. 14 Apr 1896, d. 19 Aug 1993)

Vidusin Samarzija

Vidusin Samarzija, Ariana(b. 02 Jul 1994)
Vidusin Samarzija, Branimir Michael(b. 30 Mar 2000)
Vidusin Samarzija, Valentina(b. 08 Nov 1996)


Vidusin, Zvonimir


Viera(b. 1921)

Vildosola Pachecho

Vildosola Pachecho, Maria Elena(b. 21 Oct 1957)


Vujatovic, Drago(b. 1949)
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