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Ancestors of George Washington Fredregill

Generation No. 6

      32. WM Fredregill, born Abt. 1734. He married 33. Sally.

      33. Sally

Notes for WM Fredregill:
As told by Ernest J. Fredregill:

First Fredregill in U.S. -- Germany to England to America 1760
Washington County, MD Hagerstown
Friends Cove, PA
Hopewell TWP Bedford County, PA.
Wyandot Crawford County, OH
Children of WM Fredregill and Sally are:
  i.   William Fredregill, born Abt. 1752.
  Notes for William Fredregill:
1son, 5 daughters. (Nicole Bunch email)

  ii.   Elizabeth Fredregill, born Abt. 1754.
  iii.   Sarah Fredregill, born Abt. 1756.
  iv.   Catherine Fredregill, born Abt. 1758.
  v.   Nancy Fredregill, born Abt. 1760.
  16 vi.   John Fredregill, born Abt. 1763 in Friends Cove, Bedford, PA; married Sarah McIlnay.

      48. David Brooks, born September 03, 1756 in Tinicum, Bucks PA; died August 30, 1838. He was the son of 96. Cornelius Brooks and 97. Unknown Henderson. He married 49. Unknown.

      49. Unknown
Children of David Brooks and Unknown are:
  i.   John Brooks
  ii.   William Brooks
  iii.   Johathan Brooks
  iv.   George Brooks
  24 v.   David Brooks, born June 17, 1787 in Wellsburg, Brooke VA; died January 17, 1878 in Washington, Belmont Co OH; married (1) Esther McCollough; married (2) Stacie Ann Dunfee July 20, 1840 in West Alexander PA.

      50. John McCollough, born April 03, 1766 in Washington PA; died February 01, 1842 in Harrison OH. He was the son of 100. William McCollough and 101. Margaret Unknown. He married 51. Esther A Gamble 1785 in Hopewell, Washington Co PA.

      51. Esther A Gamble, born 1758 in Washington PA; died August 08, 1841 in Harrison OH. She was the daughter of 102. Samuel Gamble and 103. Prudence Montooth.

More About Esther A Gamble:
Burial: Crabapple Cemetery, Wheeling, Belmont Co OH

More About John McCollough and Esther Gamble:
Marriage: 1785, Hopewell, Washington Co PA
Children of John McCollough and Esther Gamble are:
  i.   Alexander J McCollough, born October 29, 1786 in Washington PA; died September 04, 1858 in Beallsville, Monroe Co OH; married Elizabeth McCollough; born May 22, 1792 in Washington PA; died May 24, 1873 in Beallsville, Monroe Co OH.
  Notes for Elizabeth McCollough:
Father was George McCollough.

  ii.   William McCollough, born December 16, 1786 in Washington PA; died November 28, 1857; married Elizabeth Nessley December 08, 1818; born August 1787 in Columbiana? OH; died 1879.
  Notes for Elizabeth Nessley:
Parents were Jacob Nessley and Nancy Myers.

  More About William McCollough and Elizabeth Nessley:
Marriage: December 08, 1818

  iii.   John G McCollough, born July 1788 in Washington PA; died December 11, 1864 in Brighton, Washington Co IA.
  25 iv.   Esther McCollough, born February 02, 1790 in Washington PA; died Aft. August 28, 1850 in Cross Creek, Jefferson Co OH; married David Brooks.
  v.   Margaret McCollough, born November 01, 1791 in Washington PA; died Bef. February 01, 1840; married John McClure; born Abt. 1788.
  vi.   Joseph McCollough, born February 07, 1795 in Washington PA; died January 31, 1870 in Archer, Harrison Co OH; married (1) Sarah Lyons May 05, 1817 in Harrison OH; born Abt. 1800; married (2) Anna Hanna October 04, 1836 in Harrison OH; born Abt. 1805; married (3) Elizabeth Patton September 18, 1843; born Abt. 1815.
  More About Joseph McCollough and Anna Hanna:
Marriage: October 04, 1836, Harrison OH

  vii.   Samuel McCollough, born February 07, 1795 in Washington PA; died March 31, 1869 in Buchanan IA; married Sarah Unknown.
  viii.   Jame McCollough, born October 27, 1800 in Hanover, Beaver Co PA.
  ix.   George McCollough, born July 18, 1802 in Beaver Co PA; died April 03, 1845 in Harrison OH; married Sarah Whan January 11, 1829; born 1807; died 1875 in Wheeling, Belmont Co OH.
  More About Sarah Whan:
Burial: Crabapple Cemetery, Wheeling, Belmont Co OH

  More About George McCollough and Sarah Whan:
Marriage: January 11, 1829

      52. James Richardson, born March 27, 1727 in Tacket St., Stoke Green, Ipswich, Sufflok, England; died 1802 in Kennett PA. He was the son of 104. Isaac Richardson and 105. Mary Gibson. He married 53. Hannah Martha Iddings Abt. 1752.

      53. Hannah Martha Iddings, born 1730 in Nantmeal, Chester PA; died in Kennett, Chester PA. She was the daughter of 106. William Iddings and 107. Mary Moore.

More About James Richardson and Hannah Iddings:
Marriage: Abt. 1752
Children of James Richardson and Hannah Iddings are:
  i.   David Richardson, born in Spencerville OH.
  ii.   Perry Richardson, born in Spencerville OH.
  iii.   Martha Richardson, born Abt. 1754 in Nantmeal, Chester PA; married James McVey March 05, 1798 in Franklin VA.
  More About James McVey and Martha Richardson:
Marriage: March 05, 1798, Franklin VA

  iv.   Richard Richardson, born Abt. 1756 in Nantmeal, Chester PA; married Rachel Kelly Wright January 30, 1797.
  More About Richard Richardson and Rachel Wright:
Marriage: January 30, 1797

  v.   Abigail Olive Richardson, born Abt. 1761 in Newberry, Miami OH; died 1845 in Ludlow Falls, Miami OH; married Henry B Iddings December 11, 1789; born December 25, 1761 in Nantmeal, Chester PA.
  Notes for Henry B Iddings:
Parents were Henry Iddings and Mary Wynne.

  More About Henry Iddings and Abigail Richardson:
Marriage: December 11, 1789

  26 vi.   William Richardson, born September 18, 1764 in Montgomery VA; died November 12, 1873 in Hamer, Paulding OH; married (1) Mary Adney February 18, 1800 in Franklin VA; married (2) Catherine Millhouse December 01, 1812 in Miami OH; married (3) Elizabeth Butler Abt. 1837 in OH; married (4) Catherine Schoonover Bef. October 25, 1850 in OH; married (5) Elizabeth Miller August 15, 1861 in Allen OH; married (6) Mary McLaughlin August 14, 1866 in Auglaize OH.
  vii.   Hannah Richardson, born Abt. 1765 in Franklin VA; married Peter Smith April 10, 1789; born Abt. 1764 in Franklin VA.
  More About Peter Smith and Hannah Richardson:
Marriage: April 10, 1789

      54. John Millhouse, born 1746 in Lancaster PA; died August 14, 1825 in Miami Co OH. He was the son of 108. Morris Millhouse and 109. Dorothy Meyers. He married 55. Ann Margaret Tefern 1778 in Hagerstown MD.

      55. Ann Margaret Tefern, born December 04, 1758 in Lancaster PA; died April 03, 1834 in Miami Co OH. She was the daughter of 110. Fredredick Tefern and 111. Mary Barbara Rench.

More About John Millhouse:
Burial: Millhouse Cemetery
Military service: S.A.R Rev War

More About Ann Margaret Tefern:
Burial: Millhouse Cemetery

More About John Millhouse and Ann Tefern:
Marriage: 1778, Hagerstown MD
Children of John Millhouse and Ann Tefern are:
  i.   Susan Millhouse, born May 02, 1777 in Pennsylvania; died February 27, 1857 in Springville, Linn Co IA; married John Simmons; born February 25, 1789 in PA; died August 15, 1812 in Fort Dearborn (Chicago).
  Notes for John Simmons:
Father was John Simmons.

  ii.   Barbara Millhouse, born 1778 in Lancaster PA; died August 13, 1813 in Piqua Spring Creek, Miami Co OH; married Henry Dilbone 1805 in Lancaster Co PA; born Abt. 1770 in Bowers, Rockland, Berks PA; died August 18, 1813 in Piqua Spring Creek, Miami OH.
  Notes for Henry Dilbone:
Parents were Henry Dilbone and Eve.

  Marriage Notes for Barbara Millhouse and Henry Dilbone:
Barbara and Henry Dilbone were killed by Indians while working onthe their farm in Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH.

  More About Henry Dilbone and Barbara Millhouse:
Marriage: 1805, Lancaster Co PA

  iii.   John Millhouse, born 1780 in Pennsylvania.
  27 iv.   Catherine Millhouse, born Abt. 1793 in Wurtemburg Germany; died Abt. 1835 in OH; married William Richardson December 01, 1812 in Miami OH.
  v.   Elizabeth Millhouse, born 1794 in Pennsylvania; died 1847 in Perry Twp., Shelby Co OH; married Henry C Line February 12, 1818 in Miami Co OH; born 1795 in PA; died 1851 in Perry TWP, Shelby Co OH.
  Notes for Henry C Line:
Parents were Jone Line and Mary Baltzell.

Last name might have been Lyons.

  More About Henry Line and Elizabeth Millhouse:
Marriage: February 12, 1818, Miami Co OH

  vi.   David Millhouse, born May 02, 1801 in Pennsylvania; died March 29, 1827 in Miami Co OH; married Louise Gearhardt March 29, 1827 in Miami Co OH; born November 21, 1809 in Miami Co OH; died December 03, 1872 in Springcreek TWP, Miami Co OH.
  More About David Millhouse and Louise Gearhardt:
Marriage: March 29, 1827, Miami Co OH

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