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Ancestors of Helen Edith Hefner

Generation No. 7

      64. Nicholas? Hefner, born Abt. 1710. He married 65. Elizabeth Seibert in Lancaster Co., PA.

      65. Elizabeth Seibert
Child of Nicholas? Hefner and Elizabeth Seibert is:
  32 i.   Jacob? Hefner, born August 07, 1744 in Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA; died 1810 in Pendleton Co., W. VA.

      68. Philip Herper108, born September 27, 1712 in Baptism in Niederweider, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany108; died February 14, 1798 in Macksville, Pendleton Co., W. VA.108. He was the son of 136. Johan Adam Herper and 137. Eva Catharina Faller. He married 69. Anna Elisabetha Kauffman.

      69. Anna Elisabetha Kauffman108, born January 12, 1739/40 in Wurrich, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany108. She was the daughter of 138. Nickel Kauffman.
Child of Philip Herper and Anna Kauffman is:
  34 i.   Nicholas Harper, Sr., born March 26, 1747 in Niederweiler, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany; died 1818 in Pendleton Co., W. VA; married Elizabeth Penninger.

      70. Henry Penninger108, died 1820 in Pendleton Co., W. VA108. He married 71. Barbara Waggoner.

      71. Barbara Waggoner108. She was the daughter of 142. Ulrich Waggoner and 143. Barbara.
Child of Henry Penninger and Barbara Waggoner is:
  35 i.   Elizabeth Penninger, born 1753; died 1818; married Nicholas Harper, Sr..

      72. William Graham108, born Abt. 1700 in Donegal, Ireland108; died April 1749 in Calf Pasture River, Augusta Co., VA108. He was the son of 144. Christopher Graham and 145. Margaret Risk. He married 73. Jane May.

      73. Jane May108, born Abt. 1700 in Donegal, Ireland108.

More About William Graham:
Emigration: 1741, From Ireland to Chester Co., PA108
Children of William Graham and Jane May are:
  i.   Robert Graham, born 1735 in Donegal, Ireland; died Bef. June 20, 1775 in Amherst Co., KY.
  36 ii.   James Graham, Sr., born January 03, 1740/41 in Prob. PA or VA; died January 15, 1813 in Monroe Co., W. VA; married Florence Graham February 17, 1762 in Augusta Co., VA.
  iii.   David Graham, Sr., born 1742 in Calf Pasture River, Augusta Co., VA.; died February 1768 in Augusta Co., VA.

      74. John Graham108, born 1706 in Donegal, Ireland108; died 1771 in Tazewell Co., VA108. He was the son of 144. Christopher Graham and 145. Margaret Risk. He married 75. Elizabeth Elliot.

      75. Elizabeth Elliot108, born Abt. 1706 in Donegal, Ireland108; died Aft. 1779108.

Notes for John Graham:
Regarding his service in Preston's rangers in 1758, the following appears at

"...The colonial regiment might be sent to the aid of royal forces or incorporated as part of such troops whereas the ranging units had been developed for the protection of the frontier and were not subject to royal draft. The legislature appropriated 1500 for the support of the troops provided the rangers remain always in the service of the colony. The royal authorities had no choice but to accept the legislature's terms for the crown needed men to join General Forbes' expedition against Fort DuQuesne. Major Lewis joined Washington at Winchester, bring a significant portion of the volunteer regiment with him. This left Colonels John Buchanan and William Byrd and Captains Preston, Dickinson, and Young to guard the frontier. These men built a new fort on the James River named after Francis Farquier who, in January 1758, succeeded Dinwiddie as the colony's governor. With the best military men serving with the First Virginia Regiment, poor leadership plagued the militia. In one major blunder, Captain Robert Wade led a party of militiamen up the New River where they encountered a band of friendly natives, fell upon them, and massacred many warriors. Colonel Byrd made a similar mistake in the late autumn.158

"The Forbes expedition was a resounding success, highlighted by the capture of Fort DuQuesne on 26 November 1758. Forbes suffered few casualties beyond the needless loss of about four hundred men under Majors Grant and Lewis. Washington resigned his commission and was succeeded by William Byrd as provincial commander-in-chief. The French were now gone from the Ohio territory so Virginia turned its attention to the former French allies, the Shawnee and associated tribes, and against the troublesome part of the Cherokee nation. Based largely on captured French records spies, and officers, Forbes estimated the following numbers of hostile Amerindians: the Delawares between Ohio River and Lake Erie, 500 warriors; the Shawnee on the Scioto and Muskingum rivers, 500 braves; the Mingoes on the Scioto River, 60 warriors; and the Wyandots on Miami River, 300 men at arms. Additionally, the Cherokees in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee had 1500 to 2000 warriors.160"

Apparently various reasons delayed open warfare against the Cherokee until November, 1759, when the governor of South Carolina declared war. By 1760 Virginia was involved as well. In "Myths of the Cherokee", pp. 42-45, James Mooney describes the war, including the efforts of Cherokee women to support their "husbands" at Ft. Loudon besieged by the Cherokees.

More About John Graham:
Military service: 1758, Served with Preston's Rangers108

  Notes for Elizabeth Elliot:
The Elliots, like the Grahams themselves, are a well-known family of Borderers.
Child of John Graham and Elizabeth Elliot is:
  37 i.   Florence Graham, born Abt. 1740; died in Augusta Co., VA; married James Graham, Sr. February 17, 1762 in Augusta Co., VA.

      76. David Jarrett108, born Bef. 1713 in Berks Co., PA108; died Bef. November 16, 1761 in Robeson Twp., Berks Co., PA108. He was the son of 152. David Jarrett. He married 77. Margaret Abt. 1734 in Berks Co., PA108.

      77. Margaret108, died 1798 in Robeson Twp., Berks Co., PA108.
Children of David Jarrett and Margaret are:
  i.   Jesse Jarrett, born 1735 in Berks Co., PA; died 1830 in Wayne Co., IN.
  ii.   David Jacob Jarrett, born 1740 in Berks Co., PA; died October 08, 1808 in Kanawha Co., W. VA.
  iii.   Oliver Jarrett, born 1747 in Berks Co., PA.
  38 iv.   James Jarrett, Sr., born Abt. 1741 in Berks Co., PA; died Bef. July 1822 in Muddy Cr., Lewis Chapel, Greenbrier Co., W. VA; married Elizabeth Griffith.
  v.   Hannah Jarrett, born 1751.
  vi.   Owen Jarrett, born 1760; died March 29, 1859 in Paint Cr., Kanawha Co., W. VA.
  vii.   Ann Jarrett, born 1740.
  viii.   Mary Jarrett, born 1740.
  ix.   Margaret Jarrett, born 1740.
  x.   Philip Jarrett, born 1740.
  xi.   Eleanor Jarrett, born 1740.
  xii.   Elizabeth Jarrett, born 1740.

      80. John Ball III109,110, died Bef. 1780 in Essex County, Virginia. He was the son of 160. John Ball, Jr.. He married 81. Patience Reeves Bef. 1753110.

      81. Patience Reeves111,112. She was the daughter of 162. Joseph Reeves and 163. Jane ?.

Notes for John Ball III:
In correspondence to me dated November 30, 1993, this line of descent was proposed by Blaine Ball, who states in the notes to one of his charts that certain land of this John Ball (married to Patience Reeves) adjoined land of Abner Ball and Joseph Reeves in Essex Co., VA.
This could be significant because the name "Abner Ball" is used a few generations later. I also received charts from Claude Leon Ball dated Feb. 20, 1989, which included references to the work of Joseph L. Druse, author of "The Balls of Essex Co. Va." (May 1983). I have not seen this work, But Claude says he received a letter from Dr. Druse dated Oct. 4, 1985, where Druse stated that he now thinks that John [of Pittsylvania] is a son by an unknown son of John and Eleanor Ball [of Essex] rather than a son of John and Patience Ball. Either way, this John (III) may be a descendant of John Ball of Henrico and Essex County, Virginia, born abt. 1647, who was rector of Varina Parish. His first wife was Margaret, widow of Hachaliah Horner; his second was Eleanor Barnett. He died before April 1, 1708, when his inventory was filed. See Katharine E. Harbury, Revisiting William Young of Essex County, Virginia - All of Them!, Vol. 79 National Genealogical Society Quarterly (September 1991], page 206. n. 35.


  Notes for Patience Reeves:
Crozier mentions that George Reeves of Spotsylvania Co., VA, died on Nov. 20, 1753. In his will he mentions Patience Ball, daughter of Joseph Reeves, a niece (making Joseph his brother). George still owned land in Essex Co.
Children of John Ball and Patience Reeves are:
  40 i.   John Ball IV, born 1749 in Tomahawk Creek, Pittsylvania County, Virginia; died June 09, 1828 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; married Mary Patton Bef. 1768.
  ii.   William Ball
  iii.   Austin Ball, died 1782.
  iv.   Carter Ball
  v.   Elizabeth Ball
  Notes for Elizabeth Ball:
One of these sisters married Robert Lumpkin and another married John Coleman according to family record sheet provided me by Blaine Ball.

  vi.   Henrietta Ball
  vii.   Mary Ball
  viii.   Susanna Ball

      82. Capt. John Patton, Jr.112, born Abt. 1728 in Ireland; died Bet. 1808 - 1813 in Tryon Co., NC or Langley, Floyd Co., KY. He was the son of 164. John Patton, Sr. and 165. Sarah Rogers. He married 83. Mary Anderson Abt. 1749.

      83. Mary Anderson, born Abt. 1730; died Bef. 1753.

Notes for Capt. John Patton, Jr.:
My placement of Mary in this family is still speculative.


[19] Descendants of William Patton (d. 1742 Chester Co)
a. James Patton (d. 1761) see [37]
b. Robert Patton (Capt) see [38]
c. Jane Patton, m John Graham
d. William Patton Jr see [45]
e. Elizabeth Patton (Locke-Brandon)

[20] Robert Patton (will 1755 Sadsbury Tp Chester Co)
Five sons, four to Orange Co NC see [45]

21] Pattons of Octoraro (Sadsbury-Bart Twp, Lancaster Co)
a. John Patton to Augusta Co Va see [30]
b. Mathew Patton to Augusta Co Va
c. Jacob Patton to Augusta Co Va see [32]

It seems likely that Mary Patton is a descendant of one of the Pattons of the "Dyer Settlement" in Augusta Co., probably John Patton, but there is no evidence I have seen yet to place her firmly in that family. "John" was the given name of her husband, but could also be the given name of her father. If Matthew Patton is her relative, that tends to support the idea that she is the daughter of John Patton, Jr, and one of his two wives, Mary Anderson or Martha Steel, probably Mary. Matthew's second wife was Hester Dyer.

But see,mary,anderson::patton::328.html

"I am descended from John Patton (1735? - 1800?) who married Mary Anderson. They both died in Cumberland County. Known children included William (1758-1848 -- born in Cumberland, PA died in Juniata, PA); Robert (1759? - 1829?); and Mary (1760? - 1830?). William married Margaret Silvers, Robert married Lavinia (Unknown) and MARY married JOHN THOMPSON. William and Margaret Silvers Patton had two known children: Mariah (1798-1876)and James (1804 - 1874?). Mariah was born in Mifflin, PA and died in Carroll, IN. She married Nathaniel P. Martin. Are any of these names familiar? I have very little information on the Pattons; anything you have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you."

Children of John Patton and Mary Anderson are:
  41 i.   Mary Patton, born Abt. 1749; married John Ball IV Bef. 1768.
  ii.   James Patton, born 1750 in James R., Augusta Co., VA; married Florence Graham.
  iii.   Matthew Patton, born Abt. May 1750 in Augusta Co., VA; married Rebecca May July 18, 1776.

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