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Descendants of James Gibson, Sr.

Generation No. 3

      3. Henry Polk3 Gibson (James2, James1)1 was born 1819 in Whitley Co. Kentucky1, and died October 08, 1863 in Tennesse1. He married Elizabeth Patterson1 1840.

Notes for Henry Polk Gibson:
The Civil war drastically changed the lives of the Gibson family. Their sympathies were with the south. When Henry enlisted in the Confederate army, so did his oldest son Frank. At that time Frank was the only son old enough to enlist. Henry became Captain of a cavalry unit called "The Scott County Rangers"
Prior to the war, Henry had recognized the political unrest and knew that the sympathies of most of his neighbors were with Mr. Lincoln and the union. In seeking a safer haven for his family, he purchased a 600 acre farm on the Clinch River in neighboring Anderson County and moved his family there in 1860.
It would do little good. By October 8, 1863 Henry was bushwacked and murdered by yankee soldiers.His body was found by his son Frank. Frank then left his post to carry his father's body home. While at home, Union soldier's learned of his presence's and came to capture him. He hid in the bushes and watched as soldier's approached. One spoke rudely to his mother when she attempted to stomp out a fire the soldier had started by deliberatley empting his pipe tobacco ashes on a stack of her clothing! With his father just buried and his mother being demeaned, Frank impulsively shot and killed the Union soldier. He then fled into North Carolina, where he rejoined the Confederate army under Johnson and fought until the end of the war.
In the meantime, Frank's mother Elizabeth's home had been completely burned out by the Union army. She loaded the wagon with her children and what few belonging's she had left and headed for Jackson County, North Carolina. Frank's brother Finley drove the team.
Elizabeth returned to Anderson County, in 1867 to sell her widow's dower portion of her husband's farm. She never returned to Tennesse again. She died in Swain county,North Carolina sometime after the 1870 census was taken.
Henry Gibson and his wife Elizabeth are my great, great, great grandparents.

More About Henry Polk Gibson:
Military service: Bet. 1862 - 1863, 13th TN Cavalry Company L CSA2
Children of Henry Gibson and Elizabeth Patterson are:
  4 i.   John Franklin "Frank"4 Gibson3, born 1843 in Campbell Co. TN.
  5 ii.   Finley Gibson3, born 1845 in Campbell Co. / Scott Co. TN3. He married Alice Conley.
  6 iii.   Mary E. Gibson3, born 1846.
  7 iv.   Zerah Gibson3, born 1847 in Campbell Co. / Scott Co. TN. She married John McCoy.
  8 v.   Sarah Jane Gibson3, born November 11, 1848 in Campbell Co. / Scott Co. TN; died November 16, 1882. She married Baxter Bryson.
  9 vi.   Emaline Gibson3, born 1851 in Campbell Co. / Scott Co. TN. She married William Herron.
  10 vii.   Martha Gibson3, born 1852 in Campbell Co. / Scott Co. TN. She married John Ridge March 26, 1880 in Jackson Co., NC3.
+ 11 viii.   Nancy May Gibson, born February 22, 1852 in Tennesse; died August 21, 1917 in Whittier, Swain Co. North Carolina.
  12 ix.   James Polk Gibson3, born 1854.
  13 x.   Angeline Gibson3, born 1860 in Campbell Co. / Scott Co. TN. She married Penn Cline.
  14 xi.   Horace Gibson3, born 1861 in Campbell Co. / Scott Co. TN; died in unmarried.

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