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Descendants of William Compton

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 COMPTON1 was born 1644 in Long Island New York1, and died Abt. 1709 in Middletown Monmouth New Jersey1. He married MARY BOWNE1 Abt. 1666 in Long Island New York1, daughter of WILLIAM BOWNE and MARY HAVERLAND. She was born Abt. 1645 in MA1.

Notes for W
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Baptist who left Long Island, New York to escape religious persecution.
Moved to Monmouth Co. New Jersey in 1666. Descendents include Frank Compton, who founded Compton's Encyclopedia. Because of the Dutch/English conflict he went with Capt. John Bowne to Monmouth Co. NJ, married Capt. Bowne's daughter and they had 10 children.

Parents may have beeen John Compton b. Kent, England d. Boston, Mass. and Susanna Freeman b. 1595, England d. 1664 Boston , Mass.

Father may have been a Freeholder, living among the Dutch, who spelled his name "Weilleum". Born before 1630 in Kent, England and died Sept. 21, 1694, Gravesend, Long Island, New York. Arrived in Long Island, New York 1645. Relocated to Gravesend, Long Island, NY. sometime prior to 1647. He was on a list of 39 patentees in New York in 1645. November 24, 1657, he bought lot plantation #29 in Gravesend from Nicholas Stillwell and was involved in other land transactions in Gravesend in 1658 and 1659. On June 29, 1677 he was sworn in as Constable of Gravesend.

The reason the Compton and Bowne families originally left Long Island, New York in 1666 was to escape religious persecution. Both families were Baptist and their faith was unpopular with the New England hierarchy. The Compton and Bowne families established the first Baptist Church in Middleton New Jersey. William Compton received a warrent for 280 acres of land in New Jersey. He was also awarded Salt meadows. William Compton had his livestock earmark recorded as a half penny under the left ear. He paid quit rent to the King in 1696 on 250 acres of land which was located on Shoal Harbor near Middleton, New Jersey.

Notes for M
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Lincoln-Compton Relationship ( from Vol III No. 8 issue of Comptonology in Feb 1946): Comptonology is giving the fruits of some research work on the kinship of one branch of the Compton Family of Americ to the Abraham Lincoln's family. Capt. William Bowne, a nabob of English settlement of Long Island had among other daughters Mary and Sara. Mary Bowne and William Compton came to Monmouth Co. NJ. by 1666. He was one of the 12 men to help establish the Baptist Church at Middletown and the children of William and Mary were Richard married Providence Isselstyne ( Prudence Usselton) 1694 NJ, Cornelius thought to have married ? Stout, Jacob married Elizabeth( last name unknown) and Judith married Benjamin Devell 1689- - possibly they had other children. Sara Bowne married Richard Saltar, moved to Monmouth Co. NJ and had these children: Thomas, Hanna, Richard Jr. , William, Ebenezer, James, Deborah, and Oliver. Sara, wife of Richard Saltar, was a member of the Baptist Church of Middleton Co. NJ. There are other Saltars who must have been children of Richard and Sara. Hanna Saltar married Mordecai Lincoln, who was born 4-24-1686 at Hingham, Mass. and came to NJ with his brother Abraham by 1708. Mordecai was son of Mordecai, Sr. and grandson of Samuel Lincoln, the emigrant from England, who came to Hingham, Mass. by 1637. Samuel married Martha, her last name is unknown, and they had eleven children. Mordecai and Hanna Saltar Lincoln's oldest son was John born 5-3-1711,, and moved with his parents and other children to Chester Co. PA by 1725. This John Lincoln in 1748 sold land in Middlesex Co. NJ. which had been willed him by his father on Cranberry Creek, 300 acres to W. Dye for 200 lbs. At that date John resided in Lancaster Co. Pa. This John was the great grandfather of the presedent, Abraham Lincoln. We do not know whom this John married, but in some way, they were related to Daniel Boone, the frontiersman. Doubtless all five of John's children were born at Caernarvon Township, Lancaster Co. PA. The third son was Abraham the grandfather of ther presedent b. 7-16-1739. In 1767 or '68 John moved to the Shenandoah Valley, near the present site of Harrisburg, Virg. There he was referred to as "Virginia John" to distinguish him from cousin John living in PA. His son Abraham accompanied him to Virg. where he purchased land in 1773 and sold it in 1780, when incited by kinsman Daniel Boone whom he followed to the wilds of KY. by or before 1784, and was shot and killed by Indians in 1784. Abraham's son Thomas was the father of the president. It is of intrest to know that in the progressive migration of the noted family from Hingham, Mass. through NJ, PA,Virg.,KY,In., onto Il. and the White House. Here we show the first time Abraham Lincoln speaks of his people; statement made in 1860. "I was born 2/12/1809, Harden Co. KY. My parents were both born in Virg. of undistinguished families, possibly of the second generation, I should say. My mother , who died when I was 10 years old, was a Hanks, some of whom now reside in Adams Co. Illinois. My paternal grandfather Abraham Lincoln came from Rockingham Co. Virg. to KY about 1781-2 where a year or so later he was killed by Indians - - not in battle but by steath when he was laboring to open a farm in the forest. His ancestord came from PA. My father , at the death of his father, was six years of age, and grew up literally without education. My father removed to Spencer Co. In. in my 8th year and there reached our new home when the state came into the Union. It was a wild region, with many bears and other wild animals still in the woods. There were schools but no qualifications of teachers beyond 'reading', 'writen' and 'cipherin' to the 'Rule of Three'. If a straggler, supposed to know and understand Latin happened to sonjourn in the neighborhood, he was looked upon as a wizard. There was nothing to excite ambition for education. Of course when I grew up I did not know much. At 21 I came to Macon Co. Il. then to New Salem where I remained a year or so as a clerk in a store."( and so on in his narrative) Then Abraham says " an effort has been made to identify my family with the Lincoln family of New England and has ended in nothing more definite than a similarity of Christian names in both families, are the same. At Clarksburg, Monmouth Co. NJ. there was found some years ago a small weather beaten tombstone, a marker of Mordecai and Hanna Saltar Lincoln's daughter Bebora died age 3 years and 4 months. It is near the town where Mordecai and Hanna Lincoln lived before 1711. The grave received offical recognition some years ago when Miss Ida Tarbell led a motorcade of persons interested in Lincoln to the "Ye Olde Robbins Cemetery" and placed a wreath on the grave. Copied by Mary Jones Will- - May 18, 1996.
Children of W
2. i.   RICHARD2 COMPTON, b. Abt. 1674, Monmouth Co. New Jersey; d. Abt. 1709, Monmouth Co. New Jersey.
  ii.   JUDITH COMPTON1, b. Abt. 1667, Monmouth Co. New Jersey1; d. Rhode Island1; m. BENJAMIN DEVELL1, June 11, 1689, Essex Co. New Jersey1.
  iii.   MARY COMPTON1, b. November 1667, Woodbridge Middlesex New Jersey1.
3. iv.   CORNELIUS COMPTON, b. Abt. 1669, Monmouth Co. New Jersey; d. January 1758, Monmouth Co. New Jersey.
  v.   JACOB COMPTON1, b. 1681, Monmouth Co. New Jersey1; d. Abt. 17531; m. ELIZABETH RHEA1, 1709, Freehold Monmouth Co. New Jersey1; b. , Perth Amboy New Jersey1.
  Notes for JACOB COMPTON:
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About all we know about Jacob was that he was a grown man by 1712 and his name is mentioned with Cornelius Compton ( his brother) in the will of Capt. John Bowne

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