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Descendants of Peter Thomas (Sr.) Hohl

Generation No. 3

4. PETER THOMAS (III) (CAPT.) HOHL/3 HULL (PETER THOMAS (JR.)2 HOHL, PETER THOMAS (SR.)1) was born 1733 in Pfalz, Germany, and died January 1818. He married BARBARA ANN KEITH Abt. 1750 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania15, daughter of ALEXANDER KEITH and LISEY MCALPINE.

Some of the information given on this Peter and his descendants was given by Sandra Eleanor Tyler Duncan, 1101 Arcade Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95815-1301 (

Capt. Peter Thomas Hull was one of Pendleton County's first Justices. (Information gathered by Steven John Zuraff he "found in Pendleton County, WV; Rockingham County Library in Harrisonburg, VA; and the library at Edinburg, VA")

WILL Source: "Abstracts from the Records of Augusta County, Virginia", Lyman Chalkley, Vol. II, page 240.
Part of his will (I don't have the whole text): "wife Barbara; ELDEST SON, HENRY..." Therefore, Henry is named as the eldest. Adam was purported to be first previously.

Buried: on the original Hull estates

       Children of PETER HULL and BARBARA KEITH are:

10. i.   ADAM4 HULL, b. 1754, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1836.

11. ii.   HENRY HULL, b. 1751, Augusta Co., VA; d. Fort Seybert, Pendleton Co., Virginia.

12. iii.   ELIZABETH HULL, b. Abt. 1758, Toms Brook (Crk), Shenandoah, VA.

13. iv.   JACOB HULL, b. 1762.

v.   WILLIAM HULL, b. Abt. 1764, Augusta Co., VA; m. REBECCA BRADFORD.


vi.   JOSEPH HULL, b. Abt. 1766.


vii.   JOHN HULL, b. 1771, Augusta Co., VA.


viii.   DAVID HULL, b. Abt. 1776.


ix.   JOHN HULL, b. Abt. 1778.


14. x.   SUSANNA HULL, b. Abt. 1778; d. 1816.

15. xi.   PETER (IV) HULL, b. 11 January 1783; d. 23 September 1854.

16. xii.   BARBARA HULL, b. Abt. 1784; d. 1840.

xiii.   EVA C. HULL, b. Abt. 1785, Augusta Co., VA; m. JOHAN GEORG YEAGER, Abt. 1783, abt. 1820.


5. FRANCIS (FRANZ) PHILLIP3 HULL (PETER THOMAS (JR.)2 HOHL, PETER THOMAS (SR.)1) was born Abt. 1732 in Germany, and died 28 March 1808 in Augusta Co., VA. He married (1) MARGARET LINKENFETTER16. He married (2) MARIA AGNES KLINGLIN 27 March 1758.

Information on Francis was given by Sandra Eleanor Tyler Duncan (

Per notes gathered by Steven John Zuraff, Francis Philip Hull and Mary Agnes had 9 children.

       Children of FRANCIS HULL and MARIA KLINGLIN are:

17. i.   CATHERINE M.4 HULL, b. Abt. 1751, Rockingham Co., Virginia; d. Abt. 1810, Highland Co., Virginia.

18. ii.   MARIA MAGDALENA HULL, b. 06 May 1760, Augusta Co., VA; d. 20 May 1846, Augusta Co., VA.
6. GEORG(E)3 HOHL/HULL (PETER THOMAS (JR.)2 HOHL, PETER THOMAS (SR.)1) was born 10 October 1757 in Rockingham Co. (or Augusta Co.), VA, and died 1852. He married HANNAH KEISTER.

       Children of GEORG(E) HOHL/HULL and HANNAH KEISTER are:

19. i.   ELIZABETH4 HULL, b. Abt. 1781.

20. ii.   GEORGE W. HULL/HUHL, b. 1784, Rockingham Co., VA.

iii.   RACHEL HULL, b. Abt. 1794.


iv.   JESSE HULL, b. 1801.


v.   PETER HULL, b. Abt. 1803.


vi.   WILLIAM HULL, b. Abt. 1805.


vii.   MARY HULL, b. Abt. 1807.


viii.   JAMES HULL, b. Abt. 1809.


7. MARGARET "PEGGY" C.3 HULL (PETER THOMAS (JR.)2 HOHL, PETER THOMAS (SR.)1)17 was born Abt. 1758 in Bath or Augusta Co., VA18, and died 15 January 182019. She married ODESSUS ADAM ARBOGAST20 25 October 1759 in Pendleton Co., Virignia21, son of MICHAEL ARBOGAST and MARY //.

       Children of MARGARET HULL and ODESSUS ARBOGAST are:

21. i.   MARY4 ARBOGAST, b. 15 June 1782, Bath Co., Virginia; d. 23 October 1856, Sitlington Creek, Pocahontas Co., Virginia.

22. ii.   BENJAMIN ARBOGAST, b. Abt. 1783, Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 01 March 1851, Pocahontas Co., Virginia.

23. iii.   WILLIAM ARBOGAST, b. Abt. 1788, Bath Co., Virginia; d. 26 February 1847, Green Bank, Pocahontas Co., Virginia.

24. iv.   ANN ELIZABETH ARBOGAST, b. 1794, Bath Co., Virginia; d. 1860-1870, Barbour County, West Virignia.

25. v.   SUSAN ARBOGAST, b. 1794, Bath or Pendleton Co., VA.

vi.   BARBARA ARBOGAST, b. Abt. 1800, Bath Co., Virginia.


26. vii.   ADAM JR. ARBOGAST, b. Abt. 1802, Bath Co., Virginia.

viii.   CATHERINE ARBOGAST, b. Abt. 1802, Bath Co., Virginia.


27. ix.   JACOB HULL OR HILL ARBOGAST, b. Abt. 1816, Bath Co., Virginia.
8. HENRY (REV.)3 HULL (PETER THOMAS (JR.)2 HOHL, PETER THOMAS (SR.)1) was born 01 April 1760 in Augusta Co., VA, and died 1836 in Giles County, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH KEISTER.
May be sister of Hannah Keister, wife of his brother George.

       Child of HENRY HULL and ELIZABETH KEISTER is:

i.   HENRY4 HULL, b. 1796, Augusta Co., VA; d. 1880, Table Rock, Raleigh County, West Virginia.


9. PHOEBE ANATASIA OR ANNIS3 HULL (PETER THOMAS (JR.)2 HOHL, PETER THOMAS (SR.)1) was born 15 April 1768 in Cub Run, Bath Co., VA, and died 05 May 1815 in Yeager Cemetery, Travellers Rep., Pocahontas Co., Virginia. She married JOHN (JOHANNES) YEAGER , SR. 1783 in Crabbottom, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virginia, son of ANDREW YEAGER and MARGRETHA SOMER.

       Children of PHOEBE HULL and JOHN YEAGER are:

28. i.   JACOB4 YEAGER, b. 19 February 1790, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 12 October 1861, Pocahontas Co., Virginia.

ii.   SARAH ANN YEAGER, b. 16 June 1793, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 24 November 1883, Randolph Co., Virginia; m. FERDINAND STALNAKER, 23 July 1812, Pendleton Co., Virignia.


iii.   ELIZABETH YEAGER, b. 02 November 1796, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 22 November 1872, Council Grove, Kansas; m. JACOB BIRD, 16 May 1816, Pendleton Co., Virignia.


iv.   JOHN JR. YEAGER, b. 18 September 1798, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 13 April 1882, Indiana; m. (1) MARGARET PENTZMAN BEAUCHAMP; m. (2) ELIZABETH SCOTT.


v.   ANDREW YEAGER, b. 04 July 1800, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 26 September 1861, Pocahontas Co., Virginia; m. ELIZABETH DILLEY, 11 December 1828.


vi.   PHOEBE HULL YEAGER, b. 04 June 1803, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 24 April 1877, Pocahontas Co., Virginia; m. SAMUEL BRADY, 01 April 1824, Pocahontas Co., Virginia.


29. vii.   SUSANNAH G. YEAGER, b. 27 April 1805, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 17 August 1892, Pocahontas Co., Virginia.

viii.   RACHEL YEAGER, b. 23 April 1808, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 17 December 1872, Braxton Co., West Virginia; m. HENRY HARPER, 06 June 1833, Pocahontas Co., Virginia.


ix.   MARY (POLLY) YEAGER, b. 23 June 1811, Bath or Pendleton Co., Virignia; d. 26 July 1866, Remington Jasper Co., IN; m. GEORGE M. MAY, August 1828.


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