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UPDATE: Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters 2009 - SOLD OUT! June 18, 2012

11/2011: New address link!

9/2008: Authoritative Carpenter Sketches of the William Carpenter Immigrants & their immediate Families by Gene Zubrinsky. See:

12/2004: A revised transcription of the WILL OF REV. RICHARD CARPENTER-2781 of Homme, Herefordshire (bur. Ramsbury, Wiltshire, 1503) indicates that LEGATEE ROBERT was not his son but his SERVANT. The CARPENTER LINEAGE FROM THIS POINT BACKWARD--as presented in the CE CD 2001 and herein--is thus INVALID. (For links to text file and image of will, see below.)

We have started a Carpenter Family Y-DNA Project. Can you submit your Y-DNA for the study? See ...


John R. Carpenter
La Mesa, CA USA

(619) 466-5735 E-MAIL ADDRESS:

FYI: The SAR Library is working with the Carpenter Museum (via Fay Charpentier-Ford <>) in gathering Carpenter research material for the east coast.

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
1000 S. 4th Street; Louisville KY 40203
Tel: (502) 589-1776 Fax: (502) 589-1671
SAR Web Page:

PLEASE REPORT BROKEN LINKS TO ME. IF YOU WISH YOUR WEB PAGE TO BE LINKED HERE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The data below supplements and corrects the CE CD 2001 and is included in the CE 2009!

DISCLAIMER: The genealogical information provided herein and on the CE CD is submitted by individuals researching their family lines. Accordingly, the accuracy of the genealogical information posted on this site cannot be guaranteed and should be independently confirmed using other sources. Sources given in the CE CD sometimes conflict. The researcher using this material must determine which source is more accuarate. Speculations are noted in the note fields. Please read the notes! JRC

(C) The CE 2009 is copyrighted to protect those who share!
Carpenter CD Project - Carpenter Y-DNA Project - CE 2009 DVD
Updated June 18, 2012

John R. Carpenter

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Family Photos

  • John Carpenter b. 1372 & The City of London School (97 KB)
    John Carpenter b. 1372 & The City of London School. This picture donated by Tom and Suzette (Carpenter) Galloway (E-MAIL: ) on 24 Oct. 2000. This is the foundation stone for the school. Picture taken in April 1999.
  • My Carpenter First Cousins & Siblings. (52 KB)
    (L2R) Rich, Marjie, Chuck, John (next row) Ruth, Laura & Linda. First Cousins of brothers Richard & Robert Carpenter of San Diego. 1998.
  • John Carpenter b. 1372 - Wall Plaque. (17 KB)
    This picture is of John Carpenter b. 1372 who is the Noted Town Clerk of London. The bronse plaque is the plaque of John Carpenter that is on Carpenter House which is located across from the school on John Carpenter Street. Picture taken April 1999. This picture was donated on 24 Oct. 2000 by Tom and Suzette (Carpenter) Galloway.
  • This Carpenter Coat of Arms is the oldest known. (28 KB)
    The Coat of Arms shown is the same COAs described in the notes of William "the carpenter" De Melun under "COAT OF ARMS."
  • Bevis Passenger list with William Carpenter - 1638 (178 KB)
    Captain William Carpenter (b.1605)of Rehoboth, MA and his father came over on the Bevis in 1638. This jpg file shows the document and a translation below. JRC REF: B.B. TOPP, Carpenter Chronicles #24, Nov 1995 Contents of pages 298-300 of Emigration List, BEVIS 1638 "Portus Southon: Southon, (May 1638) The list of the names of passengers intended to shipe themselves, in the Bevis of Hampton of CL tommes, Robert Batten, Master, for New England; thus by vertue of the Lord Tresurers Warrant of the second of May, which was after the restrayne(t) & they some dayes gone to sea before the King's Mates. Proclamacon come unto Southton." (lists of names) age name 62 William Carpenter 33 William Carpenter Jun (of Horwell) 32 Abigail Carpenter 10 & under four children. servant. There is some concern over the spelling. (NOTE: Southon = Southampton) (NOTE: Horwell = Wherwell?? OR COULD THIS BE "HARWELL" then in Berkshire???)
  • Simple version of the Carpenter Coat of Arms (6 KB)
    This version of the Carpenter Coat of Arms is without supporters et cetera. Basic version of the oldest Carpenter Coat of Arms.
  • John Carpenter the Noted Town Clerk of London (86 KB)
    John Carpenter, the younger (brother of John the elder), was born abt 1370/1372. He became famous as the Noted Town Clerk in London, England in the early 1400s. He founded The City of London School which is still in existance. This picture is from that school in London, England. Details are in the notes of John Carpenter, the younger in book report.
  • Will of Robert Carpenter-14708 (620 KB)
    Will of Robert Carpenter-14708 AKA Robert of Marden. This is the transcribed will by Gene Zubrinsky of Ojai, CA. He provided this copy.
  • Historically accurate & fully dressed Coat of Arms (43 KB)
    16th Century Carpenter Coat of Arms from Tony Carpenter in the UK. He states the supporters and such are HISTORICALLY ACCURATE. See related link below.
  • Handwritten Will of Robert Carpenter-14708 (576 KB)
    Handwritten Will of Robert Carpenter-14708 AKA Robert of Marden. This is a copy of the will sent by Gene Zubrinsky of Ojai, CA. He provided the copy this was made from.
  • Melun, France about 1975 AD and 1095 AD. (30 KB)
    Melun, Seine-et-Marne in the Ile de France, is an ancient city since before Roman times. The city of Melun is the city associated with William "the carpenter" De Melun. See the notes for Herve De Melun, Lord of Melun b. abt 950/955 in the Ancestry Report of: "Ancestors of Godefroid/Godefroy Carpenter b. 1100."
  • Page 104 of the DHC 1901 book. THE MISSING PAGE! (359 KB)
    This is the missing page out of the CE CD 2001, under the Daniel Hogland Carpenter book of 1901. Pages 100 to 104 are out of sequence by one page and page 104 is missing. This picture is of page 104.
  • Siege of Melun, Seine-et-Marne, Ile de France 999 (48 KB)
    On 26 Feburary 998 (or 999) when Josselin I died, his grandson Manasses supported by Eudes, count of Chartres and the mayor of Melun took control claiming the important river castle & village. They did not hold it long. King Robert, along with Bouchard for Herve de Melun, lay siege in 999 and forced the revolutionaries of hereditary rights to pay with their lives. The mayor & Eudes were hung with many others, but there is no further mention of Manasses. SEE Ancestry Report below.
  • Raymond George Carpenter, Carpenter Genealogist (144 KB)
    Carpenter CD Project Compiler Notes: Raymond George Carpenter has been extremely helpful to many Carpenter Researchers in the last half of the 20th Century. His efforts in distributing and correcting Carpenter & Related Family Genealogical data has been invaluable. His work forms the backbone of the "Carpenter CD Project" (the CE CD 2001 has 80,000 linked names) and the related over 7,000 printed page work called the "Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters 2001" on Carpenter Direct Descendants due out in 2001. Without his efforts and his motivation the above projects would never have been accomplished, John R. Carpenter - May 2000. (CE CD update - April 2001) Fay Charpentier-Ford visited with Raymond George Carpenter in September of 2000. Even at 80 years of age he is still helping people with their Carpenter Genealogy. The reason? "For the Carpenter Family." PICTURE: Raymond George Carpenter, his wife Gurli and Fay Charpenter-Ford. Fay is wearing the cat shirt.
  • CE CD 2001 Instructions (143 KB)
    Print the jpeg image for the instructions to the CE CD 2001. Or read it from here!
  • USS Carpenter DD 825 - SEE: Related Files below. (124 KB)
    USS Carpenter (DD 825) in heavy seas off Australia. Picture late to mid 1960s. See the Related Files section for links to more pictures of the USS Carpenter and the mystery ot its name sake! Lt.Cmdr Donald M. Carpenter's ancestry is in the text file below.
  • Will of Rev. Richard Carpenter who died in 1503 (402 KB)
    This is the will of the Rev. Richard Carpenter who died in 1503. Careful reading will show that the sons are really servants.

Related Files

  • Carpenter Name History (2 KB)
    Notes on Carpenter Name History
  • Ancestors of Godefroid/Godefroy Carpenter b. 1100 (58 KB)
    Godefroid or Godefroy Carpenter is the son of William Carpenter (b. abt 1067) and the grandson of William "the carpenter" De Melun (b. abt 1042). The reason for this is to show the De Gouy ancestry. While the ancestry is not perfect, it does show the probable ancestry. Read the notes!
  • What is in the CE CD 2001? (22 KB)
    The closest thing to an index the CE CD 2001 has.
  • How to Submit Corrections & Additions to the CE CD (3 KB)
    This is a page out of the CE CD 2001. The CE CD 2001 is a collection of material for researchers. Please help correct the errors! Submit Corrections for future researchers! JRC
  • Vietnam War Carpenters that are MIA/KIA 1964-1973 (13 KB)
    Can you help identify the Carpenters in this file? I would like to add them and their ancestry to the Carpenter CD Project to honor them.
  • Carpenter Museum & Blanding Library Addresses - MA (1 KB)
    The Carpenter Museum & Blanding Library are part of the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society in Rehoboth, MA.
  • NEW Update Dec 2004 - English Line Nullified! (3 KB)
    The Carpenter English ancestry has been proven to have many errors in it. Please read this important Carpenter Family Update. Dec 2004.
  • Korean War Carpenters that are MIA/KIA (1950-1953) (5 KB)
    Can you help identify the Carpenters who gave their lives for Freedom during the Korean War? PLEASE READ! We found some! UPDATED 8-03-2001.
  • Joseph Hatten Carpenter's Article on Carpenters. (30 KB)
    This article is from the "Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine", Vol. 16 Number 2, April 1925. Page 60-70. This article gives a summary of different Carpenter Families and their histories. William "the carpenter" De Melun is mentioned. Various Carpenter Coat of Arms are described.
  • Descendants of Erik or Erichs of Herringholm (404 KB)
    Rosenkrans, Rosencrans, Rosecrans, Rosekrans, et cetera. There are about 27 different variants of the name. My grandmother was a Rosenkrans. This file is for her! Frances Caroline ROSENKRANS B. 21 Feb 1900 D. 31 Aug 1993. Erik or Erichs OF HERRINGHOLM b. Abt1200 of Holstein, Herringholm, Jutland, Denmark. !SEE: "THE ROSENKRANS FAMILY IN EUROPE AND AMERICA" BY ALLEN ROSENKRANS 1900. PER PAGE 35; "This Erik, or Erichs, of Holstein, the first known head of the Danish Noble Family (in 1227) which subsequently to the name Rosenkrantz had a son named . . ." NOTE: ROSENKRANTZ (ROSE WREATH) NAME USED ON FAMILY COAT OF ARMS AFTER 1325 THEN FORMALIZED ABT 1524 WHEN NOBLE FAMILY NAMES BECAME LAW UNDER THE KING OF DENMARK. Page 26 gives the line "ERIK to HERRINGHOLM" meaning ERIK of HERRINGHOLM which is the ancestral home of the ROSENKRANDS family in Denmark. ERIK probably came from northern Denmark or Norway. According to tradition ... (SEE the FILE!)
  • Gene Zubrinsky provides a critical look at the CE (118 KB)
    Gene Zubrinsky, of Ojai, CA, who was the author of the 1995 TAG article about Captain William Carpenter (b. 1605) of Rehoboth and his family, provides a critical look at the CE CD 2001. He sees errors that has propagated over time that needs to be addressed. This file contains e-mail messages between me and Gene with a BRIEF review of his at the end. The CE CD 2001 is a gathering of what is out there on Carpenters. The Good, the Bad and what is Right. As I mentioned in the "How to submit corrections and additions" section of the CE CD, "ALL WORKS OF MEN (and women) are imperfect. If you find an error, and there is no doubt you will find some, please let me know." I am grateful for those who do take the time! JRC
  • The CE 2009 data DVD - Sold out! (30 KB)
    The CE 2009 data DVD is an update of the CE CD 2001. ***Update*** SOLD OUT! See also:
  • RECORDS & SOURCES in relation to the CE CD 2001 (7 KB)
    It has been pointed out to me that I do not use traditional definitions for the word "Source." They are right! I see Records and Sources in a different context based on my background. The following text will help explain this.
  • Graphic Viewer Program - FREEWARE - Irfanview (1 KB)
    The following text file tells you where to go to get a FREEWARE Graphic Viewer Program called Irfanview to convert the different picture formats into a format that is easier for you to view. I really like the program and it is easy to use.
  • Samuel C. & his Desc. 1912 - Description of Book. (883 KB)
  • USS Carpenter & Lt. Commander Donald M. Carpenter (15 KB)
    The USS Carpenter (DD 825) was named after Lt. Commander Donald Marshall Carpenter. We NOW know his ancestry. The text file has links to pictures of the USS Carpenter and some of the ship's history. In 1981 the USS Carpenter was retired (stricken) from the US Navy and purchased by the Turkish Navy. This proud ship carried the name: "Anitepe." It was sold for scrap in 1997. Donald Marshall Carpenter was born in 1894 PA and died 1940 in San Diego, CA. He was a early Naval Aviator who served on the first United States aircraft carriers, the USS Langley and USS Wright. This information contributed by his son, Dan Moreno Carpenter of CA. Terry Lee Carpenter also provided vital clues on the search.
  • CE CD 2001 Start Page (4 KB)
    This is the opening page of the Carpenters' Encylopedia of Carpenters - 2001. This includes the Title, copyright and Contents. The Content links do not work in this sample. In the CE CD they would open to the related section and more options.
  • The Carpenter Memorial - Description of the book. (1 KB)
    BOOK- GENEALOGY: Amos B. Carpenter, A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE REHOBOTH BRANCH OF THE CARPENTER FAMILY IN AMERICA. Also known as the CARPENTER MEMORIAL. Published 1898 By: Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, Amherst, MA.
  • Famous & not so famous Carpenters ... (68 KB)
    This report is from various articles and reports on Carpenters. If anyone want to reorganize this, please feel free to do so! JRC 3/02
  • Carpenters and the Medal of Honor & Victoria Cross (21 KB)
    We know the ancestry of the only Carpenter who won the Medal of Honor. See the text for more detail. The Carpenter who won the Victoria Cross, the United Kingdom's version of the Medal of Honor, is known including who his father was. His Carpenter Ancestry is the question. Can you help provide more information on his ancestry? See the text for what we have. Updated 12 May 2001.
  • Carpenter Connections - Description of the book. (1 KB)
    BOOK: Carpenter Connections. By Irma Carpenter Jackson of Annandale, VA published 1992 by Gateway Press, INC., Baltimore, MD. Hardback 555 pages. Copyright 1992.
  • William "the carpenter" De Melun - Who was he? (34 KB)
    William "the carpenter" De Melun was a real person who lived from about 1042 AD to about 1104/1109. While his descendants are hotly debated, William "the carpenter" was a historical figure who was alive during the Norman conquest of England (1066 AD) and through the First Crusade 1096-1099). He was a supporter of the French Crown, yet his son was a supporter of the English King. While never a major player in history, he was there always at the edge. I have gathered what is known and speculated on him. To my knowledge, I have the best collated information on him. John R. Carpenter La Mesa, CA USA May 2002
  • HELP-Common questions & suggestions for beginners. (8 KB)
    When you have the CE CD 2001 you have almost as much as I do. However, for new researchers there are always questions. Read this file. It may give you some insights and suggestions. E-mail me if you have a question that is not covered.

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