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Descendants of Stephen Caudill

Generation No. 1

      1. Stephen1 Caudill was born Abt. 1685 in Scotland (?), and died Abt. 1758. He married Mary "Betsy" Fields. She was born Abt. 1698, and died Unknown.

Notes for Stephen Caudill:
The "Caudill" spelling is used throughout this databse to maintain consistency unless it is known, with relative certainty, that a particular 'family' or 'branch' used an alternate spelling. Some of the most common 'early' spellings of the "Caudill" surname include Cordell, Cordill, Cordle, Caudle, Cadle, Caddell, etc. Also, be aware that some common misspellings include Candill, Candle, etc. Although, these are most certainly valid surnames, it is suspected that the handwritten 'u' in Caudill, Caudle, etc., is frequently transcribed as 'n' by those unfamiliar with the Caudill, Caudle, etc., surname.

The following is from the Cordell Clippings, No. 8, Jan. 1993, Pg. 7:
When Stephen died in 1758, a Virginia Court ordered his widowed, Elizabeth, and son, James, to administer his estate. No other children were listed. However, later information showed that Stephen had at least two, and possibly three sons.

The following is from the Cordell Clippings, No. 8, Jan. 1993, Pg. 21:
Although Old Lunenburg Stephen was known to have two sons, Benjamin of Sussex and James Sr., it has generally been assumed that he might well have had other sons. This seems particularly true when we look at early records of Granville and Chatham Counties, NC. By 1769 James Sr. was in Granville County, associating with a contemporary named Isham. In 1790 in Chatham County, NC there were a number of unidentified Cordells with first names similar to our other known cousins, first names like Benjamin, James, Jesse, John, and Isham. These men could possibly be sons of either Benjamin of Sussex or Old James, but perhaps there is a THIRD brother whose sons are inhabiting these counties in North Carolina. The 1769 Isham Cordell of Granville seems as good a bet as any other to be this brother, but there is absolutely no hard evidence to support this, just an overabundance of cousins in Chatham County, NC.

The following is from the Cordell Clippings, No. 14, Apr. 1996, Pg. 3 (also, reference "Appalachia Crossroads: The Caudill Family", Ch. 2, Pg. 7):
Stephen first appeared on a land grant from King George II of 195 acres in Surry Co., VA, which later became Brunswick Co., then Lunenburg Co., VA, & NC. There is a possibility that this Stephen could have been born in VA, or one of the New England States. There were Caudills in VA as early as 1648, which would provide ample time for a VA birth. Lack of records cannot rule out this possibility. A maiden name for his spouse has not been discovered, thus the listing Mary/Elizabeth, taken from two different research groups (Leroy Caudill furnished the name Mary and another group in GA furnished the name Elizabeth). From various deeds, we know his wife was named Mary, however, we do not know whether he was married more than once. On some deeds, Stephen used an "S" mark and Mary used an "H" sometimes. The families of Hardin, Harrison, Hammons and Hardaways are in this parish. Whether the "H" stands for her maiden name or for one of these families is not known. - Guy Ford Childers

The following is from "Appalachia Crossroads: The Caudill Family", Ch. 127, Pg. 2511, 2512:
Also I received a letter that appears to materially alter the start of this book. According to this letter from Mr. Dick Howell, additional research is warranted on the origin of this family. If I am to complete this book, I have to put a halt to such research. Therefore I am including the contents of this letter for your further study.

"Sometime ago you said in a note that you never determined what happened to the 195 acres of land that Steven Caudle received in Surry Co (VA) in 1731.
According to DB 1741 to 1746 - page 163, Surry County, VA - Indenture Feb. 16, 1741; Recorded October 19, 1743 - Stephen and Mary Caudle, (both signed) of Brunswick Co. to Lawrence Gibbons of York Co., Va. for 5 SH Sterling 195 acres n. side of Nottaway River in Surry Co., Va., adjoining Col. Benjamin Harrison and Francis Russell; granted Caudle Aug 25, 1731. Witnesses - William Fletcher and William Manin.
Also I have come across a copy of the grant of 400 plus acres that Stephen Caudle received in Aug. of 1759. Note the date is 1759 not 1739, and it is in Lunenburg County, on the Great Creek. There is also a Great Creek in Brunswick Co. and this is probably is what has caused some confusion as to location.
From this what conclusion can be drawn?
The Stephen who died 1758, inventory 1759, was married to an Elizabeth (not Mary) and had a son (or son-in-law) James. I still have not seen enough data that allows me to stated unequivocally that James was a son.
The Stephen, who received the grant in 1731, sold it in 1743, and purchased more land in 1759 in Lunenburg County, was the same man in all cases, as his wife was named Mary (only positive tie-in).
Who was the Stephen who received support from the church 1759 to 1764 (approximate dates - I did not review my notes for exact dates)? Was he another Stephen, or did Steven who was married to Mary lose all his money (this not seemingly possible because he was selling off parts of the 400 acres during the same period). What happened to this Stephen (the apparent poor one), and his daughter?
Could there be three Stephen Caudles? There were surely enough other Caudle's in the area of that same time to have had children they could have named Stephen, and it is possible that one of the Stephen's was the son of a Stephen."

Still another letter from Mr. Howell as follows:
"One last thing. It would appear that Ben Caudle of Sussex Co was a brother of Stephen Caudle, and Mary (who had the 195 acres in Surry Co). To theorize a little further, they along with the James who died in 1737, could all have been brothers, sons of the James who came over in 1654.
The other Stephen Caudle, who had the land grant or patent, in Brunswick Co., Va of apparently 1739, and died 1758, was possibly a brother to Sampson (he sold his land in 1747 part of this parcel) and also a brother to Richard who is in that same deed of sale to Sampson. I say brother, because Sampson is noted in that deed to have a son, John, who is old enough to own land adjacent to the land Sampson bought from Stephen.
There appears to be a third Stephen who received money (or tobacco) from the Church for the support of his daughter in the late 1750's and the early 1760's. This third one I can not tie in, unless he was a brother of James, born 1716/17, son of James who died in 1737. /s/ Dick Howell, 10086 Paradise Blvd., Treasure Island, Fl 33706"
Children of Stephen Caudill and Mary Fields are:
  2 i.   Sampson2 Caudill1, born Abt. 1717; died Unknown.
+ 3 ii.   James Caudill, Sr., born Abt. 1720 in Old Surry County, VA; died Aft. 1800.
+ 4 iii.   Benjamin Caudill, born Abt. 1725; died Abt. 1777 in Anson County, NC.
  5 iv.   Isham Caudill2, born Abt. 1735; died Abt. 1802.

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