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Descendants of Solomon Frazier

      317. Frederick5 Whitaker (Isaac D.4, Lavina "Vina"3 Frazier, Esquire2, Solomon1) was born October 29, 1877, and died August 09, 1956 in Amarillo, TX. He married Louisa Dixon562 November 26, 1901 in Letcher County, KY563,564, daughter of Jeremiah Dixon and Nancy Caudill. She was born December 29, 1884, and died April 02, 1975.
Children of Frederick Whitaker and Louisa Dixon are:
  723 i.   Vivian6 Whitaker, born October 22, 1902; died Unknown.
  724 ii.   Clyde Whitaker, born August 18, 1904; died Unknown.
  725 iii.   Maxie Lee Whitaker, born March 19, 1906; died October 05, 1944.
  Notes for Maxie Lee Whitaker:
Never married.

  726 iv.   Claude Whitaker, born February 24, 1908; died Unknown.
  727 v.   Fred Weldon Whitaker, born Private.
  728 vi.   Bonnie Marie Whitaker, born Private.
  729 vii.   James Prophet "J. P." Whitaker, born Private.
  730 viii.   Robert Lynn Whitaker, born Private.

      325. Lavina "Vina"5 Caudill (Martha Ann4 Whitaker, Lavina "Vina"3 Frazier, Esquire2, Solomon1)565,566 was born December 24, 1874 in Caudill Branch, Letcher County, KY567,568,569,570, and died November 13, 1948 in Kings Creek, Letcher County, KY571. She married Kelley Stamper April 01, 1897 in Letcher County, KY572, son of Hiram Stamper and Susannah Hogg. He was born January 06, 1872573, and died June 10, 1934573.

Notes for Lavina "Vina" Caudill:
Lavina is buried in the Kelley Stamper Cemetery at Roxana, Letcher County, KY.

More About Lavina "Vina" Caudill:
Burial: Unknown, Stamper Cemetery, Linefork, Letcher County, KY

More About Kelley Stamper:
Burial: Unknown, Stamper Cemetery, Linefork, Letcher County, KY
Children of Lavina Caudill and Kelley Stamper are:
  731 i.   Verna6 Stamper, born March 04, 1898; died January 26, 1971. She married James Belt Taylor December 25, 1916 in Letcher County, KY574; born January 11, 1884; died December 07, 1982.
  732 ii.   Herma Stamper, born September 01, 1899; died September 23, 1968. She married Harrison Fields December 25, 1917; born July 17, 1897; died February 20, 1972.
  Notes for Harrison Fields:
Harrison was a merchant in Whitesburg, Letcher County, KY, for many years.

  733 iii.   Martha Mae Stamper, born March 08, 1902; died December 06, 1984. She married Robert Fields May 30, 1919; born May 08, 1901; died July 22, 1978.
  734 iv.   Hayes Stamper, born April 28, 1906; died July 27, 1963. He married Mary Crase December 21, 1924; born February 08, 1908; died July 28, 1963.
  More About Hayes Stamper:
Burial: Unknown, Stamper Cemetery, Linefork, Letcher County, KY

  More About Mary Crase:
Burial: Unknown, Stamper Cemetery, Linefork, Letcher County, KY

  735 v.   Forrester Stamper, born March 29, 1908; died August 27, 1933.
  More About Forrester Stamper:
Burial: Unknown, Stamper Cemetery, Linefork, Letcher County, KY

  736 vi.   Hassel Stamper, born May 01, 1910 in Roxana, Letcher County, KY; died April 05, 1981 in Whitesburg, Letcher County, KY. He married Lora Anderson Private; born Private.
  More About Hassel Stamper:
Burial: Unknown, Stamper Cemetery, Linefork, Letcher County, KY

      327. William J. "Willie"5 Caudill (Martha Ann4 Whitaker, Lavina "Vina"3 Frazier, Esquire2, Solomon1) was born February 21, 1880, and died December 21, 1944 in Louisville, KY. He married Hettie Cornett May 05, 1899 in Arch Cornett's in Perry County, KY. She was born October 15, 1880 in Perry County, KY, and died April 15, 1972.

Notes for William J. "Willie" Caudill:
Willie died at the home of his son, Larry Caudill, and is buried in the family cemetery in Blackey, Letcher County, KY. Willie was a retired contractor and builder; he spent many years in the lumber and building business. He had been an active member of the Doermann Memorial Presbyterian Church at Blackey for many years.
Children of William Caudill and Hettie Cornett are:
  737 i.   Dr. Fred Weldon6 Caudill, born March 18, 1900 in Blackey, Letcher County, KY; died January 10, 1947. He married (1) Minelle Pulson; born Abt. 1907; died August 10, 1928 in Letcher County, KY. He married (2) Edna F. Snyder Private; born Private.
  Notes for Minelle Pulson:
Minelle died during the childbirth of Fred, Jr.

  738 ii.   Lawrence J. "Larry" Caudill, born August 13, 1901 in Blackey, Letcher County, KY; died September 07, 1966. He married (1) Mary Irma Copeland; born October 31, 1902; died Unknown. He married (2) Opal Banks Private; born Private.
  Notes for Lawrence J. "Larry" Caudill:
Larry attended Stuart Robinson High Schol and Centre College. He was a journalist and newspaperman in Louisville, KY.

  739 iii.   Arch Caudill, born May 07, 1905; died June 02, 1965.
  740 iv.   Helen Caudill, born Private.
  741 v.   Lucretia Marie Caudill, born Private.

      329. Anna M.5 Caudill (Martha Ann4 Whitaker, Lavina "Vina"3 Frazier, Esquire2, Solomon1) was born April 14, 1884575,576, and died March 30, 1972 in Blackey, Letcher County, KY577,578. She married Thomas A. Dixon March 23, 1905 in Letcher County, KY579, son of James Dixon and Sarah Stacy. He was born November 06, 1880, and died September 21, 1975 in Blackey, Letcher County, KY.

More About Anna M. Caudill:
Burial: April 01, 1972, Dixon Cemetery, Carcassonne, Letcher County, KY580

More About Thomas A. Dixon:
Burial: September 24, 1975, Dixon Cemetery, Carcassonne, Letcher County, KY581
Children of Anna Caudill and Thomas Dixon are:
  742 i.   Effie Dean6 Dixon, born Private.
  743 ii.   Elma Dixon, born Private.
  744 iii.   Sophia Dixon, born Private. She married Bruce Back Private; born June 12, 1909; died Unknown.
  745 iv.   Hermie L. Dixon, born Private.
  746 v.   Wilma C. Dixon, born February 03, 1916; died April 07, 1955.
  747 vi.   Charles Glenn Dixon, born Private. He married Ruby Dorleen Atwell Private; born Private.
  748 vii.   James Andrew Dixon, born Private. He married Faith May Private; born Private.
  749 viii.   Taylor Dixon, born Private. He married Dorothy Lee Turner Private; born Private.
  750 ix.   Martha Dixon, born Private.
  751 x.   Mary Elizabeth Dixon, born Private.
  752 xi.   Thomas A. Dixon, Jr., born Private.

      331. Callie M.5 Caudill (Martha Ann4 Whitaker, Lavina "Vina"3 Frazier, Esquire2, Solomon1) was born February 05, 1889 in Blackey, Letcher County, KY, and died January 14, 1967 in Blackey, Letcher County, KY. She married (1) William M. Whitaker June 17, 1904 in James Dixon's in Letcher County, KY, son of Isaac Whitaker and Nancy Caudill. He was born August 27, 1879 in Letcher County, KY, and died November 06, 1919. She married (2) James G. "Little Jim" Back August 18, 1921, son of Henry Back and Mary Sumner. He was born December 29, 1871, and died June 08, 1941.
Children of Callie Caudill and William Whitaker are:
  753 i.   Vina6 Whitaker, born May 20, 1905 in Letcher County, KY; died Unknown. She married Joseph Oscar Patterson June 02, 1923; died Unknown.
  754 ii.   Annie Whitaker, born November 05, 1906; died November 18, 1911.
  755 iii.   Ruth Whitaker, born Private. She married Joseph Back Private; born December 13, 1904582,583,584,585; died May 1978.
  756 iv.   Charlie Haskel Whitaker, born June 26, 1910; died July 28, 1910.
  757 v.   J. Keller Whitaker, born Private. He married Bertha Slone Private; born Private.
  758 vi.   Corsie Whitaker, born Private. She married Cleo Hale Private; born August 05, 1907 in Cody, Knott County, KY; died Unknown.
  759 vii.   Nancy Scofield Whitaker, born April 09, 1915; died September 05, 1940.
  760 viii.   William M. Whitaker, Jr., born Private. He married Hazel Dean Hicks Private; born Private.
Children of Callie Caudill and James Back are:
  761 i.   John Paul6 Back, born July 06, 1922; died August 18, 1928.
  762 ii.   Walton "Walt" Back, born Private.
  763 iii.   Isaac D. "I.D." Back, born Private. He married Ina Rose Hamilton Private; born Private.

      334. Charles Bowman "C. B."5 Caudill (Martha Ann4 Whitaker, Lavina "Vina"3 Frazier, Esquire2, Solomon1) was born January 07, 1896 in Rockhouse Creek, Letcher County, KY, and died April 27, 1966 in Whitesburg, Letcher County, KY. He married Tessie Mae Hogg June 10, 1916 in Rev. F. F. Sumners in Letcher County, KY, daughter of G. Hogg and Polly Adams. She was born November 16, 1896 in Letcher County, KY, and died November 30, 1983.

Notes for Charles Bowman "C. B." Caudill:
After WW I, in partnership with his brother-in-law, Joe Andrews, C. B. operated a drive-in restaurant in Oklahoma. Then he returned to Blackey to operate a general store. His store at Blackey had a long front porch piled high with a large variety of goods from fishing poles to horse collars. This was merchandise that he never locked up. He said people would steal from him, however, most knew that he slept in a private room just inside of the store. C. B. always seemed to know where any article was in the myriad stacks of merchandise. Each article was marked with a price. If anyone began to haggle the price, he would merely take the article back and replace it on the shelf and move on to the next customer.
C. B. is buried in the Bill Caudill Cemetery near the mouth of Elk Creek at Blackey, Letcher County, KY.
Children of Charles Caudill and Tessie Hogg are:
  764 i.   Mariam Gaynell6 Caudill, born Private. She married Joe Taylor Begley Private; born February 23, 1919 in Floyd County, KY; died March 27, 2000 in Letcher County, KY.
  Notes for Joe Taylor Begley:
The following obituary is from the Floyd County Times dated March 29, 2000:

Joe Taylor Begley

Age 81, of Blackey, formerly of Floyd County, died Monday, March 27, 2000, at his residence. A Navy veteran of World War II, Begley helped mount the first organized opposition to strip mining in eastern Kentucky. He helped found the Citizens League to Protect the Surface Rights. A gas company worker in Kentucky and West Virginia for many years, he and his wife returned to Letcher County in the 1960s to run his late father-in-law's store at Blackey, the C.B. Caudill Store, now a museum. He was born February 23, 1919, and lived in the Maytown area as a young man. He attended Maytown High School. He is survived by his wife, Gaynell Caudill Begley; one daughter, Jane Dixon of Blackey; three sons, J.T and Joe T. Jr,, both of Knoxville, Tennessee, and James C. of Blackey; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Funeral services were Tuesday at 7 p.m., at the Letcher Funeral Home in Whitesburg, with Tom Currie officiating. Graveside services will be today (Wednesday) at 11 a.m. at the Caudill Cemetery at Blackey. Memorial contributions may be made to Appalshop, Madison Avenue, Whitesburg.

The following article is from the March 29, 2000, issue of the Mountain Eagle newspaper:

Begley Considered Himself Point Man For His Community

By: Phil Primack

To most folks from Letcher County, the C.B. Caudill Store was the place to go to get some gas, groceries, pipe fitting or other supplies. Included in any transaction was the chance to talk about the weather, family, friends or anything else in the Blackey breeze with storekeepers Gaynell - C.B.'s daughter - and Joe Begley.

To most folks not from Letcher County - touring college students, reporters, federal poverty warriors, foundation funders and community activists - the C.B. Caudill Store was the front - porch stage for Joe Begley to rail against strip mining, oil and gas exploitation or any of the other causes for which tall Joe stood. Gaynell would generally sit on the swinging chair or hold the fort behind the counter, full of her own wisdom but content to defer to Joe's determined outspokenness.

Some people - I'm lucky enough to be one of them - could live in both worlds, able to know Joe Begley as the photogenic, outspoken, looks - like - Lincoln advocate as well as the Blackey guardian and storekeeper who, with Gaynell, was daily proof of all that is so rare and so right about eastern Kentucky.

More than 30 years ago, I was one of those outsiders drawn to Letcher County because of its problems, which were as clear and visible as a strip mine bench or a black lung scarred miner or a school without books. Joe and Gaynell willingly - sometimes wearily - explained such problems to visitors, but they would do so only in the context of local positives. It's too bad so many visitors missed those positive things, which were as apparent as the store's long porch and the genuine bonds of friendship, family and community that quietly played out there every day.

To Joe Begley, and to Gaynell, that sense of community and place was the fuel that drove the outrage.

When I first met Joe, I was a Yankee newcomer, fotched - on, as it were, come to write for the Mountain Eagle. But during that first visit, Joe decided not to switch into his interview mode, enthralling reporters with perfect quotes, perfectly delivered with a fine mix of details and anecdote.

No, on that first real encounter 30 years ago, Joe said hello and then suggested, well, sort of commanded, that I just get in the red jeep with him. He had a Saturday square dance in Carcassonne to get to.

Rather than a tour of strip mines or pipelines, my first jeep ride with Joe was a nighttime drive past Elk Creek and Bull Creek and up the steep, dirt road to Carcassonne which I would eventually grow to enjoy but which at the time seemed little more than one endlessly long blind curve. Joe looked at the road occasionally, but mostly pointed out who lived where, adding color and commentary, at least some of which turned out to be true. At Carcassonne, he made a point of introducing me to Dixons and Caudills and Fugates and others, many of who I still count as friends. Then he was off to the dance floor, happily cajoling and organizing circles within circles.

And that was the point: Joe Begley certainly enjoyed the national soapbox role and the cameras and notebooks, but not for his own notoriety. Joe saw himself as the point man for a cause, and the cause was a culture and community he felt was under corporate, governmental and economic assault.

I lived in the little house behind the store. Joe would of course keep me duly informed of newsworthy developments, but I also remember his boots thudding on the porch early one morning so that he could drag me outside to point out a hawk he had just spotted soaring over the river. To Joe, it was just as important for Mountain Eagle readers to know that a hawk had returned to Letcher County as it was for them to know that yet another delegation was visiting from Washington.

As an Eagle reporter, living in the little house kept me literally in the middle of many of the news stories of the day, from meetings of the Citizens League to Protect Surface Rights, organized by Joe, to more local stories, such as the fire that destroyed Blackey's school. That blaze also burned up the little bit of community fabric that held together Blackey as a viable town. Until the library was built -- and more recently the water and sewer line -- about the only glue left was the C.B. Caudill Store. Joe and Gaynell Begley became not just keepers of a country store, but keepers of a community.

As much a wooden-plank wire service for strip mining and other coalfield developments, the store and its porch became my own center. Driving back just before dawn after delivering the Eagle from the printer, I would see the store just after that last broad curve before Blackey bridge. Sometimes Pascal Dixon was already sitting there in the winter darkness, waiting for his ride to work. We'd talk a little, soon to be joined by Joe or Gaynell as they began their own day. "Be good, buddy," Joe would say as I headed off to Whitesburg, or wherever.

I later moved to Ice, where my new neighbors were Clarence and Sara Ison, who still writes a regular community column for the Eagle. Last year, after visiting Joe in the hospital, I drove Gaynell to visit with Sara and Clarence. I just sat back and listened - as they talked about old times and good ways of life.

For me, this wasn't just nostalgia or some kind of quaint exercise in oral history to observe. This was the kind of connection, the kind of values and positive tradition which make folks like Sara and Clarence so special and which were the core of what drove Joe and Gaynell Begley to stay and persevere.

Countless mountain people, many of whom don't know it, owe a special thanks to Joe Begley for making it possible for them to stop worrying that a bulldozer might suddenly strip the hill above them.

But I'm grateful for something else. I'm glad that Joe chose not to launch into an eloquent and quotable tirade against strip mining that night I met him three decades ago. Being chauffeured by Joe Begley in his red Jeep made me understand what really made this fine man tick. And it made me appreciate once and forever why eastern Kentucky matters.

"Be good, buddy."

  More About Joe Taylor Begley:
Burial: March 29, 2000, Caudill Cemetery, Blackey, Letcher County, KY

  765 ii.   Infant Caudill, born Private.
  766 iii.   Martha Carolyn Caudill, born Private. She married (1) David Cheatham Private; born Private. She married (2) Esley Brown Private; born Private.
  767 iv.   Charlie Ann Caudill, born Private. She married Cramer Mullis Private; born Private.

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