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Descendants of John Webb, Sr.

      339. Isaac8 Caudill (Abijah7, Abner6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born March 1846, and died Unknown. He married Judith "Julia" A. Slone. She was born October 1845, and died Unknown.
Children of Isaac Caudill and Judith Slone are:
  990 i.   Harvey9 Caudill, born Abt. 1865; died Unknown. He married (2) Mahala Slone June 29, 1888 in Knott County, KY; born Abt. 1856; died Unknown.
  991 ii.   Hardin Caudill, born January 1866; died August 19, 1955. He married Mary Slone September 15, 1888 in Knott County, KY; died Unknown.
  992 iii.   William Caudill, born Abt. 1870; died Unknown.
  993 iv.   Preston Caudill, born Abt. 1872; died Unknown.
  994 v.   Sarah A. Caudill, born Abt. 1873; died Unknown.
  995 vi.   Eliza C. Caudill, born Abt. 1876; died Unknown.
  996 vii.   Isom Caudill, born March 1880; died Unknown.
  997 viii.   Jarvey Caudill, born October 26, 1878; died Unknown.
  998 ix.   Benjamin Caudill, born October 1884; died Unknown.

      341. Eli8 Johnson (Sarah7 Caudill, Abner6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born Abt. 1836, and died Unknown. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Keen. She was born Abt. 1840, and died Unknown.
Children of Eli Johnson and Elizabeth Keen are:
  999 i.   Harvey9 Johnson, born Abt. 1857; died Unknown.
  1000 ii.   Talitha Johnson, born Abt. 1859; died Unknown.
  1001 iii.   Eli "Coss" Johnson, died Unknown.
  1002 iv.   Sarah Johnson, born June 30, 1864; died July 18, 1949. She married Daniel R. Johnson; born Abt. 1864; died Abt. 1948.

      353. Ellender8 Roberts (Delilah7 Caudill, Abner6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born Abt. 1843, and died Unknown. She married Jacob Bryant. He died Unknown.
Child of Ellender Roberts and Jacob Bryant is:
  1003 i.   Nancy Jane9 Bryant, born Abt. 1843; died Unknown. She married Abner Tackett; born August 01, 1860 in Pike County, KY; died Unknown.

      356. Elizabeth8 Caudill (Alfred7, Abner6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born February 18, 1845, and died February 18, 1925. She married Abner Tackett, son of William Tackett and Sarah Caudill. He was born February 08, 1845 in Pike County, KY, and died May 31, 1920.
Child is listed above under (131) Abner Tackett.

      363. Colbert Cecil8 Caudill (Abner7, Abner6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born February 05, 1857 in Floyd County, KY, and died September 29, 1929 in Cranston, KY. He married (1) Mary Alice Ham, daughter of Basil Ham and Mary McRoberts. She was born March 01, 1863 in Rowan County, KY, and died October 28, 1895 in Rowan County, KY. He married (2) Edna Gemima Curtis December 24, 1896 in Rowan County, KY. She was born April 26, 1881 in Fleming County, KY, and died August 24, 1948 in Rowan County, KY.
Children of Colbert Caudill and Mary Ham are:
  1004 i.   Nellie9 Caudill, born Abt. 1880; died Unknown. She married Leonard Stegall February 01, 1923 in Cranston, Rowan County, KY; born Abt. 1904 in Rowan County, KY; died Unknown.
  1005 ii.   Harvey Tilden Caudill, born August 18, 1883 in Rowan County, KY; died November 26, 1953. He married Queen Victoria McGlothin October 20, 1904 in Rowan County, KY; born Abt. 1888 in Rowan County, KY; died Unknown.
  1006 iii.   Belford Cleveland Caudill, born June 05, 1885 in Rowan County, KY; died Abt. 1958. He married Margia Irene Tackett January 26, 1907 in Rowan County, KY; born Abt. 1885 in Rowan County, KY; died Unknown.
  1007 iv.   Marion Franklin Caudill, born August 03, 1887 in Rowan County, KY; died March 20, 1964. He married Clara Celia Smith; died Unknown.
  1008 v.   Ella Caudill, born December 16, 1891; died April 26, 1908.
  1009 vi.   Byrdie Caudill, born July 06, 1894 in Rowan County, KY; died Unknown. She married Wilson Jenkins; died Unknown.

      369. Nelson8 Caudill (Abner7, Abner6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born June 1874, and died Unknown. He married Laura Adkins, daughter of Riley Adkins and Vina McCown. She was born April 1878, and died Abt. 1962.
Children of Nelson Caudill and Laura Adkins are:
  1010 i.   Lula "Lulie"9 Caudill, born September 1897; died Unknown.
  1011 ii.   Mary Caudill, born April 26, 1900; died Unknown.
  1012 iii.   Martha Caudill, born April 26, 1900; died Unknown.
  1013 iv.   Millard Caudill, born Abt. 1902; died Unknown.
  1014 v.   Woodrow Caudill, born Private.
  1015 vi.   Sylvia Caudill, born Private.
  1016 vii.   Josie Caudill, born Private.
  1017 viii.   Marion Franklin Caudill, born Private.
  1018 ix.   Colbert Cecil Caudill, born January 18, 1916 in Floyd County, KY; died January 1973222.
  1019 x.   Chloie Caudill, born Private.
  1020 xi.   Lee Caudill, died Unknown. He married Dorothy Tackett Private; born Private.
  1021 xii.   Daisy Caudill, born Private.

      375. Susan "Susie"8 Caudill (James "Jimmie"7, Jane "Jenny"6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born July 05, 1854 in Floyd County, KY, and died March 11, 1927. She married Joseph "Joe" White March 30, 1871. He was born June 05, 1845, and died April 10, 1954.
Child of Susan Caudill and Joseph White is:
  1022 i.   Samuel David9 White, born May 14, 1890; died March 16, 1959. He married Louanna Ritchie September 29, 1909; born July 22, 1891; died March 09, 1959.

      376. Thomas8 Caudill (James "Jimmie"7, Jane "Jenny"6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born October 07, 1855 in Lawrence County, KY, and died Unknown. He married Miranda Gullett. She was born Abt. 1855, and died Unknown.
Children of Thomas Caudill and Miranda Gullett are:
  1023 i.   James Monroe9 Caudill, born March 20, 1879 in Salyersville, KY; died April 14, 1966. He married (1) Mary Elizabeth Hale July 18, 1901 in John Hale's, Magoffin County, KY; born September 02, 1886; died August 30, 1925. He married (2) Serilda Daniel March 14, 1928; died Unknown. He married (3) Sarah Rowe April 14, 1930; died Abt. 1968.
  Notes for James Monroe Caudill:
The following is from "Appalachia Crossroads: The Caudill Family" by Clayton R. Cox (pages 776 & 777):

James was a private in Troop B, 14th Kentucky Calvary. Monroe was a tall (6'1"), quiet fellow. He believed in learning the hard way and prooved it by tossing his son, Paul, in the river from the swinging bridge, when he was a little shaver and said "Sink or swim, son!" So Paul had to learn to swim right then.
He was also a lumberjack and according to Calloway Minix, worked his fool head off from morning til night. He would notch the trees for the crew who would do the sawing with a cross cut saw. After the sawing he would trim the branches from the logs so they would be ready to be pulled out by draft horses and loaded for wagon hauling to their destination. Calloway worked with Monroe during the years of 1913 and 1914.
Monroe's trade cost him his right eye. One day while notching a tree, a piece of the stell wedge flew off and there was nothing that could be done for the eye.
He was a deputy sheriff of Breathitt County at one time. In 1949, when she was seven, Lela Caudill Conner, made her one and only visit to Monroe and Sarah's. They lived near Half Mountain Creek and Licking River in Magoffin County, KY. This was their home site until Monroe died.
"This was the first long trip I had taken and I was astounded at the size of the bridge over the Ohio River. We had stayed all night at Aunt Orpha's in Cincinnati.
"We arrived on Half Mountain Creek after dark and since this was December it got dark early. Mom stepped out of the car and sank in the clay soil of the branch. Grandpa and grandma were on the porch in their rockers and gave us the effusive Southern Welcome when they saw it was us.
"The first thing I noticed was that there were beds in the living room (now I know this was the custom, but I didn't know it then). Going to bed in one of those beds was heaven - this was my first experience with a real feather bed.
"One of my bravest things was to go to the outside toilet which they had that sat over the creek. It was dark and of course I was in a strange place. I did a hurry-up job and as I got up, shown the flash light down the dark hole, and I saw a big snake looking right up at me. I ran, I didn't walk back to the house.
"When daylight arrived, we were treated to the biggest breakfast I'd ever had in my life. This was the first time I had eaten fried apples, and I begged Sarah to make them every meal. She did. Then we went exploring, and I remember every bit of the territory. There was the well where we got water. Monroe had the biggest sow I'd ever seen. Behind the house there was a high hill which Larry and I tried to run down and ended up going head over heals.
"Higher on the hill was the coal mine for the little valley where grandpa got his coal. We dared to venture up that far, but were afraid to even stick our heads in to see what it looked like.
"We wanted to go up Half Mountain, but grandpa warned us there were snakes (I already knew that) and besides all we could see at the top was a goat hanging its head over the cliff. So there wasn't anyway for us to get there, without some outside help.
"Later that day we went to Swampton to get some groceries. We went to Carpenters grocery where my dad had worked as a kid. Dad told us that at the age of 11 he was hauling groceries for Carpenter from Salyersville, which was 8 or 9 miles away by mule team. Later on he helped build the Carpenter Hotel at Salyersville and fifty cents for his daily wage.
"Carpenter's store in 1949 was just as you'd see a store in the old, old movies. Barrels of stuff, jars and bags of bulk foods that were ladled out by the pound or piece.
"Grandma, grandpa, Mom and Dad sat and talked to each other (which was boring to us of course) so we kept ourselves busy as little kids do. At this time I fell in love with one of the neighborhood kids whose name was J. C. We vowed our undying love for each other, but of course I never saw him again.
"This was the last time I ever saw my Grandpa Monroe and Sarah. At Christmas we had no presents under the tree because the trip down to Kentucky was all Mom and Dad could afford. However I am left with the memories of that visit, which to me now, is the best Christmas present I could have been given.
"In 1965, the family except me, as I had an 8 month old baby and full time job at the hospital, made the trip to Kentucky. Everything they reported was still the same.
"Dad had made a few trips by himself to see the folks so it had been 15 to 16 years since my grandparents had seen the rest of the family. When Mom and Dad were ready to leave there were tears in Grandpa's one blue eye (Larry's eyes are the same shade of blue). When Grandpa died I was very pregnant and did not get to attend the funeral.

  1024 ii.   Charles Caudill, born March 1880; died Unknown.
  1025 iii.   William Henry "Willie" Caudill, born February 27, 1884 in Magoffin County, KY; died August 08, 1968. He married Ida Florence Walden March 05, 1911; born February 18, 1882; died October 10, 1966.
  1026 iv.   Minnie Caudill, died Unknown. She married George Kirk; died Unknown.
  1027 v.   Sarah Caudill, died Unknown. She married Charlie Willis; died Unknown.

      382. James8 Caudill (James "Jimmie"7, Jane "Jenny"6, Sarah5 Webb, James4, John3, John2, Robert1) was born November 1866, and died January 21, 1944 in Noctor, KY. He married J'Haza "Jahazy" Jordan January 13, 1888 in Magoffin County, KY. She was born June 01, 1874, and died November 04, 1962 in Noctor, KY.
Children of James Caudill and J'Haza Jordan are:
  1028 i.   Georgia Anne9 Caudill, born December 09, 1888; died August 24, 1900.
  More About Georgia Anne Caudill:
Cause of Death: Typhoid

  1029 ii.   Eddie Caudill, born May 29, 1892 in Breathitt County, KY; died January 01, 1973. He married Nannie Rachel Back February 01, 1922 in Breathitt County, KY; died Unknown.
  1030 iii.   Virgie Caudill, born January 01, 1895; died February 01, 1926. She married Corbett Back; born October 27, 1891; died Unknown.
  1031 iv.   Rebecca Caudill, born August 27, 1897; died May 29, 1903.
  1032 v.   Gracie Caudill, born February 01, 1900; died Unknown. She married William "Will" Dunn, Jr.; born April 10, 1883; died March 04, 1961.
  1033 vi.   Troy Caudill, born January 10, 1903223,224; died February 14, 1988. He married Calledith "Cleta" Hounshell March 19, 1932 in Stevenson, Breathitt County, KY; born December 08, 1910; died June 1989.
  More About Troy Caudill:
Burial: Unknown, Williams Cemetery, Breathitt County, KY

  More About Calledith "Cleta" Hounshell:
Burial: Unknown, Williams Cemetery, Breathitt County, KY
Cause of Death: Stroke

  1034 vii.   Rosa Lee Caudill, born July 07, 1905; died Unknown. She married Walter Creech September 21, 1925 in Jeff, KY; died Unknown.
  1035 viii.   Lona Caudill, born Private. She married Mason Pugh Private; born Abt. 1909; died Unknown.
  1036 ix.   Ada Caudill, born September 20, 1910; died April 27, 1967. She married Jerry Barnett Private; born Private.
  1037 x.   Barry Magoffin Caudill, born Private. He married (1) Stella Marshall Private; born February 18, 1918 in Breathitt County, KY; died December 08, 1947. He married (2) Edna Trusty Private; born April 17, 1927; died November 26, 1972. He married (3) Pearlie White Private; born Private.
  More About Stella Marshall:
Cause of Death: Food Poisoning

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