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Ancestors of Jack Bruce Causer

Generation No. 36

      40030580752. Gautier (Walter)I Count of Vexin,Valois,Amiens, born Abt. 925 in Valois D'Ameins,Somme,France; died Abt. 998. He was the son of 80061161504. Raoul Count of Ostervant,Ameins,Valois and Vexin and 80061161505. Eldegarde De Valois. He married 40030580753. Adele De Anjou Abt. 943.

      40030580753. Adele De Anjou, born Abt. 920 in Angers,Maine-et-Loire,Anjou,France; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 40030642192. Fulk I "the Red" Count of Anjou,Vicomte Angers and 40030642193. Roscilla De Loches.
Child of Gautier Vexin and Adele De Anjou is:
  20015290376 i.   Gautier (Walter) II "the White" Count of Vexin, born Abt. 944 in Vexin,Eure,Normandy,France; died Abt. 1027; married Adele De Senlis.

      40030580758. Foucher Vicomte De Chartres, born Abt. 930 in Chartres,Eure-et-Loire,France; died Unknown.
Child of Foucher Vicomte De Chartres is:
  20015290379 i.   Emeline De Chartres, born Abt. 960 in Chartres,Eure-et-Loire,France; died Unknown; married Hildouin Count of Breteuil,Vicomte De Chartres.

      40030580760. Nocher I Count of Bar-sur-Aube, born Abt. 950 in Bar-sur-Aube,Aube,France; died Abt. 1003. He was the son of 80061161520. Archard De La Ferte-sur-Aube and 80061161521. Acharda De Bar-sur-Aube.
Child of Nocher I Count of Bar-sur-Aube is:
  20015290380 i.   Nocher II Count of Bar-sur-Aube, born Abt. 970 in Bar-sur-Aube,Aube,France; died Aft. 1019; married Aelis De Soissons Abt. 989.

      40030580762. Gui De Vermandois,Count of Soissons, born Abt. 956 in Vermandois,Aisne,France; died Aft. 13 Jun 989. He was the son of 20015327408. Albert I "the Pious" Count of Vermandois and 20015327409. Gerberga of Hainault and Lorraine. He married 40030580763. Adelaide De Soissons Abt. 979.

      40030580763. Adelaide De Soissons, born Abt. 960 in Soissons,Aisne,France; died Abt. 1047. She was the daughter of 80061161526. Giselbert Count of Soissons.
Child of Gui De Vermandois and Adelaide De Soissons is:
  20015290381 i.   Aelis De Soissons, born Abt. 975 in Soissons,Aisne,France; died Unknown; married Nocher II Count of Bar-sur-Aube Abt. 989.

      40030603392. Rognavald "The Rich" Jarl of More, born Abt. 830 in More,Nord-Trondelag,Norway; died Abt. 894 in More,Nord-Trondelag,Norway757. He was the son of 80061206784. Eistein "the Elegant"(Glumru)Jarl of the Uplands and 80061206785. Ascinda (Aseda) Rognvaldsson. He married 40030603393. Ragnhilda of Romsdal Abt. 852.

      40030603393. Ragnhilda of Romsdal, born Abt. 838 in Romsdal,Norway; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 80061206786. Rolf Nesco of Romsdal.

Notes for Rognavald "The Rich" Jarl of More:
Rognavald fought alongside the future king Harald Finehair in establishing a united Norway. harold married Rognavald's sister Swanhilda. during this civil war many Norwegians were driven out of Norway and settled in the Shetlands and Orkney,called the Nordreys by the Norse,which they used to attack Norway and Norse ships. The traditional view is that around 874 Harald sent Rognavald
to the Hebrides to bring these islands under his authority. During the expedition Rognavald's son,Ivar,was killed. As a consequence,once Rognavald had conquered the islands,Harald granted them back to him in recompense for his son. The more recent view is that Rognavald may have set out earlier on the expedition to conquer the Nordey pirates himself and worked in league with Olaf The White,who was the Norse king of Dublin. According to this view Olaf granted Rognavald the Orkneys around the year 871 or earlier. However,Rognavald had no desire to remain in the isles so in 875 Rognavald gave the islands to his brother Sigurd,and returned to Norway where he continued to fight on behalf of the king. This created enemies and around the year 894 he was burned alive in his hall by two of Harald's sons by another wife.

More About Rognavald "The Rich" Jarl of More:
Cause of Death: burned alive in his hall
Children of Rognavald More and Ragnhilda Romsdal are:
  i.   Ivar Rognavaldsen, born Abt. 853 in More,Nord-Trondelag,Uplands,Norway; died Abt. 874 in Hebrides Island,Scotland.
  ii.   Thori Jarl of More, born Abt. 855 in More,Nord-Trondelag,Uplands,Norway; died Unknown.
  20015301696 iii.   Rollo (Hrolf) "The Ganger" Duke of Normandy, born Abt. 857 in More,Nord-Trondelag,Uplands,Norway; died Abt. 932 in Notre Dame,Rouen,Seine-Maritime,Normandy; married Papia (poppa) De Bayeux Abt. 891.

      40030603394. Berenger Count of Bayeux, born Abt. 840 in Bayeaux,Calvados,Normandy,France; died Unknown.
Child of Berenger Count of Bayeux is:
  20015301697 i.   Papia (poppa) De Bayeux, born Abt. 872 in Bayeaux,Calvados,Normandy,France; died Unknown; married Rollo (Hrolf) "The Ganger" Duke of Normandy Abt. 891.

      40030607424. Theobald Viscount of Troyes, born Abt. 875; died Abt. 904. He married 40030607425. Richilde De Bourges.

      40030607425. Richilde De Bourges, born Abt. 880; died Unknown.
Child of Theobald Troyes and Richilde De Bourges is:
  20015303712 i.   Theobald I Count of Blois, born Abt. 900 in Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France; died Abt. 978; married (1) Luitgarde De Vermandois,Countess of Blois; married (2) Luitgarde De Vermandois Abt. 943.

      40030607552. Rogerus Magnus, born Abt. 880 in Denmark; died Unknown.
Child of Rogerus Magnus is:
  20015303776 i.   Roger, born Abt. 910 in Normandy,France; died Unknown.

      40030607584. Yves De Creil,Seigneur De Creil, born Abt. 910 in Creil,Oise,France; died Abt. 983. He married 40030607585. Geile Abt. 929.

      40030607585. Geile, born Abt. 910; died Unknown.
Child of Yves De Creil and Geile is:
  20015303792 i.   Yves (Ives) De Creil,Count of Alencon, born Abt. 930 in Creil,Oise,France; died Aft. 1005; married Gohilda De Le Mans Abt. 949.

      40030607844. Anarawd Ap Rhodri,Prince of Gwynedd, born Abt. 857 in Caer Seiont,Carnarvonshire,Wales; died Abt. 916. He was the son of 80061215688. Rhodri "Mawr" Ap Merfyn,King of Gwynedd and 80061215689. Angharad Verch Meurig,Princess of Ceredigion. He married 40030607845. Mrs Anarawd Abt. 882.

      40030607845. Mrs Anarawd, born Abt. 861 in Gwynedd,Wales; died Unknown.
Children of Anarawd Rhodri and Mrs Anarawd are:
  i.   Idwal "Foel" Ap Anarawd, born Abt. 883 in Aberffraw Castle,Anglesey,Wales; died Abt. 942; married Mereddon Verch Cadwr; born Abt. 885; died Unknown.
  20015303922 ii.   Elise Ap Anarawd, born Abt. 885 in Aberffraw Castle,Angelesey,Wales; died Abt. 942; married Mrs Elise Ap Anarawd.

      40030607848. Hywel "Dda" Ap Cadell,King of Deheubarth, born Abt. 887 in Deheubarth,Wales; died Abt. 950758. He was the son of 80061215696. Cadell Ap Rhodri,King of Deheubarth and 80061215697. Rheingar. He married 40030607849. Elen Verch Llywarch Abt. 912.

      40030607849. Elen Verch Llywarch, born Abt. 893 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen,Wales; died Abt. 943. She was the daughter of 80061215698. Llywarch Ap Hyfaidd and 80061215699. Mrs Llywarch.

Notes for Hywel "Dda" Ap Cadell,King of Deheubarth:
Hywel is recorded as a regular visitor to the court of the kings of England. On some occasions ,as in 918 and 927,these were meetings called by the Saxon kingsin order to resffirm their suzerainty and to seek fealty from the other rulers of Britain. At times he attended the English court as a friend,often to witness charters,and took the opportunity to study how the administration and jurisdiction operated. Though it may go too far to say he was an Anglophile,he did christen one of his children with an English name,Edwin,and the English ability to organize clearly appealed to him. He had the good sense to understand what well and could respect the English way of life. This was further amplified after his pilgrimage to Rome in 928. It had a profound effect upon him ,not simply in the religious sense,but in recognizing the benifits that could come to a well organized Kingdom,which he witnessed in France and Rome. In 942 his cousin,Idwal ap Anarawd of Gwynedd,was killed in battle against the Saxons.
The land passed to Hywell,he was now ruler of most of Wales,with the exception of the south-east. Hywel took this opportunity to organize and consolidate the many tribal laws af the land. In 945 he held a great conference and three law books were established the laws of Gwynedd,Deheubarth and Morgannwg. By codifying these laws,Hywel did more towards unifying the Welsh as a nation than any other ruler had sought to achieve by conquest and domination.
So Paramount was Hywel in his role as King and Lawgiver that he was also the first and only Welsh Prince to issue his own coinage. When Hywel died in 950,probably in his late sixties,he left behind a legacy that would long be remembered as a golden age in Welsh history.
Children of Hywel Cadell and Elen Llywarch are:
  20015303924 i.   Owain Ap Hywel,King of Deheubarth, born Abt. 913 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Abt. 987; married Angharad Verch Llewelyn Abt. 932.
  ii.   Maredydd Ap Hywel, born Abt. 914 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Unknown.
  iii.   Rhodri Ap Hywel, born Abt. 916 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Abt. 953 in Battle of Llanrwst,Carnarvonshire,Wales.
  iv.   Gwenllian Verch Hywel, born Abt. 917 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Unknown.
  v.   Rhain Ap Hywel, born Abt. 919 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Bef. 948.
  vi.   Angharad Verch Hywel, born Abt. 920 in Dynevor,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Unknown; married Tudur "Trefor" Ap Ynyr; born Abt. 918; died Unknown.
  vii.   Dyfnwal Ap Hywel, born Abt. 922 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Abt. 951 in Battle of Llanrwst,Caernarvonshire,Wales.
  viii.   Edwin Ap Hywel, born Abt. 923 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Abt. 954.
  ix.   Cynan Ap Hywel, born Abt. 925 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Unknown.
  x.   Enion Ap Hywel, born Abt. 926 in Dynevor Castle,Llandeilo,Carmarthen.Wales; died Unknown.

      40030607850. Llewelyn Ap Merfyn, born Abt. 880 in Llandeilo,Carmartheshire,Wales; died Unknown. He was the son of 80061215700. Merfyn Ap Rhodri and 80061215701. Mrs Merfyn. He married 40030607851. Mrs Llewelyn.

      40030607851. Mrs Llewelyn, born Abt. 884; died Unknown.
Child of Llewelyn Merfyn and Mrs Llewelyn is:
  20015303925 i.   Angharad Verch Llewelyn, born Abt. 918 in Llandeilo,Carmarthenshire,Wales; died Unknown; married Owain Ap Hywel,King of Deheubarth Abt. 932.

      40030639024. Sigurd "The Corpulent" Earl of Orkney, born Abt. 960 in Orkney Islands,Scotland; died 23 Apr 1014 in Clontarf,Dublin,Ireland. He was the son of 80061278048. Hlodver Earl of Orkney and 80061278049. Audna Princess of Ireland. He married 40030639025. Olave Princess of Scotland Abt. 998.

      40030639025. Olave Princess of Scotland, born Abt. 977 in Blair Atholl,Perth,Scotland; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 10007660594. Malcolm II MacKenith,King of Scotland and 10007660595. Beatrice of the Isles.

More About Sigurd "The Corpulent" Earl of Orkney:
Burial: Unknown, Burial Mound,Hofry,Caithness,Scotland
Children of Sigurd Orkney and Olave Scotland are:
  i.   Brusi Earl of Orkney, born Abt. 1000 in Orkney Isle's,Scotland; died Abt. 1031 in Orkney Isle's,Scotland; married Ostrida of Gethland; born Abt. 1002; died Unknown.
  20015319512 ii.   Thorfinn Earl of Orkney, born Abt. 1009 in Orkney Isle's,Scotland; died Abt. 1064; married Ingebiorg.
  iii.   Summerled, born Abt. 1011 in Orkney Isle's,Scotland; died Unknown.
  iv.   Einar, born Abt. 1013 in Orkney Isle's,Scotland; died Unknown.

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