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Ancestors of Jack Bruce Causer

Generation No. 43

      5123917234240. Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" King of Upplands, born Abt. 660 in Uppsala,Sweden; died Unknown. He was the son of 10247834468480. Braut-Onund Ingvarsson. He married 5123917234241. Gauthild Algoutsson.

      5123917234241. Gauthild Algoutsson, born Abt. 660; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 10247834468482. Algout Gautreksson.
Child of Ingjald Upplands and Gauthild Algoutsson is:
  2561958617120 i.   Olaf Ingjaldsson"Tree-Hewer",King of Varmland, born Abt. 678 in Varmland,Sweden; died Abt. 710; married Solveig Halfdansson.

      5123917234242. Halfdan "Gold Tooth", born Abt. 659 in Sweden; died Unknown.
Child of Halfdan "Gold Tooth" is:
  2561958617121 i.   Solveig Halfdansson, born Abt. 684 in Sweden; died Unknown; married (1) Olaf Ingjaldsson"Tree-Hewer",King of Varmland; married (2) Eystein "The Severe" King of Uppland.

      5123917804048. Cadwaladr "Fendigaid",King of Gwynedd, born Abt. 630 in Gwynedd,Wales; died Abt. 682793. He was the son of 10247835608096. Cadwallon Ap Cadfan,King of Gwynedd and 10247835608097. Miss of Mercia. He married 5123917804049. Mrs Cadwaladr.

      5123917804049. Mrs Cadwaladr, born Abt. 639; died Unknown.

Notes for Cadwaladr "Fendigaid",King of Gwynedd:
Cadwaladr Fendigald ( the Blessed) was perhaps the last great British hero,remembered in Welsh texts almost like another Arthur. He was the son of Cadwallon,and was still a boy when his father was killed in battle. he was presumably raised in exile either in Ireland,or in one of the neighbouring kingdoms. The native Venedotians of Gwynedd did not like their usurper king Cadfael; they hailed Cadwaladr as a promised saviour to deliver them from his yoke and to conquer the English again ,echoing the achievements of Cadwallon. Unfortunately he did not live up to their expectations. In 658 he led an army against the West Saxons at Peonne in Somerset and was soundly defeated. Thereafter he seems to have spent his years establishing peace and prosperity in Gwynedd,rather than attempting to conquer the English. He established at least three religious foundations in Gwynedd and became highly regarded as a good and pious ruler. Indeed he is remembered as a saint in the Welsh Church.
Cadwaladr died in a Plague probably in 682.
Child of Cadwaladr "Fendigaid" and Mrs Cadwaladr is:
  2561958902024 i.   Idwal "Iwrch" Ap Cadwaladr,King of Gwynedd, born Abt. 664 in Gwynedd,Wales; died Abt. 720; married Mrs Idwal.

      5123922199552. Robert Count of Hesbaye, born Abt. 700 in Hesbaye,Liege,Belgium794; died Aft. 750. He was the son of 5123924037264. Lambert of Hesbaye and 5123924037265. Chrotlinde of the Franks. He married 5123922199553. Williswinda Abt. 719.

      5123922199553. Williswinda, born Abt. 700; died Unknown.
Child of Robert Hesbaye and Williswinda is:
  2561961099776 i.   Guerin Count in the Thurgovie, born Abt. 720 in Hesbaye,Liege,Belgium; died 20 May 772; married Adelindis.

      5123922221056. Chrodobertus II Chancelor of King Chlothar III, born Abt. 640 in Paris,Seine,France; died Aft. Oct 678. He was the son of 10247844442112. Lambert I Nobleman in Neustria. He married 5123922221057. Doda of Neustria Abt. 664.

      5123922221057. Doda of Neustria, born Abt. 645 in Neustria; died Unknown.
Children of Chrodobertus Chlothar and Doda Neustria are:
  2561961110528 i.   Lambert II Comes in Neustria and Austrasia, born Abt. 665 in Paris,Seine,France; died Abt. 741; married Chrotlind Princess of the Franks Abt. 688.
  ii.   Miss of Neustria, born Abt. 674 in Paris,Seine,France; died Unknown; married St.Lievin (Leutwinus) Bishop of Treves Abt. 693; born Abt. 664 in Ireland; died Abt. 713.

      5123922221318. Eric Agnarsson of Vestfold, born Abt. 700 in Vestfold,Norway; died Unknown.
Child of Eric Agnarsson of Vestfold is:
  2561961110659 i.   Hild of Vestfold, born Abt. 730 in Vestfold,Norway; died Unknown; married Eystein of Vestfold Abt. 749 in Vestfold,Norway.

      5123922222406. Arschavier Prince of Kamsarakan, born Abt. 720 in Kamsarakan; died Abt. 791. He was the son of 10247844444812. Bardas Patrikos.
Child of Arschavier Prince of Kamsarakan is:
  2561961111203 i.   Theodocia of Kamsarakan, born Abt. 740 in Kamsarakan; died Unknown; married Leo V "the Armenian" Emperor of the East.

      5123922224128. Eochaid III King of Dalriada, born Abt. 695 in Dunolly,Argyllshire,Dalriada (Scotland); died Abt. 733. He was the son of 10247844448256. Eochaid II King of Dalriada and 10247844448257. Spondana of Pics.
Children of Eochaid III King of Dalriada are:
  2561961112064 i.   Ed-Fin King of Dalriada, born Abt. 725 in Dunadd,Argyllshire,Dalriada (Scotland); died Abt. 778.
  2561961112066 ii.   Fergus Prince of Dalriada, born Abt. 728 in Dunadd,Argyllshire,Dalriada (Scotland); died Abt. 781; married Wrold.

      5123922239488. Arnulf (St.Arnulf) Bishop of Metz and Mayor, born 13 Aug 582 in Heristal,Liege,Belgium; died 16 Aug 640 in Metz,Moselle,France. He was the son of 10247844478976. Bodegisel II "Dux",Governor of Aquitaine and 10247844478977. Oda a Suevian. He married 5123922239489. Oda (Dode) of Saxony Abt. 596.

      5123922239489. Oda (Dode) of Saxony, born Abt. 586 in Saxony,Germany; died Aft. 612 in Treves,France.
Children of Arnulf Mayor and Oda Saxony are:
  i.   Clodulf (St.Clodoule) Bishop of Metz, born Abt. 596 in Metz,Moselle,France; died Abt. 690.
  2561961119744 ii.   Ansguise Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, born Abt. 602 in Metz,Moselle,France; died Abt. 685; married Begga (St.Begga) of Landen Abt. 634.

      5123922239490. Pepin of Landen "the Old" Mayor of the Palace, born Abt. 585 in Landen,Liege,Belgium; died Abt. 639. He married 5123922239491. Iduberga ( St.Itta) Abt. 609.

      5123922239491. Iduberga ( St.Itta), born Abt. 590 in Metz,Moselle,France; died Abt. 652.
Children of Pepin Palace and Iduberga St.Itta) are:
  i.   Grimoald Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, born Abt. 610 in Landen,Liege,Belgium; died Unknown.
  2561961119745 ii.   Begga (St.Begga) of Landen, born Abt. 613 in Landen,Liege,Belgium; died Abt. 689; married Ansguise Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia Abt. 634.

      5123922241808. Theodo II Duke of Bavaria, born Abt. 620 in Bavaria,Germany; died Unknown. He was the son of 10247844483616. Fara II Duke of Bavaria. He married 5123922241809. Regintrude Princess of Austrasia Abt. 649.

      5123922241809. Regintrude Princess of Austrasia, born Abt. 630 in Cologne,North Rhein Westfalen,Germany; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 10247844483618. Dagobert I King of Austrasia,King of The Franks and 10247844483619. Regintrude of Austrasia.
Child of Theodo Bavaria and Regintrude Austrasia is:
  2561961120904 i.   Godfrey Duke of Allemania, born Abt. 650 in Bavaria,Germany; died Abt. 708.

      5123924035712. Ingild did not Rule, born Abt. 680 in Wessex,England; died Abt. 726. He was the son of 10247848071424. Cenred Under King of Somerset. He married 5123924035713. Miss Abt. 707.

      5123924035713. Miss, born Abt. 684; died Unknown.
Child of Ingild Rule and Miss is:
  2561962017856 i.   Eoppa did not Rule, born Abt. 708 in Wessex,England; died Unknown.

      5123924036938. Theodard, born Abt. 650; died Unknown. He was the son of 10247848073876. Theotar.
Child of Theodard is:
  2561962018469 i.   Bertha a Merovingian, born Abt. 670; died Unknown; married Martin of Laon Abt. 689.

      5123924037264. Lambert of Hesbaye, born Abt. 670 in Hesbaye,Liege,Belgium795; died Aft. 725. He was the son of 10247848074528. Warinus Count of Poitiers and 10247848074529. Kunza of Metz. He married 5123924037265. Chrotlinde of the Franks.

      5123924037265. Chrotlinde of the Franks, born Abt. 682; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 10247848074530. Theuderic III of the Franks and 10247848074531. Irmina Von Oeren.
Children of Lambert Hesbaye and Chrotlinde Franks are:
  i.   Robert Count of Hesbaye, born Abt. 700 in Hesbaye,Liege,Belgium796; died Aft. 750; married Williswinda Abt. 719; born Abt. 700; died Unknown.
  2561962018632 ii.   Sigrand (Sigramus) Count of Hesbaye, born Abt. 706 in Hesbaye,Liege,Belgium; died Unknown; married (1) Landree Countess of Hesbaye Abt. 734; married (2) Landree Princess of the Franks Abt. 734.

      5123924768256. Sigurd Ranvarsson,King of Lethra, born Abt. 710 in Lethra,Stelland,Denmark; died Abt. 812. He was the son of 10247849536512. Randver Radbartsson,Prince of Garderidge. He married 5123924768257. Alfhild Gandoldottier Abt. 749.

      5123924768257. Alfhild Gandoldottier, born Abt. 730; died Unknown.
Child of Sigurd Ranvarsson and Alfhild Gandoldottier is:
  2561962384128 i.   Ragnar Sigurdsson,King of Lethra, born Abt. 750 in Lethra,Stelland,Denmark; died Abt. 845 in Northumbrian Snake pit,England; married Aslang Sigurdsson.

      5123924769920. Unislav Duke of Bohemia, born Abt. 758 in Prague,Stredocesky,Czechoslovakia; died Abt. 833. He was the son of 10247849539840. Vojen Duke of Bohemia and 10247849539841. Blanka Dutchess of Bohemia.
Child of Unislav Duke of Bohemia is:
  2561962384960 i.   Kresomysl Duke of Bohemia, born Abt. 780 in Prague,Stredocesky,Czechoslovakia; died Abt. 851; married Libuse Dutchess of Bohemia Abt. 799 in Prague,Stredocesky,Czechoslovakia.

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