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Ancestors of Nora Jo Thomas

Generation No. 5

      16. William Preston Thomas. He was the son of 32. Henry Thomas and 33. Elizabeth Donaldson. He married 17. Margaret Dalton.

      17. Margaret Dalton.

Marriage Notes for William Thomas and Margaret Dalton:
married right after Civil War
Children of William Thomas and Margaret Dalton are:
  8 i.   Alonzo Algeman Thomas, born October 31, 1868 in Clarksdale, Mo; died May 01, 1945 in Amity, MO; married Ruth Vernon Wilson April 03, 1893.
  ii.   Mitchell Thomas.
  iii.   Clay Thomas.
  iv.   Minnie Thomas Adam.
  v.   Laura Thomas Vaugn.
  vi.   Addie Thomas Pickle.
  vii.   Frank Thomas.
  viii.   Llewyn Thomas.
  ix.   Nora Thomas.
  Notes for Nora Thomas:
Died as a child

      18. James Wilson. He married 19. Annie Simpson.

      19. Annie Simpson.
Children of James Wilson and Annie Simpson are:
  9 i.   Ruth Vernon Wilson, born December 13, 1876 in Arkadelphia, AR; died September 07, 1956 in Mankato, KS; married Alonzo Algeman Thomas April 03, 1893.
  ii.   James Wilson.

      20. Benjamin Howard Mauk, born December 13, 1842 in Aurora, TN; died May 06, 1903. He was the son of 40. George W. Mauk and 41. Mary Elizabeth Shipley. He married 21. Lucinda Francis Locke August 10, 1870.

      21. Lucinda Francis Locke, born September 22, 1846 in Hart Co., KY; died September 17, 1940 in Vista, CA. She was the daughter of 42. John J. Locke and 43. Anna Crump.

  Notes for Lucinda Francis Locke:
Taken from letters of Lucinda to daughter Belle, March 1939, My mothers family, William and Elizabeth came to KY from VA in the late 1700's. My mother was one of 6 children. Anna, the oldest, married John Lock, the oldest son of Jacob and Esther. The Locke family came from Illinois in 1812. You 5 children were all born in the same log house on George Mundy's farm, Slick Rock, KY (Barren Co.). The attending doctor was Dr. Tom Newberry. Benjamin Roy was born in KS.

Children of Benjamin Mauk and Lucinda Locke are:
  10 i.   Julius Edgar Mock (Mauk), born May 06, 1872 in Barren Co., KY; died August 31, 1948 in Reno Co., KS; married Naomi Josephine Stark November 17, 1897 in Mound City, KS (Linn Co.) by Judge Potter.
  ii.   Ida Estella Mock (Mauk), born July 06, 1873 in Kentucky; died October 29, 1901.
  iii.   Belle Shoffe Mock (Mauk), born May 15, 1875 in Kentucky; died May 24, 1956; married Gott.
  iv.   Lewis Verder Mock (Mauk), born December 17, 1876 in Kentucky; died June 24, 1943.
  v.   Wilfred Gustavis Mock (Mauk), born January 08, 1879 in Kentucky.
  vi.   Anna Elizabeth Mock (Mauk), born April 08, 1884 in Kentucky; died December 08, 1891.
  vii.   Benjamin Roy Mock (Mauk), born July 30, 1888 in Kansas.

      22. Jacob Lewis Stark, born November 19, 1847 in Jasper Co., MO; died October 05, 1912 in Linn Co., KS. He married 23. Nancy Jane Milton.

      23. Nancy Jane Milton, born March 31, 1854 in Schuyler Co., IL; died January 20, 1893.
Child of Jacob Stark and Nancy Milton is:
  11 i.   Naomi Josephine Stark, born March 06, 1876 in Linn Co., KS; died October 30, 1950 in Reno Co., KS; married Julius Edgar Mock (Mauk) November 17, 1897 in Mound City, KS (Linn Co.) by Judge Potter.

      24. Francis Marion McCammon, born January 20, 1839 in Van Buren Co., IA; died February 17, 1899 in Esbon, KS. He was the son of 48. William McCammon and 49. Elizabeth Hughes. He married 25. Martha Jane Carter December 05, 1861 in Glenwood, IA.

      25. Martha Jane Carter, born January 04, 1844 in Albany, Gentry, MO; died July 18, 1914 in Mankato, KS. She was the daughter of 50. John Carter and 51. Amanda Thompson.
Children of Francis McCammon and Martha Carter are:
  12 i.   George Washington McCammon, born December 05, 1878 in Esbon, KS; died March 12, 1960 in Beloit, KS; married Josephine Melcena Zinn June 06, 1906 in Holton, KS.
  ii.   Miram McCammon.
  iii.   ? McCammon.
  iv.   ? McCammon.
  v.   ? McCammon.
  vi.   ? McCammon.
  vii.   ? McCammon.
  viii.   ? McCammon.
  ix.   ? McCammon.
  x.   ? McCammon.
  xi.   ? McCammon.
  xii.   ? McCammon.
  xiii.   ? McCammon.

      26. Jasper Newton Zinn, born November 06, 1853; died April 14, 1917. He was the son of 52. Alexander Zinn II and 53. Mary Ann Reed. He married 27. Elizabeth Ann Wolfe June 13, 1878.

      27. Elizabeth Ann Wolfe, born November 15, 1856 in Barbour County, WV; died November 30, 1941 in Madison, KS. She was the daughter of 54. Perry Huffman Wolfe and 55. Elizabeth Ann Bassell.

Notes for Jasper Newton Zinn:
Doris's Heritage Chart states Jasper was born Oct. 6 rather than Nov. 6

  Notes for Elizabeth Ann Wolfe:
She was first cousin to "Stonewall" Jackson.
Doris McCammon's Heritage Chart states her death date as 9/30/1941 rather than 11/30/1941

Children of Jasper Zinn and Elizabeth Wolfe are:
  i.   Xarissa Zinn, born March 28, 1879; died September 26, 1962; married John William Crawford January 05, 1905.
  ii.   Alpha Alexander Zinn, born September 12, 1880; died June 16, 1947; married Charlotte Shelton October 30, 1907.
  iii.   Adola Zinn, born May 05, 1882.
  13 iv.   Josephine Melcena Zinn, born July 24, 1884 in Barbour Co., WV; died June 28, 1955 in Beloit, KS; married George Washington McCammon June 06, 1906 in Holton, KS.
  v.   Susan Marie Zinn, born June 04, 1886; married James D. Bowser August 25, 1906.
  vi.   Jasper Ray Zinn, born November 02, 1888; died October 24, 1960; married Josephine Hollern May 10, 1915.
  vii.   Earle Woodelle Zinn, born July 31, 1890; died February 17, 1939; married Arminta Valentine Pugh April 10, 1912.
  viii.   Pearle Adelle Zinn, born July 31, 1890; married Ruben Presley Linn December 14, 1910.
  ix.   Rose Elizabeth Zinn, born July 30, 1892; married David Rice Guthridge September 19, 1914.

      28. Francis B. Beam, born February 04, 1844 in Henry Co., IA; died February 18, 1908. He was the son of 56. Christian Beam and 57. Margaret Nickel. He married 29. Jane Catherine Palmer November 16, 1870 in OH.

      29. Jane Catherine Palmer, born August 04, 1845; died July 18, 1934 in Esbon, KS. She was the daughter of 58. Harrrison Palmer and 59. Sarah.

Notes for Francis B. Beam:
The Beam family was of German parentage.
Francis served in the Union Army almost 5 years, participating in several engagements, some of which were "Battle of Prairie Grove" and "Prairie Raid". After the close of the war, he marched with General Custer on his march through Texas. He was Gen. Custer's horseman.

More About Francis B. Beam:
Burial: Aft. February 16, 1908, Esbon, KS
Military service 1: 1861, Age of 17 joined Union Army, enlisting in Company E. First Iowa Cavalry Volunteers
Military service 2: 1866, Mustered out in Austin, TX
Occupation: Aft. 1875, Farmer, Horse doctor, Horsetrading
Religion: Aft. 1875, Charter Members of United Brethern Church
Residence 1: Abt. 1871, traveled to Mitchell Co., KS in covered wagon
Residence 2: 1875, Jewell Co., KS

  Notes for Jane Catherine Palmer:
The Palmer family was of Scotch-Irish parentage.

More About Jane Catherine Palmer:
Burial: Aft. July 18, 1934, Esbon, KS
Children of Francis Beam and Jane Palmer are:
  i.   Albert Beam, born September 09, 1871 in enroute to KS in covered wagon; died January 01, 1958.
  More About Albert Beam:
Occupation: Doctor - practiced in Wilsey, KS

  ii.   Fred Beam, born September 18, 1872 in Mitchell Co., KS; died April 29, 1969.
  More About Fred Beam:
Occupation: Farmer

  iii.   Eva Beam, born November 27, 1873 in Mitchell Co., KS; died January 04, 1956; married Fred Manchester.
  iv.   Jesse Beam, born December 16, 1874 in Mitchell Co., KS; died July 09, 1958.
  More About Jesse Beam:
Occupation: Farmer

  14 v.   William Harrison. Beam, born March 23, 1876 in Jewell Co., KS; died June 22, 1939; married Rosa B. Morrow February 21, 1896 in MO.
  vi.   John Wesley Beam, born December 24, 1881 in Jewell Co., KS; died March 23, 1968.
  More About John Wesley Beam:
Occupation: Farmer

  vii.   Elsie Ann Beam, born September 23, 1883 in Jewell Co., KS; died January 29, 1975; married Claude Eells.
  viii.   Bertha Ellen Beam, born December 25, 1886 in Jewell Co., KS; died March 07, 1983; married Boyd Chandler.
  More About Boyd Chandler:
Occupation: Merchant in Esbon, KS

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