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Ancestors of Andrew David Chapman

Generation No. 37

      73024116416. Herbert I Count Of Vermandois, born 840; died 902. He was the son of 146048232832. Pepin Count Of Senils. He married 73024116417. Bertha De Morvois.

      73024116417. Bertha De Morvois, died Unknown.
Children of Herbert Vermandois and Bertha De Morvois are:
  i.   Udo Count in the Watterau Vermandois, died Unknown.
  36512058208 ii.   Herbert II Count Of Vermandois, born 889; died 943 in St. Quentin; married Liegarde.

      73024143872. Eystein Glumra Ivarsson, born Abt. 800 in maer,nord,trondelag,norway; died Abt. 846 in maer,nord,trondelag,norway. He was the son of 146048287744. Ivar Halfdansson and 146048287745. Eysteinsdatter. He married 73024143873. Ascrida Aseda Rogvaldsdatter Countess Of Oppland.

      73024143873. Ascrida Aseda Rogvaldsdatter Countess Of Oppland, born Abt. 804 in maer,nord,trondelag,norway; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 146048287746. Regnvald Olafsson and 146048287747. Unkn.
Child of Eystein Ivarsson and Ascrida Oppland is:
  36512071936 i.   Rognvald I The Wise Eysteinsson Earl Of Morero, born Abt. 830 in maer,nord,trondelag,norway; died 890 in orkney,orkney islands,scotland; married Ragnhild Hilda Hrolfsdatter Countess Of More Abt. 867 in maer,nord,trondelag,norway.

      73024143874. Hrolf Nefja Nefia, born Abt. 826 in norway; died Abt. 847 in norway. He married 73024143875. Unk.

      73024143875. Unk, born 828 in norway; died Unknown.
Child of Hrolf Nefia and Unk is:
  36512071937 i.   Ragnhild Hilda Hrolfsdatter Countess Of More, born Abt. 848 in orkney,orkney islands,scotland; died Unknown; married Rognvald I The Wise Eysteinsson Earl Of Morero Abt. 867 in maer,nord,trondelag,norway.

      73024144064. Witithin, born 795 in of Saxony, Germany; died Unknown. He married 73024144065. Geva 819.

      73024144065. Geva, born 799 in of Jutland, Germany; died Unknown.

More About Witithin and Geva:
Marriage: 819
Child of Witithin and Geva is:
  36512072032 i.   Robert 'Fortis' Duke France, born 820 in of France; died August 25, 866 in Anjou, France; married Princess Adelaide Of The Holy Roman Empire 864.

      73024144072. Ludolph Duke Of Saxony, born Abt. 826; died September 06, 864. He was the son of 146048288144. Bruno Duke Of Saxony and 146048288145. Susana Of Montfort. He married 73024144073. Hedwig Of Friuli.

      73024144073. Hedwig Of Friuli, died Unknown. She was the daughter of 146048288146. Eberhard Margrave Of Friuli and 146048288147. Gisele Of France.
Child of Ludolph Saxony and Hedwig Friuli is:
  36512072036 i.   Otto Duke Of Saxony, born Abt. 851; died November 12, 912; married Hedwige Of Bavaria.

      73024144074. Louis II King Of Bavaria, born 806; died August 28, 876 in Frankfurt, Germany. He was the son of 146048288148. Louis I Pious Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire and 146048288149. Ermengarde Irmengarde Princess Of Hesbaye. He married 73024144075. Emma Of Bavaria 827.

      73024144075. Emma Of Bavaria, born 810; died January 31, 876. She was the daughter of 146048288150. Welf I Duke Of Bavaria and 146048288151. Hedwig.

More About Louis Bavaria and Emma Bavaria:
Marriage: 827
Children of Louis Bavaria and Emma Bavaria are:
  36512072037 i.   Hedwige Of Bavaria, died Unknown; married Otto Duke Of Saxony.
  ii.   Louis III of Bavaria, died Unknown.

      73024144112. Tertulle Count Of Anjou, born Abt. 821 in Rennes, Anjou, France; died Unknown. He was the son of 146048288224. Torquat De Rennes. He married 73024144113. Petronilla Abt. 844 in Anjou, France.

      73024144113. Petronilla, born Abt. 825 in Rhineland, Prussia; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 146048288226. Hugo Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire.

More About Tertulle Anjou and Petronilla:
Marriage: Abt. 844, Anjou, France
Child of Tertulle Anjou and Petronilla is:
  36512072056 i.   Ingeler I Count Of Orleans And Anjou, born Abt. 845 in Anjou, France; died Abt. 893 in Tours, France; married Aelinde De Amboise Abt. 869 in France.

      73024146740. Adalbert Marquis Of Tuscany, born 855 in tuscany,italy; died 915. He married 73024146741. Bertha Princess Of Lorraine 898.

      73024146741. Bertha Princess Of Lorraine, born 871 in lorraine; died March 08, 925. She was the daughter of 146048293482. Lothaire II King Of Lorraine and 146048293483. Waldrade Wairade Wqueen Of Lorraine.

More About Adalbert Tuscany and Bertha Lorraine:
Marriage: 898
Child of Adalbert Tuscany and Bertha Lorraine is:
  36512073370 i.   Bosa Marquis Of Tuscany, born Abt. 898 in tuscany,italy; died Abt. 938; married Willa Princess Of Burgundy.

      73024146768. Baudouin I Count Of Flanders, born Abt. 837 in flanders,belgium; died 879. He was the son of 146048293536. Odoscer Odacre and 146048293537. Unk. He married 73024146769. Judith Princess Of France Abt. 859 in flandres,austrasia.

      73024146769. Judith Princess Of France, born 844 in france; died Aft. 870. She was the daughter of 146048293538. Charles II Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire and 146048293539. Ermentrude Irmtrud Countess Of Orleans.

More About Baudouin Flanders and Judith France:
Marriage: Abt. 859, flandres,austrasia
Child of Baudouin Flanders and Judith France is:
  36512073384 i.   Baudouin II The Bald Count Of Flanders, born Abt. 864 in flanders,nord,france; died September 10, 918; married Elfridam Princess Of England Abt. 888.

      73024146770. Alfred The Great King Of England, born Abt. 848 in wantage,berkshire,england; died October 26, 901 in winchester,hampshire,england. He was the son of 146048293540. Ethelwulf King Of Wessex and 146048293541. Osburh Queen Of Wessex. He married 73024146771. Ealhswith Queen Of England 865.

      73024146771. Ealhswith Queen Of England, born Abt. 852 in Mercia,england; died December 05, 905. She was the daughter of 146048293542. Ethelred Mucil Eald Of The Gainai and 146048293543. Eadburh Fadburn.

Notes for Alfred The Great King Of England:
king from 871-899 a.d.
Alfred, called The Great (849-99), king of the West Saxons (871-99), and one of the outstanding figures of English history. Born in Wantage in southern England, Alfred was the youngest of five sons of King Ethelwulf. On the death of his brother Ethelred Alfred became king, coming to the throne during a Danish invasion. Although he succeeded in making peace with the Danes, they resumed their marauding expeditions five years later, and by early 878 they were successful almost everywhere. About Easter of 878, however, Alfred established himself at Athelney and began assembling an army. In the middle of that year he defeated the Danes and captured their stronghold, probably at present-day Edington. During the following 14 years Alfred was able to devote himself to the internal affairs of his kingdom. By 886 he had captured the city of London, and soon afterward he was recognized as the king of all England.
In 893 the Danes invaded England again, and the following four years were marked by warfare; eventually, the Danes were forced to withdraw from Alfred's domain. The only ruler to resist Danish invasions successfully, Alfred made his kingdom the rallying point for all Saxons, thus laying the foundation for the unification of England.
Alfred was a patron of learning and did much for the education of his people. He began a court school and invited British and foreign scholars, notably the Welsh monk Asser and the Irish-born philosopher and theologian John Scotus Erigena, to come there. Alfred translated such works as The Consolation of Philosophy by the Roman statesman and philosopher Boethius, The History of the World by the Spanish priest Paulus Orosius, and Pastoral Care by Pope Gregory I. Alfred's laws, the first promulgated in more than a century, were the first that made no distinction between the English and the Welsh peoples.

"Alfred," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 97 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1996 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

More About Alfred England and Ealhswith England:
Marriage: 865
Children of Alfred England and Ealhswith England are:
  36512073385 i.   Elfridam Princess Of England, born Abt. 877 in wessex,england; died 920; married Baudouin II The Bald Count Of Flanders Abt. 888.
  ii.   Edward I The Elder King Of England, born Abt. 871 in wessex,england; died 924 in farrington,berkshire,eng; married Edgiva Queen Of England 919 in wessex,eng; born Abt. 896 in kent,eng; died 961.
  More About Edward England and Edgiva England:
Marriage: 919, wessex,eng

      102005473280. Orm De Spofforth2167, born 965; died Bef. 1042.

Notes for Orm De Spofforth:
The following pedigree should be considered primarily conjecture and speculatilon resulting from conflicting, and, most likely, a considerable amount of inaccurate data. While it closely reflects the long-standing traditional lineage of the English roots of John Spofford, the 1638 immigrant to Massachusetts, there is little known primary evidence to substantiate many of the relationships shown -- it remains on this site for information purposes only. Since it should be considered only in reference to the above mentioned discussion, the contents of this page should not be distributed as a separate entity.

Robert A. Spafford (February 1999)

"The ancestors of this very ancient (DanoSaxon) family held large possessions in the neighbourhood of the Forest of Knaresborough in Yorkshire, England, previous to the Conquest, and a list of them may be found in the Domesday Book.... Orm, the grandfather of Gamelbar de Spofford, was a prominent Northumbrian thane. It is supposed that he was born in 965 A.D., or thereabouts.... Gamel, a Northumbrian nobleman, son of Orm, was treacherously murdered (1064) by the unpopular Tosti (Tostig), who had been made Earl of Northumberland in 1055 A.D." (See Burke's Family Records" by Ashworth P. Burke, editor of "Landed Gentry" after the death of his father, Sir John Bernard Burke. See also "Thoresby's History of Leeds", Vol. 2, p 195; and the Folio # 322 of the Domesday Book.)
In 1065 Gamelbar de Spofford, with other Northumbrians, broke in open revolt and attacked Tosti and his body guard. Tosti was declared an outlaw and Morcar (Morkere) was made Earl of Northumberland. On January 5, 1066, Edward the Confessor died and Earl Harold became the king of England. Later that year, Tosti together with Harald III Hardrada, the king of Norway, invaded Yorkshire, stormed York, and defeated Morcar, but were themselves defeated and slain (September 1066) by Harold at Stamford Bridge just east of the city of York. About three weeks later Harold himself was defeated and killed at Hastings by William the Conqueror. All of the estates of Gamelbar de Spofford were confiscated. The manor of Spofford (about 15 miles west of York) was in the large Parish of Spofford on a branch of the river Nidd, convenient to Gamelbar's mansion in the city of York and to his other estates. It must have had great advantages, for his successor, William de Percy, upon whom the Conqueror bestowed it, selected it, out of all his large estates as his home and made it the head of a barony. For several generations Spofforth Castle was the chief seat of the Percy family. Some of Gamelbar's family became tenants of Percy; some sought refuge in the cloisters. (See "General Introduction of Domesday Book", by Sir Henry Ellis Vol. l, pp 714, 17, 18, and 493. See also "Old Yorkshire", pp 35, 45, and 147.)

Even though the bulk of the fragmentary evidence, which makes the accompanying lineal chart possible, was collected, assessed, and arranged by Sir John Bernard Burke, the most eminent genealogist of his time, (Editor of "The Peerage" and "The Landed Gentry"), we must bear in mind, however, that this evidence, which strongly attracted Burke's special interest because of its comparative prominence, is still fragmentary. Sir Burke undoubtedly made some mistakes as to direct descent, but apparently he was fully aware of the uncertainties when he wrote: "It is mentioned in Domesday that Gamelbar de Spofford held the Lordship or Manor of Spofforth previous to that survey, after which the Percys had a grant.... The present family of Spofforth may be authentically traced to within a few miles of the place; and from the scarcity and singularity of this name, there is no doubt they are descendants of the former possessors." (See pp 41 and 42 in the back part of Vol. 1, Second Series, "A Visitation of the Seats and Arms of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland" by John Bernard Burke, Esq., Hurst and Blackett, Publishers, London, 1854. Also see "Nidderdale, from Nun Monkton to Whernside" by Harry Speight, pp 179 - 212.)

During the reign of Henry VIII many priests married. Bryan Spofforth (20), a priest, was Rector of Barton in Ryedale. In 1530 he married Alice, daughter of Walter Fawkes of Leeds. A quarter of a century later during the reign of Queen Mary, he was deprived of his benefice for having married. (See "Yorkshire Archaeological Journal", Part 37, p 95.) A son, Robert Spofford (21) embraced the reformed religion, and was the first Protest-ant of the family. According to Burke, this Robert married Agnes, daughter of Gilbert Clare of Pontefract, in 1565, and their first son, John Spofford, the vicar, was born twenty-three years later, in 1588. We suspect that a whole generation is missing. Speight lists John, the vicar and John of Cawood, who had a daughter, Elizabeth, as brothers, sons of Robert. It seems unlikely that two sons by the same parents, each growing to man-hood, would be named John. Without definite evidence we assume John Spofford (22) of Cawood was the son of Robert Spofford (21) and the father of John Spofford (23) the vicar of Silkestone parish. Thus, prior to 1588 some uncertainties exist as to direct descent, but there is no doubt that families bearing the name "Spofford" are descendants of Gamelbar de Spofford.

Fred A. Spafford - 1970


ORM, c965, a Northumbrian Thane who died prior to 1042
GAMEL, (c990 - 1064), a Northumbrian nobleman killed by Tosti, Earl
GAMELBAR DE SPOFFORTH (SPOFORD), b. c1015, first to use a surname; forced to submit to William the Conquerer (1068-69), many holdings listed in Domesday Book -- all confiscated
WILLIAM DE SPOFFORTH, b. c1040, estates confiscated in 1068, joined Aldred, Archbishop of York, in resisting Normans
WALTER DE SPOFFORTH, (c1063 - c1091), killed during an invasion of England by Malcolm, King of Scotland
JOHN DE SPOFFORTH, b. c1085, living in 1105, m. Juliana, dau of Nigel de Plumpton
HENRY DE SPOFFORTH, b. c1115, living during the reign of King Stephen
ELWINE DE SPOFFORTH, b. c1145, living in 1186
GAMEL DE SPOFFORTH, b. c1175, Marshal to Nigel de Plumpton
WILLIAM DE SPOFFORTH, b. c1205, Attended a parliament at St. Albans
NICHOLAS DE SPOFFORTH, b. c1235, living in 1265 near Spofforth, Yorkshire, m. Dyonysia de Plumpton
ROGER SPOFFORTH, b. c1260, living in 1313, joined with Lords Pembroke and deWarrenne in insurection against King Edward II, pardoned in 1313
ROBERT SPOFFORTH, b. c1285, married ____ Castelay, living in 1338, father of Walter, prior of Helaugh who died Oct. 9, 1369, Robert (below), and Henry, a priest
ROBERT SPOFFORTH, b. c1310, m. Evorta de Norwode in 1337
ROBERT SPOFFORTH, b. c1340, m. Mary de Malebis, living in 1360
JOHN SPOFFORTH, b. c1362, m. Maria Meynell, living in 1396 at Newsham, near Spofforth, Yorkshire
ROBERT SPOFFORTH, b. c1405, m. ____ Anlaby, member of Corpus Christi Guild in 1431, lived near Selby, Yorkshire
THOMAS SPOFFORTH, b. c1430, m. Lucy Simson, lived in Wistow, near Selby
ROBERT SPOFFORTH, b. c1460, m. Ellen Roucliffe, lived at Wistow Manor in 1480
BRYAN SPOFFORTH, b. c1495, a priest who married Alice Fawkes of Leeds in 1530, deprived of benefice in 1554, lived in Ryedale, Yorkshire
ROBERT SPOFFORD, b. c1532, m. Agnes Clare in 1565, first protestant of family
JOHN SPOFFORD, b. c1566, lived at Cawood on the River Ouse, Yorkshire, part of family moved about this time to Howden East Riding, Yorkshire
JOHN SPOFFORD, (1588 - 1668), Vicar of Silkstone Parish, Yorkshire, m. ?.
JOHN SPOFFORD, (1612 - 1678), born in Yorkshire, England, emigrated to America in 1638, m. Elizabeth Scott in Rowley, Mass

More About Orm De Spofforth:
Fact 1: Northumbrian Thane
Child of Orm De Spofforth is:
  51002736640 i.   Gamel De Spofforth, born 1000 in england; died Unknown.

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