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Descendants of Rudder

Generation No. 2

      2. Samuel2 Rudder (Rudder1) was born Abt. 1722 in England, and died 1795 in Virginia1. He married Anne Mumford. She was born Abt. 1722, and died in Virginia.

More About Samuel Rudder:
Probate: All his papers were given to Eph. & John after his death.2
Residence: In Lunnenburg County3
Will: Names of Children referenced by will
Children of Samuel Rudder and Anne Mumford are:
+ 4 i.   Betsy3 Rudder, born Abt. 1742; died Bef. 1849.
+ 5 ii.   Epaphroditus Rudder, born Abt. 1742 in Virginia; died July 1787 in Norfolk County, VA.
  6 iii.   Mary Rudder4, born Abt. 1742; died Bef. 18494. She married William Bowen April 03, 1775 in York, VA5; born Abt. 1742.
  More About William Bowen and Mary Rudder:
Marriage: April 03, 1775, York, VA5
Marriage Fact: Thos. Skinner - security

  7 iv.   Samuel Rudder6, born 17557; died 1811 in Lunenburg Co., VA8,9. He married Rebecca Brown December 23, 1793 in Charles City, Charlotte Co., VA10; born Abt. 1773.
  Notes for Samuel Rudder:
Although the will of Epaphroditus Rudder does not mention a brother by the name of Samuel, the pension records of Epaphroditus do. I have chosen to keep this Samuel as a brother and determine that the will was incorrect. - Mary Rudder Chaisson

  More About Samuel Rudder:
Occupation: 1790, Received as a Methodist Episcopal Church Preacher
Residence: In Lunnenburg County11

  More About Samuel Rudder and Rebecca Brown:
Marriage: December 23, 1793, Charles City, Charlotte Co., VA12

+ 8 v.   John Edward Rudder, born February 03, 1757 in Lunenburg Co., VA; died 1840 in Halifax County, VA.
+ 9 vi.   Charles H. Rudder, born 1760 in Luenburg Co., VA; died November 27, 1837 in Bath Co. , KY.
+ 10 vii.   Nancy Meadows Rudder, born 1767 in on a farm near Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA; died January 19, 1842 in Bedford County, TN.

      3. Alexander2 Rudder (Rudder1)13 was born Abt. 1740 in England14, and died 1798 in Luenburg Co., VA15,16. He married Sarah Elizabeth Brooks, daughter of George Brooks. She was born Abt. 1740.

Notes for Alexander Rudder:
As per Tom Rudder

Will Book #4, Item 257a, 16 April 1799, Estate of Alexander Rudder: Edward Rudder again; shows wife Elizabeth, Benjamin, Robert, Samuel & Alexander (Jr). It does not list any daughters, but does list Jesse Penn, Tho. Taylor & parks Bailey who receive money. They could have been husbands of the daughters. A John Rudder was also listed but in such a way as to make me think that perhaps he might not have been a son.

As per Tom Rudder He believes this Alexander is the brother & not the son of Samuel Rudder.

Although the pension of Epaphroditus lists Alexander as a brother. The will of Epaphroditus does not. I have chosen to believe he is the brother of Samuel and list him as so, assuming the pension records are incorrect. - Mary Rudder Chaisson.

More About Alexander Rudder:
Residence: April 15, 1783, Lunenburg County, VA17
Children of Alexander Rudder and Sarah Brooks are:
  11 i.   Sarah3 Rudder18, born Abt. 1760.
+ 12 ii.   Edward Rudder, born 1760 in VA; died October 1825 in Charlotte Co., VA.
+ 13 iii.   Robert Rudder, born 1764 in Luenburg Co., VA; died November 18, 1845 in Knox, TN.
  14 iv.   Amy Rudder18, born Abt. 1765.
  15 v.   Patsy Rudder18, born Abt. 1765.
+ 16 vi.   Samuel Rudder, born Abt. 1765.
+ 17 vii.   Benjamin Rudder, born Abt. 1766; died November 10, 1822 in Lunenburg County, VA.
+ 18 viii.   Joel Joseph Ferguson Rudder, born October 15, 1804 in Knox County, TN; died August 20, 1873 in Knox County, TN.
+ 19 ix.   Catharine R. Rudder, born 1798 in VA.
+ 20 x.   Alexander Rudder, born 1771.

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