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Descendants of Lambert

      279. Green Berry7 Lambert (Berry B.6, Issac Buck5, Andrew L.4, James Andrew3, John2, Lambert1) was born 2/27/1847. He married Mary Margaret Crowe. She was born 2/24/1854.
Children of Green Lambert and Mary Crowe are:
+ 536 i.   Alma8 Lambert, born 4/12/1875.
+ 537 ii.   Clara Lambert, born 12/18/1878; died 8/19/1965.
+ 538 iii.   Ella Lambert, born 4/04/1880; died 4/04/1954.
+ 539 iv.   Ruby Lambert, born 10/17/1884; died 5/26/1967.
+ 540 v.   Willie Lambert, born 9/23/1885.
+ 541 vi.   Lamar Lambert, born 3/29/1888; died 12/07/1967.
+ 542 vii.   Grace Lambert, born 11/09/1890; died 6/20/1979 in `.
  543 viii.   Mildred Lambert, born 8/05/1892.
+ 544 ix.   Dolly Lambert, born 8/05/1893.
  545 x.   Gladys Lambert, born 11/30/1895.

      285. John Willis Walton7 Lambert (John G.6, Blakely5, John4, James Andrew3, John2, Lambert1) was born 4/30/1854 in Carroll, GA127, and died 4/18/1924 in Cleburne, AL. Buried at Harmony Baptist Cemetery in Lebanon on 4/19/1924.128. He married Lucinda Holloway 1883129, daughter of Samuel Holloway and Sophie Davis. She was born Abt. 1869, and died in Buried with John Willis.

More About John Willis Walton Lambert:
Occupation: 1920, AL130
Religion: 1910, AL130
Residence: 1900, AL130

More About Lucinda Holloway:
Occupation: 1880, Census131
Religion: 1870, Census131
Residence: 1860, Census131

More About John Lambert and Lucinda Holloway:
Marriage: 1883131
Children of John Lambert and Lucinda Holloway are:
  546 i.   John S.8 Lambert, born 1/07/1884 in Cleburne, AL131; died 10/18/1958 in Cleburne, AL. Buried :Heflin, Cleburne, AL131. He married O'Dada Gaines 11/27/1904 in Cleburne, AL131; born Abt. 1884.
  More About John Lambert and O'Dada Gaines:
Marriage: 11/27/1904, Cleburne, AL131

  547 ii.   William Edgar Lambert, born 4/06/1886 in Cleburne, AL131; died 1/22/1962 in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL & buried there131. He married Emma Garner 9/30/1906 in Birmingham, AL131; born Abt. 1886.
  More About William Lambert and Emma Garner:
Marriage: 9/30/1906, Birmingham, AL131

+ 548 iii.   Walter Willis Lambert, born 8/12/1887 in Cleburne, AL; died 3/07/1962 in Bowdon, Carroll, GA & buried in Heflin, Cleburne, AL.
  549 iv.   Homer James Lambert, born 4/22/1889 in Cleburne, AL131; died 11/11/1947 in Cleburne, AL & buried in Heflin in Cleburne131. He married Martha L. Weathers 11/11/1908 in Heflin, Cleburne, AL131; born Abt. 1889.
  More About Homer Lambert and Martha Weathers:
Marriage: 11/11/1908, Heflin, Cleburne, AL131

  550 v.   Mertie M. Lambert, born 10/15/1891 in Cleburne, AL131; died 8/08/1896 in Cleburne, AL131.
  551 vi.   Eva A. Lambert, born 9/25/1893 in Cleburne, AL131; died 8/08/1964 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA & buried there131. She married John W. Duke 8/14/1910 in Cleburne, AL131; born Abt. 1893131.
  More About John Duke and Eva Lambert:
Marriage: 8/14/1910, Cleburne, AL131

  552 vii.   Lemma Lambert, born 9/18/1896 in Cleburne, AL131; died 12/28/1962 in Buried in Cleburne, AL131. She married Reese T. Prichard 12/30/1917 in Cleburne, AL131; born Abt. 1896.
  More About Reese Prichard and Lemma Lambert:
Marriage: 12/30/1917, Cleburne, AL131

  553 viii.   Ethel Zuma Lambert, born 1/24/1900 in Cleburne, AL131; died 2/20/1965 in Cleburne, AL & buried there131. She married James R. Chupp 1/24/1919 in Heflin, Cleburne, AL131; born Abt. 1900.
  More About James Chupp and Ethel Lambert:
Marriage: 1/24/1919, Heflin, Cleburne, AL131

  554 ix.   Thomas Lambert, born 10/18/1902 in Cleburne, AL131; died 8/05/1948 in Cleburne, AL131. He married Selester Warren; born Abt. 1902.
  555 x.   Martha Lambert, born 7/16/1904 in Cleburne, AL131; died 7/24/1982131. She married Sidney McGriff; born 9/27/1898132; died 11/1963132.
  556 xi.   Earl E. Lambert, born 6/20/1906 in Cleburne, AL133; died 4/08/1982 in Buried in Cleburne, AL134. He married Addie M. Austin; born 9/24/1900135; died 5/1985135.

      287. Leroy Augusta7 Lambert (John G.6, Blakely5, John4, James Andrew3, John2, Lambert1) was born 5/22/1868 in Carroll, GA136, and died 8/27/1951 in Carroll County, GA136. He married (1) Frances Catherine. She was born 12/08/1880137, and died 1/20/1960 in Carroll County, GA137. He married (2) Amanda Jane Taylor 10/05/1890 in Carroll County, GA138. She was born Abt. 1868, and died 6/12/1902138.

More About Frances Catherine:
Residence: 2nd wife

More About Leroy Lambert and Amanda Taylor:
Marriage: 10/05/1890, Carroll County, GA138
Children of Leroy Lambert and Amanda Taylor are:
  557 i.   Martin L.8 Lambert, born Abt. 1891.
  558 ii.   Bertha L. Lambert, born Abt. 1891.
  559 iii.   Three Children Lambert, born Abt. 1891; died Bef. 1900.

      294. Thomas Ligon7 Lambert (Thomas A.6, Blakely5, John4, James Andrew3, John2, Lambert1) was born 7/03/1864 in Merriwether Co., GA139, and died 12/20/1935 in Coweta Co., GA139. He married Emma Rilla Justiss 7/06/1883 in Merriwether Co., GA139. She was born Abt. 1864.

More About Thomas Ligon Lambert:
Religion: Abt. 1935, Appointed by Roosevelt Adm. to Civilian Relief Comm. for State of GA
Residence: Farmer & owner of large mule team & rd const. equip. used in scraping rds in GA139

More About Thomas Lambert and Emma Justiss:
Marriage: 7/06/1883, Merriwether Co., GA139
Children of Thomas Lambert and Emma Justiss are:
  560 i.   Preston8 Lambert, born Abt. 1883139.
  561 ii.   Otis Lambert, born Abt. 1885139.
+ 562 iii.   Eunice Young Lambert, born 7/25/1889 in Merriwether Co., GA; died 6/12/1952 in Dekalb Co., GA.
  563 iv.   Lee Lambert, born Abt. 1892139.
  564 v.   Marvin Lambert, born Abt. 1897139.
  565 vi.   Adell Lambert, born Abt. 1900139.
  566 vii.   Mamie Lambert, born Abt. 1902139.
  567 viii.   Allene Lambert, born Abt. 1906139.

      300. Fronia A.7 Lambert (William Jackson6, Blakely5, John4, James Andrew3, John2, Lambert1) was born 1/1889. She married Smith. He was born Abt. 1889, and died Bef. 1920140.
Child of Fronia Lambert and Smith is:
  568 i.   John8 Smith, born 2/1918140.

      301. Doss Oliver7 Lambert (William Jackson6, Blakely5, John4, James Andrew3, John2, Lambert1) was born 1/1891141. He married (1) Thelma Blount. She was born Abt. 1891, and died 2/08/1917 in of childbirth. He married (2) Unknown 1882142.

More About Doss Lambert and Unknown:
Marriage: 1882142
Child of Doss Lambert and Thelma Blount is:
  569 i.   Evelyn8 Lambert, born 2/08/1917 in Forrest Co., MS143; died in Hattiesburg, MS143. She married Franklin Phillips; born 1913143; died 11/28/1984 in Hattiesburg, MS143.
  More About Evelyn Lambert:
Cause of Death: degenerative brain tissue disorder
Residence: Raised by Aunt Edna
Children of Doss Lambert and Unknown are:
  570 i.   William R.8 Lambert, born 1887144.
  571 ii.   Seven Children Lambert, born Abt. 1888.

      311. Susan Alma7 Lambert (Andrew Jackson6, John L.5, John4, James Andrew3, John2, Lambert1) was born 1881. She met Unknown. He was born Abt. 1881.
Child of Susan Lambert and Unknown is:
  572 i.   James Monroe8 Lambert, born Abt. 1905.

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