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Descend. of William Jones b:1810 KY

5. William3 Jones (William2, William "Bill"1 Gibson)490,491,492 was born September 02, 1845 in Whitley Co., KY493,494, and died June 20, 1928 in Row, OK495,496. He married (1) Jane "Jincy" Peace497,498 March 26, 1867 in Whitley Co., KY, daughter of Thomas Peace and Jane Harp. She was born September 26, 1850499,500, and died February 01, 1913. He married (2) Jincy Peace501,502,503 March 26, 1867 in Whitley Co., KY. by Benagar Peace, Baptist Minister504, daughter of Joseph Peace and Louisianna Black. She was born September 29, 1850 in Whitley Co., KY.504,505,506, and died February 01, 1913507,508,509.

More About William Jones:
Burial: Unknown, Caney Cemetery, Cherokee Co., OK510,511
Census: 1860, Whitley Co., KY.512,513,514
Individual Note: 5' 7"; light complexion, blue eyes and light hair.515,516
Military service: 1863, Company A, 49th Infantry from Kentucky during Civil War517,518
Occupation: Farmer519,520,521
Pension: August 03, 1928, His son Speed Minor Jones made application for reimbursment expenses for sickness & burial of William.522,523,524

More About Jane "Jincy" Peace:
Burial: Unknown, Caney Cemetery, Cherokee Co., OK

More About William Jones and Jane Peace:
Marriage: March 26, 1867, Whitley Co., KY
Performed by: 1867, Benegar Peace, Baptist Minister

More About William Jones and Jincy Peace:
Marriage: March 26, 1867, Whitley Co., KY. by Benagar Peace, Baptist Minister525
Children of William Jones and Jane Peace are:
  i.   Green4 Jones526,527, b. September 26, 1868, Whitley CO., KY528,529; d. Bef. 1915530,531.
  ii.   Jewel Jones532,533, b. January 10, 1874534,535; d. Bef. 1915536,537.
  iii.   John Franklin Jones538,539,540, b. April 15, 1875, Whitley Co., KY541,542,543; d. Unknown.
  iv.   Mary Malinda Jones544,545,546, b. August 07, 1881, Whitley Co., KY547,548,549; d. Unknown.
  v.   Martha Ellen Jones550,551,552, b. March 29, 1883, Whitley Co., KY553,554,555; d. Unknown.
  vi.   Speed Minor Jones556,557,558, b. July 07, 1887, Whitley Co., KY559,560,561; d. Unknown, Row, OK562,563; m. Stella Unknown564,565; d. Unknown, Row, OK566,567.
  vii.   Ben Harrison Jones568,569, b. February 04, 1890, Arkansas, Twin of Mattie570,571,572; d. Unknown.
  viii.   Edan "Lindy" Elizabeth Jones573,574, b. August 01, 1893, Arkansas575,576,577; d. Bef. 1915578,579.
Children of William Jones and Jincy Peace are:
  ix.   Green4 Jones580,581,582, b. February 26, 1868583,584,585; d. Bef. June 1926586,587,588.
  x.   Ewell Jones589,590,591, b. January 10, 1874, Whitley CO., KY592,593,594; d. Bef. June 1926595,596,597.
  xi.   Dora Jones598,599,600, b. January 10, 1878601,602,603; d. Unknown; m. A. R. Corneilson604,605,606, Madison Co., AR; d. Unknown, Row, OK607,608.
  More About A. Corneilson and Dora Jones:
Marriage: Madison Co., AR

  xii.   Mattie Mae Jones609,610,611, b. February 04, 1890, Arkansas, Twin of Ben612,613,614; d. Unknown.
  xiii.   Eliza "Liza" Jones615,616,617, b. August 04, 1871, Whitley Co., KY618,619; d. November 27, 1950, Whitley Co., KY620,621; m. (1) Minor Mayne622,623,624; b. September 08, 1865, Whitley Co., KY625,626; d. September 30, 1946, Spruce Creek, Whitley Co., KY627,628; m. (2) A. R. Corneilson629,630,631, Madison Co., AR; d. Unknown, Row, OK632,633.
  More About A. Corneilson and Eliza Jones:
Marriage: Madison Co., AR

6. Minor "Captain"3 Jones (William2, William "Bill"1 Gibson)634,635 was born September 02, 1846 in Williamsburg, KY.636,637,638, and died June 12, 1910 in Collinsville, Washington Co., OK.639,640,641. He married Almeda "Meady" Susan F. Watkins642,643 January 29, 1867 in Jacksboro, TN, daughter of Claiborne Watkins and Rhoda Harris. She was born November 23, 1849 in Knoxville, Knox County, KY644,645, and died August 15, 1909 in Collinsville, Washington County, Oklahoma646,647.

More About Minor "Captain" Jones:
Burial: 1910, New Ridgelawn Cemetery, Collinsville, Tulsa Co., OK.648,649,650
Census: 1860, Whitley Co., KY.651,652,653
Declaration for Pension: February 06, 1906, Discharged from army at age 19654,655
Individual Note: Aft. 1867, Abusive to wife when drunk. Beat her regularly.656,657
Medical Information: Alcholic; Sept. 1863, Contracted Typhoid Fever in the line of duty at Nicholosville, KY. This resulted in reoccuring bouts of blindness and severe headaches.658,659,660
Military discharge: December 26, 1864, Honorable discharge as a Corporal in Company A, commanded by Captain Golden, in Lexington, KY661,662,663
Military service: June 27, 1863, enrolled at Grasy Creek, Knox Co., KY., 49th Regiment, Company A, Kentucky Infantry, Private664,665,666
Occupation: Bet. 1864 - 1910, Farmer667,668
Pension: February 15, 1889, #682117, applied for Disablity Pension for his sevice in the Civil War. Witnesses for him; Issham Lawson, Eli Goin, T.W. Berry, M.H. Gordon, Looney Pevehouse, J.A. Madden, J.S. Miller669,670,671
Physical Characteristics: February 06, 1906, Height 5 feet 5 inches672,673
Property: August 27, 1882, Grantee: Jones, Miner: Acres 100, Book: 102, Page: 282, County: Whitley , Watercourse: Big Ponlar Cr. The Kentucky Land Grants Vol I, Part 2, Chapter 10, " Grants in the County Court Orders (1836-1924), The Counties of Kentucky."674,675,676
Relocated: 1889, left Kentucky with brothers John Speed and William677,678
Residence: Bet. 1894 - 1898, Hindsville, AR (4 years)679,680

More About Almeda "Meady" Susan F. Watkins:
Burial: 1909, New Collinsville Cemetary, OK681,682
Census: 1880, Whitley Co., KY683,684
Dawes Files (Cherokee): Almedia for Cade Jones685,686
Individual Note: Was often beaten by the Capt. while he was drunk.687,688
LDS Batch & Sheet: Listed as Susan F. & Susan T.689,690

More About Minor Jones and Almeda Watkins:
Marriage: January 29, 1867, Jacksboro, TN
Marriage license: Record exists at the Clerk's office in Jacksborough, TN.
Of Interest: Married by S.J. Douglas
Children of Minor Jones and Almeda Watkins are:
17. i.   Lily Rosetta S.4 Jones, b. December 23, 1867, Whitley Co., KY.; d. September 1973, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK..
18. ii.   William Clayborn Jones, b. April 30, 1870, Whitley County, Kentucky; d. April 22, 1989, Sperry, Tulsa County, OK.
19. iii.   James Crittenton Jones, b. July 09, 1872, Whitley County, Kentucky; d. January 23, 1937, Vera, Washington County, OK.
20. iv.   John Cade Jones, b. September 27, 1874, Whitley Co., KY.; d. Abt. 1914, Cherokee Co., OK. (drowning accident in Illinios River, near Tahlequah.).
21. v.   Madison Leander B. Jones, b. November 18, 1878, Whitley County, Kentucky; d. July 07, 1953, Tailholt, Cherokee County, OK.
22. vi.   Molly Malinda Jones, b. June 05, 1881, Whitley Co., KY.; d. October 13, 1950, Skiatook, Osage Co., OK..
  vii.   Miner F. Jones691,692,693, b. September 18, 1883, Whitley County, Kentucky694,695; d. Unknown, Talequaha, Cherokee Co., OK696,697.
  More About Miner F. Jones:
Individual Note: Never Married.698,699

23. viii.   George Wofford Jones, b. September 21, 1886, Whitley Co. KY.; d. September 1969, Taleholt (near Welling), Cherokee Co., OK..
24. ix.   Charley T. Jones, b. July 29, 1890, Whitley Co., KY.; d. September 1969, Tahlequah, Cherokee Co., OK.

7. Mary3 Jones (William2, William "Bill"1 Gibson)700,701,702 was born June 26, 1848 in Whitley Co., KY703,704, and died July 19, 1924705,706. She married James Dolphus "Doff" Begley707,708 March 26, 1868 in Whitley Co., KY, son of ?Thomas Begley and Ama Hoskins. He was born October 30, 1846 in KY.709,710,711, and died October 16, 1893 in KY.712,713,714.

More About Mary Jones:
Burial: 1924, Fox Cemetery, Bell Co., KY (stone says birth was 6/28/1848)715,716

More About James Begley and Mary Jones:
Marriage: March 26, 1868, Whitley Co., KY
Children of Mary Jones and James Begley are:
  i.   Francis4 Begley717,718, d. Unknown.
  ii.   Mary Jane Begley719,720,721, b. Bet. 1868 - 1969, Bell Co., KY722,723; d. Unknown; m. (1) Robert K. Partin724,725,726, 1885727; b. Bet. 1865 - 1866, KY.727,728,729; d. December 15, 1941, Whitley Co. KY.730,731,732; m. (2) Robert K. Partin, Private; b. Private.
  More About Robert Partin and Mary Begley:
Marriage: 1885733

  More About Robert Partin and Mary Begley:
Private-Begin: Private

  iii.   Malinda "Lindy" Begley734,735, b. February 10, 1871, Bell Co., KY736,737; d. December 26, 1939, Whitley Co., KY738,739; m. John Wiley Davis740,741,742; b. April 03, 1873, Virginia743,744; d. September 21, 1949, Whitley Co., KY745,746.
  iv.   Sarah A. Begley747,748,749, b. March 06, 1875, Bell Co., KY750,751; d. February 25, 1905, Bell Co., KY752,753; m. John F. Fox754,755,756, 1893757; b. December 26, 1866, Kentucky758,759; d. November 19, 1923, Kentucky760,761.
  More About John Fox and Sarah Begley:
Marriage: 1893762

  v.   Angeline Begley762,763,764, b. March 21, 1877, Bell Co., KY765,766; d. July 29, 1925, Bell Co., KY767,768; m. William Fuson769,770,771, 1892772; b. July 30, 1867772,773,774; d. June 29, 1944775,776,777.
  More About William Fuson and Angeline Begley:
Marriage: 1892778

  vi.   Eliza "Lizzie" Begley779,780, b. April 03, 1882, Kentucky781,782; d. July 10, 1943, Kentucky783,784; m. Rufus Goodin785,786,787, December 10, 1903788; b. May 18, 1884, Kentucky789,790; d. September 08, 1930, Kentucky791,792.
  More About Rufus Goodin and Eliza Begley:
Marriage: December 10, 1903793

  vii.   John Begley793,794,795, b. Bet. 1884 - 1885796,797,798; d. Unknown; m. Roxie Partin799,800,801, 1910802; d. Unknown.
  More About John Begley and Roxie Partin:
Marriage: 1910802

  viii.   Bertha Begley802,803,804, b. Bet. 1887 - 1888, Bell Co., KY805,806; d. October 09, 1955, Bell Co., KY807,808; m. Dan Faulkner809,810,811, 1909812; d. Unknown.
  More About Dan Faulkner and Bertha Begley:
Marriage: 1909812

  ix.   Sudie Begley812,813,814, b. Bet. 1889 - 1890, Bell Co., KY815,816; d. July 01, 1985, Bell Co., KY817,818; m. William Harvey Head819,820,821; b. April 06, 1881, Bell Co., KY822,823; d. March 03, 1970, Bell Co., KY824,825.
  x.   Ellen Begley826,827,828, d. Unknown; m. Jeff Ingram829,830,831; d. Unknown.

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