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Ancestors of John Q Chitwood

Generation No. 7

      64. Matthias Chitwood, born 1681 in Hereford, Eng; died 27 Jan 1755 in Cumberland Co VA. He was the son of 128. Unknown Chitwood. He married 65. Mary Key Abt. 1711 in Northumberland Co VA.

      65. Mary Key, born 12 Jan 1693/94 in Northumberland Co VA; died Aft. 27 Jan 1755. She was the daughter of 130. Richard Key and 131. Mary Cartwright.

Notes for Matthias Chitwood:
Mathias was living with a Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, Northumberland Co VA in 1695, age 14. Nine people were transported from Eng. by Thomas Pate, incl Mathias. Certificate was given to George Espridge and assigned to Mrs. Banks for 450 acres of land for transporting nine persons from England, including Matthew, or Matthias Chitwood. Matthias was 14 at the time.

A land patent given for Matthias' transportation lists his age as 14 and his residence as the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Banks in Northumberland Co VA.

Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720, A to L: "...CHETWOOD, MATHIAS. Lately app constable for Newman's Neck and having departed out of the County, Sylvester Welsh is app in his place. 17 June 1714."

On 24 April, 1722 a Richard Harris of Hanover was given headrights for importing Matthew Chettwood. (Cavaliers and Pioneers). Mathias would have been about 41 at the time, perhaps returning from a trip to England to visit relatives and/or to conduct business.

On the consolidated Virginia census for 1740 a Matthew (Matthias?) Chitwood - Henrico Co.; A Thomas Chetwood - Lancaster Co. and another Thomas Chitwood - Lancaster Co. were listed.

Matthias secured a land patent for 400 acres in Goochland Co VA in 1741.

His will was dated 1752 and proved 27 Jan 1755 (Cumberland Co VA - now Powhatton Co VA). He secured land grant of 400 acres - Goochland Co VA 6 Jul 1741. He also went by Cheatwood.

Matthias' estate included: one bedstead and bedstead of furniture; one iron pot; one set of wedges, ax and iron; two basins, one dish and some spoons; one saddle bridle and bill; six spoons, one water pail; flock bed and furniture; one gun; five head of hogs; two wheels and spindle; six head of sheep; nine head of cattle. The estate was appraised by henry Clay, Joseph Baugh, Abraham Baugh and recorded 25 August 1755.

On 6 July 1741, Matthias Chitwood had a land patent for 400 acres in Goochland Co. VA. When the counties were divided this land fell in Powhatan Co. (earlier Cumberland Co. VA). His will was dated 1752, proved in Cumbeland Co. VA. In it he names his wife, Mary, and sons, Richard (who received 200 acres); Matthias (100 acres); William (100 acres); John and James received personal property.

His son Richard and his wife, Winny, sold the 200 acres to William and moved to Buckingham Co, then to Bedford Co. and finally Rutherford Co. NC, where Richard died.

Mathias married Mary Key about 1711 in Northumberland Co VA. Mary's brother, Philip Key, was the Great Grandfather of Francis Scott Key, the author of the Star Spangled Banner.

"Eliner Cheetwood Daug'r To Mathias Bap'd Aug't 12 1712" -
Several people have placed his father as Thomas Chetwood, b. 1630 in England, however no source information has been given.

Sherwood Forest: Owners:
1667      Grant to William Ball and Thomas Chetwood, 1,600 acres.
1668      Thomas and Elizabeth Chetwood convey all their interests to WilliamBall.
Note: During the eighteenth century, Sherwood Forest was one of the largest tracts of land in Stafford County. The house is located on a lovely hill which overlooks the Rappahannock River. Source: They Called Stafford Home, by Jerrilynn Ely.

From early records of VA Land Office Patents: (The following sent to me by Judith Knight)

The Virginia Library and Archives has digitized a lot of the early land office patents; the following are in there:

12 entries for Thomas Chetwood dating from 1662-1669 in Lancaster and Northumberland Counties.

Matthias Chitwood 6 Jul 1741 - Goochland County 400a. On the branches of Skin Quarter and Swift Creeks Patents, 19, 1739-41

Richard Chitwood 10 Augt 1759 - Goochland County 153a. On the head branches of Skin Quarter. Patents 34, 1756-62, p. 361

Joel Chitwood 6 Aug 1810 - Patrick County - 55a on the north side of the North mayo River adjoining Sharp, Anglin and Pigg & c - grants 61, p 48

The address for this website [which has a lot of other info] is:

Matthias Chitwood 6 July 1741-Goochland County 400a. On the branches of Skin Quarter and Swift Creeks Patents, 19

Source: The Virginia Library and Archives (Sissy Kimba)

Subject: Re: [Fwd: [CHITWOOD-L] Tracing Bernon Chitwood line?]
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 00:11:24 EDT
Julie: Looking through my files I ran across John Chitwood b. c. 1630 in S. England m. Ellenor Bushop, no other info available on her, listed as possible parents of Matthias Chetwood(Chitwood) b. 1681 in England, d. c. 1754 Cumberland Cty. VA. Thought I would run this by you. TaTa, Marcelyn (Sam)

Notes on Elizabeth Banks:
RE: Elizabeth Banks of Northumberland Co, VA
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 14:14:09 -0700
From: "Carolyn Fairall" <>
Yes, you may post that since it is available everywhere in the book and on the CD. Am in middle of response to Julie Block, and am asking her permission again to let you post her source for Mrs. Becker's statement in the Tombaugh book. Will let you know her response, if she gives one for that item. The tombstones, yes, everyone should see those. Great weather! More later. Carolyn

> Carolyn Fairall wrote:
Here are tombstones inscriptions in Northumberland Co, VA, of the two husbands of Elizabeth Banks, dau of John Rogers. Notice in second one that Thomas Banks served 7 years as an apprentice. Possibly our Matthias Cheatwood was an merely an apprentice to Thomas Banks, and not an orphan at all???
FTM CD 174 Virginia Vital Records #1, 1600s-1800s, p. 417/8 - Early Tombstones in Northumberland County:
On "Cypress Farm" at the head of Garner's creek, near the site of the early Keene residence, two heavy slabs are to be seen, one of them partly overgrown by a large persimmon tree. One of them has this inscription:
Here lyeth the body of William Keene, the Eldest Son of Thomas and Mary Keene Born in Kent in Maryland the 10th day of march anno Dom. 1642, Who marryed Eliz'a, the Daughter of John Rogers Gent. And Ellin his Wife of Northumberland Co. in Virginia by Whome he had two Sons and Four daughters and dyed ye 8 day of Feb. 1684 in ye two and Fortieth year of his Age.

The other tomb, lying near by the above, shows lettering remarkably clear and distinct, as follows: HERE LYETH THE BODY OF THOMAS BANKS GENT. THE ONY SON OF THOMAS BANKS, GENT AND DORATHY HIS WIFE WAS BORNE AT WOODSTOCK WILTSHIRE ON ST. GILEIS DAY. ANNO DOM. 1642 AND SERVED Seven Years an Apprentice to Mr. Wallistone Mercht. In Southampton. And after came into Verginia, where he married three Wives the last he tooke to Wife Eliz'a the Relict of William Keene, dec'd, daughter of John Rogers Gent. And Ellin his Wife of Northumberland County in Verginia. Was marryed the 8 day ofdecember 1687 and dyed the 20 of September. Anno Dom. 1697 In the 56 Year ofhis age. As also these two Versers. As I in Sorrow for thee have been distrest. If God Permit Me Lye by thee to rest. [footnote at bottom of p. 418: "Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, after enduring two
widowhoods, died in 1722 (will probated March 15, 1722). Her sons by Wm. Keene were William and John. Her daughter Hannah married Col. John Bushrod, of Bushfield, in Westmoreland. Elizabeth married … Lee. Another daughter married Samuel Samford, and the fourth daughter married John Woodbridge. Her father, Major John Rogers, was an early settler in Northumberland, and long served as one of the justices. A small creek tributary
toHull's creek is still known by the name of Rogers, the plantation and home of the early
justice having been on its banks. It seems very probable that Elizabeth Keene was the wife of Charles Lee, youngest son of the immigrant Richard Lee."]

Julie, Just received permission from Julia Cheatwood Block (a descendant of Madison Cheatwood, b 1817 Franklin Co, VA), to post her discovery of the source of Mrs. Becker's statement about Matthias Cheatwood/Chitwood at age 14, mentioned in Jean Tombaugh's book. Carolyn

-----Original Message-----
From: Julia Block @
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 6:45 PM
To: Carolyn Fairall
In one of the first messages you sent me you wrote: According to Jean Tombaugh in her 1965 book, CHITWOOD FAMILY (AND RELATED LINES), p. 17: "Through Mrs. Cecile Buford Becker of San Pedro, California, it was learned that 'In 1695 Matthias was living with Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, Northunberland Co., Va. - his age being given as fourteen. Certificate was
given to George Espridge and assigend to Mrs. Banks for 450 acres of land for transporting nine persons from England, including Matthew, or Matthias Chitwood'." No one seems to be able to verify this, or find evidence to back up the statement by Mrs. Becker... I just came back from the library and just from the first 2 little books I looked at on Northumberland County I found some stuff on Matthias. These first 2 items comes from the Records of Indentured Servants and of Certificates for Land, Northumberland County, Virginia, 1650-1795 by W.
Preston Haynie: Item # 1005 on pg. 172 says "20 Aprill 1698---Matthias Chetwood, servt to Mrs Elizabeth Banks, being brought to this Court to be adjudged is by the Court adjudged to be fourteene yeares of age and ordered he serve his said Master according to Law." And no, those aren't typos...that's just the way it's written. Following it it says only "OB
1678-98,Part 2,815" which may be the number of the law on the books they're referring to. Now the way I interpret this, it means he has to serve her until he's 21, because all of the other cases on the pages around this one lets the kid out at certain ages. The one just before him has to "serve his said master nine years and noe longer." The one before that says six years and on and on. On page 218, item #1310 (the whole book goes by dates in order that they happened) says "21 March 1705/06---Certificate is granted Capt George
Eskridge for four hundred and fifty acres of Land for the Importation of nine persons into this Colony vizt "(And then it lists the of whom is named Matthew Chettwood). Everything else on the pages around this says 1705 so that's what it really should be I guess. Anyway this was long after Matthias started serving Elizabeth Banks. Now the thing about it is that Capt. George Eskridge was granted 1050 acres on the next item (#1311) for the Importation of 21 persons and there are LOTS more, like on 22 Feb 1704 he got 2950 acres for 59 people, 21 Mar 1705/6 he was granted 1050 acres and then 300 acres for 21 persons and 6 persons (respectively) on the same day. And his rank kept going up too. In 1721 he was a Capt, in 1724 he was a Major and in 1733 he was a Colonel. I'm going to have to check this guy out more closely unless you know something about him...
That was a reference book I got that out of. In one of the books I've got at home it says "Chetwood, Mathias. Lately app constable for Newman's Neck and having departed out of this county, Sylvester Welsh is app in his place. 17 June 1714." So I guess that's what you were talking about when you said he left the colonies for awhile?

-----Original Message-----
From: Carolyn Fairall @
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 8:34 PM
To: Julia Block
How exciting to finally hear of source for that statement about Matthias at age 14!!! Here are a few references that may help to figure all this out: According to A HISTORY OF COLONIAL AMERICA, by Oliver Perry Chitwood, Ph.D., LLD, Profesor of History West Virginia University (1931), p. 413 - A voluntary indentured servant came to America of his own accord and bound himself out to serve an employer for a specified time in payment for
transportation and maintenance. The usual term for a voluntary servant was from four to five years in Virginia. The contract was usually made in England with the representative of the colonial employer or with a shipmaster, who transferred his agreement to someone in the colonies…. Apprentices may also properly be classed with the voluntary indentured
servants. Many apprentices were boys who were bound to a master for a term of years in order to learn a trade…
From VIRGINIA GLEANINGS IN ENGLAND, Abstracts of English Wills & Admininstrations Relating to Virginia and Virginians, by Lothrop Withington, 1980, p. 66/7:
Thomas Mackie. 30 Apr 1719… merchant in Glasgow, who died in November last….He appoints his executors to educate Robert Eskridge, son of Captain George Eskridge of Virginia, at the grammar-school of Wood and where he now is, and afterwards in university and other learning and to pay the expenses of his education and board until he is sixteen years old, when he is to receive L30 sterling and be sent back to his native country whence he was brought under the defunct's care. But if his father wishes to recall him before, then he is only to receive the L30…..[Col. George Eskridge, of 'Sandy Point,' Westmoreland county, was a successful lawyer, and represented his county in the House of Burgesses in 1706, 1714, 1720, 1722, 1723, 1726, 1727-8, 1730 and 1732. In his will dated October 27 and proved November 25, 1735, he names his son Robert. Colonel Eskridge was for a time guardian of Mary Ball, the mother of George Washington, and it is probable that her great son was named after him. Col. Eskridge has many descendants, but the family genealogy gives no account of the son Robert, except that he is said to have studied medicine abroad and that his wife was named Jane.]
If Geo Eskridge's son was born in VA, then bound to someone in England while he attended school, then maybe Matthias was in same situation????. Great work!!!!

From "Virginia Will Records" page 612:
240 1793 From District Court of Northumberland county. Keene v. Lee WILLIAM KEENE, will 1681. Issue: William Keene dec'd had son, Newton, will 1770, died 1771. Survived by widow and sons: John; Thomas; and William who has issue. William Keene 2nd inherited land from Mrs. Banks. Newton Keene inherited lands through his mother from John Woodbridge. Lands in Fairfax and Loudoun counties. -- Julie

Library of Virginia
Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys : CATALOG CARD
Multimedia Patent
GRANTEE Chitwood, Matthias. grantee.
DATE 6 July 1741.
NOTE Location: Goochland County.
NOTE Description: 400 acres on the branches of Skin Quarter and Swift Creeks.
NOTE Source: Land Office Patents No. 19, 1739-1741, p. 1010 (Reel 17).
NOTE Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.
SUBJECT Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Virginia -- Goochland County.
SUBJECT Goochland County (Va.) -- History -- 18th century.
SUBJECT Land grants -- Virginia -- Goochland County. aat.

Found this on - Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Vol. 33, No. 3
No. 1759-5
Parrot v. Irby's exor.
Plaintiffs: Penelope Parrot
Defendants: George Worsham and Jane Irby, Exors. of Joshua Irby
Subject: Joshua Irby, father of plaintiff put land at her disposal and built her a house and if she would live there, he would give her fee simple title to land. Joshua Irby died 11 Dec. 1746 testate and devised the land away. Depositions. William Burges, aged 27, 31 July 1752 Chesterfield: Mary Portman, aged 24, same date and place; Mathias Chitwood, aged 66, same place; Anthony Irby, son of Joshua. Penelope Irby married against her father's will and ran away to New Bern, NC where her husband died, leaving her poor with several children. She returned to her father who built her a house, cleared fields, etc.

From: [ Save address ]
Subject: Mathias Chitwood - some new thoughts
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 03:53:54 +0000
This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list.
Surnames: Chitwood
Classification: Query
Message Board Post:

I would like to encourage those of us seeking the parentage of Mathias to consider the following: If Thomas Chetwood b 1601(married to Elizabeth Wake) was Mathias' father, he would have been 80 at the time of our ancestors birth - assuming we all agree on the 1681 birth year. If Thomas Chetwood b 1630 in St Clement Danes was his father, this Thomas would have been 51. That's a bit more possible.

I would like to throw into the mix a Lawrence Chetwood of Shropshire England, who buried a wife, Elinor, on February 11, 1695. He then married Maria Stanley on December 29, 1696. IF this is a lead, our Mathias would have been 14 years of age in 1695 and probably shipped to the new world for whatever reasons.

I feel very strongly about this being a possible connection but we all know feelings don't count. I'd be happy to share a spreadsheet I have in which I attempted to track children of Lawrence, keeping in mind I've not proven the

Any and all thoughts are welcome. If replying directly please indicate "Chitwood genealogy" in the subject line. Thanks, Nona (a 9th generation Chitwood)

Children of Matthias Chitwood and Mary Key are:
  i.   Elizabeth Chitwood, born 1712.
  ii.   Matthias Chitwood, born 1714; died 1775 in VA; married Mary Fore 1743.
  iii.   William Cheatwood, born 1716 in VA; died 1784 in VA; married Jean Hugenet.
  Notes for William Cheatwood:
They had 14 children. Jean was of a Huguenot family. They spelt the name "Cheatwood".

In the 1783 Powhatan Co. VA census, page 59, William Cheatwood is listed having 8 white males, and 1 black male. John Cheatwood was listed on the same page having 1 white male and 1 black male.

Of their six children (Matthias & Mary (Key), the first was a daughter, Eliner = Eleanor, etc.
Her marriage is unknown, as is her children. The remaining five children were sons, as you noted. The fifth child, James Chitwood, who moved to NC, was as far as is known, the only Loyalist among the family during the Revolution and for that stand, he paid with his life, as you may know. However, you do have an incorrect date for his death. Capt. James Chitwood was a commander of the Tories at the Battle of King's Mountain and was captured by the Continental forces after the British commander was killed during the battle and the remaining British surrendered. James and eight others were hung by the colonial forces at the end of the first day of forced march for the British prisoners. They were given a 'drum head trial', according to reports, and hung in groups of three. All witnesses
>note that the British 'died like Spartans', which I guess meant they died with as much dignity as the situation would allow. Others had been condemned to death, but higher officers rode into camp just in time to save them for a 'real' trial when they reached Virginia and colonial authorities. Capt. James Chitwood was hung on 14 October, 1780, in Gilbert Town, NC. The other eight were buried in shallow graves next to the hanging tree, but a local Tory family took the body of Capt. James to their home about a mile away and buried him in their family cemetery. His sons of military age were all arrested as tories or traitors to the patriot cause, but after they renounced their father's stand and took the oath of allegience to the Continental cause, they were set free. I believe they all left NC shortly after, which was the only thing they really could do. It was just a matter of time before all land owned by Tories or British Loyalists was seized and sold to those who had supported the colonies. The sons and their families moved west where they could begin anew.

If you find an account of the battle of King's Mountain, you are sure to find Capt. James mentioned. By the way, family researchers feel James married Alice Carpenter.

We, too, descend from William Cheatwood. His daughter Elizabeth (Betsey) married into our Lyon family. However, she first married John Dennis (Tennison/Dennison), a wealthy planter in Caswell County, NC. She had five children with him before his death in 1807 in Caswell County. John Dennis had eight children from his first marriage, some still young when he married Elizabeth Cheatwood. After John's death, Betsey's neighbor Edmond Lyon became one of the guardians for her minor children by John Dennis. Betsey and Edmond were married about 1808 and eventually had at least six children of their own. By 1811 they had sold the estate inherited by Betsey from her first husband and moved west, eventually settling in Overton County, TN. Elizabeth Cheatwood Dennis Lyon died before the Civil
War, it is thought. Her widower, Edmond Lyon, lived with Betsey's stepson, Levi Dennis and his wife Susan, in Overton County until his own death, sometime during the Civil War.

The only other Cheatwood that I have been able to find in Caswell County, NC, is Betsey's older brother, Lancelot. His name is occasionally spelled 'Lanslot' or 'Lottie' in various county records. He does not appear to have lived in Caswell County, but he was close enough to purchase some goods at an estate sale, so I suspect he lived in southside Virginia along the NC border. Lancelot married Mary Mayo, and Richard Cheatwood at descends from this couple and has done considerable research on this branch. He is very generous with his material and I would recommend him if you have not already done so.

The only other tidbit I have on William's children is the possibility that Elizabeth and Lancelot's sister, Patience Cheatwood, and her husband Robert Elam, both died young, leaving at least one orphan, Townsend Elam. John Dennis becomes the guardian for an apprentice, Townsend Elam, and as wards were often placed with family members, when possible, it would make sense to me that Betsey would take in her sister's son if she could. There may be no connection between this boy and Betsey's sister, but it would appear logical to me. Townsend was born in 1796, and assigned to John Dennis in early 1807 - after John's death, he was assigned to a James Holder in
Caswell County (Sept, 1808). That may have been at the time Betsey married Edmond Lyon.

I hope this adds a bit to your database,

  iv.   John Chitwood, born 1718 in VA; died Dec 1798 in VA; married Elizabeth Tillotson.
  Notes for John Chitwood:
Subject: Report 061- JSC Descendant
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 09:50:08 -0500
From: "Michael Field" <>
John Sr. Cheatwood (1718 - 1798)
bd. 1718, Powhaten & Bedford Co. Virginia
dd. 1798, Franklin Co. Virginia
& Elizabeth Tillotson ( - >1793)
bd. Chesterfield Co. VA
dd. aft 1793
|      Joel Cheatwood (~1740 - 1830)
|      bd. abt 1740, Bedford Co.,Virginia
|      dd. 1830, Lincoln Co.,Tennesee
|      & Sarah Cantrell
|      Ann Chitwood (<1753 - )
|      bd. bef 1753
|      William Cheatwood (~1754 - 1822)
|      bd. abt 1754, Bedford & Franklin Co. Virginia
|      dd. 28 Feb 1822, Franklin Co. Virginia
|      & Susannah Nowlin (1754 - 1840)
|      bd. 1754
|      dd. 29 Jun 1840, Franklin Co. Virginia
|      m. 1 May 1777, New London, Bedford Co. Va.
|      John Chitwood Jr (1754 - 1831)
|      bd. 1754, Virginia
|      dd. 31 Oct 1831, Rocky Mount, Va
|      & Rhoda ? (1757 - >1850)
|      bd. 1757, Virginia
|      dd. aft Sep 1850, Franklin Co. Va
|      m. 1775/1785
|      Ellis Cheatwood
|      Claiborn Cheatwood ( - 1777)
      DD. 1777

  32 v.   Richard Chitwood, born 1722 in VA; died 1785 in Rutherford Co NC; married Winney Randolph.
  vi.   James Chitwood, born 22 May 1790 in Rutherford Co. NC; died 14 Oct 1780 in Gilbert Town, Kings Mountain NC; married Alice Carpenter.
  Notes for James Chitwood:
Capt. James Chitwood was a Tory during the Revolutionary War and was captured and hung after the battle of King's Mountain NC. "The names of the condemned Tories were --- Colonel Ambrose Mills, CAPTAIN JAMES CHITWOOD, Captain Wilson, Captain Walter Gilkey, Captain Grimes, Lieutenant Lafferty, john McFall, John Bibby, and Augustine Hobbs. They were swung off (the Gallows Oak) three at a time, and left suspended at the place of execution. According to Lieutenant Allaire's account, they died like soldiers --- like martyrs, in their own and friends' estimation. 'These brave but unfortunate Loyalists,' says Allaire, 'with their latest breath expressed their unutterable detestation of the Rebels, and of their base and infamous proceedings; and, as they were being turned off, extolled their King and the British Government. Mills, Wilson and CHITWOOD died like Romans.....The poor Loyalist leaders had been left swinging from the sturdy oak upon which they had been executed. No sooner had the Whigs moved off, than Mrs. Martha Bickerstaff, or Biggerstaff, the wife of Captain Aaron Bickerstaff who had served under Ferguson, and been mortally wounded at King's Mountain, with the assistance of an old man who worked on the farm, cut down the nine dead bodies. Eight of them were buried in a shallow trench, some two feet deep; while the remains of Captain Chitwood were conveyed by some of his friends, on a plank, half a mile away to Benjamin Bickerstaff's, where they were interred on a hill still used as a grave-yard." Taken from the book "Kings Mountain and its Heroes", by Lyman C. Draper.

Capt. James Chitwood would have been the Uncle of James Chitwood, who was one of the founders of Winfield (formerly Chitwood) TN. It is probable that he was named for his Uncle.

Children of 2nd Gen-Richd & James of NC
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 20:58:46 -0700
"Carolyn Fairall" <>
"Bill & Julie Chitwood" <>
My GGG grandfather, Richard Chitwood, of Greenbrier Co, VA 1789-1793, of Shelby Co, KY to 1797, and of St. Louis Dist. 1798-1822, was the son of Capt. James Chitwood. Richard Chitwood (of St. Louis 1798) named his first son James after his father, and his 2nd son John C., after his wife's father, John Cantley. Richard named his youngest son, Amos, after his brother, of Jefferson Co, IN. Richard's daughter Elizabeth, b 1800 MO, married her cousin, James Chitwood, b 1796 Greenbrier Co, VA, son of Joshua Chitwood and Jane Robinson. (Joshua appears next to John Cantley in 1796 Tax List, Greenbrier Co, VA).
I most respectfully appreciate all the wonderful research of Ira Chitwood. My first notice of him was in the files of Grace Chancey at the Univ. of MO archives, where his correspondence with her was found. He was thorough… in the letter (I think dated in 1960's or 1970's), he tells her he had just discovered those Patrick Co, VA records for family of Joel, son of John Chitwood of Franklin Co, VA. In this he included all the marriage and deed records he had gleaned for this family. I do have a difference of opinion with him, however, in his theory of the children of the 2nd generation (bros Richard & James Chitwood of NC).
A statement by Ira Chitwood himself in THE HERITAGE OF RUTHERFORD COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA, VOLUME I, 1984, p. 158, clearly indicates theory (not fact): "...SUBJECT TO CORRECTION the names of the children of Captain James Chitwood and his wife were." This theory is stated as fact in his cousin's book, and has been copied in all the databases and web sites on the
Positive proof that the five siblings of early Missouri (bef 1800) were children of Capt. James Chitwood, is found in a letter dated 1809 from Thomas Thomson in St. Louis, addressed to Mr. James Chitwood in NC (the only James still in NC in 1809 was the son of Capt. James). The letter was
published in the St. Louis Genealogical Society Bulletin, 1979, and also posted @ Thomas Thomson described his arrival in St. Louis 6 weeks after leaving NC… and said he lived a mile from Richard Chitwood. On back of letter, he wrote: "Richard Chitwoods family and your sister Bettys family is in good health. Your brothers Seth and John Chitwood is well…."
Definitely do not want to offend any of my cousins out there, but firmly believe the children of the 2 brothers of 1773 NC, are as listed at the above site. Intend to begin full-time search for additional proof.
Carolyn Chitwood Fairall, Tempe, AZ
[7Philip G/6Charles R/5Milton R J/4John C/3Richard/2James/1Matthias]

P.S. A new book by Bobby G. Moss, about Battle at Kings Mountain, is supposed to be published soon. A fellow genealogist went to a lecture in NC, where Bobby G. Moss talked about the book: "He told me that according to the diary of Dr. Uzal Johnson there were as many as four separate hangings. Not the one most of us know about. He did not give me the names of the daughters but did say...'the daughters of Captain Chitwood came to the camp and had fits begging for their father's life....The girls were told
that their father had been pardoned to calm them down....Dr. Johnson spent the evening with the girls in a lean to by a fire trying to calm them down when the word of his death came.' I have paraphrased his quotes slightly, but that was the gist of our conversation."
This has to be Elizabeth (Isabella) Whiteside & Catherine (Caty) Burts. You can read accounts of pathos on both sides, but this is a real diary... am anxious to see the book.

My maternal Andersen grandparents (Danes) homesteaded in Chandler in 1904. My Chitwood grandparents did not arrive in Chandler until 1913.

Yes, pass anything along you want, and would appreciate criticism or additional information you receive. That St. Louis map is the first I've seen showing the names of the early settlers there. Thanks again. Nice talking with you,

Bill & Julie,

Thank you for your entry of 27 May 2000 on CHITWOOD-L, with map of north St. Louis. My GGG grandfather, Richard Chitwood (land grant 1798 St. Louis Dist) & his siblings, Seth Chitwood (land grant 1797), Isabella Chitwood Whiteside Hubbard (land grant 1797, and his sister Catherine's husband
William Burch/Burts (1798), are all named on this map. Their original decrees of survey are included in list @ The deed of partition of Isabella Chitwood's estate in 1853 @
describes division of her land between her six children. Another interesting note, is the first survey in Howard Co, MO (described in deposition @ ) tells about …"William Clark, being produced, sworn, and examined on the part of the defendants, deposeth and saith that on the 22nd day of July, 1804, this deponent set out from Richard Chetwood's, about 4 miles below the mouth of
the Missouri river, in company with Ira Nash, William Nash, James Whiteside, and Daniel Hubbard, for the purpose of ascending the Missouri and seeing the country……" Ira Nash also is shown on the map below & left of S. Chitwood's land.
Carolyn Chitwood Fairall
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Thank you for forwarding the interesting information this morning. Ambrose Mills is another name mentioned in the 1782 NC court record you forwarded from Judy. He was one of the 9 hanged at the same time as Capt. James Chitwood. The following is from THE LOYALISTS AT KINGS MOUNTAIN, by Bobby G. Moss, 1998:

p. 57 - "Ambrose Mills was born in England about 1722 and was brought while young to Maryland. He married Mourning Stone and settled on James River in Virginia. Later, he moved to the South Carolina frontier, where his wife and children were killed by Indians during the Indan Wars (1755-1761).
Thereafter, he married Anne Brown, sister of Col. Thomas Fletchall. About 1765, he settled on Green River. In 1776, he served against the Indians. During 1778, he and Col. D. Fanning raised a corps of 500 men and attempted to withdraw to Florida. Mills and sixteen others were captured and taken to
Salisbury, North Carolina. After being set free in the course of time, he joined Ferguson in Brannon's Settlement as colonel over a unit of loyalists from his home area. He fought at Earle's Ford and at Kings Mountain. Mills was captured at Kings Mountain, was tried, and executed at Bigger-staff's."

p. 16 - "James Chitwood, of Ninety Six District (or Rutherford County, North Carolina), served as a captain under Ferguson and was captured in the battle of Kings Mountain. He was executed at Biggerstaff's."

p. 6 - "Aaron Bickerstaff (Biggerstaff) was of English descent and resided in present day Rutherford County, North Carolina. He was one of the loyalist leaders at Ramsour's Mill and was a captain under Ferguson. Bickerstaff was mortally wounded at Kings Mountain. He was taken to Union Court House, where he died. It was at his plantation where some of the prisoners taken in the battle were hanged. His wife, Martha, with the help of an old farmer cut them down and buried them."

This book has well documented sources, including not only the Draper Manuscripts, but also Loyalist Transcripts from the British Public Record Office, Kew, Surry, England.

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