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Ancestors of Leila Mae Thurston

      82. Elhanan Lyon, born 4 May 1690. He was the son of 164. Peter Lyon and 165. Jane Vose. He married 83. Merea Wyatt 24 Sep 1713.

      83. Merea Wyatt, born 4 Feb 1692/93. She was the daughter of 166. Nathaniel Wyatt and 167. Mary Corbin.
Children of Elhanan Lyon and Merea Wyatt are:
  i.   Meredith Lyon, born 15 May 1718 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA700
  41 ii.   Maria Lyon, born Abt. 1725 in Wrentham, Suffolk, MA; died 28 Aug 1779 in Franklin, Suffolk, MA, age 54; married Josiah Hawes 18 Dec 1751 in Wrentham, Suffolk, MA.

      84. Ephraim Payson, born 26 Mar 1693 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA701; died Sep 1761 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA702,703,704,705. He was the son of 168. Ephraim Payson and 169. Katherine Leadbetter. He married 85. Judith Clapp 1 Nov 1716 in Boston, Suffolk, MA706,707.

      85. Judith Clapp, born 15 Oct 1698 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA708; died 5 Jan 1769 in Sharon, Norfolk, MA709. She was the daughter of 170. Desire Clapp and 171. Sarah Pond.
Children of Ephraim Payson and Judith Clapp are:
  i.   Ephraim Payson, born 20 Apr 1718 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA710; died 6 Jan 1769711; married Margaret Morgan 9 May 1745711; born Abt. 1725.
  ii.   Desire Payson, born 31 Jul 1719 in MA711,712; died 31 Jul 1719 in MA713,714
  iii.   Sarah Payson, born 30 Dec 1722 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA715,716; married Ebenezer Wellman 28 May 1747717; born Abt. 1717 in Of Norton, MA717.
  iv.   Mary Payson, born 9 Oct 1724717,718; married Thomas Fillebrown 14 Jul 1748719; born Abt. 1717 in Of Norton, MA719.
  v.   Katherine Payson, born 7 Oct 1726 in MA719,720; married Silas Wellman 5 Mar 1751/52721; born Abt. 1721 in Of Norton, MA721.
  More About Katherine Payson:
Christened: 20 Nov 1726, MA722

  42 vi.   Samuel Payson, born 1 Mar 1733/34 in Stoughton, MA (1734); died 19 Jun 1819 in Hope, Knox, ME; married (1) Sarah Noyes 6 Mar 1760 in Sharon, MA; married (2) Anna Samuel Payson Wife Abt. 1809.
  vii.   Judith Payson, born 1736 in Sharon, MA723; married Nehemiah Clark 9 Aug 1764 in Sharon, MA724,725; born Abt. 1751.
  More About Judith Payson:
Christened: 7 Mar 1735/36, Sharon, MA726,727

  viii.   Henry Payson, born 4 Jun 1744 in Sharon, MA728,729; died 12 Oct 1771 in Sharon, MA730,731

      86. John Noyes, born 13 Feb 1706/07 in Newbury, Essex, MA732; died Abt. 29 May 1761 in Stoughton, MA733. He was the son of 172. John Noyes and 173. Mary Thurlo. He married 87. Deborah Saville 9 Jul 1741734.

      87. Deborah Saville, born 1 Jan 1705/06 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA735; died 9 Sep 1760. She was the daughter of 174. William Saville and 175. Sarah William Saville Wife.

More About John Noyes:
Burial: 29 May 1761, Stoughton, MA736

More About Deborah Saville:
Daughter of: Benj. & Mary of Stoughton?737
Descendant: Ancestors all tentative
Spouse: 8 Oct 1724, Benjamin Allen, Braintree738,739
Children of John Noyes and Deborah Saville are:
  43 i.   Sarah Noyes, born 1 May 1742 in Stoughton, MA; died 25 Sep 1808 in Hope, Knox, ME; married Samuel Payson 6 Mar 1760 in Sharon, MA.
  ii.   John Noyes, born 8 Jul 1744 in Stoughton, MA740; died 1769 in Lost at sea741; married Esther Cobb 29 Mar 1765 - 1766741; born Abt. 1740; died 22 May 1784 in Sharon, MA742.
  iii.   Abigail Noyes743, born Abt. 1746; married William Deverix; born Abt. 1741.

      88. John Davis744,745, born 8 Sep 1708 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA746,747; died 1743748. He was the son of 176. John Davis and 177. Mehitable Dimmock. He married 89. Anne Allen 25 Mar 1731 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA749.

      89. Anne Allen750, born 1 Jan 1717/18 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA751; died 21 Apr 1792 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA751.

More About John Davis:
Christening: 8 Sep 1708, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA752

More About Anne Allen:
Spouse: Abt. 1744, (2) Hezekiah Gorham753
Children of John Davis and Anne Allen are:
  44 i.   Lt. John Davis, born 1737 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; died 1790 in Lost at sea; married Sarah Bradford 1758 in Friendship, York, ME.
  ii.   Patience Davis, born Abt. 1739 in Friendship, Knox, ME754; died 9 Jul 1857 in Friendship, Knox, ME?755; married Cornelius Bradford Abt. 1760 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA756; born 10 Dec 1737 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA757; died Bef. 16 Aug 1793 in Friendship, Knox, ME.

      90. Joshua Bradford758,759, born 23 Jun 1710 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA760; died 22 May 1758 in Friendship, York, ME, killed by Indians761. He was the son of 180. Israel Bradford and 181. Sarah Bartlett. He married 91. Hannah Bradford 17 Feb 1735/36 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA761,762.

      91. Hannah Bradford763,764, born 10 Apr 1720 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA765; died 22 May 1758 in Friendship, Knox, ME, killed by Indians766,767. She was the daughter of 182. Elisha Bradford and 183. Bathsheba Brock.

Notes for Joshua Bradford:

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 01:11:19 EST
From: Jeannie Winter, <>
Joshua Bradford and Hannah Bradford were both killed and scalped on 22 May 1758 in the Indian attack on Meduncook (Friendship), ME. I'm told that, according to local history, Chief Moxus led the attack. The story [is] that Joshua, grinding corn outside early that morning, did not hear the warning shots. Having saved the life of the Chief when he was drowning in the river near the Bradford house, because of the gratitude the Chief had expressed, Joshua didn't fear the local Indians and had not moved his family inside the fort as his neighbors had. At least two of the the Bradford children were captured and taken into Canada where they were held captive until Quebec was taken by Gen. Wolf and they returned home. The attack was reported by a whaleboat coming up from Meduncook and published in the Boston obits.

(68 160) V. Joshua,6 b. 23 June, 1710, m. Hannah, dau. of Elisha 5 (28) Bradford, and removed from Kingston to Maduncook, (now Friendship) Me., where, on 27 May, 1756, both himself and wife were killed by a party of Indians, who at the same time carried their children to Canada, where they remained in captivity until Quebee was taken by Gen. Wolfe. They then returned to Maduncook.(*)
(*)We have looked with some care into all the printed accounts of Maine that we could think of, (but first of all into our MS. Chronicles of the Indians,) and can find no mention of any depredation answering to this by the Indians. It may be that there is some mistake as to time or place. May it not have been at some place on the Kennebeck, in the "purchase of the Plymouth Company?" In the deeds of and to that Company, we find Negumkike, Neguambeck, Neagumkett, Nequambeck, (all the same,) but no Maduncook. See Extacts and Plans of the Brunswick Proprietors, 1753.

p. 18
Joshua, 6 (68) of Meduncook, Me., who m. Hannah Bradford, had:
(161 355) I. Cornelius,7 b. 10 Dec., 1737, m. (???), lived in Friendship, or
Cushing, Me.;
(162) II. Sarah,7 b. 16 Oct., 1739;
(163) III. Rachel,7 b. 28 Jan., 1741;
(164) IV. Mary,7--
(165) V. Melatiah,7 twins, b. 16 March, 1744;
(166 360) VI. Joshua,7 b. 2 April, 1746, m. Martha Jameson, 26 April, 1773,
d. 9 May, 1827, . 81;
(167) VII. Hannah,7 b. 9 March, 1748;
(168) VIII. Joseph,7 b. 19 March, 1751, m. (???), lived in Maine, had
sons, Elisha,8 Moses,8 and Joseph8;
(169 368) IX. Benjamin,7 b. 28 May, 1753, m. (???);
(170) X. Elisha,7 b. 15 Oct., 1755;
(171) XI. Winslow,7 b. 1757.(*)
Though the name is noted as torn off, the date appears to have remained. This last entry, supposed to have been the record of the birth of a child, was probably something else, for the mother having been killed in 1756, could not be having a child afterwards. When we had written thus far, our MS. reads, (171) XI. Another child, name gone from the record. Since, we have been directed to insert Winslow as the eleventh child, on the authority of an immediate descendant of (68) Joshua, 6 residing at Friendship. The obvious discrepancy w must leave for others to explain. -- S. G D.

Joshua Bradford, of Friendship, ME, s/o israel, m. 1737, Hannah Bradford, d/o Elisha. Children were Cornelius (1737), Sarah (1739, m. John Davis), Rachel (1741, m. Eber Morton), Mary (1744), Meletiah (1744, m. Isaac Churchill of Plympton), Joshua (1746), Hannah (1748), Joseph (1751, m. Abigail Starling), Benjamin (1753), Elisha (1755), Winslow (1757).

More About Joshua Bradford:
Cause of Death: killed by Indians
Christened: 23 Jun 1710, Plymouth, MA

  Notes for Hannah Bradford:

Elisha, 5 (28) who m. 1st. Hannah Cole, and 2nd. Bathsheba La Brocke, had, by the former, but one child, viz., Hannah, who m. Joshua Bradford of Kingston, afterwards of Maduncook, Me.; and by the latter,
(51) I. Hannah,6 b. 10 April, 1719.
(52) II. Joseph,6 b. 17 Dec., 1721.
(53) III. Nehemiah,6 b. 27 July, 1724.
(54) IV. Laurana,6 b. 26 March, 1726, m. Elijah McFarland of Plympton.
(55) V. Mary,6 b. 1 Aug., 1727.
(56) VI. Elisha,6 b. 6 Oct., 1729.
(57) VII. Lois,6 b. 30 Jan., 1731.
(58) VII. Deborah,6 b. 18 Nov., 1732, m. Jona. Sampson, Jr. This Deborah was the mother of the famous "DEB. SAMPSON," who, under the feigned name of Robert Shurtleff, served three years as a private soldier in the army of the Revolution. Having left her friends without their knowledge, she went to the house of a Mr. Leonard, in Middleboro', where, unceremoniously, she possessed herself of enough of his clothing with which to disguise herself. In this plight she wended her way to a recruiting officer and enlisted. She served in Col. Jackson's regiment, and in a company commanded by Capt. Webb. After the war she returned to her friends in Plympton. In 1784, she married Benjamin Gannett of Sharon.

This remarkable woman died in 1827, up to which time she drew a pension. After her deccase, her husband applied for a continuance of the pension, and, at length, in the year 1837 the committee of Congress on Revolutionary Pensions allowed it to be continued to him, from the time of her death.

She was in the skirmish at Tarrytown, and was badly wounded by a musket ball, and yet her sex was not discovered, nor was the ball ever extraeted, which gave her much trouble through life. She was in many engagements, and on all occasions behaved manfully. She was at the capture of Cornwallis, which virtually ended the war, and she was soon after honorably discharged. Her name stands among the pensioners as Garnett, a name common in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, which is probably the same as Gunnett.

According to that very singular book. "The Female Review, or Memoirs, of an
American Young Lady," Deborah Sampson was born in Plympton, Ms., 17 Dec., 1760, and hence was about 67 years of age in 1827, at the time of her death. Her father was an only son. The anonymous work purporting to be her memoirs, should not, we think, be taken as unqualifiedly true, though the principal facts are probably to be relied upon. This book was printed at Dedham, in 1797, 12mo., and is now rarely to be met with.

More About Hannah Bradford:
Cause of Death: Scalped by Indians
Killed: scalped by Indians
Children of Joshua Bradford and Hannah Bradford are:
  i.   Cornelius Bradford768, born 10 Dec 1737 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA769; died Bef. 16 Aug 1793 in Friendship, Knox, ME; married Patience Davis Abt. 1760 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA770; born Abt. 1739 in Friendship, Knox, ME771; died 9 Jul 1857 in Friendship, Knox, ME?772.
  45 ii.   Sarah Bradford, born 16 Oct 1739 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA; died Aft. 1799 in Lincoln Co., ME 1800 poss; married Lt. John Davis 1758 in Friendship, York, ME.
  iii.   Rachel Bradford773, born 28 Jan 1740/41 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA774,775; married Ebenezer Morton; born Abt. 1735.
  iv.   Mary Bradford775, born 16 Mar 1743/44 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA (twin)776,777
  v.   Melatiah Bradford777, born 16 Mar 1743/44 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA778; married Isaac Churchill; born Abt. 1738.
  vi.   Joshua Bradford, born 1746779
  vii.   Hannah Bradford780, born 9 Mar 1747/48 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA780; died 1777 - 1842 in Nelson, Ohio781
  viii.   Joseph Bradford782, born 19 Mar 1750/51 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA783; married Abigail Starling; born Abt. 1755.
  More About Joseph Bradford:
Children: Elisha, Moses, Joseph784

  More About Abigail Starling:
Fact 9: Abt.

  ix.   Benjamin Bradford785, born 28 May 1753 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA786
  x.   Elisha Bradford787, born 15 Oct 1755 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA788,789
  xi.   Winslow Bradford789, born 1757 in Kingston, Plymouth, MA790,791; died 22 May 1758 in Friendship, ME, killed by Indians791
  More About Winslow Bradford:
Christened: 30 Jul 1757, Marshfield, MA791

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