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Ancestors of Leila Mae Thurston

      282. John Rockwood1722, born 1 Dec 1641 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA1722; died Aft. 8 Jun 17241723. He was the son of 564. Richard Rockwood and 565. Agnes Lovell. He married 283. Joanna Ford 15 Jul 1662 in Braintree, Middlesex, MA1723.

      283. Joanna Ford1724, born 1 Dec 1641 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA1725; died Aft. 8 Jun 1724 in Mendon, Worcester, MA1725. She was the daughter of 566. Nathaniel Ford.

Notes for John Rockwood:

Bought land bef 1678. King Philip's War was disastrous since John petitioned the General Court to abate a tax of 19s, on the ground that the Indians had burnt his house, barn, corn & bedding at Mendon, and all that he had saved afterwards at Medfield, so that he had been forced to Milton to work to support a wife and 6 children. In 1678/9, he purchased of James Albee, at Mendon, a dwelling lot of 4 acres, with 20 acres more adjacent and bounded E. by Muddy Brook, with a 10 rod highway crossing it.

To wife Rebekah 1/3. Balance to Grandchildren, viz: to children of son Joseph deceased, & Priscilla, dau. of John Corbit, & Hannah Brown, dau of John Darling, & Mercy Thompson wife of David together with Mary Holbrook wife of Joseph & her sister Ann Cook my granddaughters. Son-in-law John Darling 1s and no more because of legacy I gave to his daughter Hannah Brown; Son-in-law Nicholas Cook 1s; Son-in-law Isaac Thayer 1s; son-in-law Jonathan Heyward 1s because I gave L10 to hischildren he had by his 1st wife. Grandson John Corbit sole executor.

More About John Rockwood:
Bought Land: see Notes
Christened: see Notes
Children of John Rockwood and Joanna Ford are:
  i.   John Rockwood, born 18 Aug 1663 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA1726
  ii.   Priscilla Rockwood, born 10 Apr 1664 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA1727
  iii.   Richard Rockwood, born 1665 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA1728
  iv.   Joanna Rockwood, born 14 Aug 1667 in Mendon, Worcester, MA1729
  141 v.   Mercy Rockwood, born 1669 - 1675 in Mendon, Worcester, MA; died 18 Dec 1700 in Mendon, Worchester, MA; married Isaac Thayer 1 Feb 1691/92 in Mendon, Worcester, MA.
  vi.   Joseph Rockwood, born 27 May 1671 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA1730
  vii.   Trial Rockwood, born 28 Feb 1677/78 in Medfield, MA1730
  viii.   Deliverance Rockwood, born 30 Oct 1678 in Medfield, MA1730

      286. Thomas Bass1731,1732, born 18 Jun 1635 in Roxbury, Norfolk, MA1732; died 8 Jan 1719/20 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA1733. He was the son of 572. Dea. Samuel Bass and 573. Ann Saville. He married 287. Sarah Wood 4 Oct 1660 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA1734.

      287. Sarah Wood1735, born 25 Dec 1642 in Roxbury, Norfolk, MA1736; died 16781737. She was the daughter of 574. Nicholas Atwood and 575. Mary Pidge.

More About Thomas Bass:
Spouse: 30 Oct 1680, Susanna Bates Blanchard?, Braintree1738
Child of Thomas Bass and Sarah Wood is:
  143 i.   Sarah Bass, born Abt. 29 Mar 1672 in Mendon or Braintree, Worcester, MA; died 1751 - 1758; married Josiah Thayer 6 Jul 1692 in Plymouth, MA.

      288. Dea. Joseph Daniels1739, born 1635 in Watertown, Suffolk, MA1740; died 23 Jun 1715 in Medway, MA1741,1742,1743. He was the son of 576. Robert Daniels and 577. Elizabeth Morse. He married 289. Mary Fairbanks 16 Nov 1665 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA1744,1745,1746,1747.

      289. Mary Fairbanks1748,1749,1750, born 10 Sep 1647 in Dedham, Essex, MA1751,1752,1753; died 6 Sep 1682 in Medfield, Norfok, MA1754,1755. She was the daughter of 578. Capt. George Fairbanks and 579. Mary Adams.

Notes for Dea. Joseph Daniels:

house burned by Indians, petitions for aid 1667
3 years a selectman
kept school in 1700

160 ALLIED FAMILIES, p. 82, Daniels [minor editing]
Joseph resided Medfield & Medway, MA. 13 Feb 1662, he was accepted as a townsman of Medfield, his residence being near Bogistow Brook. At his death, he is called "of Medway," which town was set off from Medfield 2 years before (1713). In 1678, he contributed to Harvard College: "Joseph Daniels gave 1 bushel of Indian corn & 2 & 6 pence in money." His will was proved 29 May 1713; executors: son Ebenezer & Michael Metcalf; witnesses: Jasper Adams, Ebenezer
Thompson & Jonathan Partridge. To wife Lydia all the estate she brought him in movables & money, & directs that she & "the little boy" live in one end of the house, during her widowhood. To eldest son Joseph 30 & confirmation of land
already deeded him. To son Ebenezer 6 acres. To youngest son Jeremiah land. To son Eleazer 40s. House & land in Boston to daughters in equal parts. After decease of wife, his son Jeremiah was to have house, barn & uplands. Other
lands to Ebenezer & Jeremiah. The names of his daughters are not given; nor is his son Eleazer mentioned in the recorded copy, though clearly given in the original will. The bequest of 40s. should be recorded as given to Eleazer, instead of to Ebenezer. Probably Eleazer had had most of his portion before, & was besides, through his marriage with Mary Holbrook, very well off, & owner or manager of 1000 acres at Mendon, so that he needed nothing from his father's estate.

Inventory, 533, 2s. Dwelling house & land in Boston, 250; dwelling house, barn & 5 acres at Medway 110; 39 acres of land, 99; 1 bull, 2 oxen, 3 cows, 1 heifer, 1 calf & 1 mare, 34, 5s.; 1 swine 1; wearing apparel, books & arms, 5, 4s.; 2 tables, 1 table cloth, 4 napkins, feather bed, 3 pillows, pewter, brass, ironware, etc.

More About Dea. Joseph Daniels:
Spouse: 27 Jan 1695/96, (3) Lydia (Adams) Allen, Dedham1756,1757
Children of Joseph Daniels and Mary Fairbanks are:
  i.   Mary Daniels1758, born 14 Jul 16591758
  144 ii.   Joseph Daniels, born 23 Jul 1666 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA; died 14 Jan 1738/39 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA; married (1) Rachel Partridge; married (2) Bethiah Breck 21 Feb 1697/98 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
  iii.   Mary Daniels, born 5 Apr 16691759,1760,1761
  More About Mary Daniels:
Spouse: Daniel

  iv.   Samuel Daniels1762, born 30 Oct 16711762,1763,1764; died Bef. 17151765
  More About Samuel Daniels:
Spouse: 1694, Deborah Ford, Boston1766

  v.   Mehitable Daniels1766, born 10 Jul 16741766,1767,1768; died 6 Mar 1685/861769,1770
  vi.   Ebenezer Daniels1771, born 24 Apr 16771771,1772,1773; died 29 Jan 17671774
  More About Ebenezer Daniels:
Children: nine1775
Spouse: 22 Dec 1701, Elizabeth Partridge1776,1777

  vii.   Elizabeth Daniels1778, born 9 Mar 1678/791778,1779,1780
  More About Elizabeth Daniels:
Spouse: 7 Nov 1705, (1) Joseph Mason1781,1782

  viii.   Jeremiah Daniels1783, born 17 Mar 1679/801783,1784,1785,1786; died 16 Jun 16801787,1788,1789
  ix.   Eleazar Daniels1790, born 9 Mar 1680/81 in Mendon, Worcester, MA; died 29 Jan 1767 in Mendon, Worcester, MA1791
  More About Eleazar Daniels:
Resided: Mendon, Worcester, MA
Spouse: Mary Holbrook

      290. Thomas Breck1792, born 1630 - 1635 in Aston Under Lyme, Eng.1793,1794; died 3 Apr 1723 in Sherborn, Middlesex, MA1795,1796,1797. He was the son of 580. John Breck. He married 291. Mary Hill 12 Feb 1656/57 in Dorchester, Norfolk, MA1798,1799,1800,1801.

      291. Mary Hill1802,1803,1804, born Abt. Jan 1635/36 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA1805; died 15 Aug 1726 in Sherborn, Middlesex, MA1806,1807. She was the daughter of 582. John Hill and 583. Frances Tilden.

Notes for Thomas Breck:

John moved to Sherborn in 1658 with his brother-in-law John Hill.

According to Suffolk County Deeds, Liber II (1653-56) published in Boston in 1883, Thomas Brick (Breck) purchased land from Robert Keayne before November 1654, the year Mr. Keayne Deceased. The land was located in "Bagerstow" near "Meetfeild", meaning Bogistow (Sherborn) and Medfield. It is situated near the Charles River.

THOMAS BRECK, born about 1630, evidently came with his father to Boggestow about 1656, where he settled and improved a large farm where he died April 23, 1703. He married in Dorchester, Feb. 12, 1656-7, Mary, born about 1636, daughter of John and Frances (_____) Hill, who died Aug. 15, 1726.

Evidently came with his father, about 1656, to the southern part of what later became the town of Sherborn, where he died, April 23, 1703, aged probably about 70. His farm was a large one, extending from near the Charles River to what is now the town of Holliston, not far from the present line between Sherborn and Millis. At the time of his removal, the region was known by its Indian name of Boggistow,- a name still borne by a pond and a brook tributary to the Charles River,- and was very much of a wilderness. Only three or four families, the Woods, Holbrooks and Lelands, all from Dorchester, had preceded. The nearest village was Medfield, four miles away, and thither they were obliged to go to church. In 1662, the fourteen heads of families in Boggistow petitioned the general Court for incorporation, but their prayer was not granted until 1674, when a second petition was presented, setting forth that there were neere twenty families already settled on farms * * * in this part of the wilderness called Boggestoe and neere thereunto, and stating that among other difficulties petitioners have not found it our least to goe to meeting on the Lord's day unto Medfield, by reason not only of the distance * * * but also in regard of the difficulty in passing over the water betwext in winter seasons and times of floods, which sometimes proves hazardous to health and
life. Soon the settlers had to face other difficulties. The very next year King Philips War broke out, and this isolated little settlement was kept in perpetual terror by the Indians. In 1676, they burnt the neighboring town of Medfield, attacked the Bullard Garrison (in the north part of what is now
Millis), where the inhabitants of Sherborn and hurriedly gathered. The hardy settlers succeeded in driving the savages away, and soon after the war was brought to an end.

More About Thomas Breck:
Occupation: Large farm in Sherborn, MA1808

More About Mary Hill:
Christened: 20 Jan 1637/38, Wincanton, Somerset, Eng.1809,1810
Children of Thomas Breck and Mary Hill are:
  i.   Mary Breck1811, born 17 Oct 1657 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA1812,1813; died 17 Oct 1657 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA1814
  ii.   Sarah Breck, born Abt. 1661 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA prob.1814
  More About Sarah Breck:
Spouse: Eleazer Hill, cousin1814

  iii.   Susanna Breck1815, born 10 Sep 1663 in Medfield, MA1816,1817; died 25 Aug 16641818
  iv.   Susannah Breck1818, born 10 May 1667 in Sherborn, MA1818,1819; died 28 May 17441820
  More About Susannah Breck:
Spouse: John Adams1821

  v.   John Breck1822, born 4 Mar 1670/711822,1823; died 8 Jan 1743/441824
  145 vi.   Bethiah Breck, born 20 Dec 1673 in Sherborn, Middlesex, MA; died 3 Feb 1754 in Millis, Norfolk, MA; married Joseph Daniels 21 Feb 1697/98 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA.
  vii.   Hannah Breck, born Abt. 16761824
  More About Hannah Breck:
Spouse: none1824

  viii.   Esther Breck, born Abt. 16791824; died 17 Aug 17441825
  More About Esther Breck:
Spouse: John Richardson1826

  ix.   Nathaniel Breck1827, born 1 Mar 1681/82 in Twin1827,1828; died Bef. 17031829
  x.   Samuel Breck1830, born 1 Mar 1681/82 in Twin1830,1831; died Abt. 17101832

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