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The Ole Spanggaard Christensen's Family History:
Index of Individuals


(Bisgaard), Jens Pedersen(b. February 25, 1805, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


(Blære), Chresten Jensen(b. June 23, 1813, d. January 21, 1856) Includes Notes
(Blære), Jens Kristensen(b. March 1779, d. January 24, 1844) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


(Grydermand), Christen Jensen(b. February 1743/44, d. April 3, 1829) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
(Grydermand), Jens Nielsen(b. June 22, 1704, d. April 1770)


(Ingerdsen), Niels Vognsen(d. Aft. 1203) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


(Skomager), Laurids Jacobsen(b. March 1764, d. September 21, 1845) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


(Spanggaard), Lennarth Christensen


Aalbæk, Kristine Kristiansen(d. date unknown)


Absalon(b. 1128, d. March 12, 1200/01) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Adamsen, Laust(b. January 1, 1806, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Agerskov, Helene(b. Abt. 1724, d. date unknown)




Aldrich, Keith
Aldrich, Linda Jane


Alsing, Ellen Marcusdatter(b. Abt. 1725, d. September 11, 1811) Includes Notes


Andersdatter, Ingeborg(b. 1648, d. 1736)
Andersdatter, Karen Kirstine(d. date unknown)
Andersdatter, Margrethe
Andersdatter, Mette(b. March 12, 1831, d. date unknown)
Andersdatter, Mette


Andersen, Anders(d. date unknown)
Andersen, Anders(b. 1795, d. July 28, 1866) Includes Notes
Andersen, Anders(b. June 22, 1823, d. June 19, 1868)
Andersen, Anders Christian(d. date unknown)
Andersen, Anita Hogh
Andersen, Anna
Andersen, Anne Dorthe Kjerulff
Andersen, Annine Marie(b. December 2, 1858, d. June 27, 1941) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Andersen, Anthon(b. February 17, 1857, d. April 7, 1858)
Andersen, Anthon(b. December 14, 1861, d. May 1, 1862)
Andersen, Carsten Hytting
Andersen, Hans Christian Kjerulff
Andersen, Henning
Andersen, Henriette Kjerulff
Andersen, Inge Lise
Andersen, Jens(b. Abt. 1700, d. 1787)
Andersen, Jens Christian(b. 1754, d. 1842)
Andersen, Jens Christian(b. August 28, 1871, d. June 17, 1947)
Andersen, Jytte Margith
Andersen, Karl(d. date unknown)
Andersen, Kirsten Marie(b. August 19, 1860, d. March 27, 1861)
Andersen, Kristine(d. date unknown)
Andersen, Lars Anthon(b. July 25, 1846, d. June 16, 1893) Includes Notes
Andersen, Leo Kjerulff(b. September 30, 1913, d. October 30, 1987)
Andersen, Lis
Andersen, Maren Kirstine(b. November 22, 1855, d. May 26, 1857)
Andersen, Mary Elise Jensine(b. July 12, 1898, d. May 12, 1924)
Andersen, Mogens(b. Abt. 1725, d. March 1806) Includes Notes
Andersen, Mogens Christian(b. March 22, 1874, d. August 13, 1947)
Andersen, Peder Christian(b. 1825, d. date unknown)
Andersen, Peder Christian(b. December 14, 1861, d. January 12, 1862)
Andersen, Peter Marinus(b. December 19, 1904, d. date unknown)
Andersen, Søren(d. date unknown)
Andersen, Søren(b. 1503, d. 1593)
Andersen, Søren(b. 1721, d. date unknown)
Andersen, Søren(b. November 1854, d. date unknown)
Andersen, Viggo


Anderson, Edward Daniel
Anderson, Erik Christian
Anderson, Erik Christian
Anderson, George Christian(b. November 26, 1913, d. 1998)
Anderson, George Christian
Anderson, Jane(d. date unknown)
Anderson, Jean Carol
Anderson, Lynn Blythe
Anderson, Thea Christine
Anderson, Theodore


Andreasdatter, Anna(b. Abt. 1608, d. date unknown)
Andreasdatter, Gunder(b. Abt. 1608, d. date unknown)
Andreasdatter, Karen(b. Abt. 1609, d. 1689)
Andreasdatter, Maren Mourits/(b. Abt. 1606, d. 1688)




Anna(b. Abt. 1555, d. date unknown)


Anne(d. date unknown)
Anne(d. date unknown)




Armstrong, Jillian Louise
Armstrong, Jonathon Robert
Armstrong, Katherine Laura
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Robert Scott
Armstrong, Sharon


Asbjørnsdatter, Margrethe(b. Abt. 1040, d. date unknown)
Asbjørnsdatter, Signe(b. 1050, d. date unknown)


Assersdatter, Ingefred(b. Abt. 1140, d. date unknown)


Autho, Toke Trylle of(d. Aft. 1034)


Avey, Vern(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Baader, Mrs Niels Andersen(d. date unknown)
Baader, Niels Andersen(d. date unknown)


Bach, Johanne Elisabeth(d. date unknown)


Bachmann, Peder Hansen(b. 1723, d. June 1769)


Bager, Dorthe
Bager, Ove
Bager, Svend


Baird, Addison(d. date unknown)
Baird, Addison
Baird, Arnold
Baird, Belle
Baird, Bill
Baird, Hugh(d. date unknown)
Baird, Hugh
Baird, John
Baird, Margaret
Baird, Marion
Baird, Oliver


Baker, Bessie
Baker, Edward(d. date unknown)
Baker, Glen
Baker, James
Baker, Jean
Baker, Joan
Baker, Margaret
Baker, Marjorie
Baker, Mary
Baker, Ruth


Ballantyne, Agnes(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, Andrew(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, Andrew(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, James(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, James(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Ballantyne, William(d. date unknown)


Balle, Birgitte Christiane(b. 1749, d. date unknown)
Balle, Marie Elizabeth(b. January 28, 1745/46, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Balle, Mette(b. 1747, d. date unknown)
Balle, Mette Birgitte(b. 1717, d. date unknown)
Balle, Peter Moldrup(b. September 2, 1719, d. Bef. 1787) Includes Notes
Balle, Søren(d. date unknown)


Barber, Mary


Basballe, Alexander Jacobsen(b. March 9, 1679/80, d. October 10, 1737)
Basballe, Andreas Høyer(b. October 1721, d. date unknown)
Basballe, Anne Appolonie(b. July 1720, d. 1791)
Basballe, Jacob(b. February 6, 1722/23, d. March 22, 1765)
Basballe, Karen(b. June 7, 1724, d. Bef. 1755)
Basballe, Maria Anna Magrete(b. June 1719, d. July 12, 1794)
Basballe, Pia Cæcilia(b. March 1717/18, d. 1787)
Basballe, Sidtzel Muehlers(b. November 1725, d. date unknown)


Batsberg, Bodil Etsella
Batsberg, Ellen
Batsberg, Harry


Beck, Frieda Madeline


Bell, Adam Ross
Bell, Agnes(b. October 26, 1811, d. date unknown)
Bell, Agnes(b. February 10, 1860, d. 1940)
Bell, Agnes(b. 1883, d. 1962)
Bell, Alice
Bell, Andrew(b. November 23, 1841, d. March 16, 1939) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bell, Andrew(b. date unknown, d. November 2, 1861) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Andrew Harkness(b. July 20, 1903, d. August 21, 1973) Includes Notes
Bell, Angela Lynn
Bell, Brennan George Anthony
Bell, Brittany Elizabeth Margaret
Bell, Bruce George
Bell, Bryon James
Bell, Caitlin
Bell, Catherine Margaret
Bell, Charles(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Christine Lynn
Bell, Daniel John Scott
Bell, Darlene Marie
Bell, Daryck Wilson
Bell, David(b. September 29, 1808, d. September 1, 1899) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bell, David Harkness(b. July 12, 1878, d. May 1953) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bell, David William(b. March 2, 1934, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Bell, Dean Wilson
Bell, Debra Lee
Bell, Devon Rebecca
Bell, Donald Martin(b. December 4, 1931, d. July 1, 1998)
Bell, Doris Gertrude
Bell, Dorothy Ann
Bell, Douglas Hamilton(b. July 22, 1905, d. September 17, 1987) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bell, Effie(b. July 1885, d. April 18, 1978)
Bell, Eileen
Bell, Elizabeth(b. March 7, 1849, d. January 27, 1855)
Bell, Elizabeth(b. March 2, 1856, d. December 23, 1937)
Bell, Elizabeth Jane
Bell, Elizabeth Jean
Bell, Ellen(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Emilie Elizabeth
Bell, Fred A.(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Gail Marie(b. December 1, 1945, d. September 22, 2000)
Bell, Gary Kenneth
Bell, George(b. September 19, 1816, d. date unknown)
Bell, George(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, George Russel
Bell, George Scott(b. May 9, 1915, d. November 14, 1969)
Bell, Glen(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Gordon Menzie(b. September 4, 1935, d. March 2, 1988) Includes Notes
Bell, Grace(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Grace Belle
Bell, James(b. August 25, 1822, d. date unknown)
Bell, James(b. 1880, d. January 3, 1880)
Bell, James Ronald
Bell, Jane(b. December 13, 1844, d. 1935)
Bell, Janet(b. 1892, d. 1972)
Bell, Jean(b. 1889, d. 1980)
Bell, Jean
Bell, Jennifer Jane
Bell, Jessie
Bell, Johanne Victoria
Bell, John(b. July 4, 1853, d. February 13, 1941)
Bell, John(b. 1880, d. January 3, 1880)
Bell, John Andrew
Bell, John Little(b. 1881, d. 1955)
Bell, Katelin Marie
Bell, Kenneth Little(b. January 20, 1911, d. June 26, 1987)
Bell, Lindsey Jeannette
Bell, Marc Gary Lee
Bell, Margaret(b. March 1, 1819, d. date unknown)
Bell, Margaret
Bell, Mark Kenneth Milton
Bell, Martha(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Mary(d. date unknown)
Bell, Melanie Lynn
Bell, Nathan William
Bell, Patricia Jean
Bell, Rebecca Elizabeth
Bell, Rebecca Leone
Bell, Riva(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Robert(b. February 3, 1814, d. date unknown)
Bell, Robert(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Robert David(b. March 20, 1913, d. April 16, 2001)
Bell, Ross Seymour
Bell, Ruth(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Bell, Ruth Louise Includes Pictures
Bell, Shery Lynn
Bell, Terry Lynn
Bell, Tyler Scott
Bell, Whitney Sarah
Bell, William(b. July 4, 1851, d. 1937)
Bell, William(b. 1880, d. January 3, 1880)
Bell, William Donald
Bell, William John(b. January 16, 1908, d. September 1977) Includes Pictures


Bendixdatter, Mette(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Bennie, Donald
Bennie, Dorothy
Bennie, Douglas
Bennie, John W.(d. date unknown)


Berberich, Ute


Bering, Mette Sørensdatter(b. Abt. 1695, d. date unknown)


Berry, Eliza(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Beyer, Anders Pedersen(b. 1759, d. December 31, 1829)
Beyer, Gedske(b. September 2, 1798, d. November 1, 1851)


Beyers, Courtney Leigh
Beyers, Derek Scott Douglas
Beyers, Emil Conrad(d. date unknown)
Beyers, George Henry
Beyers, Glenda Jean
Beyers, Kaitlyn Marie
Beyers, Kimberley Ruth(b. December 4, 1963, d. February 8, 1965)
Beyers, Laurie Ann
Beyers, Leighton Paul George
Beyers, Sharon Elizabeth
Beyers, Shirley


Bidstrup, Aase
Bidstrup, Hans Jørgen
Bidstrup, Metha


Bjørn, Christen Nielsen(d. date unknown)
Bjørn, Lilly Nielsen(b. October 21, 1911, d. January 10, 2005)
Bjørn, Viola Jenny Nielsen(b. December 18, 1908, d. January 2, 1989) Includes Pictures


Blåtand, Harald(b. Abt. 911, d. November 1, 986) Includes Notes


Blechingberg, Ane Sophie(b. October 16, 1733, d. 1799)


Bødicher, Maren Olufsdatter(b. August 6, 1592, d. February 1, 1656/57)
Bødicher, Oluf Mikkelsen(b. 1560, d. Bef. 1632)




Boleslaw, Duke(d. date unknown)


Bonde, Anders Lauritsen(d. date unknown)
Bonde, Anders Lauritsen(d. 1687)
Bonde, Anders Lauritsen(b. 1520, d. 1580)
Bonde, Birgitte Lauritsen(d. date unknown)
Bonde, Laurits Andersen(b. Abt. 1540, d. date unknown)
Bonde, Laurits Andersen Bonne or(d. 1699)
Bonde, Peder(d. date unknown)
Bonde, Sejer Andersen(b. 1550, d. September 6, 1598)


Bonne, Anders Jensen(b. July 1739, d. January 1740/41)
Bonne, Cornelia Jensdatter(b. September 1732, d. 1732)
Bonne, Hedevig Sabina Jensdatter(b. January 2, 1735/36, d. date unknown)
Bonne, Jana Friderica Jensdatter(b. July 14, 1743, d. date unknown)
Bonne, Jens Lauritsen(b. June 9, 1693, d. May 14, 1743) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Bonne, Lars Peter Jensen(b. September 14, 1729, d. date unknown)
Bonne, Mette Chatarina Jensdatter(b. September 15, 1730, d. July 1782) Includes Pictures
Bonne, Peder Jensen(b. June 1737, d. date unknown)


Borchhorst, Gertrud Mouridsdatter(b. November 4, 1644, d. May 11, 1709)
Borchhorst, Kjeld Mouridsen(b. 1638, d. 1684)
Borchhorst, Mourits Jensen(b. Abt. 1615, d. September 5, 1687) Includes Pictures


born, Still, dødfødt(b. February 7, 1820, d. February 7, 1820)


Bossen, Christen(b. 1660, d. 1693)


Bousquet, Liliane


Boysen, Ocke(b. Bet. 1440 - 1445, d. date unknown)


Bræum, Marlene Christine(b. Abt. 1710, d. 1743)


Brinck, Sophie Elisabeth Iversdatter(b. February 28, 1718/19, d. March 21, 1776)


Bro, Juliane Engkjær Harreskov


Broberg, Magdalene(b. 1769, d. January 22, 1844)


Brockdorff, Lucie Emmerentia(d. 1736)


Brodsen, Frodde(d. date unknown)


Brookshaw, Mary Ellen


Brorson, Christian Riese Brodersen(b. May 2, 1726, d. March 12, 1765)
Brorson, Oluf Adolph Nicolaisen(b. December 19, 1724, d. April 8, 1773)


Broust, Lars Christian(b. 1756, d. date unknown)


Brown, Alexander
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Benjamin Christensen Includes Pictures
Brown, Cameron James Includes Pictures
Brown, David
Brown, George
Brown, Liam Christensen Includes Pictures


Bullock, Margaret Elizabeth


Busche, Hasso(b. Abt. 1116, d. Bet. 1149 - 1160) Includes Notes
Busche, Henrik(b. Bet. 1075 - 1090, d. date unknown)
Busche, Henrik(b. Abt. 1150, d. Aft. 1208) Includes Notes


Byrialsen, Laust(b. February 1776, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Byriel(d. date unknown)


Campbell, Angus Includes Pictures
Campbell, Deborah Lynn Includes Pictures


Carey, Barbara


Carstan, Claus Clausen(d. December 16, 1728)


Carter, Kevin


Cassidy, Adam James
Cassidy, James William
Cassidy, Michelle Elizabeth
Cassidy, Niel Fraser


Cejudo, Martha Elizabeth Garza


Chatfield, Chrystie Jane
Chatfield, Edward
Chatfield, Stacey E.
Chatfield, Thomas Elan


Christen(d. date unknown)


Christendatter, Ane Marie(b. May 11, 1841, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Christendatter, Zidsel Marie(b. 1765, d. date unknown)


Christensdatter, Ane Margrethe(d. date unknown)
Christensdatter, Anne(d. date unknown)
Christensdatter, Christiane(b. 1831, d. July 23, 1887)
Christensdatter, Dorthe Lisbeth(d. date unknown)
Christensdatter, Helvig(d. date unknown)
Christensdatter, Karen(d. 1680)
Christensdatter, Kirsten(b. 1788, d. date unknown)
Christensdatter, Maren(d. date unknown)
Christensdatter, Maren(b. Abt. 1776, d. May 17, 1844) Includes Notes
Christensdatter, Mette(b. 1551, d. January 29, 1631/32) Includes Notes
Christensdatter, Mette(b. 1766, d. 1834) Includes Notes
Christensdatter, Mette(b. 1839, d. date unknown)


Christensen, Anders Christian(b. 1874, d. 1936)
Christensen, Ane Christine(b. July 15, 1866, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Christensen, Anna Anine Marie(b. January 4, 1906, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Anna Marie Spanggaard
Christensen, Bent
Christensen, Birgit Engkjær
Christensen, Birk
Christensen, Carl Emil(b. June 22, 1911, d. February 2, 1974) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Christensen, Cecilia Marie Mouritsen(d. date unknown)
Christensen, Christa Spanggaard(b. 1906, d. 1981)
Christensen, Christen(b. 1800, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Christen(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Christen(b. June 23, 1853, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Christensen, Christen(b. May 1, 1857, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Christen(b. August 6, 1869, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Christian(b. September 16, 1844, d. May 12, 1861) Includes Pictures
Christensen, Christian Marinus(b. March 2, 1873, d. September 22, 1935) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Christensen, Christine Marie(d. date unknown)
Christensen, Erik Neil Includes Pictures
Christensen, Ester Marie Spanggaard(b. 1899, d. 1901)
Christensen, Esther Rebekka Spanggaard
Christensen, Gert Spanggaard(b. January 21, 1944, d. April 3, 1947) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Christensen, Gunner Verner
Christensen, Hans Peter
Christensen, Hans Spanggaard Includes Pictures
Christensen, Harald Spanggaard(b. 1915, d. 1943)
Christensen, Heidi Louise Includes Pictures
Christensen, Henrik
Christensen, Henry Drachmann(d. date unknown)
Christensen, Jens(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Jens(b. November 5, 1842, d. February 1, 1862) Includes Pictures
Christensen, Jens Andreas(b. 1875, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Jens Peder(b. September 25, 1838, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Jens Peter(b. July 30, 1875, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Christensen, Jeppe(b. Abt. 1667, d. 1712)
Christensen, Johannes Spanggaard(b. 1902, d. 1978)
Christensen, Karen Marie(b. 1776, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Kirsten(d. date unknown)
Christensen, Kirsten(b. 1774, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Kristiane Petrea(b. April 10, 1908, d. 1976)
Christensen, Lasse Kunstmann
Christensen, Line Spanggaard
Christensen, Mads(b. 1702, d. March 5, 1773) Includes Pictures
Christensen, Maren(b. March 1777, d. 1778)
Christensen, Maren(b. 1782, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Maren Kathrine(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Mariane Aas(b. February 2, 1839, d. April 3, 1887)
Christensen, Marianne Nymann Includes Pictures
Christensen, Marie Magdalene(d. date unknown)
Christensen, Marinus
Christensen, Mary Lydia(b. January 6, 1922, d. September 14, 2006)
Christensen, Mette(d. date unknown)
Christensen, Mette Kirstine(d. June 13, 1862)
Christensen, Michael
Christensen, Michelle Nymann Includes Pictures
Christensen, Mikkel(b. 1762, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Christensen, Mogens Christian(b. 1878, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Niels(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Christensen, Niels Christian(b. August 16, 1850, d. date unknown)
Christensen, Niels Christian(b. 1874, d. 1891)
Christensen, Ole Brøgger
Christensen, Ole Spanggaard Includes Pictures
Christensen, Oskar(b. 1913, d. 1913)
Christensen, Oskar Abildgaard(b. 1914, d. 1915)
Christensen, Palle Spanggaard Includes Pictures
Christensen, Richard
Christensen, Solveig Gunhild Spanggaard Includes Pictures
Christensen, Søren Christian(b. April 20, 1841, d. 1907) Includes Notes
Christensen, Torben Nymann Includes Pictures
Christensen, Vibeke Nymann Includes Pictures
Christensen, Zakarias(d. date unknown)
Christensen, Zidsel Marie(b. October 4, 1846, d. date unknown)


Christiansen, Tove Alice(b. 1914, d. 1992)


Clark, Adam Jackson(b. 1826, d. November 30, 1905)
Clark, Isabel(d. date unknown)
Clark, Jackson(b. January 20, 1872, d. date unknown)
Clark, John(d. date unknown)
Clark, Margaret Elizabeth(b. January 12, 1876, d. December 12, 1948) Includes Pictures
Clark, Walter(d. date unknown)
Clark, William(d. date unknown)


Clausen, Christen(d. date unknown)
Clausen, Elisabeth Hedvig(d. date unknown)
Clausen, Sønnich Hendrichsen(b. October 6, 1796, d. January 9, 1882)


Clemensdatter, Maren(d. 1691)


Couch(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Cressman, John Gordon
Cressman, Julie Linette
Cressman, Leah Margaret
Cressman, Margo Marie
Cressman, Orval
Cressman, Wesley John


Curtz, Charlotte Amalie Hansdatter(d. date unknown)


Cuthbertson, Bessie Belle(b. July 5, 1911, d. December 22, 1991) Includes Notes
Cuthbertson, William(d. date unknown)

Dal Kristensen

Dal Kristensen, Maren(d. date unknown)


Dalgaard, Karen Marie(b. 1870, d. date unknown)


Dam, Åge Pedersen(d. date unknown)
Dam, Åse Pedersen


Danebod, Thyra(b. Bef. 900, d. 935) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Davidson, Bessie(d. date unknown)
Davidson, Kathryn McDougal(b. May 4, 1914, d. November 17, 1988)
Davidson, Lilico(d. date unknown)

de Molderup

de Molderup, Hans Christian(b. February 2, 1739/40, d. April 7, 1795) Includes Notes

de Moldrup

de Moldrup, Cathrine Elizabeth(b. February 5, 1764, d. date unknown) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
de Moldrup, Cathrine Elizabeth(b. March 29, 1780, d. Aft. 1840) Includes Notes
de Moldrup, Christian(b. June 13, 1778, d. 1842)
de Moldrup, Dominianus Christian(b. May 9, 1777, d. 1842) Includes Notes
de Moldrup, Hans Christian Emilde(b. 1804, d. 1842)
de Moldrup, Hedvig Sabina(b. March 11, 1763, d. date unknown)
de Moldrup, Hieronymus Peder(b. May 31, 1741, d. 1811) Includes Notes
de Moldrup, Johan Rantzow(b. August 21, 1786, d. date unknown)
de Moldrup, Margrethe Johanne Christine(b. February 1, 1770, d. 1820)
de Moldrup, Margrethe Ollegaard(b. August 28, 1770, d. July 6, 1807)
de Moldrup, Mette Marie Lucia(b. April 10, 1738, d. December 24, 1776)
de Moldrup, Nielsine Hendricke(b. October 20, 1776, d. October 6, 1839)
de Moldrup, Nilsine Fredrikka(b. October 20, 1776, d. date unknown)
de Moldrup, Ove George Frederik(b. June 10, 1747, d. January 27, 1816)
de Moldrup, Peder(b. 1735, d. December 30, 1787) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
de Moldrup, Peder(b. May 6, 1782, d. June 10, 1826)

de Ottenbüttel

de Ottenbüttel, Eler(b. Abt. 1196, d. Aft. 1261) Includes Notes
de Ottenbüttel, Nicolaus(b. Abt. 1230, d. Aft. 1281) Includes Notes

den Gamle

den Gamle, Gorm(b. Bef. 900, d. 958) Includes Notes Includes Pictures

den Stærke

den Stærke, Styrbjørn(d. 985)

den Store

den Store, Knud II(b. Abt. 997, d. date unknown)

den unge

den unge, Strange(d. Bet. 1186 - 1193)


Denmark, Bjørn Ulfsen of(d. 1049)
Denmark, Santslaue of(d. date unknown)


Dissing, Agnete(b. 1899, d. 1989)


Døllner, Charlotte Amalie(d. date unknown)


Drost, Annalin Benedicte Spanggaard
Drost, Axel Nyborg
Drost, Ingebeth Solvei Spanggaard


Due, Anders Nielsen(d. date unknown)


Ebbesdatter, Gytthe(b. Bef. 1150, d. date unknown)


Eglandt, Marie Cathrine(b. Abt. 1697, d. June 26, 1796) Includes Notes


Ehmsdatter, Karen(b. 1650, d. November 22, 1712)


Elisabeth(d. date unknown)


Elizabeth(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Ella(d. date unknown)


Engberg, Anders
Engberg, Klaus
Engberg, Lars Anthon
Engberg, Peter(b. July 22, 1938, d. date unknown)


Enggaard, Andrea Margrethe
Enggaard, Martin Marinus(d. date unknown)


Eriksdatter, Inger(b. Abt. 1100, d. 1157)


Eriksen, Alfred Carl Vilhelm(d. date unknown)
Eriksen, Carl Mogens Emil
Eriksen, Gjøde(d. date unknown)
Eriksen, Jette
Eriksen, Lone


Ernskov, Viaei




Estridsøn, Svend II(b. Abt. 1019, d. 1076) Includes Notes


Evans, Catherine(b. 1859, d. date unknown)


Faber, Ellen
Faber, Karl
Faber, Lissa


Fabich, Anne Katrine(d. date unknown)


Fæster, Maren Jesdatter(b. Abt. 1690, d. July 25, 1741)


Falck, Sophie Magdalene(d. date unknown)


Farstrup, Helene Nielsdatter(d. September 27, 1712)


Ferslev, Ingeborg Nielsdatter(b. Abt. 1637, d. date unknown)


Fester, Maren Jesdatter


Findlay, Alex(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Findlay, Charlie
Findlay, Clifford
Findlay, Mable
Findlay, Violet


Fisher, Christian(d. date unknown)


Flindt, Henrich Wilhelm(b. 1770, d. May 10, 1817) Includes Notes


Fog, Ingeborg Pedersdatter Nielsen(b. Bet. 1560 - 1565, d. April 16, 1603)
Fog, Magdalena Sophia(d. date unknown)
Fog, Peder Nielsen(b. Abt. 1531, d. April 7, 1614)


Fogh, Niels Nielsen(b. Abt. 1500, d. Aft. 1531)


Forbes, Dorothy


Fowlie, Blair Elizabeth
Fowlie, Franklin Ward


Frandsen, Peder(d. 1608)


Frederiksen, Erik Michael(b. February 19, 1875, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Frederiksen, Jens Jørgen(d. date unknown)


Friedenreich, Hedevig Sabine(b. 1745, d. 1798)


Friis, Apollone Nielsdatter(b. 1678, d. November 1727)
Friis, Ingeborg Christensdatter(b. 1695, d. November 29, 1764)
Friis, Ingeborg Christensdatter
Friis, Karen Nielsdatter(d. date unknown)
Friis, Maren Jesperdatter(b. January 15, 1686/87, d. July 23, 1770)
Friis, Niels Christensen(b. 1637, d. 1714) Includes Notes


Frødesdatter, Catharina(b. Abt. 1575, d. date unknown)


Frodsen, Ingeborg(b. Abt. 1520, d. Bef. 1592)


Gade, Jens Christian(d. date unknown)
Gade, Kristine Østergaard


Gager, William(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Gamle, Bjørn IV(d. date unknown)


Gardner, Laura Annette


Gertz, Carl Erik Schleyer
Gertz, Clara Sindal
Gertz, Erik Bjarne(b. November 13, 1941, d. July 14, 1987) Includes Pictures
Gertz, Silva


Gillberg, Annika
Gillberg, Ingalill
Gillberg, Jens


Gjessing, Poul Ib


Gjødesdatter, Barbara(b. 1525, d. Abt. 1580)


Gleichen, Ernst IV of(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Glendinning, Alex
Glendinning, Alisha Rebekka
Glendinning, Daniel Robert
Glendinning, Donald George
Glendinning, Emily Alexandra
Glendinning, Jeffrey William
Glendinning, Jessica Lynette
Glendinning, Robert
Glendinning, Thomas Little(b. October 26, 1964, d. October 26, 1964)


Glug, Margrete Olufsdatter(b. Aft. 1190, d. Aft. 1252)
Glug, Oluf(b. Bef. 1150, d. 1247) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Gøddertsdatter, Hanna(b. 1689, d. 1742)
Gøddertsdatter, Maria(b. 1685, d. 1766)
Gøddertsdatter, Mette(b. 1692, d. 1751)


Gofton, Evelyn
Gofton, Jack
Gofton, Lynn Marie


Gordon, Barney John
Gordon, Bernard
Gordon, Donna Jean


Gormsen, Toke(b. Abt. 914, d. 985)


Gotland, Ottar of(d. date unknown)


Graversen, Oskar(d. date unknown)


Gray, William(b. 1864, d. August 1921) Includes Notes


Griffin, Jared Lucas
Griffin, Kyle Bruce
Griffin, Robert Bruce
Griffin, Robert Elliott


Grishave, Anders(b. 1754, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Grishave, Jens Lassen(b. 1781, d. date unknown)
Grishave, Peiter(b. 1780, d. date unknown)


Grøn, Johanne Eriksdatter(b. 1555, d. 1620)
Grøn, NN Jensdatter(d. date unknown)


Grønbeck, Andreas Jensen(b. September 15, 1715, d. May 18, 1799)
Grønbeck, Helene(b. Abt. 1717, d. May 1793)
Grønbeck, Jens Ottesen(b. 1668, d. June 28, 1749)


Grøngård, Ingeborg Nielsdatter(b. Abt. 1687, d. Abt. 1758) Includes Pictures
Grøngård, Niels Jensen(d. date unknown)


Grubb, Leland Julia


Gundesen, Hans(b. Abt. 1614, d. 1674) Includes Notes


Gunhild(d. date unknown)


Gusmeri, Giuseppina Angela


Guttormsdatter, Helena(d. date unknown)


Gyda(d. date unknown)
Gyda(d. date unknown)
Gyda(b. Abt. 980, d. date unknown)


Hald, Nicoline(d. date unknown)


Halfpenny, Patricia


Hall, Agnus
Hall, Gordon Wayne
Hall, Hugh
Hall, Kellie Marie
Hall, Kevin James


Hans(d. date unknown)


Hansdatter, Anna Cathrine(b. 1652, d. date unknown)
Hansdatter, Karen(b. Abt. 1633, d. 1664) Includes Notes
Hansdatter, Maren(b. Abt. 1628, d. Aft. 1704) Includes Notes
Hansdatter, Maren(b. 1657, d. Bef. 1677)
Hansdatter, Maren(b. 1663, d. Bef. 1677)
Hansdatter, Mette(b. 1815, d. date unknown)
Hansdatter, Regine(b. 1774, d. March 14, 1846)


Hansen, Aksel Georg
Hansen, Andreas Christian(b. 1686, d. 1748)
Hansen, Gøddert(b. Abt. 1650, d. January 13, 1738/39) Includes Notes
Hansen, Henry Includes Pictures
Hansen, Hinrich(b. 1661, d. 1747)
Hansen, Kirsten Tove
Hansen, Lüdich(b. Abt. 1631, d. date unknown)
Hansen, Pia Helle
Hansen, Pia Kirkegaard Includes Pictures


Haraldsdatter(d. date unknown)
Haraldsdatter, Gunhild(b. Abt. 965, d. November 13, 1002)
Haraldsdatter, Thyra(b. Bef. 958, d. September 18, 1000)


Hardcastle, Brian Edgar


Hardie, Agnes(b. February 10, 1851, d. June 3, 1938)


Hardy, Rose(b. 1922, d. April 10, 1997)


Harkness, Andrew(b. 1855, d. 1914)
Harkness, Douglas(b. 1885, d. 1959)
Harkness, Elizabeth(b. 1781, d. 1857)
Harkness, Grace(b. 1880, d. 1944)
Harkness, Margaret(b. 1883, d. 1963)
Harkness, Mary Jean(b. March 25, 1878, d. 1961) Includes Pictures


Harnock, Kelly Joann Marie
Harnock, William


Harper, Vera


Harvie, Jean(d. date unknown)


Hauberg, Lene


Haubroe, Ane Kathrine Petrea(d. date unknown)


Hause, Louisa(b. June 6, 1892, d. June 23, 1975)


Heath, Sylvia Ellen


Hebo, Anders Nielsen(b. 1543, d. November 30, 1602)


Hedegaard, Hansine(b. 1851, d. 1894)


Hedorff, Pia


Helvig(b. 1799, d. date unknown)


Hen, Harald III(b. Abt. 1041, d. April 17, 1080) Includes Notes


Henderson, Martin Albert(d. date unknown)
Henderson, Mary Jeannette(b. May 11, 1908, d. May 22, 1997)


Henriksen, Karen(d. date unknown)


Herlovsen, Peter(d. Aft. 1707)


Hieronymusdatter, Barbara Kirstine(b. 1722, d. 1770)


Hiis, Hanne
Hiis, Kay-Willy


Hillerslev, Niels Olufsen(b. September 23, 1654, d. January 28, 1702/03)


Hinrichsen, Detlef(d. date unknown)
Hinrichsen, Sønnich(b. 1720, d. 1799)


Hoff, Andreas Hieronymus(b. January 12, 1803, d. Aft. 1890) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Ane Cathrine(b. May 23, 1878, d. March 20, 1959) Includes Pictures
Hoff, Ane Johanne Dorthea(b. November 27, 1848, d. October 1921)
Hoff, Anne Sophie Cathrine(b. April 5, 1801, d. March 10, 1882) Includes Notes
Hoff, Christine Marie(b. December 21, 1879, d. October 17, 1938) Includes Notes
Hoff, Hans Christian(b. August 3, 1856, d. March 15, 1922) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Hansine Kirstine Nicoline(b. Abt. September 1809, d. date unknown)
Hoff, Hieronymus(b. 1689, d. December 1777) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Jens Christian(b. May 1811, d. June 1, 1811)
Hoff, Jensine Magrethe(b. March 24, 1808, d. June 20, 1808)
Hoff, Johan Frederik(b. November 25, 1842, d. October 14, 1897) Includes Notes
Hoff, Johan Valentin(b. September 1724, d. date unknown)
Hoff, Johanna Hieronymusdatter(b. September 1768, d. 1769)
Hoff, Johanne Frederikke(b. September 21, 1883, d. February 2, 1915) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Johannes Hieronymus(b. March 1771, d. April 14, 1824) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Lars Christian Melgaard(b. May 27, 1892, d. June 13, 1956)
Hoff, Maren Sørine(b. July 11, 1882, d. August 11, 1963) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Mette Marie(b. December 24, 1876, d. October 30, 1962) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Mortine Dorothea(b. July 10, 1813, d. December 13, 1813)
Hoff, Mortine Dorothea Johannesdatter(b. May 31, 1812, d. June 11, 1813)
Hoff, Niels Carl(b. August 7, 1805, d. April 1806)
Hoff, Niels Carl(b. February 22, 1807, d. February 27, 1814)
Hoff, Niels Carl(b. February 25, 1844, d. March 6, 1930) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hoff, Sophie Marie(b. March 14, 1851, d. December 3, 1930) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Hofstetter, Brandon George
Hofstetter, Candice Jayne
Hofstetter, Cecil Wilfrid
Hofstetter, John Adolph
Hofstetter, Rita
Hofstetter, Travis Cecil


Hoile, Alex


Holgersen, Jen(d. date unknown)


Holm, Dorothe Nielsdatter(b. 1720, d. December 1745)
Holm, Hans Høyer(b. January 13, 1801, d. date unknown)
Holm, Kristen(b. August 4, 1794, d. date unknown)
Holm, Mikkel Hansen(b. 1710, d. 1774)
Holm, Niels Lassen(b. October 15, 1769, d. July 7, 1839)
Holm, Peder(b. December 18, 1796, d. date unknown)
Holm, Povl(b. April 1, 1761, d. March 20, 1804)


Holst, Maren Jacobsdatter
Holst, Poul(d. date unknown)


Hornbæk, Minna Rasmussen


Hoskin, George Stacey
Hoskin, Jack
Hoskin, Jacob Pierce
Hoskin, Shannon Marie
Hoskin, Stacey John


Høyer, Albreth Mouritsen(b. June 1726, d. August 1800)
Høyer, Anders Hansen(b. 1655, d. June 19, 1727) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Anders Lydichsen(b. 1597, d. May 24, 1664) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Anders Mouritsen(b. 1683, d. May 25, 1683)
Høyer, Anders Thomasen(b. 1734, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Andreas(b. November 1722, d. June 12, 1782) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Andreas Christian(b. April 11, 1783, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Andreas Mouritsen(b. March 1721/22, d. July 1722)
Høyer, Andreas Mouritsen(b. December 1727, d. May 1731)
Høyer, Andreas Peter(b. June 22, 1763, d. 1809)
Høyer, Andreas Thomasen(b. 1729, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Andriette Katrine Kristensen(b. August 31, 1778, d. May 10, 1779)
Høyer, Ane Hansdatter(b. 1719, d. April 19, 1751)
Høyer, Anna Cathrine Mouritsdatter(b. Abt. 1676, d. February 17, 1685/86)
Høyer, Anna Friis(b. 1709, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Anna Lisbeth(b. 1705, d. 1787)
Høyer, Anne(b. Abt. 1722, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Anne Andersen(b. September 7, 1701, d. April 1718)
Høyer, Anne Cathrine(b. February 1724/25, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Anne Elsebeth(b. 1745, d. 1790)
Høyer, Anne Marie Andersdatter(b. 1694, d. September 20, 1755)
Høyer, Anne Mouritsdatter(b. Abt. 1670, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Anne Mouritsen(b. November 1735, d. October 1738)
Høyer, Appelene(b. Abt. 1721, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Boyer Hansen(b. 1644, d. 1703) Includes Notes
Høyer, Carl Anton Jensen(b. June 16, 1790, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Carl Peter Anton(b. 1787, d. 1788)
Høyer, Christen(b. 1704, d. 1705)
Høyer, Christen(b. December 1758, d. 1809) Includes Notes
Høyer, Christen Aas(b. February 19, 1865, d. January 21, 1939)
Høyer, Christen Hansen(b. August 1726, d. April 19, 1806) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Christen Jensen(b. April 7, 1785, d. 1788)
Høyer, Christen Thomasen(b. 1726, d. 1783)
Høyer, Christian Nicolai Andersen(b. May 1707, d. 1743)
Høyer, Edel Sophie Mouritsdatter(b. March 11, 1677/78, d. 1759)
Høyer, Elisabeth(b. Abt. 1788, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Elisabeth Jensdatter(b. May 20, 1791, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Ellen Mouritsen(b. June 1729, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Ellen Mouritsen(b. December 1732, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Else(b. Abt. 1720, d. December 1784)
Høyer, Else Aaes(b. January 10, 1868, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Else Cathrine(b. 1764, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Elsebeth(b. 1711, d. 1712)
Høyer, Elsebeth(b. November 20, 1712, d. February 1, 1764)
Høyer, Fedder Hansen(b. 1626, d. August 2, 1706) Includes Notes
Høyer, Fedder Kristensen(b. January 24, 1767, d. November 7, 1773)
Høyer, Friderica Dorothea(b. March 8, 1772, d. May 28, 1840) Includes Notes
Høyer, Gert Dideric Thomasen(b. Abt. 1718, d. March 1768)
Høyer, Hans(b. April 12, 1752, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Hans(b. Abt. 1786, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Hans Andersen(b. 1688, d. 1688)
Høyer, Hans Andersen(b. January 7, 1692/93, d. August 20, 1744) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Hans Hansen(b. Abt. 1645, d. 1707) Includes Notes
Høyer, Hans Jensen(b. 1796, d. 1796)
Høyer, Hans Kristensen(b. August 25, 1761, d. February 14, 1817)
Høyer, Hans Lydichsen(b. Abt. 1592, d. Abt. 1670) Includes Notes
Høyer, Hans Mouritsen(b. March 1684/85, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Hedvig Sabine(b. April 6, 1756, d. January 6, 1826) Includes Pictures
Høyer, Ingeborg Andersen(b. October 18, 1702, d. May 9, 1787)
Høyer, Ingeborg Kristensen(b. January 23, 1768, d. May 4, 1772)
Høyer, Ingeborg Kristensen(b. February 14, 1777, d. May 30, 1777)
Høyer, Jens(b. 1710, d. 1714)
Høyer, Jens(b. April 24, 1716, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Jens(b. Abt. 1784, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Jens Andersen(b. September 14, 1686, d. January 26, 1725/26) Includes Pictures
Høyer, Jens Bonne(b. January 2, 1754, d. March 13, 1826) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Jens Bonne(b. February 25, 1810, d. June 21, 1895) Includes Notes
Høyer, Jens Christian(b. 1743, d. January 8, 1808)
Høyer, Jens Thomasen(b. 1736, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Jes(b. September 29, 1724, d. September 29, 1724)
Høyer, Jesper(b. July 29, 1793, d. September 26, 1844) Includes Notes
Høyer, Jesper Hansen(b. August 20, 1720, d. March 20, 1804) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Johanne Kristine(b. April 10, 1771, d. November 1, 1771)
Høyer, Johanne Marie(b. 1766, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Johanne Marie(b. 1790, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Johanne Thomasen(b. 1732, d. May 1799)
Høyer, Johannes(b. Abt. 1782, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Joseph Theodor(b. 1786, d. October 30, 1851) Includes Notes
Høyer, Judith(b. 1640, d. 1682)
Høyer, Judith Cathrine Mouritsdatter(b. 1680, d. 1752)
Høyer, Karen Andersdatter(b. September 1687, d. May 13, 1724)
Høyer, Kirstine(b. December 8, 1760, d. 1831) Includes Notes
Høyer, Kirstine Birgitte(b. 1739, d. May 30, 1791)
Høyer, Kristen Peter Jensen(b. 1789, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Laurits(b. Abt. 1738, d. 1818) Includes Notes
Høyer, Laurits(b. Abt. 1792, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Laurits Fog Kristensen(b. November 19, 1772, d. February 8, 1844)
Høyer, Ludvig Peter(b. 1697, d. 1700)
Høyer, Magdalena Sophie Kristensen(b. September 1, 1763, d. April 1, 1832)
Høyer, Maren(b. July 16, 1863, d. August 2, 1921)
Høyer, Maren Kristensen(b. December 30, 1765, d. December 19, 1815)
Høyer, Maren Mouritsdatter(b. 1675, d. Abt. 1729)
Høyer, Margrethe Anne Kirstine(b. December 17, 1827, d. May 16, 1870)
Høyer, Mariane(b. Abt. 1747, d. 1836)
Høyer, Marie Theodore(b. January 10, 1868, d. May 13, 1869)
Høyer, Mette Cathrine Wibeke(b. April 22, 1784, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Mourits Andersen(b. April 1695, d. 1760)
Høyer, Mourits Mouritsen(b. March 11, 1677/78, d. 1750) Includes Notes
Høyer, Mourits Offesen(b. June 21, 1696, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Mouritz Hansen(b. June 3, 1636, d. August 20, 1722) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Høyer, Niels Friis Møller(b. 1700, d. January 18, 1737/38)
Høyer, Offe Mouritsen(b. Abt. 1670, d. Abt. 1729)
Høyer, Ole Kristensen(b. December 9, 1774, d. September 7, 1826)
Høyer, Otto Offesen(b. July 29, 1695, d. July 17, 1757)
Høyer, Peder Andersen(b. 1692, d. May 14, 1760)
Høyer, Peder Thomasen(b. 1730, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Peter Splir(b. Abt. 1778, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Povel(b. March 1723/24, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Povel(b. August 1730, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Povl Mouritsen(b. April 1721, d. July 1722)
Høyer, Rasmus Kristensen(b. July 16, 1762, d. October 3, 1762)
Høyer, Rasmus Kristensen(b. January 29, 1770, d. July 13, 1854)
Høyer, Sara(b. Abt. 1750, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Schack Vittinghof(b. 1736, d. 1790)
Høyer, Sidsel Magrethe(b. 1724, d. Bef. 1747)
Høyer, Sophie Amalie Mouritsdatter(b. Abt. 1674, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Søren(b. 1725, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Søren Listo(b. Abt. 1780, d. date unknown)
Høyer, Thomas Andersen(b. 1690, d. June 25, 1747)
Høyer, Thomas Christian(b. August 9, 1823, d. January 12, 1891)
Høyer, Thomas Gertsen(b. March 1744/45, d. date unknown)


Huber, Loraine(d. date unknown)


Hunt, Kathleen Marie Margaret
Hunt, William Henry(b. April 5, 1889, d. March 4, 1953)


Hurup, Margrethe Dorthea(b. May 27, 1827, d. date unknown)
Hurup, Søren Jensen(b. December 1797, d. January 14, 1890) Includes Notes


Huurup, Jens Pedersen(b. 1757, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Hvalsøe, Anna(d. date unknown)


Hvass, Frants Jensen(b. 1668, d. September 1726) Includes Pictures
Hvass, Jens(b. Abt. 1724, d. 1773)


Hvide, Asser Rig(b. Aft. 1085, d. 1151) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Hvide, Cecilie Esbernsdatter(b. Abt. 1164, d. date unknown)
Hvide, Cecilie Skjalmsdatter(b. Bef. 1084, d. Bef. 1201)
Hvide, Ebbe Skjalmsøn(b. 1085, d. 1151) Includes Notes
Hvide, Skjalm(b. 1034, d. 1113) Includes Notes
Hvide, Toke Skjalmsen(b. Abt. 1100, d. Aft. 1161) Includes Notes


Hytting, Bodil Østergård




Iversdatter, Maren(d. date unknown)
Iversdatter, Marine(d. date unknown)


Iversen, Else
Iversen, Martin(d. 1706)


Jacobs, Anna
Jacobs, Doris
Jacobs, George William(b. August 8, 1890, d. June 8, 1966)
Jacobs, Harry
Jacobs, Mary
Jacobs, Ross
Jacobs, Ruth


Jacobsdatter, Anne(b. 1757, d. date unknown)
Jacobsdatter, Maren(b. 1760, d. date unknown)


Jacobsen, Mads(b. 1769, d. date unknown)


Jarl, Erik(d. date unknown)
Jarl, Håkon(d. date unknown)




Jensdatter, Ane(b. 1776, d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Anna(b. 1694, d. February 1765) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Jensdatter, Anne(d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Anne(d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Anne(b. April 18, 1728, d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Anne Margrethe(b. 1799, d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Birthe(b. 1802, d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Dorthe(d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Karen Marie(b. January 20, 1815, d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Kirsten(b. 1793, d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Maren(b. 1575, d. Aft. 1644)
Jensdatter, Maren(b. Abt. 1702, d. June 6, 1773)
Jensdatter, Maren(b. March 7, 1819, d. date unknown)
Jensdatter, Mette(b. 1734, d. July 19, 1804)
Jensdatter, Valborg(d. date unknown)


Jensen, Ane Kirstine(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Ane Marie(b. 1854, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Ane Sofie(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Bent
Jensen, C.(d. date unknown)
Jensen, Christen(b. March 5, 1740/41, d. May 15, 1743)
Jensen, Christen
Jensen, Dorthe Marie(b. 1885, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Else Includes Pictures
Jensen, Ester Margrete Brogger
Jensen, Holger Spanggaard
Jensen, Inger Kirstine
Jensen, Jannie
Jensen, Jens(d. date unknown)
Jensen, Jens(b. February 1737/38, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Jens(b. December 1, 1816, d. March 19, 1827)
Jensen, Jens(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Jens Christ.(b. 1791, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Jens Kristian(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Johanne Marie(d. date unknown)
Jensen, Johanne Marie(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Karen Kirstine Antonia(b. May 1, 1916, d. January 26, 1993)
Jensen, Kirsten Margrethe(b. 1879, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Kirstine(b. 1832, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Maren(b. Abt. 1699, d. August 5, 1789)
Jensen, Maren(b. December 5, 1734, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Marie Bersan(d. date unknown)
Jensen, Martinus(d. date unknown)
Jensen, Mette(b. 1676, d. 1737)
Jensen, Mette(b. 1833, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Mette Marie(b. October 1746, d. 1749)
Jensen, Niels(b. October 1731, d. March 31, 1811)
Jensen, Niels(b. 1849, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Niels(b. 1869, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Niels Christian(b. 1851, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Peder(b. Abt. 1610, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Peder(b. 1712, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Peder(b. 1774, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Peder(b. Abt. 1805, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Jensen, Peder(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Jensen, Rasmus(d. date unknown)
Jensen, Søren(d. date unknown)
Jensen, Thomas Bjørn
Jensen, Thorvald Spanggard
Jensen, Tommy
Jensen, Trine Spanggaard
Jensen, Ulla
Jensen, Villy Georg Kristen
Jensen, Walter


Jensine(d. date unknown)


Jepsen, Jacob Mourits
Jepsen, Karen Grønbæk
Jepsen, Mogens


Jespersen, Anders Kragh
Jespersen, Anna Kirstine Spanggaard
Jespersen, Helge Kragh
Jespersen, Kirstine Margrethe Tygesen(d. date unknown)
Jespersen, Maren(d. date unknown)
Jespersen, Maren(d. date unknown)
Jespersen, Maren
Jespersen, Marie Sofie Spanggaard


Jessen, Balthasar Pedersen(b. February 5, 1726/27, d. 1755)




Johannesen, Betty


Johansen, Alice Marian Dam
Johansen, Carl
Johansen, Georg
Johansen, Ivan Asbjørn Dam
Johansen, Johan Marinus(b. May 13, 1886, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Johansen, Lisbeth Merete
Johansen, Mikkel Peder(d. date unknown)
Johansen, Niels Bent
Johansen, Per Mikael
Johansen, Regnar
Johansen, Richard


Johnbeck, Anders
Johnbeck, Anja
Johnbeck, Kurt
Johnbeck, Randi


Johnson, Shirley Ann


Jonasen, Ejgil
Jonasen, Mathias Spanggaard


Jorgensen, Britta


Jr., Donald Bennie
Jr., John Andrew Bell
Jr., John Knox(b. August 14, 1844, d. May 24, 1903) Includes Notes


Juel, Anna Troelsdatter(b. Abt. 1410, d. Aft. 1430)
Juel, Elsabe Pedersdatter(b. Abt. 1370, d. date unknown)
Juel, Ingeborg Pedersdatter(b. Abt. 1370, d. date unknown)
Juel, Iver Pedersen(b. Abt. 1370, d. date unknown)
Juel, Kirstine Pedersdatter(b. Abt. 1370, d. date unknown)
Juel, Peder(b. Abt. 1330, d. Aft. 1388) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Juel, Thomas(d. Aft. 1315)
Juel, Thomas Pedersen(b. Abt. 1370, d. date unknown)
Juel, Thomasdatter(b. Abt. 1300, d. date unknown)
Juel, Troels Pedersen(b. Aft. 1374, d. Aft. 1415) Includes Notes


Justesen, Tove Goul


Juul, Maren(d. date unknown)




Karst, Ole
Karst, Peter Spanggaard
Karst, Thomas Spanggaard


Kell, Ethel(d. date unknown)
Kell, Margaret Ethel
Kell, Seymor(d. date unknown)


Kempthorne, Doug


Kenyon, Melissa Mae(d. date unknown)


King, Margaret S.(b. November 26, 1882, d. March 30, 1965)


Kirkpatrick, Margaret(d. date unknown)


Kirsten(d. date unknown)


Kitchen, Mabel(b. 1884, d. 1953)


Kjærsgaard, Karen Hansdatter(b. Aft. 1560, d. date unknown)


Kjeldsdatter, Anna(d. date unknown)


Kjeldsen, Andreas Hoff Sørensen(b. 1878, d. date unknown)
Kjeldsen, Dorthea Marie(d. date unknown)
Kjeldsen, Jens Sørensen(b. September 1, 1841, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Klausen, Keld Hammer
Klausen, Kim
Klausen, Liselotte Martinussen
Klausen, Lone Inger(b. October 10, 1961, d. February 16, 1963)


Klintrup, Ingrid


Knechtel, Daniel Andrew
Knechtel, Gerry
Knechtel, Kelsey Danielle
Knechtel, Nathan Patrick
Knechtel, Nickelas Daniel


Knowles, Muriel Magaret


Knox, Adam(b. August 20, 1884, d. July 18, 1971) Includes Pictures
Knox, Agnes(b. 1856, d. February 16, 1902) Includes Notes
Knox, Andrew(b. January 31, 1850, d. November 12, 1913) Includes Notes
Knox, Andrew Boyd(b. July 3, 1905, d. July 29, 1954) Includes Pictures
Knox, George Henry(b. August 18, 1882, d. August 5, 1961)
Knox, Hazel Jean(b. May 20, 1911, d. August 1, 1959) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Knox, Helen Jane [Nellie](b. July 26, 1884, d. January 20, 1974)
Knox, Isabelle Agnes(b. November 10, 1886, d. March 28, 1961)
Knox, James(b. 1860, d. June 5, 1941) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Knox, Jane(b. 1853, d. January 18, 1876) Includes Notes
Knox, Jean(d. date unknown)
Knox, Jeannie C.(b. 1893, d. 1894)
Knox, Jessie(b. December 8, 1865, d. January 16, 1912) Includes Notes
Knox, John(b. May 23, 1879, d. December 31, 1964) Includes Pictures
Knox, John James(b. August 21, 1880, d. April 9, 1956)
Knox, Margaret(b. May 22, 1863, d. July 27, 1929) Includes Notes
Knox, Margaret Ruth(b. November 3, 1914, d. June 27, 1916)
Knox, Mary(b. December 5, 1858, d. June 8, 1913) Includes Notes
Knox, Robert(b. February 15, 1847, d. July 18, 1923) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Knox, Robert Andrew
Knox, Robert Arthur
Knox, Robert John(b. July 1, 1903, d. August 4, 1903)
Knox, Stewart
Knox, Thomson Robert(b. March 31, 1877, d. April 30, 1953)
Knox, Walter Gordon(b. June 6, 1917, d. December 8, 2000) Includes Pictures
Knox, Willie(b. 1880, d. 1881)
Knox, Winnifred Agnes(b. December 28, 1907, d. July 9, 2001) Includes Pictures


Knudsdatter, Esther(b. 1656, d. 1716)


Knudsen, Dorthe Kirstine(d. date unknown)
Knudsen, Niels
Knudsen, Oda Marie(b. 1924, d. 2000)


Koch, Martha Thora Tekla(d. date unknown)


Kortkamp, Mary Kathryn(b. January 16, 1913, d. January 21, 1994)


Kristensen, Alfred Spanggaard
Kristensen, Allan Christian
Kristensen, Amandus Laurids Johannes(b. April 1, 1901, d. 1976)
Kristensen, Anders Sindal
Kristensen, Ane Katrine(d. date unknown)
Kristensen, Anja Marie
Kristensen, Annika Laura
Kristensen, Benny Hoff
Kristensen, Bent Hoff
Kristensen, Børge
Kristensen, Egon Hoff
Kristensen, Egon Normi
Kristensen, Gerda
Kristensen, Hans(d. date unknown)
Kristensen, Harriet
Kristensen, Henny Hoff
Kristensen, Jens Oluf Hoff
Kristensen, Jørgen Hoff
Kristensen, Kaj Hoff
Kristensen, Karen Hoff
Kristensen, Karen Marie(b. January 26, 1946, d. January 29, 1990)
Kristensen, Karl Spanggaard
Kristensen, Kirstine Marie(d. date unknown)
Kristensen, Kurt Hoff
Kristensen, Lars Christian(d. date unknown)
Kristensen, Lars Hoff
Kristensen, Lis Hoff
Kristensen, Mads Hauberg Hoff
Kristensen, Mads Spanggard
Kristensen, Mette Hauberg Hoff
Kristensen, Mona
Kristensen, Niels Erik Hoff
Kristensen, Niels Hoff(b. May 21, 1927, d. September 6, 1991)
Kristensen, Niels Kristian(b. May 13, 1882, d. March 22, 1883)
Kristensen, Ninna Hoff
Kristensen, Ole Hoff
Kristensen, Per Hoff
Kristensen, Pia Margaretha Hoff
Kristensen, Søren Hoff
Kristensen, Susanne Linden
Kristensen, Tage Hoff(b. October 14, 1940, d. May 6, 1974)
Kristensen, Tommy Arthur
Kristensen, Viggo Sindal
Kristensen, Villiam(d. date unknown)


Krummediek, Mette Segebodsdatter(b. Abt. 1330, d. Abt. 1399) Includes Notes


Krummedige, Anne(b. Abt. 1365, d. date unknown)
Krummedige, Elsebe(b. Abt. 1371, d. date unknown)
Krummedige, Erik(b. Abt. 1332, d. date unknown)
Krummedige, Grote Iven(b. Abt. 1274, d. Aft. 1300) Includes Notes
Krummedige, Grote Johan(b. Abt. 1294, d. Aft. 1351) Includes Notes
Krummedige, N.N. Sergebodssøn(b. Abt. 1370, d. date unknown)
Krummedige, Segebod(b. Abt. 1310, d. Bet. 1393 - 1396) Includes Notes


Kruse, Christiane Benedikte(b. July 27, 1725, d. October 8, 1755) Includes Notes
Kruse, Frederik(b. Abt. 1690, d. Abt. 1742)


Kubassek, James
Kubassek, Julia Margaret
Kubassek, Kaitlin Theresa


Kunstmann, Lis
Kunstmann, Mai

la Mare

la Mare, Cathrine Elisabeth de(b. June 19, 1714, d. October 10, 1748)
la Mare, Hieronymus de(d. 1727)


Laasbye, Jens Rasmussen(b. 1632, d. April 10, 1695) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Laasbye, Mette Jensdatter(b. January 24, 1675/76, d. March 27, 1750) Includes Pictures
Laasbye, Peder Jensen(b. 1681, d. November 29, 1760) Includes Notes


Landruth, Janet(d. date unknown)


Larsdatter, Ane Magrethe(b. 1820, d. date unknown)
Larsdatter, Johanne Dorthea(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Larsdatter, Maren Kirstine(b. 1822, d. date unknown)
Larsdatter, Mette Kirstine(b. 1833, d. date unknown)


Larsen, Adam(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Anders(b. 1804, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Christen(b. 1864, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Christen Jensen(b. 1873, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Christian
Larsen, Christiane(b. 1870, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Christine(b. 1861, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Ella Marie
Larsen, Frederikke Dorthea(b. 1837, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Hans Christian(d. date unknown)
Larsen, Hans Peter(b. 1831, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Henry(d. date unknown)
Larsen, Jensine Anine(b. 1869, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Johan Peter(d. date unknown)
Larsen, Johannes(b. 1835, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Jørgen Krogh
Larsen, Karen(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Lise Nøhr
Larsen, Maren(b. 1842, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Maren
Larsen, Mette Johanne(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Mikkel(d. Aft. 1497)
Larsen, Niels Christian(b. 1826, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Oline Jensine(b. July 19, 1888, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Thomine(d. date unknown)
Larsen, Trine Marie(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Larsen, Walther Nøhr


Lauridsdatter, Anne(b. 1797, d. date unknown)
Lauridsdatter, Barbara(b. 1677, d. date unknown)
Lauridsdatter, Karen


Lauridsen, Anne(b. Abt. 1736, d. date unknown)
Lauridsen, Christen(b. 1723, d. 1785) Includes Pictures
Lauridsen, Jacob(b. 1796, d. date unknown)
Lauridsen, Jens(b. 1799, d. date unknown)
Lauridsen, Peder(b. 1794, d. date unknown)


Lauritsdatter, Maren(d. 1715)
Lauritsdatter, Mette(d. date unknown)


Laursen, Mette(d. date unknown)


Laustdatter, Ane Kirstine(b. January 13, 1811, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Laustsen, Kirstine(d. date unknown)


Lautrup, Anna Margrethe(b. 1719, d. June 23, 1746)


Lees, Jea(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Leeson, Dana Suzanne Marie


LeFeuvre, Christine Olga


Lensch, Carsten Henriksen(b. Abt. 1707, d. June 9, 1758)


Leslie, Neil


Leth, Maren Nielsdatter(b. Abt. 1539, d. June 30, 1614)
Leth, Niels(d. Aft. 1539)


Lewis, Robert


Licht, Charlotte Amalie von Der(d. date unknown)




Lingelbach, Anna Agnes(b. August 27, 1889, d. November 16, 1970)
Lingelbach, Ida Jane(b. June 24, 1891, d. January 8, 1974)
Lingelbach, Jacob(b. January 6, 1862, d. February 11, 1928) Includes Notes


Lisager, Helen


Listo, Johanne Kirstine(b. Abt. 1742, d. date unknown)


Litle, Cecilie Lagesdatter(d. date unknown)
Litle, Lage Gudmundsson(d. 1252)


Little, Effie(b. date unknown, d. January 28, 1897)
Little, John(d. date unknown)
Little, John(b. May 7, 1853, d. August 21, 1895)
Little, Margaret(b. 1843, d. May 21, 1906)


Lorentzdatter, Gunder(d. date unknown)
Lorentzdatter, Gunder(b. 1540, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Lorentzdatter, Gunder(b. Bet. 1545 - 1550, d. date unknown)
Lorentzdatter, NN(b. 1550, d. date unknown)
Lorentzdatter, NN(b. 1555, d. date unknown)


Lovell, William(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Loving, Hjørdis Irene(b. June 13, 1910, d. November 3, 1990)


Lüdersen, Lorentz(b. 1510, d. 1577) Includes Notes


Ludwigsdatter, Anne Elisabeth(b. February 1661/62, d. March 1697/98)


Luna, Jose Garaza


Lund, Anders Hansen(b. Abt. 1550, d. Bef. 1595)
Lund, Andreas Andersen(b. Abt. 1580, d. 1665)
Lund, Fedder(b. 1621, d. 1701)
Lund, Ingeborg Andreasdatter(b. Abt. 1620, d. 1689)


Lydichsdatter, Johanne(b. 1600, d. date unknown)
Lydichsdatter, Maren(b. 1600, d. date unknown)


Lydichsen, Hans Kiærgaard(b. 1600, d. date unknown)


Lynnerup, Christen Sørensen(d. Abt. 1674)
Lynnerup, Else Christensdatter(b. 1655, d. 1738)


Lytken, Otto Diedrich(d. date unknown)


Madsdatter, Ane(b. 1729, d. date unknown)
Madsdatter, Ane Kirstine(b. 1734, d. date unknown)
Madsdatter, Karen(b. 1824, d. 1905)
Madsdatter, Mette(b. 1742, d. date unknown)


Madsen, Birgit Hother
Madsen, Christian
Madsen, Christian
Madsen, Christian
Madsen, Frands(b. Abt. 1510, d. 1567)
Madsen, Hother Emanuel(b. January 25, 1906, d. July 1990)
Madsen, Inger
Madsen, Jacob(b. February 23, 1731/32, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Madsen, Jens(b. 1737, d. date unknown)
Madsen, Karna Hother
Madsen, Kirsten(b. May 5, 1903, d. date unknown)
Madsen, Lydia
Madsen, Mads Villumsen(d. date unknown)
Madsen, Niels(b. Abt. 1670, d. date unknown)
Madsen, Stinne
Madsen, Stinne
Madsen, Stinne


Mælisen, Petra Marie(d. date unknown)


Mandix, Jørgen Olsen(d. date unknown)


Maren(d. date unknown)


Margrethe, Hedevig(d. date unknown)
Margrethe, Karen


Martensen, Mourits(b. 1530, d. 1613) Includes Notes
Martensen, Mourits(b. Abt. 1540, d. 1609)




Mathiasdatter, Kirstine (Pers)(b. Abt. 1480, d. 1553)




Mattson, Dorothea


Mc.Eachern, Malcolm(d. date unknown)


McCall, George


McLaughlin, Charles Nelson(d. date unknown)
McLaughlin, Laurel Lynn
McLaughlin, Peter Robert Andrew
McLaughlin, Robert Nelson


McLean, Evelyn Mary


McMeekin, Jessie(d. date unknown)


McRae, Janet Louise
McRae, Nicholson


McViar, Lucy(d. date unknown)


Meier, Margrethe Olufsdatter(b. 1658, d. 1723)


Melgaard, Ane Larsen(b. February 16, 1862, d. April 23, 1900)
Melgaard, Jens Christian Christensen(d. date unknown)
Melgaard, Laust Christen Christensen(b. 1832, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Menzies, Donald(d. date unknown)


Mette(b. 1794, d. date unknown)


Michelsdatter, Karen(d. date unknown)
Michelsdatter, Mette(b. Abt. 1812, d. November 17, 1884)


Michelsen, Christen(b. Abt. 1730, d. 1779) Includes Notes


Mickelsen, Anne Pedersen(d. date unknown)
Mickelsen, Peder(d. date unknown)


Mikkelsen, Anna Margrethe
Mikkelsen, Claus(b. Abt. 1764, d. October 2, 1836)
Mikkelsen, Lars(d. Aft. 1467)
Mikkelsen, Lars(d. date unknown)
Mikkelsen, Rasmus(d. Aft. 1548)


Mitchell, Marjorie Dorothy


Mogensdatter, Ane(b. March 25, 1845, d. May 28, 1913) Includes Notes
Mogensdatter, Anne(b. May 5, 1781, d. date unknown)
Mogensdatter, Anne Kirstine(b. November 27, 1785, d. date unknown)
Mogensdatter, Else(b. July 24, 1773, d. date unknown)
Mogensdatter, Karen(b. March 1, 1778, d. December 28, 1838)
Mogensdatter, Maren(b. June 30, 1771, d. date unknown)
Mogensdatter, Maren(b. 1796, d. December 24, 1848)
Mogensdatter, Maren(b. May 28, 1840, d. 1891) Includes Notes
Mogensdatter, Mette(b. January 7, 1765, d. date unknown)


Mogensen, Anders(b. June 8, 1758, d. November 6, 1826)
Mogensen, Ane Kirstine(b. July 14, 1876, d. December 22, 1959) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Mogensen, Ane Marie(b. September 15, 1887, d. August 15, 1915)
Mogensen, Anna Mathilde(b. April 19, 1888, d. date unknown)
Mogensen, Bertha Kirstine(b. January 7, 1886, d. November 26, 1969)
Mogensen, Emma(b. April 24, 1901, d. November 15, 1979)
Mogensen, Grethe
Mogensen, Grethe
Mogensen, Hilda(b. November 21, 1911, d. December 9, 1954)
Mogensen, Jenny Marie
Mogensen, Karl Theodor(b. October 23, 1889, d. date unknown)
Mogensen, Kristian Anton(b. March 1, 1895, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Mogensen, Lovise(b. February 1880, d. 1880)
Mogensen, Mathias(b. May 9, 1779, d. date unknown)
Mogensen, Metine(b. June 14, 1875, d. date unknown)
Mogensen, Mette Martine(b. June 2, 1884, d. August 30, 1948)
Mogensen, Michael(b. November 15, 1848, d. February 5, 1927) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Mogensen, Mogens Nielsen(b. January 10, 1883, d. December 12, 1972) Includes Notes
Mogensen, Neils(b. December 17, 1775, d. February 3, 1828) Includes Notes
Mogensen, Niels(b. February 23, 1842, d. December 7, 1850)
Mogensen, Niels(b. June 18, 1851, d. March 13, 1917) Includes Notes
Mogensen, Niels Ludvig Peter(b. July 7, 1884, d. December 5, 1955)
Mogensen, Niels Oluf
Mogensen, Nielssorsine(b. January 28, 1890, d. June 21, 1930)
Mogensen, Peder(b. June 1, 1760, d. 1760)
Mogensen, Peder(b. February 1762, d. date unknown)
Mogensen, Rosa


Molderup, Anna Magdalene(b. February 1740/41, d. February 28, 1774)
Molderup, Baltasar Friderich(b. August 30, 1743, d. date unknown)
Molderup, Friderich Christian(b. October 1745, d. date unknown)
Molderup, Johan Peter(b. May 5, 1742, d. July 1750)


Moldrup, Anne Appellone(b. 1811, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Moldrup, Cornelia Bekkers(b. November 5, 1702, d. April 29, 1727) Includes Pictures
Moldrup, Edel Kirstine(b. May 1704, d. May 1705)
Moldrup, Frederikke Elisabeth(b. 1808, d. Aft. 1834)
Moldrup, Jens Laasby(b. May 9, 1697, d. December 31, 1771) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Moldrup, Joachim(b. November 1706, d. December 1706)
Moldrup, Joachim Cornelius(b. December 11, 1701, d. February 1701/02)
Moldrup, Johan Rantzon(b. August 20, 1710, d. September 25, 1762) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Moldrup, Karen(b. October 1805, d. 1891) Includes Notes
Moldrup, Karen Nielsdatter Mollerup or(d. Aft. 1693)
Moldrup, Magdalene Kirstine(b. February 14, 1707/08, d. August 13, 1762)
Moldrup, Maren Pedersdatter(b. April 2, 1696, d. Bef. 1787)
Moldrup, Mariane Pedersdatter(b. April 13, 1712, d. July 17, 1747) Includes Notes
Moldrup, Mette Marie(b. November 13, 1698, d. 1778) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Moldrup, Nicolai(b. July 1700, d. February 1713/14)
Moldrup, Niels(b. November 13, 1698, d. March 1766)
Moldrup, Nikoline Hald(b. 1803, d. Aft. 1845)
Moldrup, Peder Nielsen(b. September 8, 1670, d. May 23, 1728)


Møller, Anne Jensdatter(b. 1662, d. February 7, 1695/96) Includes Pictures
Møller, Else Jensdatter(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Møller, Gudrun Eline


Moller, Signe Mathilde


Mollerup(b. December 1714, d. December 1714)
Mollerup, Mette Nielsdatter(d. 1734)
Mollerup, Peder Nielsen(b. November 7, 1651, d. November 20, 1737) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Moridzdatter, Catharina(b. Abt. 1590, d. Aft. 1600)


Mortensen(d. date unknown)
Mortensen, Aage Nicolaj
Mortensen, Åge
Mortensen, Alfred(b. March 4, 1891, d. date unknown)
Mortensen, Fredrikke
Mortensen, Inge
Mortensen, Jacob(d. date unknown)
Mortensen, Jens(b. 1738, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Mortensen, Johannes
Mortensen, Karl
Mortensen, M.(d. date unknown)
Mortensen, Morten(d. date unknown)
Mortensen, Morten(b. 1872, d. 1933)
Mortensen, Nancy
Mortensen, Nielsine Mathilde(d. date unknown)
Mortensen, Peter


Mouritsen, Lorentz(b. 1575, d. 1648)
Mouritsen, Lüdich(b. 1570, d. date unknown)
Mouritsen, Marten(b. 1580, d. 1648)


Mule, Anna Sophia Johannesdatter(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Müller, Jacob Jensen(d. date unknown)
Müller, Jens Jacobsen(d. 1678)


Muxworthy, Amos(b. 1884, d. 1949)


Neumann, Sophie Hedevig(d. 1753)


Nichol, Agnes(d. date unknown)


Nicolai, Lambert(d. date unknown)


Nielsdatter, Anna(d. date unknown)
Nielsdatter, Birgitte Marie(b. Abt. 1746, d. February 1, 1815)
Nielsdatter, Birthe Marie(b. March 22, 1815, d. date unknown)
Nielsdatter, Bodil(d. Aft. 1560)
Nielsdatter, Dorthe Marie(b. December 6, 1778, d. October 18, 1860)
Nielsdatter, Kirsten(d. date unknown)
Nielsdatter, Kirsten(d. date unknown)
Nielsdatter, Maren(b. April 1780, d. date unknown)
Nielsdatter, Maren Cathrine(b. October 16, 1812, d. December 21, 1856)
Nielsdatter, Sidsel Marie(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Nielsen, Alice
Nielsen, Anna(b. March 11, 1707/08, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Anna Mette
Nielsen, Annelise
Nielsen, Barbara(d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Birgith Hoff
Nielsen, Børge
Nielsen, Caroline(b. November 22, 1849, d. January 19, 1917) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Nielsen, Casper Nøhr
Nielsen, Christen(d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Christen(b. June 24, 1807, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Christen(b. 1816, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Christian Peter(b. January 29, 1877, d. 1949) Includes Pictures
Nielsen, Claus
Nielsen, Daniel Brøgger
Nielsen, Ellen Margrethe
Nielsen, Esther Anine(b. May 24, 1909, d. December 2, 1989)
Nielsen, Fedder(b. Bet. 1550 - 1560, d. Bet. 1626 - 1629)
Nielsen, Hans(b. December 12, 1810, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Hans Peter(d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Henning Hoff(b. August 19, 1911, d. March 1945)
Nielsen, Henning Hoff
Nielsen, Holger Christian(b. October 1, 1906, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Inger Marie(b. March 4, 1804, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Irene Dauggaard Winther
Nielsen, Iver(b. Bef. 1300, d. Aft. 1334) Includes Notes
Nielsen, Jacob Daugaard Winther(b. February 17, 1918, d. May 19, 1992)
Nielsen, Johanne Hedvig(b. May 1718, d. December 26, 1746)
Nielsen, Johanne Hoff
Nielsen, Karen Marie(b. March 6, 1856, d. August 25, 1942)
Nielsen, Kirsten
Nielsen, Laurits(d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Laurits Marius(b. January 9, 1897, d. February 6, 1975)
Nielsen, Lauritz Christian(b. June 25, 1797, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Nielsen, Mads(b. November 1715, d. 1787)
Nielsen, Mariane(b. 1835, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Mogens(b. October 21, 1807, d. May 26, 1884) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Nielsen, Mogens Gert
Nielsen, Niels(b. May 13, 1801, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Olaf Peter(b. June 6, 1910, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Olivia Brøgger(b. December 9, 1993, d. December 9, 1993)
Nielsen, Peder(d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Peder(b. 1560, d. May 9, 1603)
Nielsen, Peder(b. Abt. 1600, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Nielsen, Peder(b. September 1795, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Nielsen, Pernille Nøhr
Nielsen, Ruth
Nielsen, Simon(b. April 18, 1810, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Nielsen, Solveig Daugaard Winther
Nielsen, Søren(b. 1803, d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Soren Christian(d. date unknown)
Nielsen, Søren Mathæes(b. October 2, 1881, d. October 22, 1968) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Nielsen, Svend Aage(b. April 23, 1914, d. May 3, 1988)
Nielsen, Troels(b. Bet. 1550 - 1560, d. Bef. 1635)
Nielsen, Viggo
Nielsen, Vogn(d. Aft. 1260)


Nørgaard, Niels Kristensen


Norway, Harald Olavsson of(b. 999, d. date unknown)


Nymann, Elin Includes Pictures
Nymann, Lilly


Obenhausen, Hans Henric(d. December 20, 1772) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Ocksen, Boye(d. date unknown)
Ocksen, Boye(b. Abt. 1410, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Ocksen, Lüder(b. 1490, d. 1551) Includes Notes


Olavsdatter, Gunhild(d. date unknown)


Olavsson, Trygve(d. date unknown)


Olesen, Thomas(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Olga(b. 1890, d. 1978)


Olsen, Anna Kristine Rasmine
Olsen, Kirsten Kolding


Oppelstrup, Niels Pedersen(b. May 31, 1806, d. date unknown) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Østerberg, Christian Smith


Østerdam, Maren Halvorsdatter(b. Abt. 1745, d. date unknown)


Ottarsdatter, Ingeborg(d. date unknown)


Otterberg, Maria Christian


Ottesdatter, Anna(d. date unknown)


Overgård, Johannes Christensen(d. date unknown)


Ovesen, Edith Lundberg


Ovlisen, Birte
Ovlisen, Molly Jonna(b. January 4, 1921, d. February 17, 1990)


Palmer, Kyle Alexander
Palmer, Neil Colin
Palmer, Thomas William


Panicucci, Rosaria


Patterson, Cathrine(b. April 29, 1846, d. October 9, 1903)


Patton, Agnes Jane(b. 1823, d. November 1, 1906) Includes Pictures


Pedersborg, Ingerd Pedersdatter of(d. date unknown)


Pedersdatter, Ane(b. June 21, 1815, d. October 16, 1894)
Pedersdatter, Anne(d. date unknown)
Pedersdatter, Anne(b. 1732, d. October 30, 1772)
Pedersdatter, Anne(b. 1769, d. date unknown)
Pedersdatter, Karen(b. 1796, d. date unknown)
Pedersdatter, Kirsten(b. 1796, d. April 29, 1860)
Pedersdatter, Kirstine(b. Abt. 1515, d. date unknown)
Pedersdatter, Maren(b. February 14, 1792, d. date unknown)
Pedersdatter, Marie(d. date unknown)
Pedersdatter, Mette(b. Abt. 1440, d. Aft. 1514)
Pedersdatter, Mette Kjerstine(b. 1831, d. date unknown)


Pedersen, Aksel
Pedersen, Ane Elisabeth(d. date unknown)
Pedersen, Anna
Pedersen, Anna Augusta
Pedersen, Bente
Pedersen, Carlo
Pedersen, Caroline
Pedersen, Christen(b. 1799, d. date unknown)
Pedersen, Edith
Pedersen, Grethe Pilgaard(b. March 7, 1944, d. July 21, 2000)
Pedersen, Hans(b. Abt. 1505, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Pedersen, Harding Møller
Pedersen, Inger Withen
Pedersen, Jens(d. date unknown)
Pedersen, Jens Stolde
Pedersen, Jesper(d. 1715)
Pedersen, Karin Møller
Pedersen, Kathrine
Pedersen, Ludvig(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Pedersen, Marius Møller(d. date unknown)
Pedersen, Mathilde
Pedersen, Mikkel(b. Bef. 1445, d. date unknown)
Pedersen, Niels(d. December 12, 1683)
Pedersen, Niels(b. Abt. 1505, d. 1579)
Pedersen, Otto Ejner
Pedersen, Signe
Pedersen, Svend Erik Pindborg
Pedersen, Tina
Pedersen, Vibeke Møller


Petersen, Allan
Petersen, Carolin
Petersen, Charles
Petersen, Gert Drexel
Petersen, Jeffrey Edward
Petersen, Kenneth
Petersen, Melvin(d. date unknown)
Petersen, Mikkel Drexel
Petersen, Nicolai Drexel




Picher, Maren Andersdatter


Pierce, Eliza


Pihlstrøm, Ann Jeanette


Pinkerton, Raymond Theodore
Pinkerton, Sheryl Lynn


Pogson, Patricia Elizabeth


Poland, Duke Miezszko of(d. date unknown)
Poland, Gundhild Swietoslava of(b. Abt. 960, d. Aft. 1013)


Poul(d. date unknown)


Poulsdatter, Maren(b. August 1697, d. 1763)
Poulsdatter, Maren(b. Abt. 1743, d. December 1797)


Poulsen, Aksel Bersan
Poulsen, Christen(d. date unknown)
Poulsen, Erik Bersan
Poulsen, Marthine
Poulsen, Mette(d. date unknown)


Poulton, Faye Alice


Povlsen, Anne(b. 1776, d. 1875)


Preschinger, John(d. date unknown)
Preschinger, Lena(b. April 9, 1887, d. August 9, 1972)


Ragnhild(d. date unknown)
Ragnhild(b. 1120, d. date unknown)


Ramsgaard, Trine Marie Andersdatter(b. October 2, 1802, d. August 21, 1845) Includes Notes


Rasmusdatter, Else(b. August 17, 1735, d. January 13, 1794)


Rasmussen(d. date unknown)
Rasmussen, Christian
Rasmussen, Christian Martin
Rasmussen, Erik Christoffer Lindhardt
Rasmussen, Knud(b. February 27, 1936, d. April 29, 2005) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Rasmussen, Knud Ronne
Rasmussen, Laurids(d. date unknown)
Rasmussen, Lene
Rasmussen, Malthe
Rasmussen, Niels(d. 1588)
Rasmussen, Ole
Rasmussen, Rigmor Includes Pictures
Rasmussen, Sonja Margrethe
Rasmussen, Theodor Emil(b. 1901, d. March 23, 1981) Includes Pictures
Rasmussen, Tinna


Reasso, Ferdinando


Revelius, Andreas Christian(b. March 1, 1750/51, d. May 3, 1816)
Revelius, Andreas Christian(b. April 1, 1751, d. date unknown)


Ring, Olaf I Bjørnsson(d. 950)


Risgaard, Peder(d. date unknown)


Roge, Dea


Ronald, David(d. date unknown)


Rønne, Vibeke


Rørbæk, Jackob Emil(b. October 2, 1909, d. date unknown)
Rørbæk, Jensine Christine(d. date unknown)


Rorbæk, Soren Kristian(d. date unknown)


Ross, David M.(d. date unknown)
Ross, Hugh


Rothe, Benedikte Rosine Marie(b. 1761, d. date unknown)
Rothe, Carl Adolph(b. October 12, 1689, d. May 17, 1766) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Rothe, Casper Peter(b. May 6, 1724, d. December 26, 1784) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Rothe, Karen Lassen(b. 1762, d. date unknown)
Rothe, Marie(b. 1739, d. date unknown)
Rothe, Nicolai August(b. 1725, d. 1796)
Rothe, Tyge Jesper(b. January 16, 1730/31, d. 1795) Includes Notes


Ruhnke, Silvia
Ruhnke, Tobias


Rytter, Christian Sørensen(d. date unknown)




Salmansen, Salman(d. date unknown)


Saltensee, Cecilie Tokesdatter(b. Abt. 1250, d. date unknown)
Saltensee, Christine Nielsdatter(d. date unknown)
Saltensee, Edele Pedersdatter(b. Aft. 1290, d. date unknown)
Saltensee, Iver Tagesen(b. Aft. 1220, d. 1262)
Saltensee, Iversdatter(b. Bef. 1260, d. date unknown)
Saltensee, Laurids(b. Abt. 1228, d. date unknown)
Saltensee, Toke(b. 1205, d. Bet. 1252 - 1260) Includes Notes


Saltenspenst, Peder Lauridsen(b. Bef. 1260, d. date unknown)


Salvesen, Orla


Sanchez, Maria Luisa Cejudo


Sand, Helen Margrethe(b. December 1773, d. January 23, 1844)


Savidant, Theresa


Savstrup, Maren Pedersdatter(d. date unknown)
Savstrup, Peder(d. Aft. 1548)


Schagena, Michelle Dawn


Schau, Botilla(b. Abt. 1720, d. 1754)


Schmidt, Carolyn Deborah
Schmidt, Margrethe Christina(b. Abt. 1755, d. April 25, 1825)


Schmitt, Daniel
Schmitt, David Daniel
Schmitt, Joseph
Schmitt, Natalie Danielle


Scotthauer, Frances(d. date unknown)


Second, Harald The(b. Abt. 989, d. date unknown)


Sehl, Pauline


Seidelin, Andreas Christiansen(b. March 1776, d. date unknown)
Seidelin, Christian Davidsen(b. May 14, 1740, d. February 27, 1799) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Seidelin, David(b. May 1775, d. September 1778)
Seidelin, David(b. June 30, 1793, d. 1837)
Seidelin, David Frederiksen(b. January 18, 1710/11, d. June 19, 1791)
Seidelin, Hans Diederich Brink Christiansen(b. 1779, d. date unknown)
Seidelin, Jacob Rasmus(b. March 1781, d. March 1781)
Seidelin, Jacob Rasmus(b. September 1783, d. September 1783)
Seidelin, Johanne Diderike Christiandatter(b. August 1778, d. January 1779)
Seidelin, Mette Cathrine Christiansdatter(b. April 1773, d. date unknown)
Seidelin, Sophie Elisabeth Christiansdatter(b. December 1772, d. date unknown)


Sejersdatter, Inger(d. date unknown)


Sejersen, Karen Lauritsdatter(d. Abt. 1564)
Sejersen, Laurits(d. date unknown)


Sergebodssøn, Erik(b. Abt. 1364, d. date unknown)


Shaginaw, Wayne


Sig, Eva


Sigrid(d. Aft. 1000)




Simonsen, Erik Knud
Simonsen, Lisbeth


Sinclair, Ruth Joan


Sippel, John
Sippel, Katherine Darlene
Sippel, Luella


Skjalmsdatter, Magga(b. Aft. 1087, d. date unknown)
Skjalmsdatter, Margrethe(b. Aft. 1088, d. date unknown)


Skjalmsen, Sune(b. Aft. 1086, d. date unknown)


Skogu-Toste(d. date unknown)


Skram, Jacobus Pedersen(b. Abt. 1255, d. date unknown)
Skram, Peder(b. Abt. 1285, d. Aft. 1320) Includes Notes
Skram, Sidsel Pedersdatter(b. Bef. 1342, d. Aft. 1397) Includes Notes


Smagbier, Clemen Jensen(d. date unknown)


Smith, Erik Valdemar
Smith, Fred(d. date unknown)
Smith, Marion Includes Pictures


Snare, Esbern(b. 1127, d. 1204) Includes Notes


Snider, Beverley Lynn
Snider, Jean
Snider, Jeannette
Snider, Walter


Soelberg, Edel Cathrine Severine(b. February 28, 1755, d. May 14, 1837) Includes Notes




Solvsten, Inger


Sommer, Christen(d. Abt. 1584)
Sommer, Else Andersdatter(d. Aft. 1655)
Sommer, Johanne Christensdatter(d. date unknown)


Søndergård, Johanne(d. date unknown)


Sønnichsdatter, Botilla(b. 1695, d. 1773)
Sønnichsdatter, Helena(b. 1767, d. March 11, 1837)


Sophie(b. Abt. 1120, d. date unknown)


Sørensdatter, Ane(b. October 25, 1825, d. July 6, 1918) Includes Pictures
Sørensdatter, Ane Martine(b. November 29, 1839, d. date unknown)
Sørensdatter, Mette Marie(b. February 28, 1824, d. November 15, 1875)


Sørensen, Adam Levin(d. date unknown)


Sorensen, Anders(d. date unknown)


Sørensen, Ane Batsberg
Sørensen, Ane Johanne(d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Berit
Sørensen, Bjarne
Sørensen, Carl Severin(b. April 28, 1898, d. December 19, 1995) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Sørensen, Christian Mikael
Sørensen, Daniel
Sørensen, Frederik(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Inge Lise
Sørensen, Jens Peter(b. October 31, 1834, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Sørensen, Jesper Altenhoff(d. October 12, 1688)
Sørensen, Joan
Sørensen, Johannes(b. 1829, d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Jon Batsberg
Sørensen, Jørn


Sorensen, Karen(d. date unknown)


Sørensen, Karen Marie Mariette
Sørensen, Kristine Valborg Cecilie(b. 1884, d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Michael Rønne
Sørensen, Mogens
Sørensen, Nancy Ragnhild
Sørensen, Nanna Marie
Sørensen, Niels(d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Niels Marius(d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Paul Erik
Sørensen, Peder(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Sørensen, Peder(b. 1821, d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Per
Sørensen, Rune Batsberg
Sørensen, Søren(b. 1880, d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Svend Aage(b. June 11, 1925, d. April 26, 1995) Includes Notes
Sørensen, Vagn Egon Includes Pictures
Sørensen, Valborg(b. 1886, d. date unknown)
Sørensen, Valdemar(b. 1882, d. date unknown)


Sorine, M.(b. 1903, d. date unknown)


Spanggaard(b. 1825, d. 1825)
Spanggaard(b. May 3, 1870, d. May 3, 1870)
Spanggaard, Aage
Spanggaard, Aksel(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Alfred(b. 1905, d. 1997)
Spanggaard, Amalie
Spanggaard, Anders
Spanggaard, Anders Bjørn(b. May 28, 1969, d. September 28, 1996)
Spanggaard, Anders Christensen(b. 1829, d. 1924)
Spanggaard, Anders Christian(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Anders Kristensen(b. 1898, d. 1977)
Spanggaard, Ane Kathrine Marie(b. August 1867, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Anette Gade
Spanggaard, Anna Christensdatter(b. 1750, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Anne
Spanggaard, Anne Sofie
Spanggaard, Annette
Spanggaard, Annika Pilgaard Bjørn
Spanggaard, Arndt(b. 1918, d. 1995)
Spanggaard, Arne Mikael Mogensen(b. December 26, 1904, d. February 25, 1987) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Astrid [Mortensen] Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Astrid Karoline Mogensen(b. March 4, 1912, d. April 2, 1973) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Bent Bjørn
Spanggaard, Bodil Christensdatter(b. 1759, d. 1812)
Spanggaard, Bodil Kirstine Jensdatter(b. 1717, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Carl Gade
Spanggaard, Carsten [Mortensen] Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Cathrine(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Charlotte
Spanggaard, Christen(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Christen Larsen(b. June 19, 1792, d. January 7, 1861) Includes Notes
Spanggaard, Christian Jensen(b. May 1863, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Christina
Spanggaard, Christine(b. July 1871, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Dortea(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Elisabeth(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Ellinor
Spanggaard, Else Marie
Spanggaard, Emil Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Emma
Spanggaard, Erling Bjørn
Spanggaard, Esther(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Esther
Spanggaard, Finn(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Finn Bjørn
Spanggaard, Frederik Karl Kristensen(b. November 3, 1877, d. November 30, 1938) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Gunnar Kristen Abildgaard Mogensen(b. January 27, 1910, d. December 27, 2001) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Hanne(b. 1938, d. 1966)
Spanggaard, Hanne
Spanggaard, Harald(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Heinrik Bjørn(b. December 23, 1933, d. October 9, 1954)
Spanggaard, Helene
Spanggaard, Helga
Spanggaard, Helga Johanne Mogensen(b. January 14, 1903, d. December 21, 1971) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Herdis
Spanggaard, Herdis Ragnhild Mogensen(b. June 20, 1917, d. August 6, 1917) Includes Notes
Spanggaard, Ib
Spanggaard, Ida Marie
Spanggaard, Ilse
Spanggaard, Ingeborg Christensdatter(b. 1756, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Inger Birgitte Gade
Spanggaard, Ingvar Andersen(b. 1870, d. 1952)
Spanggaard, Ivar
Spanggaard, Jacob
Spanggaard, Jacob
Spanggaard, Jakob Kristensen(b. January 20, 1882, d. 1961) Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Jane Bjørn
Spanggaard, Jens
Spanggaard, Jens Andersen(b. June 13, 1859, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Jens Christensen(b. 1834, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Jens Christian Gade
Spanggaard, Jens Jespersen (Christian)(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Jens Kristian Mogensen(b. November 4, 1906, d. September 12, 1973) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Jens Martin
Spanggaard, Jens Nielsen(b. 1689, d. 1770) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Jens Ole
Spanggaard, Jens Zakariasen(b. July 21, 1875, d. February 8, 1883)
Spanggaard, Johannes(b. 1903, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Johannes(b. 1906, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Johannes
Spanggaard, Johannes Halfdan Mogensen(b. January 1, 1916, d. March 14, 1954) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Karen(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Karen(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Karen(b. 1902, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Karen Marie
Spanggaard, Karen Marie
Spanggaard, Karl Erik Bjørn
Spanggaard, Karl Johan Mogensen(b. June 21, 1908, d. August 3, 1988) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Karoline
Spanggaard, Karsten
Spanggaard, Kathrine Kristensen(b. June 20, 1873, d. 1942)
Spanggaard, Keanne
Spanggaard, Kenneth
Spanggaard, Kiersten Jensdatter(b. 1724, d. March 10, 1801)
Spanggaard, Kim
Spanggaard, Kirsten Christensdatter(b. February 15, 1828, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Kirstine(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Kirstine Marie(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Knud George(b. 1909, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Knud Tage Mogensen(b. October 5, 1913, d. January 11, 1991) Includes Notes
Spanggaard, Kresten Dalgaard(b. 1900, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Kresten Dissing
Spanggaard, Kresten Kristensen(b. January 8, 1844, d. April 3, 1934) Includes Notes
Spanggaard, Kristen Kristensen(b. November 22, 1871, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Kristine Marie(b. November 3, 1877, d. 1947)
Spanggaard, Lars(b. 1753, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Lars Christensen(b. July 17, 1826, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Lars Christian(b. 1835, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Lasse
Spanggaard, Lene
Spanggaard, Lillian Bjørn
Spanggaard, Lisbeth Gade
Spanggaard, Liselotte
Spanggaard, Louise
Spanggaard, Luisa
Spanggaard, Mads
Spanggaard, Mads
Spanggaard, Mads Christian Ovlisen
Spanggaard, Mads Hove Andersen(b. October 1857, d. 1933)
Spanggaard, Maren Jensdatter(b. 1714, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Margrethe(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Maria
Spanggaard, Marianne Natascha
Spanggaard, Mary
Spanggaard, Mette Christensdatter(b. March 16, 1763, d. August 3, 1851) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Mette-Marie
Spanggaard, Mona Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Morten
Spanggaard, Niels Christian(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Ole
Spanggaard, Orla Bjørn
Spanggaard, Peder(b. 1751, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Peder Christensen(b. 1831, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Pernille
Spanggaard, Peter
Spanggaard, Peter
Spanggaard, Poul Christensen(b. 1840, d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Ragnhild Bjørn
Spanggaard, Rigmor
Spanggaard, Samuel(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Sebastian
Spanggaard, Steen [Mortensen] Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Svend Åge(d. date unknown)
Spanggaard, Thorvald(b. 1908, d. 1997)
Spanggaard, Tine
Spanggaard, Tom [Mortensen](b. November 25, 1933, d. February 7, 2004) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Spanggaard, Trine Marie(b. December 27, 1865, d. December 31, 1865)


Spliid, Anne Christensdatter(d. 1709)
Spliid, Christen Jensen(b. Bef. 1630, d. Bef. 1688)
Spliid, Jens Pedersen(d. date unknown)


Sprackling, Asbjørn Ulfsøn(b. Abt. 1022, d. 1086)


Sprakaleg, Thrugils(b. Abt. 970, d. Bet. 1001 - 1005)


Sr., John Knox(b. 1811, d. December 20, 1888) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Steenberg, Axel Jacobsen(b. 1625, d. 1663)




Stockie, Jane Elizabeth
Stockie, Jerome
Stockie, Margaret


Stojberg, Agnete
Stojberg, Jens Peter
Stojberg, Mathias


Storråde, Sigrid(b. Abt. 980, d. Abt. 1000)


Straxback, Peder Pedersen(b. April 22, 1709, d. September 6, 1750)


Strømberg, Anna Hansen(d. date unknown)


Stub, Anders Sørensen(d. date unknown)
Stub, Peder Pedersen(d. 1555)
Stub, Pedersdatter(d. date unknown)




Svendsdatter, Estrid(b. Bef. 1000, d. May 9, 1074)




Sweden, Gyrith Olavsdatter of(b. Bet. 911 - 925, d. Abt. 965)


Tait, Jeffrey Michael
Tait, Joshua Michael
Tait, Michelle Marie
Tait, Sheldon


Tauber, Elmar
Tauber, Frederic Møller
Tauber, Hans
Tauber, Helene
Tauber, Nikolai Møller
Tauber, Nina Møller


Thagaard, Laurits Pedersen(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Thaulov, Constance Jensdatter(b. Abt. 1700, d. April 1, 1739)


Thestrup, Christen(b. August 9, 1630, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Clemen(b. November 16, 1627, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Ingeborg(b. January 27, 1615/16, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Ingeborg(b. March 8, 1631/32, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Maren(b. November 10, 1620, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Mette Rasmusdatter(b. March 14, 1622/23, d. April 13, 1699)
Thestrup, Niels(b. April 2, 1618, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Oluf Rasmussen(b. October 30, 1613, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Peder Rasmussen(b. 1625, d. date unknown)
Thestrup, Rasmus Pedersen(b. June 28, 1588, d. June 28, 1656) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Thestrup, Willum Worm(b. 1630, d. date unknown)


Thomas, Bonnie Yvonne Esther


Thomasdatter, Anne Margrete(b. Abt. 1768, d. date unknown)
Thomasdatter, Berte Marie(b. 1803, d. date unknown)
Thomasdatter, Margrethe(b. 1637, d. 1678)


Thompson, Amanda Lee
Thompson, Carissa Lynn
Thompson, Elaine
Thompson, Joan
Thompson, Laurie Ashley
Thompson, Lloyd
Thompson, Phillip
Thompson, Robbie
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Robert Tyler
Thompson, Samuel Gordon


Thomsen, Emilie
Thomsen, Rasmus(b. Abt. 1718, d. 1798)


Thorstensen, Peder(d. Aft. 1157) Includes Notes


Thortsen, Anne Elisabeth(b. May 20, 1786, d. March 1, 1849)


Thorup, Else Jensdatter(d. January 1703/04)


Thrugilsøn, Ulf Jarl(b. Abt. 993, d. December 26, 1026)


Thura, Laurids Lauridsen(b. 1715, d. January 31, 1777)


Thurlow, Logan Robert John
Thurlow, Payton Christine
Thurlow, Shawn
Thurlow, Victoria Mae




Tokensen, Oluf(b. Abt. 1250, d. 1310)


Tokesen, Pallig(b. Abt. 950, d. November 13, 1002)


Tokesøn, Stig(d. date unknown)


Torossi, Franco
Torossi, Massimo


Trap, Ida(d. date unknown)


Troelsdatter, Karen(d. date unknown)
Troelsdatter, Maren(d. date unknown)


Troelsen, Peder(b. 1475, d. Abt. 1560) Includes Notes
Troelsen, Svend(d. date unknown)


Trolle, Jakob
Trolle, Lise
Trolle, Rasmus
Trolle, Svend Peter


Trygveson, Olav(d. date unknown)


Turnbull, Margaret(d. date unknown)


Tuxen, Nina


Tveskæg, Svend(b. 960, d. February 3, 1013/14) Includes Notes


Tvilling, Niels Pedersen(b. Abt. 1762, d. October 30, 1815) Includes Notes


Tvillinger, Twins(b. January 1782, d. January 1782)


Ulfeldt, Anders Strangesen(d. date unknown)
Ulfeldt, Ingeborg Andersdatter(d. date unknown)


unknown(b. Abt. 1510, d. date unknown)


Unknown(b. 1663, d. Bef. 1677)


unknown(b. 1702, d. date unknown)
unknown(b. 1739, d. date unknown)


Vandal, Else Cathrine(b. 1776, d. March 2, 1858)


Veitch, Jane(d. date unknown)




Villadsen, Anton Binus(b. December 5, 1879, d. date unknown)




Vogn(d. date unknown)


Vognsen, Niels(b. Abt. 1260, d. Aft. 1300)
Vognsen, Peder(d. date unknown) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Voight, Peter(d. date unknown)


Voigt, Magda Juul(b. May 19, 1895, d. May 14, 1958)


von KNEIL, Joh. Phillip(d. date unknown)

Von Orloff

Von Orloff, Wilhelm(d. January 20, 1765)

Von Pretzeln

Von Pretzeln, Hedevig Sabina(b. Abt. 1696, d. May 5, 1735)

Von Scholten

Von Scholten, Casimir Wilhelm(b. 1752, d. 1810) Includes Notes Includes Pictures

von Scholten

von Scholten, Frederik Carl Emil(b. 1796, d. 1853) Includes Notes

Von Scholten

Von Scholten, Jobst Gerhard(b. 1723, d. 1786)
Von Scholten, Peter Carl Frederik(b. May 17, 1784, d. January 26, 1854) Includes Notes


Vrå, Bente Enggaard(b. March 17, 1952, d. November 13, 1952)
Vrå, Birte Enggaard
Vrå, Georg Mogensen
Vrå, Lene Enggaard
Vrå, Marinus Laursen(b. May 19, 1887, d. January 14, 1932)
Vrå, Niels Christian Laursen(d. date unknown)


Wagner, Caroline Rachel


Waldie, Agnes(b. 1834, d. December 28, 1914)


Wandal, Sophie Dorthea(d. June 18, 1726)


Weber, Addison Noah(b. August 29, 1886, d. December 7, 1971)
Weber, Mary Margaret


Weilborg, Carl Emil Includes Pictures
Weilborg, Ellen Louise Includes Pictures
Weilborg, John
Weilborg, John Philip Includes Pictures
Weilborg, Stinne Matilde Includes Pictures


Wells, Bruce Gardner
Wells, George Wellington
Wells, Kelly Ann
Wells, Kyra Elizabeth
Wells, Nicholson Duncan
Wells, Steven Gardner
Wells, Thomas George


Westenhoff, Albert Sørensen(d. date unknown) Includes Pictures


Wiedermann, Maren Lauritsdatter(b. Abt. 1680, d. November 10, 1749)


Wilkins, Donna Alma
Wilkins, Roy Ernest(d. date unknown)


Wind, Aghi(b. Abt. 1130, d. date unknown)
Wind, Gunde(b. 1160, d. Abt. 1230)
Wind, Margrethe Gundesdatter(b. Aft. 1220, d. Aft. 1268)


Winding, Albert Andersen(b. September 1724, d. date unknown)
Winding, Anders Severin Andersen(b. June 1730, d. date unknown)
Winding, Anders Westenhoff Albertsen(b. April 6, 1691, d. April 13, 1768) Includes Notes Includes Pictures
Winding, Birgitte Kirstine Pedersdatter(b. January 13, 1690/91, d. March 19, 1723/24) Includes Notes
Winding, Dorthea Christine(b. April 1733, d. May 21, 1799)
Winding, Dorthea Cornelia(b. June 1731, d. date unknown)
Winding, Frederich Andersen(b. January 1744/45, d. date unknown)
Winding, Hedvig Sabine Andersen(b. January 1735/36, d. November 1756)
Winding, Jens Philip Andersen(b. July 1734, d. October 20, 1798) Includes Pictures
Winding, Johan Nicolai Andersen(b. May 1737, d. date unknown)
Winding, Marie Andersdatter(d. date unknown)
Winding, Mette Marie Andersdatter(b. June 16, 1728, d. October 3, 1800)
Winding, Peder Andersen(b. May 1726, d. date unknown)
Winding, Peder Sørensen(b. December 25, 1661, d. December 19, 1734) Includes Notes
Winding, Rasmus Christian(b. June 1751, d. date unknown)
Winding, Rasmus Christian Andersen(b. January 1746/47, d. May 10, 1747)


Winther, Jens Sørensen(b. 1607, d. June 24, 1670)
Winther, Maren Jensdatter(d. 1712) Includes Pictures
Winther, Mette Jensdatter(b. March 6, 1650/51, d. date unknown)
Winther, Peder Jensen(b. January 2, 1649/50, d. date unknown)
Winther, Søren(b. October 19, 1644, d. date unknown)
Winther, Søren Jensen(b. 1566, d. May 25, 1644)
Winther, Svend(b. Abt. 1400, d. Aft. 1440)
Winther, Troels(b. Abt. 1435, d. March 7, 1513/14) Includes Notes Includes Pictures


Wissing, Christine Marie(d. 1787)


Woolcott, Earl
Woolcott, Glen
Woolcott, Margaret
Woolcott, William(d. date unknown)


Wraae, Mette(d. date unknown)


Ynkanni, Jahny


Yu, Donna


Zakariassen, Christen(b. 1786, d. date unknown)
Zakariassen, Johanne(b. 1781, d. date unknown)
Zakariassen, Johanne(b. November 1, 1844, d. July 18, 1920)


Zawaglia, Enzo Vincenzo
Zawaglia, Rebecca


Zimmer, Bent Ingolf
Zimmer, Camille
Zimmer, Caroline
Zimmer, John Includes Pictures
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