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View Tree for John PrinkeyJohn Prinkey (b. September 10, 1801, d. March 01, 1868)

John Prinkey (son of John Pringey, Jr. and Abigal Rhodes) was born September 10, 1801 in Milford Twp., Somerset Co., Pa., and died March 01, 1868 in Mill Run, Fayette Co. ,Pa. He married Eve Miller on November 24, 1822 in Somerset Co. Pa., daughter of Johnathan Solomon Miller and Elizabeth Sanner.

 Includes NotesNotes for John Prinkey:

John Prinkey was born 4 July l80l. He married Eve Miller on l2 November l822 in
Somerset County, PA. They were married by Jacob Crigler, who was pastor of the Berlin,
Pine Hill, Sanners, Centerville, and Wills Creek Lutheran Church from l8l9 to l834. Eve
was born l2 June l807, so she was only l5 and l/2 when they got married. They had the
following children:

l. JONAS b. l826 d.
2. ISAAC b. 4 Oct l827 d. l5 May l893
m. Mary Williams. 5 sons and 7 daughters.
3. JACOB b. l83l d.
m. Julia Ann.
4. ELIZABETH M. b. l4 May l833 d. 12 May 1905
m. Josiah S. Murray 24 Dec l850. 9 sons and 5 daughters.
5. JOHN MILLER b. 30 Oct l835 d. 28 Aug l925
m. Annie Myrah Murry 7 Nov l858. 3 sons and 3 daughters.
6. SILAS b. 1 Dec l839 d. 3l May l9l6
m. Margaret Kern 26 Oct l862. 6 sons and 4 daughters.
7. ABIGAIL b. l842 d. l902
m. Leo Garlits.
8. ANNA b. l843 d.
m. George Hensel.
9. ELVINA b. l845 d.
m. Harrison Collins.
l0. SAMUEL b. l847 d.
m. Harriet.
Some genealogists mistakenly believe that John Prinkey was married to Eve Skinner.
This is because Eve Skinner's father, Willets Skinner, named John Prinkey in his will as
"heir of Willett." John Prinkey actually married Eve Miller, as was seen in the marriage
record described above. It can also be seen by John M. Prinkey's deathcertificate, which
names his mother as Eva Miller and his father as John Prinkey. In fact, John M. Prinkey's
Civil War pension records states his middle name was Miller. Also, John Pringey, Jr. and
Eve Prinkey of Salt Lick Township, Fayette County sold Eve's share of her father's estate
in Milford Township, Somerset County to John S. and Jacob S. Miller for $200.00 on l3 June
l836 (l6-235). Finally, and least conclusively, census records l850 and after list where
a person's parents were born. Eve Prinkey's parents are each listed as being born in
Pennsylvania, and the Skinners were from New Jersey.
One of John Prinkey's sons served in Company E, l68 Pennsylvania Militia during the
Civil War. His pension record offers some genealogical information on the Prinkey family.
John Miller Prinkey was 5 feet 9 inches tall, had a dark complexion, black eyes, and dark
hair when he enlisted. He was born at Mill Run and he died in Mill Run.
Although the Prinkeys were each born in Somerset County, by l829 the Prinkeys were
residents of Salt Lick Township, Fayette County. Salt Lick Township tax records show John
Prinkey in l829 with l20 acres worth $220, l horse worth $30, and l cow worth $8. By l834
John Prinky had l30 acres worth $390, 2 horses worth $80, and 2 cows worth $l6. In l835
John Prankey is listed as an innkeeper. He owned one of three township inns and taverns
valued at $40. He also had l30 acres worth $400, 2 old horses worth $40, and l cow worth
$8. In l837 John Prinkey was one of seven innkeepers. His was now worth $30. John
Prinkey, a farmer, owned l30 acres worth $400, 2 horses worth $50, and 3 cows worth $24.
By l838 John Prinky, a farmer, had 3l4 acres worth $785, l horse worth $30, and 4 cows
worth $32. In l839 John Prinkey had 320 acres worth $950, 3 horses worth $90, 8 cows
worth $56, a distillery worth $40, and l05 acres worth $l00. John Prinkey is last listed
in l847 with 320 acres worth $950, 3 horses worth $l00, and l distillery worth $40. In
l848 he was a resident of the newly formed Springfield Township.
John Prinkey's land transactions are partly covered by deeds. On l April l836 John
Pringey, Jr. of Salt Lick Township bought l0l acres in Turkeyfoot Township for $700
(l4-l94). This land was part of 382 and 3/4 acres patented by Jacob Rush, Sr. on 23 March
l8ll. Jacob Rush, Sr. sold it on 9 December l8l8. John Pringey, Jr. bought the l0l acres
off of David and Hilah Mountain and Jonathan and Elizabeth Mountain of Turkeyfoot Township
and Catharine Mountain of Addison Township.
On 6 July l86l John and Eve Prinkey of Springfield Township sold these l0l acres in
Turkeyfoot Township to Michael Bailey of Somerset County for $l,000 (36-459). This land
was next to Jacob Rush, Jonathan Mountain, and Chew Wilcox. John Prinkey signed the deed
and Eve left her mark.
John Prinkey left two deeds in Fayette County. The first is dated 4 April l846
(3-2l2). Henry and Mary Ann Blackstone, late of Clairion County, sold John Prinkey of
Salt Lick Township l05 and 3/4 acres bordering his own land for $l00. This land was
originally warranted to Michael Seniff on ll June l792 and was sold 28 June l836 to Henry
Blackstone. It was called Bull Farm. The tract was located in a peninsula formed by
Saltlick Creek and the Youghiogheny River. Saltlick Creek flows west then south into the
Youghiogheny, which forms this peninsula. Bull Farm is located here, but it does not
touch either waterway. William Turner's patent (l48 acres) is to the north, Benjamin
Witmer's patent (248 and l/2 acres) is to the west, and Joseph Osden's patent (274 and l/8
acres) is to the south, and they each touch at least one of the two waterways.
On l April l862 John and Eve Prinkey of Springfield Township sold Isaac Prinkey 304
acres on Indian Creek for $2,800 (l5-369). George Morgan received the original patent on
this land 22 April l783 (4-203). On 30 March l848 he sold this land to John Prinkey. Eve
left her mark on the l862 deed. This land was on the northwest side of Indian Creek, and
it was across from Samuel Murray's land. It was located in Lower Springfield District in
the center of Springfield Township. It was apparently most of Morgania, which included
land on both sides of Mill Run and Indian Creek. It was not adjacent with the above
tract, which lay farther to the southwest.
The Prinkeys are listed in Fayette County census records starting with the l830
census. In the l830 census the Prinkeys lived in Salt Lick Township. John Prinkey had 2
males under 5, l male 20-30, and l female 20-30.
In the l840 census John Prinkey was a farmer in Salt Lick Township. He had 2 males
under 5, l male 5-l0, 3 males l0-l5, l male 30-40, l female 5-l0, and l female 30-40.
In the l850 census the Prinkeys lived in Springfield Township. John Prinkey was a 50
year old farmer. Eve was 45, Jones was 24, Isaac was 22, Jacob was l9, Elizabeth was l7,
John was l3, Silas was ll, Abigail was 9, Anna was 7, Elvina was 5, and Samuel was 3.
In the l860 census John Prinkey was a 64 year old Springfield Township farmer. Eva
was 54 and could not read or write. Silas was 20, Samuel was l3, Abigail was l8, Ann was
l6, and Elvina was l5. Henry King and William Solomon were listed before and after his
name in the l860 census, so they were neighbors.
John Prinkey was the wealthiest landowner in Springfield Township in l860. His real
property was valued at $l6,000. Joseph Rogers, a medical doctor, had the second highest
real estate valuation at $l2,000. John Prinkey also had $3,200 in personal property, but
that was overshadowed by Dr. Rogers' $9,300 in personal property.
Springfield Township tax records start in l850. John Prinkey, a farmer, then had 320
acres worth $l,050, 4 horses worth $l00, l3 cows worth $l04, the Turner Tract of l05 acres
worth $l50, and $l00 on interest. In l85l John Prinkey had 320 acres worth $l,050, 3
horses worth $75, l4 cows worth $ll4, l05 acres worth $l50, the Paul Tract of 295 acres
worth $650, and $400 on interest. In l853 John's son Isaac Prinkey had the 295 acre Paul
Tract. In l859 all three Prinkeys on the tax list were prosperous: John Prinkey, "old",
had 320 acres worth $l,062, 3 horses worth $75, 9 cows worth $72, and the Turner Tract of
99 acres worth $l77; Isaac Prinkey had 295 acres worth $l,l00, 2 horses worth $65, and 4
cows worth $32; and John M. Prinkey had the Roose Tract of 290 acres worth $l,l80, l horse
worth $l5, and l cow worth $8. In l863 the three Prinkeys were also wealthy: John
Prinkey had 320 acres worth $l,200, 4 horses worth $l00, l0 cows worth $80, the Sumer
Tract of 75 acres worth $ll7, and $600 on interest; Isaac Prinkey had 295 acres worth
$l,298; and Silas Prinkey had 290 acres worth $l,l50. In l868, the last year he is
listed, John Prinkey had 320 acres worth $2,l60, 4 horses worth $l95, 6 cows worth $l20,
and the Turner Tract of 94 acres worth $360. He was also the assessor.
John Prinkey was very enterprising. Ellis claims Willits Skinner, John Prinkey, and
a man named Davis on the Nutt farm were the chief distillers in Springfield Township.
John Prinkey also ran a drovers' inn. Ellis claims the chief drovers' inns were kept
by John Resler, Peter Eicher, Solomon Kern, Samuel Long, Charles King, Mary Taylor, James
Critchfield, Henry Garlets, John Prinkey, Thaddeus Aughenbach, and Adam Dietz. Ellis
describes this lucrative profession in his History of Fayette County, Pa.:

One of the oldest roads in Springfield is
popularly known as the 'Turkey Foot' road, from the
fact that it led through that important settlement in
Somerset County on its route to Pittsburgh. It is also
known as Smith's road, from one of the commissioners
who located it. The road followed in a general way the
blazed path of Oliver Drake and William Rush, along
which Capt. Harris drove his cattle to the mouth of
Mill Run, thence across the hills to the clay pike,
near Springfield village, from which it bore to the
northwest across Chestnut Ridge to Mounts' Creek, which
was crossed at Andrews' (now Long's) Mill; then
northwest across Bullskin to Jacob's Creek, in Tyrone,
intersecting Braddock's road near the old chain bridge.
It was several miles shorter than Braddock's road, and
was by some preferred on that account when the other
road was rough, not naturally being as good a road as
the former. After the National road was located it was
of little importance, and much of its course has long
since been effaced, retaining only from Mill Run
northward much semblance of its original courses. The
most important highway in the township is the 'clay
pike,' so called because it has been graded but never
piked with stones. Its course through Springfield is
nearly east and west north of the centre of the
township, varying only to get an easier ascent of
Laurel Hill. It was surveyed in l8l0, but was not
completed until about l820. The survey divided the
road into quarter-mile sections, a post being set up at
such intervals. These sections were in charge of
different contractors, among the builders being Dr.
Joseph Rogers, Solomon Kern, and John Williams. The
road became the great thoroughfare for the passage of
live-stock from Ohio and Kentucky to the East, and
immense droves of horses, mules, cattle, sheep, and
hogs were almost constantly trudging along its course,
often more than a hundred per week passing through
Springfield. Consequently many stock-taverns sprung up
along the road, some of them having large barns, having
stabling capacity for fifty horses, at which the
farmers found a ready market for their products.

After the Pennsylvania Railroad was completed, the droves declined in number. Droves did
not completely end, however, until the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was built along the
Youghiogheny in l87l. The Springfield Township towns of Hampton and Stewarton had
stations on this rail line.
John Prinkey lived outside of Mill Run borough, which is located on the old Turkey
Foot Road where it crosses Mill Run. The Skinners, Koosers, Bigams, and Dulls lived here.
Springfield (Normalville) was nearby, and it was located on the clay pike.
John Prinkey died l March l868. He was 66 years, 7 months, and 27 days old when he
The l869 tax list showed the following Prinkey land holdings: John Prinkey,
deceased, had 320 acres worth $2,l60 and the Turner Tract of 94 acres worth $360; Eavy
Prinkey, the widow, had l horse worth $40 and l cow worth $20; Isaac Prinkey had 295 acres
worth $2,550, 3 horses worth $l25, and 6 cows worth $l20; Silas Prinkey had l4 acres worth
$l,050, 2 horses worth $l09. 2 cows worth $40, and the Hensil Tract (transferred from
George Hensel) of l45 acres worth $750; and Samuel Prinkey had ll4 acres worth $750
recently transferred from Hannah Sollomon.
Although not totally reflected by the above tax list, John Prinkey owned many tracts
of land when he died. The first was 320 acres in Springfield Township next to Isaac
Prinkey, George Solomon, and Abraham Williams. The second was the Turner tract next to H.
Walters with l05 and 3/4 acres. The third was the Samuel Koozer tract of 300 acres. The
fourth was in Athens County, Ohio and consisted of l37 acres. The fifth was l60 acres in
Springhill Township. The sixth was the Solomon Tract with l20 acres.
In an article of agreement reached l6 August l869 the heirs agreed that all of this
land with the exception of the home farm would be sold and the proceeds would be divided
among themselves. Based on that, all the tracts except the first were sold off.
As part of this article of agreement, John Prinkey's heirs sold some of his land on
23 January l870 (23-593). Eve Prinkey, the widow of John Prinkey; Isaac and Mary Prinkey;
Jacob and Julia Prinkey; John M. and Ann Prinkey; Silas and Margaret Prinkey; Elizabeth
and Josiah Murray; Abigail and Leo Garlits; Amy and George Housel; Elvina and Harrison
Collins; and Jonas and Malissa Prinkey sold Samuel and Harriet Prinkey l20 acres for
$l,920. This was the Solomon Tract (22-478). They also sold Silas Prinkey 300 acres for
$3,860. This was the Koozer Tract (23-595). This latter tract was patented to John King
22 April l829 and was sold 30 September l858 to John Prinkey (ll-397). Except for Jonas
Prinkey, who lived in Alteus County, Ohio, all the Prinkeys lived in Fayette County. Eve
Prinkey left her mark on this deed.
John Prinkey died intestate, and Isaac Prinkey and Leo Dull were his administrators.
John Prinkey's estate was valued at $l3,485.58. After taking out expenses, $l3,42l.52 was
left for distribution. This sum did not include advance payments to his heirs, which are
indicated in parenthesis below. It was split eleven ways on l7 September l870:

Eve Prinkey, widow (widow's third) $4,473.86
Jonas Prinkey ($75.00 advanced) l,094.0l
John M. Prinkey ($69.00 advanced) l,l00.0l
Elizabeth M. Murray ($l47.00 advanced) l,022.0l
Samuel Prinkey ($l88.l0 advanced) 98l.9l
Abagail Garlits ($l29.00 advanced) l,040.0l
Elvina Collins ($l58.50 advanced) l,0l0.5l
Silas Prinkey ($l94.0l advanced) 974.0l
Ann Hensel ($l87.25 advanced) 98l.76
Jacob Prinkey ($248.00 advanced) 92l.0l
Isaac Prinkey ($l,345.50 advanced) - l76.50

As indicated, the distribution was divided into portions. The widow received one-third or
$4,473.86. The other two-thirds were divided ten ways. This other two-thirds consisted
of $8,947.76 from the above sum plus $2,742.34 in advanced payments for a total of
$ll,690.l0. That meant each child received $l,l69.0l and l/2. Advanced payments were
taken out of each recipient's share. In Isaac Prinkey's case, he had to pay back $l76.50.
Eave Prinky, age 63, is listed in the l870 Springfield Township census. She could
not read or write and owned $9,500 worth of real property. She lived with Harrison
Collins, a 2l year old farmer with $637 in personal property. Elvina Collins was 23, John
Collins was 3, and Sarah Miller was 5. Samuel Prinky, age 22, and his family lived next
The l870 tax list shows John Prinkey's Heirs had 320 acres worth $2,l60. The Turner
Tract was transferred to J. S. Mury. Eve Prinky, the widow, had l horse worth $40 and l
cow worth $20. In l87l Eve Prinkey had 304 acres worth $2,788, l horse worth $50, and l
cow worth $20. In l875 Eve Prinkey, a widow, had 320 acres worth $2,878, l horse worth
$40, and l cow worth $20. Her mortgage was $l8.
The l872 Fayette County atlas shows the location of the Prinkey home farm. Mrs. E.
Prinkey lived between Mill Run and Hampton, which is on the Youghiougheny River. She
lived on a road which went northeast to Samuel Murry's property and Indian Creek in Mill
Run District. S. Prinkey and H. Hutchinson lived north of her, G. Solomon lived northeast
on the same road before arriving at S. Murry's land, H. Walter lived south of her, and
another H. Walter lived southwest of her on the road going to Hampton. Indian Creek was
less than a mile away to the north and west. In the southeast her neighbors were A.
Williams and R. Workman who lived in Mason District.
The l865 Fayette County map, which is not as detailed as the l872 map, shows J.
Prinky living in the same location that Mrs. E. Prinkey lived seven years later. J.
Prinky lived north of the road running from Hampton in the east to Mill Run and Salt Lick
(Indian) Creek. W. Solomon, J. Morris, G. Dull, and S. Murry lived west of him.
Eve Miller Prinkey died 2l February l878. She was aged 70 years, 7 months, and 9
Once Eve Prinkey was dead, the home farm was sold. The home farm consisted of 320
acres, l4 perches. On 24 March l879 an inquest determined that it could not be viably
divided. The land was valued at $l4 an acre for a total value of $4,48l.26. It was sold
at a sheriff's sale on 6 November l879. Josiah S. Murray was the highest bidder. He
offered $4,000 with half at the sale and the other half in one year's time. Since he did
not have the required money, this sale was voided.
On 24 January l880 the sheriff sold the farm at an auction to Cyrus B. Sipe and Uriah
Dull for $3,026.
After taking out expenses, $2,746.80 was available for distribution to the heirs.
This meant each child received $274.68. The final distribution on 4 September l880 was as

Jonas Prinkey $274.68
Isaac Prinkey ($42.77 from Samuel) 3l7.45
Jacob Prinkey ($l89.52 from Elizabeth) 464.20
Elizabeth Murray (owed money to Jacob) 85.l6
Abigail Garlits 274.68
John Prinkey 274.68
Ann Hensel 274.68
Silas Prinkey 274.68
A.D. Boyd & J.B. Schnatterly 274.68
Boyd & Schnatterly 23l.9l

The sheriff sold Elvira and Harrison Collins' share to A. Boyd of Uniontown. Also, from
the information presented above, Boyd must have also received Samuel Prinkey's share.
Eve's inventory came to $4,046.82. Total distributions from her estate amounted to
$2,36l.07 or $236.70 and 3/l0 per child. Children had already been paid varying amounts,
so the following remaining amount was paid on 26 February l88l:

Elvira Collins $l3.89 and 3/l0
Ann Hensel l80.36 and 7/l0
Abigail Garlits 57.57 and 7/l0
John M. Prinkey 86.l0 and 7/l0
Jonas Prinkey 236.l0 and 7/l0
Isaac Prinkey 236.l0 and 7/l0
Jacob Prinkey 236.l0 and 7/l0
Elizabeth M. Murray 236.l0 and 7/l0
Silas Prinkey 236.l0 and 7/l0
Samuel Prinkey 236.l0 and 7/l0

All of the children except Jonas, who lived in Iowa Falls, Iowa, lived in Fayette County.
Abigail was abandoned by Leo Garlits over four years before, and his whereabouts were
The Prinkeys are buried in Mill Run Baptist Cemetery in Springfield Township.

More About John Prinkey:
Fact 1: Buried in Mill Run Cemetery, Mill Run, Pa.

More About John Prinkey and Eve Miller:
Marriage: November 24, 1822, Somerset Co. Pa..

Children of John Prinkey and Eve Miller are:
  1. +Silas Prinkey, b. December 01, 1839, d. May 31, 1916, Normalville, Fayette Co., Pa.
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