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View Tree for John Thomas ClayJohn Thomas Clay (b. 1587, d. 1656)

John Thomas Clay (son of John Thomas Clay and Mary Carlton)65 was born 1587 in Monmouthshire, England, and died 1656 in Charles City, Henrico, VA. He married (1) Ann Nichols.

 Includes NotesNotes for John Thomas Clay:
An English Grenadier. Landed at Jamestown on the ship "Treasurer" in February 1613 and settled later in Charles City County, Virginia.

Fact 1 1613
Arrived in Charles City, Virginia on the Treasurer

Fact 2
Sourse: Clonial Families of The United States America

Captain John Clay came to Virginia in 1613 on the ship the "Treasurer". Tradition says he was in charge of the 50 Musketeers onboard the ship, sent to offer protection to the settlers at Jamestown.

John 2 was a soldier in the British Army. He was given the rank of Captain at the young age of 21, and was sent to the New World (Virginia) to control problems that were developing. He traveled on the English Ship "Treasure". His wife Ann, arrived in 1623. Both ships are recorded as having landed in Jamestown. After Ann's arrival, they settled in a township called Charles City, located in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
John became sympathic toward the settlers cause, and began to represent them. He finally resigned his military position and joined the "settlers" position.
A son, Charles, was born to John and Ann in 1638. Charles married Hannah Wilson and lived in Henrico County, Virginia until he died abt 1686.
John Claye arrived in the "Treasuror" Feb. 1613. He was known as "The English Grenadier", of whom we have so many traditions. He was living in Charles City in 1624.
Patent (210) grants John Clay twelve hundred acres in Chrles City County, Virginia, beginning at the lands granted by order of the Court of to Francis Hooke, up to the head of Ward's his Creek, and bounded on the north bounty of James River. Due one hundred acres too him as an old planter before the government of Sir Thomas Dale, and the other eleven hundred for the transportation of twenty-two persons by the "West" July 13, 1635 (Ledger 1, page 230.)
"These lands granted John Clay were near the present City Point, only a few miles from what is now Chesterfield County, and no other settler of the name is mentioned in any record in this section. "Richmondcritic, 1888.
Capt. Clay had been married before leaving England, and left his wife behind. He sent for her as soon as he prepared a comfortable home. Why he delayed so long, those familiar with the history of the Jamestown Colony best understand, Hunger, despair, and death followed the one so fast in the wake of the other that twice within a few years that colony was reduced from five hundred persons to less than sixty souls, and in 1616 there were only three hundred and fifty English people in all North America.
John had been married before to (1) Elizabeth and he married (2) Ann in 1612 in England.

In "Hotten's List of Emigrants to America 1600-1700," we find among the "Musters of the Inhabitants of Virginia" these items:

"The Muster of the Inhabitant's of Jordans Journey, Charles Cittie, taken the 21th, of January 1624," Of these:

"The Muster of John Claye"

John Claye arrived in the Treasuror, February, 1613. Anne, his wife in the Ann, August, 1623.
William Nicholls aged 26 yeres, in the Dutie, in May, 1619."
(This is the first mention of the Claye name in colonial records}

At this period of Virginia history Sir Thomas Dale was Governor, and, having been bred a soldier, ruled with great severity. He was so harsh the people hated him. Yet, the colony prospered under his administration.

During this time in Virginia History, each man was granted a home and three acres of land, which he himself must cultivate, paying therefor two and a half barrels of corn to the public granary. These allotments of lands were gradually increased, and finally the Governor persuaded the London Company to grant fifty acres in fee-simple to each colonist who would clear and cultivate them and pay annually a nominal rent to the King "at the feast of St. Michael the Archangel." Those paying into the treasury the sum of twelve pounds and ten shillings should be entitled to one hundred acres, to be located as desired.

From this allotment there gradually grew up along the James River and some of its tributaries a settled through scattered community of planters dependent upon their own exertions for support and free from the evil associations and vices engendered in the earlier days of Jamestown.

Of this class was Captain John Clay, "The English Grenadier," of whom we have so many traditions.

John Clay was living in Charles City in 1624.

. Capt. John Thomas2 Clay; born circa 1587 in England; married Anne (--?--) before February, 1613; married Elizabeth (--?--) before 1645; died 1655 at Jamestown, VA. He was an English Grenadier and landed at Jamestown, VA on the ship "Treasurer" in Feb. 1613 and settled later in Charles City Co., VA.

Children of Capt. John Thomas2 Clay and Anne (--?--) were as follows:

i. Elizabeth3 was named in the inventory of her father's estate.
ii. William; born at VA; married Emlin (--?--). He was appointed Constable for Weyanoke Parish, Charles City County on February 3, 1659.
iii. Mary was named in the inventory of her father's estate.
iv. Henry.
v. John lived on the lower side of Deep Creek, Amelia County, VA.
vi. Thomas.
3. vii. Charles, born 1638 at Charles City Co., VA; married Hannah Wilson.
There were no children of Capt. John Thomas2 Clay and Elizabeth (--?--).


All of the below is undocumented. Let us hope that those that read this will follow through with their own research. This was located on the World Wide Web...

Descendants of John Claye

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 CLAYE was born Bet. 1421 - 1458, and died Bet. 1514 - 1548.

Notes for JOHN CLAYE:
Knighted by Edward IV at the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471.

Child of JOHN CLAYE is:
2. i. JOHN2 CLAYE, b. Bet. 1514 - 1543, Glouster County, England; d. Bet. 1568 - 1628.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 CLAYE (JOHN1) was born Bet. 1514 - 1543 in Glouster County, England, and died Bet. 1568 - 1628.

Children of JOHN CLAYE are:
3. i. JOHN3 CLAYE, b. 1565, Glouster County, England; d. May 16, 1632, Monomothshire, Wales.

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN3 CLAYE (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1565 in Glouster County, England, and died May 16, 1632 in Monomothshire, Wales. He married (1) DAUGHTER FERRERS, daughter of EDWARD FERRERS. He married (2) MARY CARLTON WFT Est. 1577-1608, daughter of WILLIAM CARLTON.

Children of JOHN CLAYE and MARY CARLTON are:
4. i. JOHN T4 CLAY, b. 1587, Monomoth Shire, Wales, England; d. 1638, Charles City Co., Virginia.
iv. PENELOPE CLAY, b. Bef. 1585; m. THOMAS BRELSFORD, August 06, 1601.
vi. THEOPHILUS CLAY, b. Bef. 1590; d. March 02, 1589/90.

Generation No. 4

4. JOHN T4 CLAY (JOHN3 CLAYE, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1587 in Monomoth Shire, Wales, England, and died 1638 in Charles City Co., Virginia. He married ANNE NICHOLS 1618 in LONDON ENGLAND.

Notes for JOHN T CLAY:
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #1011, Date of Import: Sep 30, 1996]

John Thomas Clay, son of Sir John Clay landed at Jamestown, VA in 1613 and settled in Charles City County, Virginia.

(Above data from " Genealogy of the Clay's", Author Mary Rigers Clay, Louisville, Kentucky.)

John Thomas Clay, the Grenadier (hired soldier in the King's army) arrived in the new world in February 1613 according to the muster on the "TREASURER". The TREASURER was commanded and partially owned by Captain Samuel Argall, who was a brother of Elizabeth Argall Filmer, ancestress of Martha & Lucy Green Clay (wife of Henry Clay 1713-1764). It is stated in his muster that he (John Clay) was a planter before the goverment of Sir Thomas Dale. Sir Thomas Dale was deputy governor of the Virginia Colony from until August 1, 1611, however he also werved the colony from March 1614 until May 1616. This last term is surely the reference in the muster since John Clay arrived in the new world in February 1613.

(Above data copied from Clay Family Quarterly, Vol.-4-No. 1 January 1969 Pages 11-12.

"17th Century Isle of Wright", John B. Boddie, Author

Page 212- John Clay was the first of this family in Virginia. He was living at Jordan's Journey, Charles City, County, Virginia in 1625 when he made a muster of this family in the census of that year as follows:
John Claye in the "Treasurer", February 1613
Ann Claye, his wife arrived on the "ANN" August 1623
William Nichols, servant, aged 26 in the "Duke" May 1619

Abstracts of Virgina Land Patents, Vol. 3, Page 186

John Clay, 1200 acres in the County of Charles City, due 100 acres to him as an old planter before the goverment os Sir Thomas Dale, and the other 1100 for transportation of 22 persons. By West-July 13, 1635.

NOTE: John Clay came to Virginia in 1613, his wife in 1623. In 1655 William Bayly patented 400 acres purchased from William Clay, son of John Clay. These persons may have been ancestors of Henry Clay, Senator from Kentucky, whose first recorded ancestor Henry Clay, was living in that part of Henrico County, VA. which is now Chesterfield County, Va. when extant records began in 1677. There is also a family of Clays in Surry County, Va. from an early date.

Copied from; Clay Family Quarterly Vol. 2 No, 4, page 64.

August 23, 1643, John Wall patented 1790 acres on Chippoakes Creek, between John Hooke and William Pilkington, adjacent John Clay and John Freme.

One William Bailey patented 400 acres of land in Charles City, May 1, 1655, "part of a dividend of 200 acres granted Captain Francis Hooke, 26, October 1637 and assigned to John Clay and John Freme and by inheritance descended unto William Clay son of said John and by William Bailey purchased of said William Clay, the younger."

On the 18th of February, 1663 Anthony Spilltimber of Surry and wife Mary daughter of Robert Harris, formerly of Isle of Wright, sold 250 acres on Lawne's Creek to John Clay of Surry. In 1688 this land was the subject of a suit between Anthony Spilltimber and John Jennings who married his wife's sister. Spilltimber said that he had sold his rights to John Clay, Sr., "upon which he now liveth." (see deed)

John Clay made his will in 1675 as "John Clay the elder", and gave his son William the land he had bought of Anthony Spilltimber. Thomas Clay his eldest son was given the other land and John was given stock and cattle. Thomas was then living in Surry for he was a tithable in Lawne's Creek Parish in 1668.

In 1673 Thomas was accused of unlawful assembly and of declaring he could not pay his public taxes. He made his will in Surry in 1679 and gave all of property to his wife Elizabeth, no children mentioned. However he had a son Thomas who was mentioned in the will of his brother William in 1676, but Thomas may have died before his father's will was made. If not he and any brothers may be the ancestors of the Clay family of Kentucky, otherwise the first mentioned William Clay was their probable ancestor.

William, son of John the elder, married Judith daughter of Captain William Corker, Burgess of James City in 1655-66. William Corker was the son of John Corker, Burgess for James City in 1633 and 1645. He was Clerk of the House of Burgesses, 1645-1653 and Married Dorcas born in 1601.

William Corker, Burgess for James City 1655-56 and Captain of militia, married Lucy, sister of Captain John White, and made his will in Surry, September 4, 1677 naming children, Susanna, wife of George Branch of Surry, Judith wife of William Clay, and Lucy, wife of Thomas Jordan.

Captain John White was a Burgess in 1641 and had a lot in Jamestown in 1644. He was probably son of William White, haberdasher of London. His will was proven in Surry in 1679 an he left his property to his two sisters Lucy Corker and mary White.

William Clay died in 1675 (see will) and left two daughters, Elizabeth who married John Brantly and Sarah who married George Barlow. John Brantly died in 1730 leaving a son Clay Brantly and grandsons John and Thomas Brantly sons of Clay (see will).

George Barlow was the son of Thomas Barlow who died in 1679. George made his will in which he mentions sons, George and Thomas, and three daughters. (see will)

Children of JOHN CLAY and ANNE NICHOLS are:
i. FRANCIS5 CLAY, b. 1625; d. WFT Est. 1627-1716.
ii. WILLIAM CLAY, b. 1617, England; d. WFT Est. 1631-1720; m. JUDITH CORKER.
iii. THOMAS CLAY, b. Abt. 1634; d. WFT Est. 1635-1724; m. ELIZABETH.
5. iv. CHARLES CLAY, b. 1638, Charles City Co., Virginia; d. June 01, 1686, Henrico Co., Virginia.

Generation No. 5

5. CHARLES5 CLAY (JOHN T4, JOHN3 CLAYE, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1638 in Charles City Co., Virginia, and died June 01, 1686 in Henrico Co., Virginia. He married HANNAH WILSON 1667 in Henrico Co., Virginia, daughter of JOHN WILSON.

i. JOHN6 CLAY, b. 1668, VA; d. 1722.
ii. THOMAS CLAY, b. Abt. 1670, VA; d. 1726, Prince George.
6. iii. HENRY CHARLES CLAY, b. August 03, 1672, Henrico Co., Virginia; d. August 03, 1760, Chesterfield Co.,Virginia.
iv. CHARLES B. CLAY, b. 1674; d. 1765, Chesterfield Co., VA; m. SARAH, 1712.
v. MARY CLAY, b. 1676; d. WFT Est. 1665-1758.
vi. ELIZABETH CLAY, b. Abt. 1678; d. WFT Est. 1665-1758.
vii. JUDITH CLAY, b. Bet. 1678 - 1680; d. WFT Est. 1677-1770.

Generation No. 6

6. HENRY CHARLES6 CLAY (CHARLES5, JOHN T4, JOHN3 CLAYE, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 03, 1672 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died August 03, 1760 in Chesterfield Co.,Virginia. He married MARY MITCHELL 1708 in Henrico Co., Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM MITCHELL and ELIZABETH INNES.

Children of HENRY CLAY and MARY MITCHELL are:
i. AMY7 CLAY, b. Abt. 1720; d. WFT Est. 1721-1814.
ii. HENRY CLAY, b. September 03, 1711, Bedford, Henrico Co. VA; d. 1764, Cumberland Co. , VA; m. LUCY GREEN, 1735, Amelia Co., Virginia.
iii. JOHN CLAY, b. 1721; d. Bet. 1722 - 1811.

Notes for JOHN CLAY:
Grandfather of Senator Henry Clay, the Statesman.

iv. MARY CLAY, b. 1718; d. Bet. 1719 - 1812.
v. AMEY CLAY, b. 1713; d. Bet. 1714 - 1807.
vi. MARTHA CLAY, b. Bet. 1715 - 1716; d. Bet. 1716 - 1809.

Father: John 1 Sr. CLAY(E) b: 27 NOV 1558 in York, England
Mother: Mary CARLTON b: ABT. 1558 in England

Marriage 1 ??? ELIZABETH b: WFT Est. 1580-1606
Married: WFT Est. 1604-1639
William CLAY b: ABT. 1617 in Charles River County, Virginia
Francis CLAY b: ABT. 1625 in Virginia
Thomas CLAY b: ABT. 1634 in Charles River, Virginia
Charles CLAY b: ABT. 1638 in Charles City County, Virginia

Marriage 2 Ann CLAY b: ABT. 1588 in England
Married: ABT. 1616 in London, Middlesex, England
William CLAY b: ABT. 1617 in Charles River County, Virginia
Francis CLAY b: ABT. 1625 in Virginia
Thomas CLAY b: ABT. 1634 in Charles River, Virginia
Charles CLAY b: ABT. 1638 in Charles City County, Virginia
John CLAY b: ABT. 1617


More About John Thomas Clay:
Date born 2: 1587, Monsmouthshire, Wales.66
Died 2: 1655, Jamestown, VA, USA.66
Died 3: 1656, Charles City, VA, USA.66

Children of John Thomas Clay and Ann Nichols are:
  1. +Charles Clay, b. 1638, Charles, City, VA67, d. 1686, Henrico, Co, VA67.
  2. William Clay, b. 1617, Charles City, Henrico, VA, d. 1663, Charles City, VA, USA68.
  3. John Clay, b. 1624, Charles City, Henrico, VA, d. 20 Oct 1675, Charles City, VA, USA68.
  4. Francis Clay, b. 161668, d. date unknown.
  5. Thomas Clay, b. 1626, Charles City, VA, USA68, d. 1673, VA, USA68.

Children of John Thomas Clay are:
  1. Henry Clay, d. 03 Aug 1760, Henrico, VA, USA68.
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