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Ancestors of Christopher Howard Allen Clark

      2944. Thomas Birch, born Abt. 1608 in Lancaster County, England; died August 06, 1678 in Lancaster County, England. He was the son of 5888. George Birch and 5889. Anne Hey. He married 2945. Alice Brooke in Lancaster County, England.

      2945. Alice Brooke, born Abt. 1614 in Chester County, England; died August 28, 1697 in Lancaster County, England. She was the daughter of 5890. Thomas Brooke and 5891. Eleanor Gerard.

More About Thomas Birch:
Event 1: February 18, 1620/21, Baptized at Collegiate Church
Event 2: July 08, 1693, Buried at Gorton Chapel

More About Alice Brooke:
Event 2: March 29, 1672, Buried at Collegiate Church
Child of Thomas Birch and Alice Brooke is:
  1472 i.   George Birch, born April 1641 in Lancaster County, England; died September 1728 in Lancaster County, England; married Sarah Stonham.

      3072. William Newsom, Jr., born 1648 in Surry County, Virginia; died June 1691 in Surry County, Virginia. He was the son of 6144. William Newsom and 6145. Gertrude. He married 3073. Anne Sheppard Abt. 1669 in Surry County, Virginia (?).

      3073. Anne Sheppard, born 1645 in Surry County, Virginia; died 1711 in Surry County, Virginia. She was the daughter of 6146. Maj.Robert Sheppard and 6147. Elizabeth Spencer.

Notes for William Newsom, Jr.:
William Newsom, JR. was born in 1648 in Surry County, Virginia and died in 1691 in Surry County.
The records I have pertaining to William Newsom, JR. come from John Boddie's book, 17th Century Isle of Wight, copyright 1974 by the Genealogical Publishing Company.
William Newsom on March 3, 16-- patented 275 acres of land in the Lower Chippokes Creek area of Surry County, Virginia. He named this land "Rich Neck" (99). William Newsom appears to have been a very wealthy planter at the time of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676. In 1675, he is living in Lawnes Creek Parish of Surry and is listed as owning slaves which only the extreme wealthy could acquire at this early stage in Colonial history. Only thirty slaves existed in the Surry County area in 1675 (109).
When the Baconians were tried for depredations in May of 1677 in the Surry County, Virginia court, William Newsom is listed as a member of the jury that convicted the Baconians (143).
We find in the account of the Surry County funds for 1677 that various weapons were sold to the inhabitants of Surry County, perhaps for the purpose of maintaining order in the Rebellion. William Newsom bought a sword from a Capt. Barham at this time (146). He certainly appears to have been anti-Baconian!

Children of William Newsom and Anne Sheppard are:
  i.   William Newsom, born 1672 in Surry County, Virginia.
  1536 ii.   John Newsom, born 1674 in Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County, VA.; died 1724 in Surry County, Virginia; married Sarah Crafford.
  iii.   Elizabeth Newsom, born Abt. 1676 in Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County, VA.
  iv.   Anne Newsom, born Abt. 1678 in Surry County, Virginia.
  v.   Robert Newsom, born 1681 in Surry County, Virginia.
  vi.   Thomas Newsom, born Abt. 1685 in Surry County, Virginia.

      3074. Robert Crafford, born Abt. 1660 in Scotland(?); died Abt. 1714 in Surry County, Virginia. He was the son of 6148. William Crawford and 6149. Margaret Boys. He married 3075. Elizabeth Carter May 06, 1682 in Surry County, Virginia273.

      3075. Elizabeth Carter, born Abt. 1664 in Surry County, Virginia; died Bef. 1708 in Southampton County, Virginia274. She was the daughter of 6150. George Carter and 6151. Mary.

Notes for Robert Crafford:
The following concerning Robert Crawford was taken from an article written by B.C. Holtzclaw, PH.D., in the Virginia Historical Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XLVII, no. 3 or 4, or Vol. XLVIII, nos. 1 - 4. Insufficient data has inabled me to list which exact Vol. or number.
"Robert Crawford, or Crafford, of Surry Co., VA. father of Sarah, the wife of John Newsom and Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Newsom, first appears in the Surry records on Mar. 6, 1682/3 as having "married Elizabeth the daughter and heiress of George Carter, deceased" (Order Book 1671-90, P.401). It is possible that he was the son of Nicholas Crawford who appeared in the Tithables of 1669 as residing on Hog Island. This Nicholas Crawford was born in 1633-4, as he gave his age as 37 years in a deposition dated Mar. 4, 1670/1 (D. & W. 1645-71, P. 354). However, the lack of Crawford records in Surry prior to 1682 and the sudden appearance of Robert in that year may indicate that he came from another county...Robert Crawford was probably born about 1660. Elizabeth Carter was still unmarried April 24, 1680, when she witnessed a bond in Surry Co. (W. & D. 1672-84, P.9, back of the book). The marriage probably occurred in 1681 or 1682. On Nov. 1, 1684 and Nov. 3, 1684 Robert Crawford and Elizabeth his wife deeded land in Surry originally granted to William Carter May 21, 1638. William Carter was her grandfather. The Carter land (1000 acres) was still in the possession of Robert Crawford in 1704 (cf. Surry Quit-Rent Rolls 1704, Va. Hist. Mag. Vol. 29, p. 19). Elizabeth Carter died between 1704 and Jan. 25, 1708/9, when Carter Crafford, her eldest son, and Sarah his wife made a deed to some of the Carter land (D.& W. 1693-1709, P.410), which had obviously passed to him on her death. Robert Crawford had married again by Sept. 8, 1712, when "Robert Crafford, Miller, of Surry Co." deeded land in Isle of Wight Co., his wife Margaret signing the deed (Isle of Wight D.B. 1, p. 225). Margaret Crawford, the second wife, had probably married (1) a Davis, as Robert Crawford in his will mentions his "son-in-law" Nicholas Davis; also, the will of Peter Davis, probated in 1723 in Bertie Co., N.C. (cf. Grimes "Abstracts of N.C. Wills," p.93) mentions his cousins Arthur and Henry Crawford, who were sons of Robert by his second wife.\\

Children of Robert Crafford and Elizabeth Carter are:
  i.   Robert Crafford, died 1735.
  ii.   William Crafford
  iii.   Jane Crafford
  iv.   Agnes Crafford
  v.   Mary Crafford
  vi.   Hester Crafford
  vii.   Carter Crafford, born 1682; died February 1743/44 in Surry Co., Virginia; married Sarah Swan.
  viii.   Elizabeth Crafford, born 1685; married Thomas Newsom.
  1537 ix.   Sarah Crafford, born 1687 in Surry County, Virginia; died Unknown in Surry County, Virginia; married John Newsom.

      3076. John Dickinson275,276, born 1670277,278; died 1718279,280. He was the son of 6152. John Dickinson and 6153. Mary Powell. He married 3077. Rebecca Wynne September 16, 1692 in Talbot County, Maryland281,282.

      3077. Rebecca Wynne283,284, born 1662 in Flintshire, Wales285,286; died Bet. 1698 - 1757287,288. She was the daughter of 6154. Dr. Dr. Thomas Wynne and 6155. Martha Buttall.
Children of John Dickinson and Rebecca Wynne are:
  i.   Sidney Dickinson289,290, born Bet. 1680 - 1703291,292; died Bet. 1685 - 1784293,294
  ii.   Mary Kersey Dickinson295,296, born Bet. 1680 - 1703297,298; died Bet. 1685 - 1787299,300
  1538 iii.   John Dickinson, born 1693 in Chowen, Albemarle, North Carolina; died 1749 in Northampton County, North Carolina; married Rebecca Powell 1718.
  iv.   Charles Dickinson301,302, born 1695303,304; died 1779305,306; married Sophia Richardson July 08, 1725307,308; born Bet. 1686 - 1708309,310; died Bet. 1730 - 1797311,312.

      3080. Thomas Jordan II, born July 07, 1634 in Chuckatuck, Nansamond Co., Virginia; died October 08, 1699 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He was the son of 6160. Thomas Jordan,Sr. and 6161. Ms. Browne. He married 3081. Margaret Brashier March 23, 1657/58 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

      3081. Margaret Brashier, born July 01, 1642 in Nansemond County, Virginia; died October 07, 1708 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. She was the daughter of 6162. Robert Brashier and 6163. Florence.

Notes for Thomas Jordan II:
The following concerning Thomas Jordan II is taken from John Bennett Boddie's Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, Baltimore, Southern Book Company, 1959.
"A memorial of Thomas Jordan, given in the Quaker records of the Lower Virginia Meetings which are the oldest in the state. This memorial is as follows: `Thomas Jordan of Chuckatuck in Nansemond County was born in the year 1634 and in the year 1660 he received the truth and abode faithfully in it, and in constant unity with the faithful friends thereof; and he stood in opposition against the wrong and deceitful spirits, having suffered the spoiling of his goods and the imprisonment of his body for ye truths sake, and continued in the truth unto the end of his days; is the belief of us his dear wife and children above written. He departed this life the eighth day of the tenth month on the sixth day of the week about the second hour of the afternoon and was buried the 12th day of the said month on the third day of the week of the year 1699.'
"Thomas Jordan upon his return to the regular fold testified, `There is a subtle spirit under the pretense of leading out of all formalities into a greater show of holiness that hath crept in amongst us and hath laboured by its instruments to get a position in the hearts of many honest persons who were travelling in the way of truth and righteousness in the innocency of their hearts.'
"Another testimonial by Thomas Jordan states that he was held `in six weeks imprisonment for being taken at a meeting in my own house and released by the King's proclamation, and also for being taken at a meeting at Robert Lawrence's and bound over to the court of Nansemond for refusing to swear according to their wills and against the commands of Christ, was sent up to Jamestown a prisoner for upwards of ten months. Presently John Blake took away my three servants and left my wife in a distressed condition with a young child at her breast* * * which servant was kept about nine weeks and released by order of the Governor. There was taken by John Blake, sheriff of Nansemond, two feather beds, two feather bolsters, and furniture which together with other goods amounted to 3,907 lbs. tobacco and also a serving man who had three years to serve. There was taken by Thomas Godwin, sheriff, ten head of cattle amounting to 3,907 lbs., the servant to 1,600 lbs., in all 5,507 lbs. `Thomas Jordan, Chuckatuck, 1st month, 1661.'"

  Notes for Margaret Brashier:
The following concerning Margaret Brashier is here foretold by her son, Benjamin Jordan, and is taken from Boddies, 17th Century Isle of Wight.
"Margaret Jordan, the daughter of Robert Brasseur, was born the 7th month in the year 1642 and was convinced of the Truth about 16 years of age, from which time she served an exemplary life in all her conversation until the day of her death and was a sufferer with my father both by confinement and the spoiling of their goods by the Adversaries of the Truth. * * * She was a good wife and a tender and careful mother, and a good minister and also a kind neighbor. About 63 years of age she was taken with an indisposition of body which continued near three years in which time she was much weakened. * * * A little before her death some friends came to see her to whom she signified her content and spake much of the goodness of God to her. At 6 o'clock at night she died in remarkable quietness the seventh of the tenth month in the year 1708 having lived about 66 years and survived my father about 9 years lacking 18 hours and was buried the 11th day of the foresaid month." (Taken from Benjamin Jordan's testimony concerning his mother.)
In the Quaker records for the Chuckatuck Monthly Meeting, we find these listings for Margaret Brasier:
"1708, 10,7. Robert mentioned as father of Margarett Jordan."

Children of Thomas Jordan and Margaret Brashier are:
  i.   Elizabeth Jordan
  ii.   Margaret Jordan
  iii.   Thomas Jordan, Maj., born January 06, 1659/60 in Nansamond Co., Va.
  iv.   John Jordan, born June 17, 1663 in Nansamond Co., VA.
  v.   James Jordan, born November 23, 1665 in Nansamond Co., VA.; died Abt. 1732.
  vi.   Robert Jordan, born July 11, 1668 in Nansamond Co., VA.; died August 03, 1728.
  1540 vii.   Richard Jordan, born June 06, 1670 in Nansamond Co., Virginia; died 1739 in Isle of Wight, Virginia; married Rebecca Ratcliff June 22, 1706 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.
  viii.   Joseph Jordan, born July 08, 1672; died 1725.
  ix.   Benjamin Jordan, Rev., born July 18, 1674 in Nansamond Co., VA.; died December 1714.
  x.   Matthew Jordan, born November 01, 1676.
  xi.   Samuel Jordan, Col., born February 15, 1678/79.
  xii.   Joshua Jordan, born June 30, 1681.

      3082. Richard Ratcliff
Child of Richard Ratcliff is:
  1541 i.   Rebecca Ratcliff, born May 03, 1684 in Isle of Wight, Co., Virginia; died Aft. April 18, 1739 in Isle of Wight, Co., Virginia; married Richard Jordan June 22, 1706 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

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