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Ancestors of Christopher Howard Allen Clark

      3308. John Rudd, born Abt. 1681 in James City County, Virginia; died 1744 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He married 3309. Avis Whitaker Abt. 1708 in Henrico County, Virginia.

      3309. Avis Whitaker, born Abt. 1681; died 1759 in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
Children of John Rudd and Avis Whitaker are:
  i.   Rebecca Rudd, born Abt. 1707 in Henrico County, Virginia; married John Fryth Bef. August 1731 in Henrico County, Virginia.
  ii.   John Rudd, Jr., born Abt. 1709 in Henrico County, Virginia.
  iii.   William Rudd, born Abt. 1711 in Henrico County, Virginia.
  iv.   Elizabeth Rudd, born Abt. 1715 in Henrico County, Virginia; married Daniel Brown.
  v.   Thomas Rudd, born Abt. 1717 in Henrico County, Virginia.
  1654 vi.   Joseph Rudd, born Abt. 1719 in Henrico County, Virginia; died 1779 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia; married Wilmoth Abt. 1740 in Virginia.
  vii.   Mary Rudd, born Abt. 1721 in Henrico County, Virginia.
  viii.   James Rudd, born Abt. 1723 in Henrico County, Virginia.

      3492. Francis Slaughter, born Abt. 1660; died 1718 in Richmond County, Virginia. He was the son of 6984. Capt. Francis Slaughter and 6985. Elizabeth Underwood. He married 3493. Margaret Hudson.

      3493. Margaret Hudson
Children of Francis Slaughter and Margaret Hudson are:
  i.   Robert Slaughter, born Bef. 1680; married Francis Ann Jones.
  1746 ii.   (Reuben?) Slaughter, born Abt. 1685 in Richmond County, Virginia; died Bef. 1727; married Sarah Butler Bef. 1720.

      3494. John Butler, born Abt. 1670; died Aft. 1727 in St. John Parish, King William Co., VA.. He was the son of 6988. John Butler. He married 3495. Alice.

      3495. Alice, died Aft. 1754.
Children of John Butler and Alice are:
  i.   girl Butler, born Abt. 1695; married Mr. Roberts Bef. 1720.
  ii.   Samuel Butler, born Abt. 1697; died February 1759 in King William County, Virginia; married Sarah.
  1747 iii.   Sarah Butler, born Abt. 1699 in King William Co., VA.; died 1781 in Chesterfield Co., VA; married (1) William Wooldridge Bef. 1718; married (2) (Reuben?) Slaughter Bef. 1720; married (3) William Harrison Bef. 1727.
  iv.   Thomas Butler, born Abt. 1701; died November 1757 in St. David Parish, King William Co., VA.
  v.   John Butler, born Abt. 1705; married Ann.

      3496. Michael Turpin I313, born Abt. 1632 in Yorkshire, England314; died Abt. 1664 in Henrico County, Virginia314. He married 3497. (Unknown Wife) WFT Est. 1646-1662314.

      3497. (Unknown Wife)315, born WFT Est. 1617-1642316; died WFT Est. 1667-1730316.

Notes for Michael Turpin I:

From: "OUR KIN"

Coat of arms: "A griffin passant, with wings addorsed."
Rairberne's Book of Cresta

The Turpins are of a ancient Norman family, though the name is said to be derived from the old Scandanavian. Acombination of Thor-Finn, that is, plus the ethnic name Finn, and written as one, Thorfin. By 1086 it is found spelled Turfin in the Domesday Book, and in 1202 we find record of a Walter Turpin who held land in Dorset.

The eight century archbishop of Rheims of that name figures in the Chanson de Roland, and in Pfaffen Komad's twelfth century version of the Chanson he is called "Ther Bicof Turpin".

"His name, (quoth he) if this thou list to learne,
Is hight Sir Turpin, one of mickle might."
Spencer's Faerie Queen

Gentleman's Magazine, vol 7, an item about the old monument to John Turpin, his coat of arms, etc. A reference to Robert Gobion. The inscription on the monument is in Latin. Mentions the old stone tower built by John Turpin in the reign of Henry VII.

Genealogical Gleaning in England; a reference to Gobino's Manor, and a footnote; "From Bridge's History of Northamptonshire, I find that 'Gobion's Manor' was about three hundred acres, 'lying without the gate' (of the city) and was long held by the Turpins, but, about 1600 it came into possession of the Harrisons."

Michael Turpin, the emigrant, came from Yorkshire, England, about 1655, bought lands in 1656 from Colonel William Farrar, of Farrar's Island, called "Henrico". He is the emigrant ancestor of the Turpins in Virginia, Kentucky, &c. His will is dated July 4, 1663, or 1673. He had several sons, among them being:

Phillip, born Yorkshire, England, 1655; married Martha Skirm
of Henrico and died 1717. He left issue.

John, born about 1660.

Matthew, born 1664; married Sarah Hatcher, daughter of Edward Hatcher and died 1689. He had sons, Henry and Mathew; daughter, Cicely.
The widow married, October 16, 1689, Jos. Tanner.
Mathew Turpins estate divided December 1, 1689. (Deed Book 5, page 104, Henrico County Records.)

Michael; Probably married, a Farrar. Sons: Michael and John.

************ ***********

Times-Dispatch, Richmond, Virginia, April 26 and May 3, 1908

First English Family of the name, was during the 14th Century.

Goochland County was formed from Henrico in 1727.
Cumberland County was formed from Goochland in 1748.
Chesterfield County was formed from Henrico in 1748.
Powhatan County was formed from Cumberland in 1777.

From the early records of Henrico County, Virginia, we have the following notes:

Phillip Turpin, born 1655, gave depositions in 1688. (Book 5, page 25).

John Turpin, born 1660, gave depositions in 1685, (Book 4, page 38) and in 1689. (Book 5, page 107.)

Will of Mathew Turpin mentions wife Sarah. Eldest son, Henry; son to be named Mathew, also Mr. Thomas Osborne. (January 15, 1688, and April, 1689, pages 41 and 106.)

(Book 5, page 246.)

October 1, 1691 -- Philip Turpin, a landlord.

SOURCE: Times-Dispatch, Richmond VA Apr 26 & May 3, 1908

SOURCE: Will dated 4 July, 1633 in Henrico County, Virginia

More About Michael Turpin I:
Event 2: See notes.316
Children of Michael Turpin and (Unknown Wife) are:
  1748 i.   Philip Turpin I, born 1655 in Yorkshire, England; died August 14, 1718 in Virginia; married Martha Skirm WFT Est. 1700-1715.
  ii.   John Turpin I317, born 1660318; died WFT Est. 1661-1750318
  iii.   Michael Turpin II319, born 1662 in Virginia ?320; died 1688320
  iv.   Matthew Turpin I321, born 1664322; died 1689 in Henrico County, Virginia322; married Sarah Hatcher WFT Est. 1677-1688322; born WFT Est. 1645-1671322; died WFT Est. 1695-1760322.
  Notes for Matthew Turpin I:

SOURCE: Times-Dispatch, Richmond VA Apr 26 & May 3, 1908

  More About Matthew Turpin I:
Event 2: See notes.322

  Notes for Sarah Hatcher:

SOURCE: Turpins' "Our Kin"

  More About Sarah Hatcher:
Event 2: See notes.322

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