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Ancestors of Christopher Howard Allen Clark

      5632. Sir Roger Strickland, born 1588; died 1626.
Child of Sir Roger Strickland is:
  2816 i.   Jacob Strickland.

      5840. Edward Toney, born December 10, 1607 in Totnes, Devonshire, England.
Child of Edward Toney is:
  2920 i.   William Toney, born Abt. 1634 in Bristol, Somerset, England; died 1675 in New Kent County, Virginia; married Ann Bishop 1659 in New Kent County, Virginia.

      5842. John Bishop, born Abt. 1603 in London, England; died Bef. 1674 in James City, Virginia. He married 5843. Unknown Bef. 1638 in James City, Virginia.

      5843. Unknown
Child of John Bishop and Unknown is:
  2921 i.   Ann Bishop, born Abt. 1638 in James City, Virginia; died January 06, 1674/75 in New Kent County, Virginia; married William Toney 1659 in New Kent County, Virginia.

      5848. Captain Thomas Harris, born 1587 in Essex County, England330; died March 30, 1682 in Henrico County, Virginia. He was the son of 11696. Sir William Harris and 11697. Alice Smythe. He married 5849. Adria Osborne in England.

      5849. Adria Osborne, born 1601 in England330; died Aft. September 11, 1626 in Henrico County, Virginia330.
Children of Captain Harris and Adria Osborne are:
  2924 i.   Major Robert Harris, born Abt. 1625 in Henrico County, Virginia; died 1701 in New Kent County, Virginia; married Mary Rice Claiborne Abt. 1650.
  ii.   Mary Harris, born 1625 in Henrico County, Virginia331; died 1704 in Henrico County, Virginia331; married Col. Thomas Ligon Abt. 1648 in Henrico County, Virginia331; born Abt. 1586 in Madresfield, Worcestershire, England331; died Abt. 1676 in Henrico County, Virginia331.

      5850. William Claiborne, Secretary of Virginia Colony, born 1600 in Kent, England; died 1677 in Virginia. He married 5851. Elizabeth Butler.

      5851. Elizabeth Butler

Notes for William Claiborne, Secretary of Virginia Colony:
Colonel William CLAIBORNE was born about 1600 in ,Kent,England. He was christened on 10 Aug 1600 in ,Kent,England. He died in 1677/78. William Claiborne was well educated for he entered Pembroke College, Cambridge, "Pensioner, age 16, on 31 May 1617. He matriculated 1617. (A,C, 1-350. in his 21st year he was appointed surveyor of the Virginia colony in June 1621 and arrived at Jamestown in October of that year. In March 1625-26 he was appointed Secretary of State for Virginia which office he held until 1637, and again from 1652 to 1660. This last period was during the time of the Commonwealth of the Cromwells.
Captain Claiborne returned to England about 1630 and became associated with Cloberry and Company, a firm of London merchants. While in England he obtained license to trade in furs from the Secretary of State for Scotland. This license, dated 16 May 1631 granted him the privilege to trade anywhere in America where there was not already a patent granted to others for sole trade. He then returned to Virginia and established a trading post at Kent Island in Chesapeake Bay, August 1631. He also purchased the Island from the indains and sent a representative to the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Kent Island proved to be the limits of a grant given the following year by Charles 11 to George Calvert, Lord Baltimore. When the Maryland party arrived, Claiborne refused to recognize the overlordship of the Calverts to Kent Island of Kent Island and decided to cast his lot with Virginia. There was petty warfare and each petitioned the King for recognition of their rights. Claiborne went to England in 1637 to present his cause and during his absence the Calvert's attacked the Island and captured Captain John Butler, Claiborne's brother-in-law, who was in charge. In March 1637-38, the Maryland Assembley passed an act of attainder against Claiborne. In 1638 the Commissioners of Plantations, in England, decided the case wholley in favor of Lord Baltimore.
In October 1644, claiming authority from the Parliament of England, Claiborne invaded Maryland, drove out Governor Calvert and held province until December 1646. Claiborne had influence in Parliament for in September 1651 he and Richard Bennett were appointed members of a commission for the purpose of reducing Virginia and Maryland to obedience. These two colonies peacefully submitted. (17th Cent. pp 61-65.)
As "Colonel William Clayborne" he Patented "5000 acres, Sept. 1, 1653, lying on North side Pamunkey River in the Narrowes, running *** to a point of land where the said Colonel Clayborne landed the army under his command in 1644, for the transportation of 100 persons." (C.P. 244). Colonel Claiborne patented much land during his long career in the service of Virginia. A painting of him hangs in the State Capitol at Richmond. He was married to Elizabeth BUTLER in 1638.

Children of William Claiborne and Elizabeth Butler are:
  2925 i.   Mary Rice Claiborne, born Abt. 1630; died Abt. 1669 in New Kent County, Virginia; married Major Robert Harris Abt. 1650.
  ii.   Thomas Claiborne, born August 17, 1647; died October 07, 1683.

      5888. George Birch, died August 22, 1611 in Chester. England. He married 5889. Anne Hey May 13, 1606.

      5889. Anne Hey, died Aft. 1611.
Child of George Birch and Anne Hey is:
  2944 i.   Thomas Birch, born Abt. 1608 in Lancaster County, England; died August 06, 1678 in Lancaster County, England; married Alice Brooke in Lancaster County, England.

      5890. Thomas Brooke, born Abt. 1549 in Norton, Cheshire, England; died November 03, 1622 in Norton, Cheshire, England. He was the son of 11780. Richard Brooke and 11781. Christian Carew. He married 5891. Eleanor Gerard.

      5891. Eleanor Gerard, born Abt. 1573 in London, England.
Child of Thomas Brooke and Eleanor Gerard is:
  2945 i.   Alice Brooke, born Abt. 1614 in Chester County, England; died August 28, 1697 in Lancaster County, England; married Thomas Birch in Lancaster County, England.

      6144. William Newsom, born Abt. 1614 in Prob.Newsom Hall, Lancashire, England; died Abt. 1657 in Surry County, Virginia. He was the son of 12288. William Newsom. He married 6145. Gertrude.

      6145. Gertrude, born Abt. 1614.
Children of William Newsom and Gertrude are:
  3072 i.   William Newsom, Jr., born 1648 in Surry County, Virginia; died June 1691 in Surry County, Virginia; married Anne Sheppard Abt. 1669 in Surry County, Virginia (?).
  ii.   Alice Newsom, born Abt. 1650.

      6146. Maj.Robert Sheppard, born August 1604 in England; died Bef. July 05, 1654 in Surry County, Virginia. He was the son of 12292. Robert Sheppard, Jr. and 12293. Elizabeth James. He married 6147. Elizabeth Spencer Bef. 1645 in Chippoakes Creek, Virginia.

      6147. Elizabeth Spencer, born 1620 in Jamestown Island, Virginia332; died 1659 in Smith's Fort Plantation, Surry Co., VA.332. She was the daughter of 12294. William Spencer and 12295. Alice Lightfoot.

Notes for Maj.Robert Sheppard:
The following concerning Robert Sheppard is taken from a series of articles from the Virginia Historical Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XLVII, nos.3,4, July and October 1939, and Vol. XLVIII nos. 1-4 from January-October of 1940 by B.C. Holtzclaw, PH.D., University of Richmond,VA. Also see John Bennett Boddies Colonial Surry, P.97.
"Major Robert Sheppard, father of Anne Newsom, was born about 1604 in England . (Actually August of 1604). He was living at James City Feb. 16, 1623 (cf. Hotten "Emigrants," P.174) and is probably identical with `Robert Sheppeard' aged 20, in the `Hopewell,' living at Mr. Edward Blaney's plantation over the water in the Muster of 1624. (id., P.232). It is possible however, that he may have been identical with another Robert Sheppard who was living at the Treasurer's Plant in James City in the same muster, 1624 (id., P.245), who came over in the `George' in 1621. He is mentioned as `Lieutenant Sheppard' and `Lieutenant Robert Sheppard' in 1625, 1640, and 1641 (cf. Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, pp.52, 477 -End of HoltzClaw) He was respectively Lieutenant, Captain, and Major in the Surry Militia, Justice of Surry (Boddie). On July 19, 1635, he was granted 300 acres of land near the head of Chippoakes Creek toward Sunken Marsh, part of this land being due for the transportation of his wife Priscilla Sheppard as well as his own personal adventure (Grant Book 1, P.250). July 26, 1638 he was granted 650 acres on the south side of the James River at the lower Chippoakes Creek (id. P.584); Boddie adds here that "In the grant of 1638, he brought over Henry Meddows, and was designated as a `Lieutenant.' `Major Robert Sheppard' is the way he was designated in a deed of gift he made to Henry Meddows August 14, 1653 (End of Boddie excerpt).\\\
"On Oct. 8, 1650, as `Captain Robert Sheppard,' he was granted 1000 acres on the Main Black Water (Grant Book 2, P.269). This is the same land later granted to his grandson Robert Hart. This grant mentions not only the transportation of Priscilla Sheppard, but of Dorothy and Mary Sheppard as well. Whether these were his sisters, or second and third wives, is uncertain - probably the former. Dorothy Sheppard may have married Henry Medhouse or Meddows, to whom Robert Sheppard, now `Major Robert Shepppard,' made a deed of gift of 100 acres of land in Surry Co. Aug. 14, 1653 (Surry D. & W. 1645-71, P.59). Henry Meddows was dead by 1662, and his widow Dorothy m. (2) Patrick Bartly and (3) Anthony Evans prior to 1670 (id., pp. 206, 354). John Sheppard, who was Burgess from James City Co. in 1644 may have been a brother; and William Sheppard (mentioned in connection with William Newsom Sr. as having bought land of Newsom in 1640 which was later inherited by Henry Bannister) may have been another brother."
"Robert Sheppard was Burgess from James City Co. (then including Surry) in Oct., 1646, and again in the session of 1647-48 (cf. Journal of the Va. House of Burgesses, Vol. I P. xix). An interesting letter dated Sept. 14, 1646 from London, from John White to Capt. Robert Shepard `at his house on Chipooks' is recorded in the first Surry record book (p.60-61). On Jan. 5, 1632/3, `Robert Sheppard of Lawnes Creek, Gent.' deeded 1100 acres at the mouth of Lawnes Creek to Lieut. William Caufield (D. & W. 1645-71, p. 21). This same land was confirmed to Capt. William Caufield by a grant dated Mar. 4, 1656, in which it is stated that the land was part of a patent originally granted to William Spencer and afterwards in the tenure of Major Robert Sheppard and by him sold to the said Caufield (Nugent `Cavaliers and Pioneers,' P.342). Major Sheppard died between Aug. 14, 1653, when he deeded land to Henry Medhouse, and July 5, 1654,when his widow (second wife), Elizabeth Sheppard, wrote a note to `Mr. Brewster,' witnessed by William Cockerham, to `pass judgment for me to Capt. Baker for 2834 lb. of tobacco and caske.' (D. & W. 1645-71, p.50). On Sept. 7, 1654, she again wrote a note recorded in the first Surry record book, to `Dear Brother Cockerham,' signed `Your loving sister, Elizabeth Sheppard,' asking him to represent her in Court, (id.,p.53).

Child of Maj.Robert Sheppard and Elizabeth Spencer is:
  3073 i.   Anne Sheppard, born 1645 in Surry County, Virginia; died 1711 in Surry County, Virginia; married William Newsom, Jr. Abt. 1669 in Surry County, Virginia (?).

      6148. William Crawford, born 1630 in Jordan Hill, Ayshire, Scotland; died Abt. 1700 in Norfolk County, Virginia. He married 6149. Margaret Boys.

      6149. Margaret Boys
Children of William Crawford and Margaret Boys are:
  3074 i.   Robert Crafford, born Abt. 1660 in Scotland(?); died Abt. 1714 in Surry County, Virginia; married (1) Margaret; married (2) Elizabeth Carter May 06, 1682 in Surry County, Virginia.
  ii.   William Crafford, born 1662 in Norfolk County, Virginia; died 1732 in Berkeley, West Virginia; married Naudaine Valentine 1689 in Norfolk County, Virginia.

      6150. George Carter, born Abt. 1638 in Surry County, Virginia; died Abt. 1664 in Surry County, Virginia. He was the son of 12300. William Carter and 12301. Alice Croxon. He married 6151. Mary.

      6151. Mary, born Abt. 1638.

Notes for George Carter:
George Carter

"In 1662 two worthy citizens of Surry were required to 'stroke the corpse' of a deceased maid servant to see if her death had been brought about by a blow or a bruise. It was an ancient superstition that if the corpse of a person who had died by violence was 'touched' by a guilty person there would be some indication of returning life. The master and mistress in the presence of a coroner's jury composed of (George Carter and 8 others) were required to run their hands over the inaminate face and form of the deceased. The jury brought in a verdict of natural death"(Colonial Surry , J.B. Boddie, P.86).

  Notes for Mary:
I find this document concerning Mary Carter Hare.

"Page 31. 2 Sept. 1673 Leese - 25 yr. of King Chas. II Wm. Hare of Lawnes Creek Psh. Surry Co. VA. carpenter & Mary Hare his wife late Admx. of her late husband Gor. Carter dec'd & Wm. Oldis of sd. psh. & Co. planter - whereas George Carter was in his lifetime possessed in fee of tract of land in lower Chippoaks in L.C.P. Surry Co. commonly called Carter's land containing above 100 A & by his last will gave sd. Mary his wife 1/2 of same for 40 yrs. after his decease & Mary hath made choice of & accepted the here under mentioned for part of land given her - for 3000 lbs. to be paid by Wm. Oldis as a fine is incombant(?) also of the rent & covenants herein after mentioned - do demise, grant, & to formelett(?) parcell bounding N. & S. by Chippoaks land & W. to white oak formerly marked for Mr. Wm. Sherwood from thence N. to a marked poplar & by straight line of marked trees to the cart path opposite to Peter Adams' land -- Witnesses Wm. Thompson, Charles Barham, Wm. Harwood."

Child of George Carter and Mary is:
  3075 i.   Elizabeth Carter, born Abt. 1664 in Surry County, Virginia; died Bef. 1708 in Southampton County, Virginia; married Robert Crafford May 06, 1682 in Surry County, Virginia.

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