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Ancestors of Christopher Howard Allen Clark

      29234. Robert Kember, born 1556 in Brixton, Devonshire, England; died Bef. January 1611/12 in Brixton, Devonshire, England. He married 29235. Anna Abt. 1583 in Brixton, Devonshire, England.

      29235. Anna, born 1554; died 1626 in Brixton, Devonshire, England.
Child of Robert Kember and Anna is:
  14617 i.   Joanna Kember, born 1584 in Brixton, Plymouth, Devonshire, England; died May 30, 1661 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Peter Coffin 1608 in Brixton, Devonshire, England.

      29236. John Stevens, born June 17, 1566 in England; died December 15, 1611 in Brixton, Devonshire, England. He married 29237. Alice Knight in Barnstable, Devon, England.

      29237. Alice Knight
Child of John Stevens and Alice Knight is:
  14618 i.   Robert Stevens, born Abt. 1586 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England; died Abt. 1628 in Ford, Brixton Parish, Devonshire, England; married Dionis.

      29244. Nicholas Moore, born Abt. 1539; died Bef. October 08, 1594. He married 29245. Willamina.

      29245. Willamina, born Abt. 1544; died 1606.

Notes for Nicholas Moore:
The family of Nicholas Moore Sr. and his wife Willamin are in St. Peters Parish at the time of their son Enoch's baptism, 19 Jan 1560/61, but we find them living in All Saints Parish by the time of the baptism of Nicholas the Younger, as of 17 Sept 1570. All of the family records, after the baptism of Enoch, are therefore in All Saints Parish, Maldon.
Title - Sr.

Burial - 8 OCT 1594; Maldon, Essex, England;

Parish Records of All Saints, Maldon, Essex, England.
Will - 18 AUG 1590; Maldon, Essex, England;

The Will of Nicholas Moore Sr. In the name of god amen Anno 1590 the 18th daye of August in the 32nd yere of the Reigne of Soverigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France and Ireland Queene Defender of the Faith I Nicholas Moore of Maldon in the County of Essex and...diocesse Sick of body but of sound and perfect memory god be thanked doe ordayne and make this my...last will and testament in manner and forme folowinge First I bequeath my soule into the hands of almight god my creator and Redeemer and my body to the earth in sure hope of Resurrection with the Just through my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus Item I give and bequeath unto Willamin my wife my notage [?] or tenament situated in Maldon aforesaid in the street called fulbridge street now in the tenure and occupation of Thomas Moore my son and his assignes, to have and to hold the same to her and her heirs forever Item I give and bequeath unto her my said wife my lease and tenure of ...that I have in the house that I now dwell in To have and to hold the same unto her and her assignes payinge the rent and discharging the covenante in the same lease specified. Lastly I give and bequeath unto the said Willamin my wife all and singular my other moveables good debts Stock of leather...Tallow oile and all other my chattles and Implements of household in hand I make and ordain my sole executrix revokinge all...wills whatsoever In witness whereof I have to this...set my hand and seale the Daye and Year above written Signum hefi [i.e. the mark of] Nicholas Moore In the...of Enoch Moore Nicholas Moore the Younger Et mei Samueila Moore Script
This will of Nicholas Moore Sr. was written by his son Samuel as clerk, 18 Aug 1590, and was proved in Chelmsford, 22 Oct 1594, by Samuel as attorney for his mother Willamin. Enoch Moore and Nicholas Moore the Younger served as witnesses.

Source: New England Historical Genealogical Register in the article "Sara, First Wife of Edmund Greenleaf (1588-1663)" by Dorothy Greenleaf Boynton. [NEHGR 122:28-36]

Event Will (proved) - 22 OCT 1594; Chelmsford, Essex, England; Nicholas Moore

  Notes for Willamina:
Will - 30 AUG 1603;

The Will of Willamin Moore In the name of god Amen the thirtieth daye of August in the year of our Lorde James by the grace of god now kinge of Englande I willamin Moore of the parish of all Saints in maldon in the county of Essex Wyddow being now very weaken bodye by reason of my great age and years whereby I am put in remembrance that my time and end approacheth and cometh on a pace, do therefore make publishe and declare this my last will and testament in writing in manner and forme following: First I commend my Soule into the hands of almighty god the Father the sonne and the holy ghost assuredly believing that all my Sinnes of gods great mercy in Jesus christ are doomed and done away And my bodie I comytt to christian buryall at the discretion of the executor of this my last will and testament here under named.
Item I will and give unto my sonne nicholas Moore my tenement with the appertances situated and being in or near agenst Fulbridge street in the parish of Saint Peter in maldon aforesaid now in the tenure and occupation of [?] hybberd wyddow or her assigns to have and hold the said tenement with appertances unto the said nicholas his heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto the said nicholas a hall bedstead standing in the chamber over the hall of the messauge in which I now dwell and a downe bed now being thereon and other the bedding and furniture thereunto belonging in all things fully furnished and a ...chest in the same chamber with all the linen in the same chest And it is in my minde and will that if in future the said nicholas (after my death) to marrye or to settle and occupe (by himself) the trade of a shoemaker that then the executor of this my testament shall immediately thereupon pay and deliver to him the said nicholas (as my gift) 10 of lawful money of england.

Item I give and bequeath unto Sara Moore the daughter of my sonne Enoch Moore 5 of lawful english money to be payd her by my executor at her age of 21 years or day of marriage which shall first happen

Then I will and give to be paid by my executor uppon my buryall unto my sonnes Samuel Enoch and Thomas Moore and to my daughters Anne and Phillip to everyone of the same my children (in token of a friendly remembrance) 5s. a piece and no more for that my said daughters and ye one of my said sonnes last named have had already their full portions

All the rest of my goods moveable household stuff and implements of household and whatsoever ellse I have or may dispose of that is testamentary I give fully and wholly unto Edward Moore my Sonne whome I do make constitute and ordain sole and only executor of this my last will and testament and him do appoint and require to pay my funerall and debts and the legacies of this my testament In witness whereof I have hereunto put my Seale subscribed my name the day and year first above written the mark of Willamin Moore widdow In the prive of George Purcas [?] Thomas Chesse the writer hereof

Note: Willamin's will was executed 30 Aug 1603 and proved in 1606.

Source: New England Historical Genealogical Register in the article "Sara, First Wife of Edmund Greenleaf (1588-1663)" by Dorothy Greenleaf Boynton [NEHGR 122:28-36].

Event Will (proved) - AFT 20 JUL 1606; Willamin Moore

Child of Nicholas Moore and Willamina is:
  14622 i.   Enoch Moore, born 1560 in Maldon, Essex, England; married Catherine November 23, 1585 in Maldon, Essex, England.

      29464. Thomas Woodman, born Abt. 1550 in Corsham, Wiltshire, England. He was the son of 58928. Nicholas Woodman. He married 29465. Elizabeth Pryor April 24, 1574 in Corsham, Wiltshire, England.

      29465. Elizabeth Pryor
Child of Thomas Woodman and Elizabeth Pryor is:
  14732 i.   Edward Woodman, Sr., married Olive Collet Mallet June 30, 1600.

      29468. Thomas Salway, born in Stanford, England. He was the son of 58936. Thomas Salway and 58937. Jane Lygon. He married 29469. Margery Porter.

      29469. Margery Porter
Child of Thomas Salway and Margery Porter is:
  14734 i.   Arthur Salway, born Abt. 1580 in Stanford, Worcestershire, England; died Bef. 1613; married Mary Searle.

      29470. Thomas Searle, born Abt. 1550 in England.
Child of Thomas Searle is:
  14735 i.   Mary Searle, born Abt. 1585 in Worcestershire, England; married Arthur Salway.

      29512. William Milward, born Abt. 1556 in Eaton, Derbyshire, England; died Aft. 1569. He was the son of 59024. Robert Milward, Jr. and 59025. Margery Dethicke. He married 29513. Katherine Fleetwood Abt. 1586 in Colwich, Staffordshire, England.

      29513. Katherine Fleetwood, born Abt. 1560 in Colwich, Staffordshire, England.
Children of William Milward and Katherine Fleetwood are:
  14756 i.   Thomas Milward, born Abt. 1587 in Eaton, Derbyshire, England; married Alsop Abt. 1617.
  ii.   Berisford Milward, born Abt. 1589.
  iii.   John Milward, born Abt. 1591.
  iv.   William Milward, born Abt. 1595.
  v.   Henry Milward, born Abt. 1597.

      29528. Benjamin Bolles519,520, born in Osberton, Nottinghamshire, England. He married 29529. Ann Goodrick.

      29529. Ann Goodrick521,522, born in Lincolnshire, England522. She was the daughter of 59058. Lionel Goodrick and 59059. Winifred Sapcott.
Child of Benjamin Bolles and Ann Goodrick is:
  14764 i.   Thomas Bolles, Esquire of Osberton Manor, born December 22, 1576 in Osberton, Nottinghamshire, England; died March 19, 1633/34; married Elizabeth Perkins.

      29530. Thomas Perkins, born in Fishlake, York County, England.
Child of Thomas Perkins is:
  14765 i.   Elizabeth Perkins, born in Fishlake, Yorkshire, England; married Thomas Bolles, Esquire of Osberton Manor.

      29548. Edmond Bartlett, born in Ernley, Sussex, England; died 1591. He was the son of 59096. Richard Bartelott and 59097. Elizabeth Gates.
Child of Edmond Bartlett is:
  14774 i.   Richard Bartlett, born 1575 in Ernley, Sussex, England; died May 25, 1647 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts; married Joanna in Wiltshire, England.

      29552. Thomas Hale, born 1575 in Watton At Stone, Hertsford, England; died 1630 in England. He was the son of 59104. William Hale and 59105. Rose Bond. He married 29553. Joan Kirby October 19, 1601 in Watton At Stone, Hertsfordshire, England.

      29553. Joan Kirby, born 1580 in Little Munden, Hertsford, England; died October 29, 1640 in Little Munden, Hertsford, England. She was the daughter of 59106. John Kirby and 59107. Joan Cranfield.
Children of Thomas Hale and Joan Kirby are:
  14776 i.   Thomas Hale, born May 15, 1606 in Watton At Stone, Hertsford County, England; died December 21, 1682 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts; married Thomasine Dowsett December 11, 1632 in St. Helens, Bishopgate, London, England.
  ii.   Martha Hale, born December 16, 1618 in Watton At Stone, Hertsfordshire, England; died July 25, 1695 in Hartford, Connecticut; married Paul Peck.
  iii.   Samuel Hale, born July 01, 1615 in Watton At Stone, Hertsfordshire, England.
  iv.   Joane Hale, born 1604.
  v.   Dorothy Hale, born 1613.
  vi.   Marie Hale, born 1609.
  vii.   Elizabeth Hale, born 1617.
  viii.   Dionis Hale, born Bef. August 12, 1602 in Watton At Stone, Hertsfordshire, England.

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