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Descendants of John Miller of Laurens CO, SC

7. SR. MATTHEW4 MILLER (JOHN3, JOHN?2, ANCESTOR1) was born Abt. 1805 in Laurens County, South Carolina, and died Aft. 1880 in Kaufman County, Texas Cedar Grove Cemetary. He married (1) UNKNOWN MNU. He married (2) MELINDA ANN JEANS Abt. 1824 in Laurens County, South Carolina, daughter of _____ JEANS and UNKNOWN JEANS. She was born Abt. 1805 in South Carolina, and died in Tippah County, Mississippi. He married (3) MARY MCATEER Abt. 1873, daughter of WILLIAM MCATEER and MARY MCATEER. She was born Abt. 1815 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1880 in Kaufman County, Texas.

More About S
Census 1: 1830, Laurens County, South Carolina, page 216, next to Father John Miller Sr: Mathew Miller 1M 20-30; 1F 20-30; 1M ?10-15; 1M 0-5; 2F 0-5.
Census 2: 1840, Union County, South Carolina
Census 3: 1845, MS State Census, Tippah County, MS
Census 4: 1850, Tippah County, MS 3rd Division, Sept 19, 1870, Page 519: Matthew Miller 45 b SC, Melinda 45 b SC, Crissy 14 b SC; Julia A 12, b SC, William 10, b SC; Matthew 8 b MS, Mary 6, Sarah 4, Ludson 1 all b MS, John Miller 19 b SC, Samuel Montgomery 17 b SC.
Census 5: 1860, Burleson County, Texas, Living with daughter Nancy McGraw: Matthew Miller Sr, 56 SC; Matthew 20; Margaret Mary 16, Reuben Ludson 11, Sarah 13, William B 20
Census 6: 1870, Tippah CO, MS, Range 4 Township 3, Ripley, page 14, Fam # 88: Matthew Miller 65 Farmer 250/372 b SC; Mary 55 Keeping House b SC; Matthew S 18 SC; Mary Ann 40 SC
Census 7: 1880, Burleson County, Texas

More About M
Burial: Wilson Cemetery, Tippah County, MS: Melinda Miller, Wife of Matthew, age 57(?could be 67) years 13 days

Marriage Notes for M
1860 Federal Census, Burleson County, Texas, living with daughter, NANCY McGRAW:
Matthew Miller Sr, age 56
Matthew, age 20
Margaret Mary age 16
Sarah, age 13
Reuben Ludson, age 11
William B, age 22
Wife Melinda is not listed with the family in this Census.

      Melinda Miller is buried in the Wilson Cemetery in Tippah County, MS. The recorded note of her headstone reads: Melinda Miller, Wife of Matthew, age 57 years 13 days, 1872. This researcher has not personally seen the headstone, but belives that the inscription has been misread and that her age at death was 67 Years.

NOTE: In "Land Deed Extracts of Tippah County, MS 1836-1870" the following are found:
      No T-49 Heirs of JOHN MILLER: Reuben C; William and Louisa M Miller, all of Green County, Illinois, to get interest in the Estate of MATTHEW MILLER, deceased.
      No E-483 Mary Jeanes, wife of ?G or B W Jeanes of Union County, SC is entitled to funds from her Father, John Graham, deceased, * to MATTHEW MILLER of Tippah County. William Ray is Trustee, November 7, 1843.

Also: Tippah County, MS Circuit Court March Term 1855 NO 3416: Mark Miller vs John W Miller
September 1866, NO 5298: W P Miller vs G W Montgomery, Matthew Miller. Death of Montgomery is suggested.

More About M
Census: 1860, Tippah CO, MS, Northern Division, Page 471, June 19, 1860: Mary Hipps 44 b SC; James 28 b SC; Thomas 27 b SC; Fred 23 b SC; Susan 14 b SC
Children of M
16. i.   NANCY5 MILLER, b. 1826, Laurens County, South Carolina.
17. ii.   THOMAS MILTON MILLER, b. 1827, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. 1905, Ft. Worth, TX.
18. iii.   SUSANNAH E MILLER, b. December 04, 1828, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. July 07, 1867, Knobbs, Lee County Texas.
19. iv.   JOHN FREDERICK PEARSON MILLER, b. October 13, 1830, Union District, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. February 17, 1918, Coleman County, Glen Cove, Texas..
20. v.   CHRISSY (PRESHA) MILLER, b. May 01, 1835, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. May 27, 1892, Stanley Cemetary, Lampasas, Texas.
21. vi.   JULIA ANN MILLER, b. Abt. 1836, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. Runnels County, Texas.
  vii.   MARTHA MILLER, b. 1836, Laurens County, South Carolina; m. THOMAS G DODDS (Source: Linda Miller, "Matthew Miller.ftw," Date of Import: Mar 8, 2000.), Abt. 1850, Tippah County, Mississippi; b. Abt. 1828, Tennessee.
22. viii.   WILLIAM BERRY MILLER, b. 1838, Laurens County, SC; d. February 1880.
23. ix.   JR. MATTHEW MILLER, b. April 13, 1840, Laurens County, SC; d. April 18, 1918, Francis, Oklahoma, CedarGrove Cemetary, Row 5.
24. x.   MARY MARGARET MILLER, b. February 12, 1844, Tippah County, Mississippi; d. April 18, 1931, Coleman County, Glen Cove, TX.
25. xi.   SARAH MILLER, b. August 08, 1847, Tippah County, Mississippi; d. July 27, 1903, Clarendon, Texas.
  xii.   RUEBEN LUDSON MILLER, b. 1849, Tippah County, Mississippi (Source: Linda Miller, "Matthew Miller.ftw."); m. EVA BLAND.

8. MARK (?MARCUS FREDERICK)4 MILLER (JOHN3, JOHN?2, ANCESTOR1) was born August 05, 1810 in Laurens County, South Carolina, and died May 13, 1886 in Union County, Mississippi. He married ELIZABETH UNKNOWN MILLER 1829 in Laurens County, South Carolina, daughter of UNKNOWN FATHER and UNKNOWN MOTHER. She was born September 04, 1807 in South Carolina, and died August 18, 1888 in Union County, Mississippi.

More About M
Burial: May 1886, Old Zion Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.
Census 1: 1820, Federal Census, Laurens County, South Carolina, with father John Miller: M 0-10.
Census 2: 1830, Federal Census, Laurens County, South Carolina, with father John Miller: M 10-20.
Census 3: 1840, Federal Census, Laurens County, South Carolina, page 44: Mark Miller; 1M 20-30, (Mark); 1 M 5-10 (William Pink); 2 M 0-5 (Samuel and Matthew Monroe); 1 F 20-30 (Elizabeth). Next were parents, John and Margaret Miller, and brothers, Charles and Washington.
Census 4: 1845, MS State Census, Tippah Co, MS: 1845 MILLER MARK Tippah County MS 007 No Township Listed MS 1845 State Census Index MS4268385
Census 5: 1850, Federal Census, Tippah CO, MS, pg 518 3rd Division: Mark Miller age 35 b SC, Farmer $200; Elizabeth 37 SC; William P 20; Monroe 14; Samuel 12; John 10 all b SC; Elvira 6; Martha 4; James 1, all b MS.
Census 6: 1860, Federal Census, Pontotoc CO, MS, Ellistown P O, July 24, 1860, page 135: Mark Miller, age 50 SC; Elizabeth 50 SC; John F C 19 SC; Polina A E 14; Martha A 12; James E 10; Nancy M 8; all b MS; Matthew M 23 SC; Nancy 29 SC; Dosia A 2 MS.
Census 7: 1860, Pontotoc CO, MS, Slave Schedule Pontotoc County MS, pg 515, No Twp Listed: MILLER MARK
Census 8: 1870, Not found in Federal Census Schedule. Union County was formed in 1870 from Pontotoc and Tippah Countys. It appears that many persons living in the Union CO area were not included in this census.
Census 9: 1880, Federal Census, Union County, Mississippi, pg 322, Fam 233: Mark Millis 70, b SC Father b Ireland and Mother b SC; Elizabeth 73 b SC, Father and Mother b SC; Elvira (?28) b MS
Census 10: 1880, Mississippi State Census; Union CO: Mark Miller age 65, Elizabeth 68.

More About E
Burial: August 1888, Old Zion Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi.

Marriage Notes for M
      " We went to the cemetery where Mark and Elizabeth are buried. It is in Union County, east of New Albany, near Ellistown, Mississippi. We made charcoal rubbings of their head stones. They are so quaint and sweet. There is some discrepancy about when Mark and Elizabeth were born, but the birth dates on their head stones are the ones I have used."

      According to the Census records, Mark Miller's year of birth ranges from 1810 to 1815, with two agreeing 1815. Elizabeth's year of birth ranges from 1807 to 1813. Their double headstone in Old Zion Cemetery, Union County, Mississippi is engraved with the dates of birth as Mark, August 5, 1807 and Elizzibeth, September 4, 1804. This researcher believes that the years 1810 and 1807 are the correct years of birth for Mark and Elizabeth.

      Elizabeth is believed to be full blooded Cherokee but this is not confirmed. Great Great Grandmother Ellizibeth (spelling on her head stone) Miller, was the Grandmother of Marcus Frederick Young. The following from his son, Lindsey Young:

      Fact 1. Daddy (Lindsey Young) said he was 1/8th Indian. He also said that we had relatives on the "Trail of Tears" which was the Government mass movement of the Cherokee people from the Eastern United States.

      Fact 2: Ellizibeth, is the only one that we have not found a history on, not even her maiden name. Also the spelling of her name on her headstone is unique.
      Fact 3. She married Mark Miller in Laurens County, South Carolina about 1829. This is an area where many Cherokee were living at that time.       Mark and Ellizibeth moved to Pontotoc County, Mississippi around 1845. This was around the time of the Federal Government removal but I can't find the date right now.
      Fact 4. There is a person in Union County, Mississippi who remembers a man named John Miller, who was 1/2 Cherokee Indian. Mark and Ellizibeth had a son named John.

      In the Land Deed Extracts of Tippah County, Mississippi, 1836-1870 is found the following:
      No l501, Margaret Miller to Daughter in law Elizabeth, wife of Mark Miller, April 5, 1853; William J Thomas, Matthew Miller.

Tippah County, MS, Circuit Court, March Term, 1855
      No 3416: Mark Miller v John W Miller

Children of M
26. i.   WILLIAM PINKNEY5 MILLER, b. Abt. 1830, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. December 06, 1912, Tippah County, Mississippi.
27. ii.   MATTHEW MONROE MILLER, b. Abt. 1836, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. Aft. 1860, Mississippi.
28. iii.   SAMUEL T MILLER, b. 1838, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. October 16, 1863, Alton, Illinois-Union Prison.
29. iv.   JOHN FREDERICK C MILLER, b. Abt. 1840, Laurens County, South Carolina; d. November 25, 1920, Union County, Mississippi.
30. v.   PAULINA A ELVIRA (ELVIE) MILLER, b. 1844, Pontotoc County, Mississippi; d. Aft. 1860.
31. vi.   MARTHA M A MILLER, b. December 1847, Pontotoc County, Mississippi; d. 1922, England, Lonoke County, Arkansas.
32. vii.   JAMES E MILLER, b. May 07, 1849, Pontotoc County, Mississippi; d. February 10, 1935, Union County, Mississippi.
  viii.   NANCY M E MILLER, b. Abt. 1852, Pontotoc County, Mississippi; d. Unknown, ? Mississippi; m. OBEDIAH (OBIE) N KOON, Abt. 1870, Mississippi; b. Abt. 1853, Mississippi; d. February 14, 1894, Union County, Mississippi.
  More About NANCY M E MILLER:
Census 1: 1860, Pontotoc County, Mississippi, July 24, Ellistown, with parents Mark and Elizabeth Miller: Nancy M, 8, b MS.
Census 2: 1870, Unknown County, MS: With parents Mark and Elizabeth Miller, Nancy E, age 18.

  Marriage Notes for NANCY MILLER and OBEDIAH KOON:
      Viola Robbins, Grandaughter of James E Miller and Sarah P McElyea, provided the information about her Aunt "Kate" and her husband, Obediah N Koon. A handwritten note, on the family group sheet of Mark and Elizabeth MILLER, states:

      "Kate" Miller, sister of James, m Obie Koon, Methodist Minister."
The author has found no supporting documention, but this is possibly a first marriage which soon ended in "Kate's" death. Nancy M (?Kate?) Miller would have been 17 or 18 years old in 1870.
      In the 1870 Census, Prentiss CO, MS, Obidiah Koon is listed with his father, George A Koon. He is age 17, b Alabama. Therefore it is believed that Nancy Miller would still be listed with her parents, Mark and Elizabeth Miller. There is no further knowledge of Nancy.

      The following information is presented for purposes of clarification.
      A handwritten letter, written by Verda and Arthur McElyea on June 22, 1972 states: My husband's Aunts were: Kate Childers; Bettie Coon; Sally Miller; Mary Beasley, Mandy Cooper; Susie McElyea and Emeline Owns. These were his Father's Sisters.

O. N. KOON Sex: M
Spouse: N._ E. MC ELYN
Marriage: 21 Nov 1872 Prentiss, Mississippi
Source Information: Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type M520251 1870-1879 0895923 V. 12 Film NONE Sheet:

Candy Hill Cemetery, Union County, MS

      Rev O N Koon
Born Feb 24 1853 Died Feb 14 1894
Wife Of Rev O N Koon Died Feb 26 1894
      At Rest
Erected In Loving Rememberance By
Guntown New Albany Ripley Myrtle And Cornersville Circuits
Their Many Virtues Form The Nobelest Monument To Their Memory

NOTE:      A descendant of Obediah Koon and his wife Elizabeth has provided the following information. He believes that Elizabeth was Elizabeth McElyea, the sister of Sarah P McElyea, who married James E Miller. He believes that the above reference: "Kate Miller", the sister of James, married Obie Koon, a Methodist Minister", is a mistake.

      " Looking for my GGrandfather, Obediah (Obie) Noel Koon, b 1853 d 1894 m (Mary?) Elizabeth McElyea Buried in Candy Hill Cemetery near Myrtle, MS. Children included Susan Ida, Mary, Mittie and Minnie, twins, Orlando, George and Minerva Jane (my Grandmother). After the death of parents, twelve days apart, older children were sent to Jim and Sallie Miller to raise. Younger children to Orphan's home. Believe Sally was Mary Elizabeth's Sister."
      Also this:
      " Our evidence for his marriage to Elizabeth McElyea consists of his gravestone giving Elizabeth as his wife and much family history of Elizabeth McElyea as his wife. I also have correspondence from a descendant of Obie's brother that Obie was married to Elizabeth E ?, and gives death dates and burial places.
      The oldest members of my mother's family referred to their grandmother as Elizabeth, and to their grandaunt as Sally and to Sally's husband as Jim. One of them thought Elizabeth was a middle name by which she was known and that her first name was "Mary or something like that". I have one photo of her with Obie and most of their children. The only date I have is her death date.
      My notes from back when many older siblings were alive say, "Jim and Sally Miller raised the older Koon children after their parents died. Younger children were put in an Orphan's home. Believe Sally was Elizabeth's sister. Susan Ida, oldest child moved to Texas with husband. Sent for George to come live with them. George was deaf and dumb and was killed, being struck by a train on the way to Texas.
      From a Koon Family History Book is this: George's son, Obediah N Koon, married Nancy E ? and had several children. He died circa 1894 and his wife died shortly after. They are both buried at Candy Hill Cemetery in Union County, MS. Their children were adopted and went to Arkansas and Texas. He was an ordained Minister and is well remembered in the Myrtle, MS area."


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